Cuckold Wedding Ch. 1


I heard the front door shut and rushed downstairs to greet my wife Sarah. How did the interview go I asked, with a sly smile she said better than I expected? What do you mean? Well she said, remember your favourite fantasy. My prick shot up like a tent pole at the thought of Sarah fucking someone other than myself. Of course I said curious as to where this was going. What would you say if I told you I have just come excuse the pun she giggled, from having a wonderful cock thrusting into my Cunt? I did not have to say anything as the wet spot on the front of my trousers rather gave the game away.

My name is Keith. Sarah and I have been married for 5 years. She is 26, attractive with blond hair and firm breasts with a respectable 36-inch bust which means she can comfortably go without a bra when the mood takes her. I am the same age of average height weight and look, which makes me feel lucky to have someone as attractive as Sarah as my wife.

When we first married our sex life was OK. But after a couple of years the spice faded and sex became less frequent. I spend quite a lot of time on the Internet both for pleasure and business. Inevitably I started surfing sites relating to sex and in particular to guys sharing their wife and becoming cuckolds. In a rash moment I told my wife of my fantasy. Rather than being annoyed she said nothing but looked thoughtful. Over the next year either she or I used to bring the subject into our foreplay. Until one day she said how would you really feel if I found a boyfriend to be my lover?

I thought her term of words as odd. Why did you say boyfriend as a lover I asked? Well she said, if I am going to experience another cock it would not be as a one-night stand. I would want a longer-term relationship with you as a true cuckold. At the time we were cuddling in bed. My immediate response was to push my prick into her moist slit. Oh no you don’t she said. Good practise for you will be to get between my legs and lick me to an organism. This was a first for me. Until we met neither of us had experience of sex with another person and since being together our bedroom activity was confined to the missionary position. As I licked her wet slit and tongued deep into her cunt she moaned Yes Yes Yes more darling, imagine me with an experienced lover thrusting his big prick, bigger than yours, into my love nest. I was rubbing myself on the bed sheets as I serviced my wife. Her talk and my ministrations to her cunt resulted in us both Cumming at the same time. Seeing my deposit on the sheet Sarah said lick it up, there’s a good boy. She then turned over and went to sleep.

She has been working for a small company with 16 employees for about the last year. Then mardin escort an opportunity became available for a P.A. to Bob, the guy who owned the operation. Bob was 6 foot tall with black ebony skin, he kept his head shaven and with his gleaming white teeth was quite an imposing person. He was also reputed to have the largest cock in town. Since Sarah had started Bob had made it clear his interest in my wife and had often brushed his hand over her bum, which she had told me she did not mind as she felt he was very attractive. We talked about the new job. It would be a lot more money, but she would mainly be working from his home not the downtown office and would involve travelling with Bob to attend meetings. In the end she applied and was called for an interview.

This is where my story really starts. There I was standing in our Hallway being told by my wife she had just spent the afternoon screwing someone else. She again said, you don’t mind do you darling. No I stammered. She again smiled; In fact you would prefer me to fuck someone else wouldn’t you. Yes I replied. Why she asked,. Knowing my answer was the idea of her preferring to have sex with her lover turned me one.

Darling, Bob has offered me the job as his PA and wants me to be his girlfriend. Before you say anything I want you to understand what that means. I would put him before you in our relationship, I will dress to please him and wear only jewelry he gives me. I will be open to everyone, as he will that we are involved no matter how humiliating this is to you. We would still be Husband and wife living together but you will no longer be allowed to fuck me. As a privilege I will let you lick me clean when it suits me. I may also set some other rules as time goes on. Do you understand she asked? Yes I said. The choice you have Keith is either to say no, in which case I will be disappointed but will accept and will look for a job with another company…….or you can drop to your Knees and show your agreement by sucking Bobs cum from my rather messy pussy.

Well my little prick of a brain – I know 5 inches is not a lot, made the decision for me. I dropped to my knees lifted her skirt and with enthusiasm licked and sucked clean a wet and spunk filled cunt. That’s a good little cucky she cooed and started rubbing herself on my face until she had an organism.

When we had recovered, I got us both a glass of wine. I had put a bottle in the fridge expecting to be celebrating Sarah’s promotion. I had not quite expected the form this would take. Starting to think through what Sarah had said, I asked, what do you mean by wearing only jewelery Bob gives you? What about your wedding van escort ring? Sarah pondered this for a moment. Well she said it would be correct to wear my ring, then with a smile she said but on my right hand. After all if Bob is going to be the most important man in my life, should I not wear his ring on my Wedding finger? I sat there for a moment, and then crossed the room to Sarah. Dropped to my knees took her Wedding and engagement rings from her left hand and slipped them onto her right hand. And said; now you know you can totally be his. Well-done cucky, tomorrow is going to be a special day, which I know you will love, but first there are a few things I need to buy. I probably won’t be back to late – Whilst I am out move all your clothes to the spare room and sleep there tonight. With a peck on my cheek she was gone.

The next day was Saturday, normally we tend to sleep late but I had been awake from the early hours wondering what today would bring. My wife stuck her head round the door just after 8.00 Glad to see you are awake, she said. Here is a cup of tea, you need to get up, shower and dress in your best suit. Why I asked, because silly it is our Cuckold wedding day! When you are dressed, come and help me. After all I want to look the best for Bob on our special day.

I quickly got ready, and yes I did tossed myself off in the shower imagining what may happen today. The idea of a ceremony that publicly confirmed my status held no fear only excitement.

Once ready I went into the master bedroom where Sarah was sitting at her dressing table brushing her Blonde hair. She had a towel wrapped round her. There you are, good wank she said with a smile. Yes I stammered. This is really turning you on. I could only nod. OK lets get this show on the road. We need to be at Bob’s for Midday and you can help me dress. With that she stood up dropping her towel. I gasped at the sight before me. She had shaved her pussy clean and above her clit was tattooed a 4 inch red heart with the word Bob’s in black letters across the middle. Both her nipples had been pierced and through each were a ring. From each ring hung a small letter B. From her clit hung another ring with a disk. I could see on the front etched Sarah and Bob. She flipped it over and on the back it said Cuckold Keith. You like she said? Yes I replied. But the tattoo, it’s a bit permanent, of course it is silly, remember this is a long-term relationship cucky. When did you get the tattoo and piercing? Oh last night. I went with Bob to buy clothes for today, it seemed right to have done whilst we were out.

Now enough chatter, help me dress she said. Her clothes were beautiful. I held a ankara escort lace transparent thong for her to step into she then put on a white garter belt and white stockings. The dress was halter neck in style. White and semi transparent. Her pierced nipples and thong were clearly visible. 4-inch high heels completed the outfit. Lets go she said picking up a flat rectangular box. Another surprise she whispered.

We arrived at Bob’s in plenty of time. I had met him once before at Sarah’s works Christmas do and found him an easy guy to get on with. I knew Sarah had made a good choice. We went in through a side door to a small room. Now Sarah said, you will conduct me down the Isle. Just answer yes to all the questions. From her box, Sarah took a wedding veil pinning it on her head said I do love you but Bob is much better a lover. Just remember that today.

I opened the door and we entered a long reception room. Down the middle was a red carpet. Either side were rows of chairs seating about 30 or so guests. At the end stood Bob with what seemed to be a minister. Later I found out it was an old college friend of Bob’s who had joined a way out religious sect where anything goes.

As we walked down the Isle I was conscious of everyone watching us. There were people from Sarah’s work, friends of Bob and Sarah and to my embarrassment some neighbours. When we got to the small raised platform the minister said, who gives this women. I do I replied. Do you freely give your wife to be Bob’s lover, accepting him over yourself in all matters? Yes I replied. Do you accept Sarah will openly tell people that Bob is her lover and you are denied all sexual favours from her? Yes I again replied.

Turning to Sarah he then said, are you Bob’s slut, do you take Bob as your public lover to honour and Obey in all matters no matter how humiliating or degrading allowing him to use you in any sexual act he chooses and bear him children if he desires. I do she replied.

Bob was then asked if he took Sarah as his lover and slut to use as he chose to which he replied yes. He then slipped a gold and diamond ring on Sarah’s wedding finger saying you will be mine until such time as I remove this ring.

I watched as he lifted the veil off her face. He then lent over at first just nibbling at her lips then they kissed passionately tonguing each other’s mouth. As they finished Sarah sighed a sigh of contentment. She turned to everyone and to my embarrassment said: I wear a tattoo with bob’s name and my breasts are ringed with his initials. As a visible sign of my commitment today I as Bob to mark me as his again. She then lifted her head exposing her neck. Bob brought his lips to bear. After a couple of minutes he moved away leaving a large hicky on the side of my wife’s neck. As they walked back down the isle everyone cheered except me who had turned bright red with embarrassment. Oh and my dick that was again up like a tent pole.

I wonder what the cuckold honeymoon would bring.

To be continued…

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