Cum Inside My Garden Ch. 01


It was a beautiful morning when Wendy Brenton woke up from her long sleep. Her house was on a farm, where she and her family members worked. She was getting ready to go out and do some work done.

Now, Wendy is not a normal woman, nor is her family or her garden. Most of their garden is normal; fruits, vegetables and animals, like pigs, cows, chicken, and sheep. But it’s their special garden, behind the barn, that has the special items. She had a variety of plants, like flowers, that loved to suck cocks. But she also had tentacle plants. Her final field specimen was the futa plants. They looked like futa humans, but we’re green skinned. She had been milking them for many years. She would collect their cum, or as she called it, cream and make bakery goods. Her and her daughter Chloe would then sell the goods in their own little bakery.

On this particular day, she hadn’t seen Chloe for a while. She checked her room and all around the house. Well, Wendy thought. She probably is in the bakery. She then proceeded to head to the futa plants. As she started to get closer to the area, she heard someone moaning in pleasure.

To her, it sounded like her daughter Chloe. She followed the sound and approached the tent where the futa plants were. When she opened the tent, her eyes widened at the sight before her. Her own daughter was on her knees, sucking off a futa plant.

“Mmmmmm,” Chloe moaned as she sucked on the cock in front of her face. Her pants and panties were down around her knees and her own cock was being sucked on by a small cocksucking flower. Wendy smiled as she watched her daughter slurped noisily and hungrily on the plant cock. Her own cock began to get hard and erect, as she watched her daughter. Wendy smiled as she reached down her pants and began to rub her cock up and down.

” Ohhhhhhhh Chloe,” she said as she pulled her cock out of her pants. “You little fucking tramp. I had a feeling that you were here. Look at you now. You are on your knees, getting a blowjob from a small flower, and you are sucking on a futa plant’s cock. Mommy’s little girl. Mommy’s dirty, little cockwhore. Ohhhhhhhh baby. You’re going to be assfucked by your own mother’s big, thick cock. You ready to be reamed hard?” As if to answer the question, Chloe moaned as she leaned forward, presenting her young, tight, virgin ass to her own mother. “What a good girl. Here I cooommmmeee.” With that said, Wendy pushed her cock into her daughter’s ass. “Ohhhhhhhh fuuuuccccckkkk baby. You’re a tight fit. So fucking tiiiiggghhhtt.”

The pleasure and ecstasy between the two women began to build slowly. Chloe’s whimpers and Wendy’s grunts echoed throughout the tent. Wendy smiled as she placed her hands on her daughter’s hips and began to fuck her harder and deeper. “Mommy’s little buttslut,” she said as she felt her climax began to build. “Fuck. You’re nothing but a incestuous little anal-loving buttslut. You ready for my cream filling. I’m gonna glaze your little butthole with my creamy white filling. Oh baby. Oh baby. Ohhhhhhhh fuuuuccccckkkk baby. Here it cooommmmeeessss.” Wendy rocked her head back and screamed as she unloaded her entire load into her daughter’s ass. At that same moment, the futa plant came inside Chloe’s mouth and Chloe came inside the flower. After she had spurted all of her seed into her daughter’s backdoor, Wendy slowly withdrew her cock from her daughter’s rear end.

She then proceeded to smile as she tapped her daughter’s butt. “I’m gonna go get dinner ready,” Wendy said as she rubbed her cock and watched as cum squirted out of her daughter’s ass. “See you then sweetie.” She left her daughter there and headed back to the farmhouse. She walked into the main area and smiled. She had just assfucked her own daughter and gave her a anal creampie. She then thought about her three other daughters; Emma, Melissa, and Kara. She knew that she wanted more asses to fuck. She had given her own daughter an anal creampie. She wanted more from her other daughters. She removed her pants, panties and shirt before she proceeded to head towards the direction of the living room where her three daughters were all watching TV.

“Need more ass,” she moaned as she walked over to her own daughters. She approached Emma and began to pull down her pants and panties, revealing her cute, little bum. Without any warning, Wendy shoved her entire cock into her daughter’s ass. Wendy’s cock, which was completely fallacid, started to get hard and erect, and now she was going to come again. “Ohhhhhhhh fuuuuccccckkkk,” Wendy moaned as she unloaded her second load into her daughter’s ass, this time as she fucked her hard.

Wendy smiled as she withdrew from Emma’s ass and still was not satisfied. She wanted more. She crawled over to her next daughter Melissa and pulled down her pants and panties, revealing her cute little bum. Beylikdüzü escort Wendy smiled as she pushed her cock into her daughter’s ass and then moaned softly.

“Fuuuuccccckkkk baby,” Wendy moaned. “You’re even tighter than your sister. Shit. I’m gonna come already. Fuuuuccccckkkk.” Wendy unloaded her third load inside her daughter’s ass. She withdrew from Melissa’s ass but still wanted more. She crawled over to her last daughter Kara and pulled down her pants and panties, revealing her cute little bum.

She rubbed her cock against Kara’s asshole, finally alerting her daughter to what was happening.

“Mom,” Kara said as she tried to push her mother off her. Wendy smiled as she grabbed her daughter’s arms and pinned them to her sides.

“Happy birthday sweetie,” she said as she shoved her entire cock up her daughter’s ass, causing Kara to scream in surprise. Wendy then proceeded to cover her daughter’s mouth with her hand and began to hump her slowly. Kara squirmed as she was being assfucked by her own mother.

“Mom,” Kara cried out. “I’m a virgin.” Wendy smiled and began to fuck her daughter harder.

“That’s just what I like to hear,” she said. “Your virginity is gone forever.” She fucked Kara even harder and deeper. Kara felt her own cock getting hard and erect. Wendy smiled and lifted Kara up and slammed her down on top of her sister Melissa, shoving Kara’s cock into Melissa’s ass. Wendy smiled even more as she added another layer by slamming Melissa on top of Emma, shoving Melissa’s cock into Emma’s ass. The three girls screamed as their own mother fucked them harder and deeper. Suddenly, Emma, Melissa and Kara felt a rumbling sensation in their tummies. They were all about to shit themselves. They tried to push their mom off them, but they couldn’t do it in time.

“Oh god,” Kara moaned.

“Oh fuck,” Melissa cried out.

“Oh shit,” Emma whimpered.

The three girls then began to shit themselves all over the cocks in their respective asses. Wendy smiled as she humped her daughters harder and deeper, eager to hear them scream. She got her wish as her three daughters twitched underneath her. Finally, Wendy could feel her own climax beginning to build.

“That a girl,” she said as she unloaded her final load inside Kara’s ass. The cumshot filled Kara’s backdoor and dripped on the floor. Kara, Emma, and Melissa thought that was it. Their mother was done with fucking them. As they tried to stand up, their mother wrapped her arms around the three of them and started to fuck them again.

8 hours later….

The three girls woke up and looked around. They saw their mother, laying on the couch fast asleep. They realized that this was their only chance to get away from her.

“Let’s go,” Kara whispered. “Hurry.” They reached the door and opened it, revealing their sister Chloe. They were about to speak when they noticed a difference in Chloe.

Chloe was standing naked, stroking her own cock slowly. “No escape,” she moaned softly. “Get fucked.” Before Melissa could run, she was grabbed by her sister and turned around.

“Sis,” Kara and Emma cried out. They tried to help their sister, but shook her head.

“Emma,” she moaned as she felt her own sister’s cock enter her ass. “Keep Kara safe.” Emma nodded before her and Kara ran back into the house. They saw that their mother was not on the couch anymore. The two girls were nervous and concerned about where and why this was happening to their family. Suddenly, they heard a voice calling for them.

“Sweetie,” the voice said. It was their mother. “Mommy had a good long rest, and now she is ready for another round.” Kara and Emma ran into Emma’s bedroom. “You can run, but you can’t hide.” They heard the sound of their mother inhaling the air. “I can smell your scent. It is intoxicating. Fuuuuccccckkkk. Girls, mommy’s very horny. Where are you two hiding?” The two girls were now hiring in the closet. Emma turned to face her sister and sighed.

“Sis,” Emma said to Kara. “You go. Get as far away from here as you can. I’ll keep her busy.”

“No,” Kara cried out in fear. “I don’t want to lose you too.” Emma was about to speak again when she was pulled back by Wendy’s arms and pinned on the bed.

“Go sis,” Emma said as her mother rubbed her own cock against her butthole. “Run. I’ll keep her busy. Ruuuunnnnnnnn.”

Kara took off, heading out of her own house. She ran down the street, further down the road. As she ran, she could hear her sisters screams and cries of protest, which quickly turned into screams and cries of pleasure and passion. But she kept running. Why, she thought. Why is this happening?

Meanwhile in the desert, and 10 hours ago….

“We’ve done it this time, I can feel it!” exclaimed Dr. Stanton, grinning as he turned confidently to his colleague.

“Now, Beylikdüzü escort now… Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, Michael… We haven’t even tested this iteration of the formula yet.” cautioned Dr. Moulson, putting his hand on the younger biologist’s shoulder. “We don’t know what it will do…”

“It’ll do what we made it to do, James! I’ve done the math… I know it’ll work this time! We’ve created the world’s most powerful female aphrodisiac!!” Dr. Stanton gestured triumphantly at the enclosed beaker sitting in front of them on the lab table. It contained a translucent pink liquid and was marked ‘Warning: Do not inhale.’

Dr. Moulson sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose in exasperation. “That’s what you said the last half a dozen times, Michael. We need to test it before we start to celebrate.”

As the two men argued, their assistant, Suzie, cleaned up around them as quietly as possible. The cute grad student wanted to stay out of the scientists’ way, trying to perform her duties as unobtrusively as possible.

As she tidied up, she did her best to squeeze past the two men without interrupting, but accidentally bumped into the lab table in the process. The beaker toppled over the edge and smashed against the linoleum floor. It’s contents spilt everywhere, and an overwhelming stench immediately permeated the room.

“Oh!! Oh no!!” Suzie exclaimed.

“Ah!! What the fuck?!?!?” cried Dr. Stanton, covering his nose quickly with his sleeve. The smell made him gag, and his eyes watered, blurring his vision.

Dr. Moulson doubled over, throwing up all over his shoes. He wiped his mouth and staggered forward, leaning against the table. “What the fuck is that?” he cried. He covered his face with his hand. “How the hell is that supposed to be an aphrodisiac, Micheal?!?”

Dr. Stanton fought the urge to retch and looked up at his colleague. “I… I don’t understand! This isn’t right!! It shouldn’t smell like this…”

“Smell? What smell?” The two men turned at the sound of Suzie’s voice, noticing her for the first time. She was standing in front of them, apparently undisturbed by the pungent odour filling the room. Both of her hands were shoved inside her jeans, and she was furiously masturbating as her bosses stared in disbelief. “I don’t smell anything… Ooooh… ohhhhhhhh fuuuuuck…” the young grad student groaned as she steadily pleasured her moistening pussy. She suddenly moaned louder as she felt her pussy become a cock. She pulled it out of her jeans and looked at it with sheer unbridled passion. “It’s soooooo beautiful,” she moaned as she stroked her cock. Her colleagues watched in shock as she pushed her own cock into her mouth and began to suck on it.

Back to the present time….

“What the fuck, Michael? What do you mean, it can’t be contained?” Dr. Moulson exclaimed, as he stood over the workstation where his colleague was sitting. They both still had their shirts pulled over their faces. The smell hadn’t seemed to dissipate at all, even when they’d opened the windows…

Dr. Stanton groaned as he sat in front of his computer. “I mean there’s no antidote… I don’t know how to stop it!”

He glanced over at Suzie. By now the grad student was naked, sitting on the floor and sucking her own cock off toward what must be her tenth straight orgasm. The whole time, when she wasn’t sucking herself off, she was muttering something about wanting to find women… to fuck women… to spread her love to any other women. She wanted more. She seemed to love slurping her own ejaculate up out of her cock, sucking the hot liquid into her mouth.

Despite the chemical’s obviously powerful effects, she didn’t seem to show any interest in either of the two men. In fact, she’d crawled away from them in repulsion when they’d tried to pick her up from the floor.

“So what your saying is, we turned Sally, and possibly countless other women in the vicinity into horny, sex-crazed, cock grown, self sucking, anal loving buttsluts… PERMANENTLY?!?” Dr. Stanton said.

Dr. Moulson could only slouch his shoulders and nod in the affirmative. “And we have no idea if it will spread further and if it will stop.” Dr. Moulson sighed. They both looked over as Suzie whimpered again, as another climax erupted from her battered, cum soaked cock.

“I just hope Suzie is the only person who is affected.” Dr. Stanton said.

However, she wasn’t the only one. Kara was now on the run from her own family. She knew this had something to do with her mom’s garden. She ran past moms, who were in one moment, talking to their daughters. In the next moment, the moms were now completely naked, shoving their cocks into their own daughter’s asses non-stop.

She was about to speak when she was pulled into a small house. She fell to the ground and put her Escort Beylikdüzü fists up, ready to fight whoever was there.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” a voice said. “I’m just trying to hide you from the others.” Kara looked over and saw a older woman smiling at her. She saw that she didn’t have the same look in her eyes that Chloe and her mother had.

“What the fuck is going on?” Kara shouted. “Why are women fucking each other?” The older woman, not saying anything, pointed a device that looked like a bug repellent spray and sprayed Kara with it. “What the hell are you doing to me?” The older woman finally spoke.

“Preventing you from becoming like them,” the woman said. “How old are you? Who are you? Was your family infected as well?”

Kara pulled away from the woman. “Hold on there, old hag,” she said, in a aggressive voice. “Who are you?” The older woman smiled.

“My name is Susan,” the woman said. “Susan Woodbury. Now your turn.”

Kara inhaled deeply and exhaled. “My name is Kara,” Kara said. “Kara Brenton. I’m 18 years old. My mother and oldest sister were both infected. My two older twin sisters sacrificed themselves to protect me.”

Susan nodded and shook her head. “Your sisters were very brave,” she said, caressing Kara’s shoulder. “But they are now infected. Come with me. I’ll show you.” Kara followed Susan further into her house, down into the basement, where she had dozen of monitors.

“Since we seem to be the only ones who are not infected,” Susan said. “We need to find out how to survive through this epidemic.”

Kara nodded. “So,” she asked. “What have you learned?”

Susan’s smile turned into a frown. “Not much I’m afraid.” She pointed to one of the monitors. “I have found out that it doesn’t affect men. As for how it affects our gender, I have no idea. I know that it comes in stages.”

“Stages?” Kara adked, with a look of fear and panic. Susan nodded.

“Yes,” Susan continued. “Stages. The 1st stage is the lowest. This stage, the individual; let’s call her Hannah, feels her sexual arousal grow. She only wants to touch herself. She doesn’t care who is around. The next stage is the Repulsion Stage. Hannah will be only interested in females. Even the thought of men will make her puke. This is when her pussy will become a cock. With me so far?”

Kara smiled and nodded. “Yes,” she said. “Continue.”

Susan smilied back. ” The next stage is the self love. This is when the spray I used on you would stop working. Hannah would be driven by her desire to suck herself off. The next stage, is called the Love Sharing. Hannah would then travel around the area and find a woman to fuck. She would then spread the ‘infection’ to that woman, and then she would go through the stages.”

“How young a woman?” Kara asked. She knew that her neighbors had a daughter, younger than her.

“Fortunately,” Susan said. “The age is between 18 to 99. The biggest problem is that most of the people ‘infected’ fall under types of strains. There are Sub Strains, Neutral Strain, Dominant Strain, and a fourth strain I call Super Strain. The Sub Strains are those women who just lay there and take it. They don’t put up any resistance. The Neutral Strain would be people like you and me. We were able to resist the urge, and avoid the transmission. The Dominant Strain are the toughest to resist. According to your explanation of your family, your mother and oldest sister sounds like they are both Dominant Strains. However, given that your mother was able to smell your scent, it sounds like she has become a Super Strain. The Super Strains are those who are physically stronger and faster than a regular human. There senses are on the level of a wolf or a tiger. Imagine a human, with the strength of a vampire, the senses of a werewolf, and is super horny and has the desire to fuck anyone they can get their hands on. That is the Super Strain.” Kara slumped weakly to the ground, finally realizing the predicament she was in. Her own mother was not done with her yet. She was going to find her and fuck her.

Meanwhile, in the middle of the city, Wendy and her other daughters were all naked and stroking their own cocks.

“I love fucking women,” Emma said. Chloe and Melissa nodded. Suddenly, their mother hushed them.

“Be patient girls,” she said. “Our little prey has hidden somewhere in this city. We must find her and fuck her.”

“How mother?” Chloe moaned. “There’s just four of us. And it is such a big city.” Wendy smiled.

“Sweetie,” she said. “We just have to spread our love to others. Once we have a huge group of people, we will spread out throughout the entire city.” She pointed down towards the south direction. “Chloe. You head that direction.” Chloe moaned and ran off. “Emma. You take the east side.” Emma nodded before she ran off. “Melissa. You take the west side.” Melissa nodded and ran down the street.

“That leaves me with the center of the city and the northern part. Ready or not Kara, here we come.”

With that said, Wendy ran off into the night.

To be continued….

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