Cyber Slave


I checked into my room at the Lathem not knowing what the day would hold. Would she come? Would the cyber fantasy be fulfilled?

I took a long shower and wrapped myself in the hotel bathrobe. Minutes later I hear your knock on the door. I glance at the clock, not a minute late, not a minute early. A good start. I open the door, you stand in the corridor, your head bowed wearing a white silk blouse, knee length skirt and black “sensible” shoes. You carry a small bag in your left hand.

“Enter” I say firmly and you walk past me, your shoulder length hair moving gently as you enter the room and stand at the foot of the king size bed.

You look up, your eyes hold your desire to please and you know that you are here in response to my instructions. You have written of your longing to be fulfilled by a master who will treat you fairly but firmly. Your fulfilment will come from a desire deep inside you to meet my every wish.

I see you glance around the room. Looking at the things arranged on the nightstand; the digital camera, the silk cords, the hair brush and the vibrator. Your eyes return to me, looking into mine from a bowed head, awaiting your instructions.

I sit on the bed, my eyes take in your beauty; the soft curl to your hair which frames your face, the swell of your breasts under the simple blouse moving in tune with your breathing, the skirt which hugs your hips, and the well shaped legs.

“I need to see you.” My simple instruction. You nod “Yes Master.”

I watch as your fingers go to the buttons of your blouse, slowly but surely opening them, one by one, down to the waistband of your skirt. You undo the cuff buttons and then move to let the material fall from your shoulders to hang from your waist. Your head remains bowed as you reach behind you and undo the clasp of your simple black lace bra. You hold the cups against your breasts before, looking up into my eyes for a sign of approval, you let them fall to reveal their fullness to my gaze. I see the nipples hard against the dark pink areoles. They look perfect to my eyes; I want to reach out and grab them, but I restrain my impulse, looking up to you and motioning for you to continue. Your fingers now move to undo the simple clasp of your skirt and lower the zipper. The quiet room seems to echo with the sound as your skirt and blouse fall down your legs to lie in a small puddle at your feet.

“This too Master?” your fingers hooked in the waistband of the sheer black thong which perfectly matches the, now discarded, bra. I nod, and watch you slowly draw this final item down your thighs, exposing yourself fully to me. My eyes are drawn to your pussy, I see the neatly trimmed bush, the swell of your labia lips, noticing the way they glisten in the light from the bedside lamp. Your hands hang at your sides your head remains bowed as you await another sign from me; your next instruction.

It takes all my willpower not to throw you onto the bed and satisfy the urge to fuck you now. I can feel my cock hard and insistent for release beneath my robe and know that I must have you, but I am overtaken by the need to assert my role as your new master.

I motion for you to kneel and you comply, lowering yourself to my feet as I stand in front of you.

You understand my desires, as I thought you would; your hands reach to the cord of my robe and open it to reveal my hard cock. As I ease the robe from my shoulders, I watch your delicate hands reach up to encircle my throbbing organ; finger and thumb barely meeting as you seek to take my hard flesh into your hands. Your eyes rise to look into mine, seeking approval, before lowering again as your lips open to take me between them.

I can feel your tongue as it circles the bulbous head; mixing your saliva with the juice leaking from my tip as you begin to pay homage to my organ. I watch you take more and more of my seven hard inches into your mouth, feeling your tongue move around my cockhead, the sensation is incredible as you make love to me with your mouth. I know I will for ever be grateful to your previous master; he who awoke these desires within you and showed you your true destiny. I grab your hair and pull you off my cock, shining with the wetness of your mouth. “Will you be my cocksucking slave; my whore?” “My slut?” My questions had already been answered, but I needed to hear the response from your lips. “Yes master. Please Master.” Your voice a whisper, but loaded with desire, a desire to serve and submit to my pleasure. “Let me taste your istanbul escort hard cock. Let me feel it with my lips; with my tongue.”

I smile down into your eyes. I pull you downwards by the hair, spearing your lips with my cock, feeling it push deep into your mouth, forcing its way into your tight throat. Hearing you gag before accepting my hard flesh in its new resting place. I let you adjust to its size and length before starting to fuck you, using your mouth like a second cunt. My need for release is strong and I know that I can not hold on much longer as I continue to thrust into your mouth, pulling you down onto my cock with my hands still locked in your hair. I feel your fingers on my balls, caressing them, milking them and I know that I will have to give you what you seek. I pull you head back until just the head of my cock rests in your mouth as I cum, pumping a large quantity of my white fluid onto your tongue. I see the movement in your neck as you swallow my initial load. I pull out from between your lips as a second quality of cum erupts from my dick to land on your face. Then a third, spraying over your eyes which now look up at me; a look of hope that you have served your new Master well. I watch my cum slide down your pretty face as I pull you back onto my cock to clean the last traces of my cum as it oozes from the tip of my shaft.

I release your hair and step back to admire the vision before me.

“Did I please you Master?” your eyes looking into mine searching for a positive answer, knowing that you will be punished if I am not pleased with your work.

I wait, as if pondering the response. I glance over to where the hair brush lies; a curling brush with a long handle and long hard bristles surrounding the other end. I look back at you and see a look of apprehension; of fear. “We have only just started my slave girl” I reply. “I will tell you when you have served me well and then you will be rewarded. Fail, and you will be punished.”

You look down at the carpet “Yes Master. I live to serve you Master.” And then, in a whisper “Tell me what I must do to amuse you master.”

I pull you to your feet and motion you to the bed, indicating for you to lay back, your feet resting on the floor.

I spread you thighs and look at your pussy, the lips are now more pronounced and I can see that more of your juice has escaped and now glistens on your pubic hair.

“I want to play with you” I state simply. “Yes Master. My body is for your pleasure. It is yours to play with. Your pleasure will be my reward.”

I reach out to touch your pussy lips, running a finger along the gap between them. Your body jumps and I feel you move yourself forward, trying to capture my finger in your pussy lips to force your clit onto my exploring digit.

“No.” I say, loudly and firmly. “Your body is for my use. If it pleases me then you will have your reward and you may cum.” The worried look crosses your face again as you realise that you must control your natural desires if you are to satisfy my own and escape punishment.

“I will try Master, I want to serve you and know you will punish me if I fail.”

I look into your eyes, I can see the need to serve still burns deep within you. “Now open yourself for me my little slut. Show your Master your body.”

I watch as your hands reach down to your pussy and open your lower lips to my gaze. They dip inside you, reappearing shining with your pussy juice as you hold yourself wide open. I kneel between your thighs and look into you; into the pink heart of you. I can see your hard clit, already poking from its hood and your hot juice seeping from within your being.

“Does it please you Master?” you are searching for a positive response again but I do not reply, denying you that reassurance. I reach for the vibrator and play the cold tip against your exposed pussy; slowly drawing it up between your pussy lips to rest against your clit; letting it rest there before letting it slide down again to settle at the opening to your womb. I push it in, watching the slim artificial cock disappear between your inner lips until only the end is visible. I turn the switch at the end and the soft hum announces that it has been brought to life. I turn the regulator and the speed quickens, noticeably making your pussy lips quiver in tune with its insistent vibrations. I do nothing, enjoying the erotic sight until I notice your fingers edge upwards towards your clit. You hope I do not notice, but your need to relieve escort bayan the tension building inside you under the constant stimulation of the toy, is starting to overcome your need to obey my instructions. As your fingers touch your clit for the first time I pull the vibrator swiftly from your pussy.

“You are disobeying me slut.” I bark, “I did not give you permission to pleasure yourself.”

A look of panic flashes across your face. “Master. I am sorry. I did not seek my pleasure, I sought to amuse you.” Your eyes give a lie to your statement. You know, deep down, that you must pay for your lapse in concentration.

“I warned you that your only reward would come when I allowed it.” My voice, not raised, but in measured tones that reinforce the meaning of the words. “I have been lenient with you, now you must be punished.”

Your eyes look down and a small sob escapes your lips “Yes Master, I realise I was wrong. I live to please you and give you pleasure, punish me for my faults so that I may learn to better serve you.”

I reach across to the nightstand and pick up the hairbrush. In submission you have become all the more desirable, but I know I must exert my power over you. I hold the long handle in my right hand and bring it down to your hard nipples standing firm and proud from your breasts.

I drag the hard bristles across the firm flesh, watching as they leave white trails across the smooth skin. Lest you think that this is stimulation. I raise the brush and then bring it sharply down across your nipple. I hear you gasp and watch as you bite your lower lip, the hard bristles pricking your skin under the force of my hand. I raise the brush again and bring it down across the exposed nipple of your left breast. Pinpricks of red appear where the bristles have nearly punctured your skin, your eyes are now nearly closed as you fight back the need to cry out.

I move the brush level with your exposed pussy lips and your eyes fly open as you sense that the brush now hovers above your most sensitive area. You look into my eyes, pleading with me to spare you. I look back, holding your look as I draw the sharp bristles over your moist folds and your hard clit. The brush turns I my grasp, the bristles pulling at your sensitive flesh. I hear the trace of a sob from your lips and watch as you fight back a tear. I will show you some mercy.

Instead I turn the brush around in my grasp and insert the handle into your pussy, pushing it deep, before withdrawing. I see your look change; relief that your punishment may be at an end. I insert the handle once more into your pussy, moving it around inside you, easing it deeper with little fucking movements, until the handle is buried inside you, the bristles resting against your outer folds.

You look at me, wondering if I will seek to punish you further, understanding that any movement will cause the sharp nylon to scratch your tender flesh.

I do nothing for a minute, then I rise and walk around the bed, taking the silk cords into my hands. I tell you to put your hands above your head where I bind them together and tie then to the handle of the nightstand drawer.

You look helpless with your hands tied above your head and the brush buried deep inside your pussy preventing movement of your lower body. You look the most desirable creature I have ever known. I feel the need to capture this moment for posterity – for our future pleasure.

I walk around the bed and pick up the camera. I take images of your body, your pretty face; your breasts now laying flat against your chest with their enflamed nipples surrounded by the pretty pink marks made by the brush. I take images of your pussy, the brush buried inside you, your juices seeping onto your thighs, the nylon points pushing against your pussy folds and against your clit.

I sit in a chair nearby and review the images, leaving you motionless on the bed. My cock, which has never fully deflated, now hardens as I look at the intimate close-ups of your body. I stroke my cock, contemplating my next move. Decided, I move to the bed and climb up over your face, aware that the movement of the bed is causing the brush to move against your wet pussy. Knowing that the bristles are causing you some pain.

“Show me again what a good cocksucker my little slut slave is.” My words echo in the quiet room as you strain your head upwards to engulf my cock again in your perfect mouth. I am in awe of you, your mouth acts like a second pussy and your technique Kurtköy escort is like no other I have experienced. I grab the camera again and take a photo of you; your eyes looking up at me as your tongue twirls around the head of my cock. Another as you deep throat me; I have trouble keeping the camera still as once again my cock is gripped my your throat.

“Tell me what you want my little cumwhore?” My cock now rests on your cheek as you start to suck on my heavy balls.

“I want you inside me Master” your voice a whisper, uttered between the movements of your lips and tongue over my genitals. “I want whatever will please you Master.”

“Where do you want me my little slut? In what part of my body does my little slut want her Master?” Your look acknowledges that your body is mine; mine to do whatever I need with.

“Wherever it pleases you most Master” the simple statement, revealing your joint need to submit to my desire and your own for release when the time comes.

I reach behind me and remove the brush from your quim. Then, moving down the bed, I replace the man-made object with my own hard flesh, still wet from the attentions of your mouth. I push inside you in one strong thrust. Filling you; searching out your depths. Your juices are flowing freely, lubricating my cock as it starts to pump into your hot body. I ride you slowly, enjoying the feel of the walls of your pussy as they caress my cock as it ploughs deep inside you.

“Does my little cumwhore like her Master’s cock?” My request spoken more urgently as my desire for you starts to build again.

“Yes Master, your hard cock feels so good inside my poor little cunt.” “Fuck me Master, cum inside me, let me feel your seed inside my body.”

Although my cock feels so good inside you, I need to complete your submission. I withdraw and turn you under my body. I pull the cheeks of your pretty ass open and look at the final prize which stares back at me like a small brown eye, sparkling with the juice which has already escaped your pussy.

I press the head of my cock against that last opening, pushing down until the purple head disappears and I can feel the heat of your rectum surround me.

“Yes Master. Take my poor ass, it is yours. Cum in my ass.”

I watch you struggle beneath me, your hands still tied as my cock pushes further into your ass until my balls are pressing against your ass cheeks. The feeling is unbelievable, you are so hot, your inner muscles holding me, squeezing me; milking me.

“And you. Would you like to cum with me?” a question to which I already know the answer.

“Yes Master if it would please you to let me cum as well. I need to cum” the voice begging, imploring me to release you.

I pull you up to your knees, my cock still lodged in your bowels. The fingers of my right hand dive in front, searching for and finding your open pussy. I plunge three fingers inside the hot channel as my cock strongly fucks into your back passage. Sweat is dripping from my body onto your back as I plunge deeper inside you, spearing you as my fingers rake your pussy. As I near my climax, my left hand reaches forward to grasp your breast; to tug on your hard nipple, twisting it as I feel my climax rising deep inside my balls.

“Then cum my little slave. Cum for your Master. Let me feel your body submit to me.”

My body tenses as I feel your inner muscles contract around me; gripping my cock in your rear and my fingers in your womb. With a shout, I let a volley of cum loose high inside your ass. I thrust again and release more to join the first boiling inside you. I feel your pussy muscles clamp around my fingers as your release erupts, spilling juice over my hands and your thighs. You milk more cum from my cock as the strength of our joint orgasm peaks. You cry out in your release “Master, my Master fuck Thank You.” Your tense body relaxes slightly and I collapse on your back, my weight forcing your down into the sheets.

In the minutes that follow, my body slowly returns to normal; I can feel my cock soften inside you before slowly falling from your tight grip. I gently pull my fingers from your wet and distended pussy.

Now reaching up, I untie your hands, hands which now take mine and bring them, still wet, to your lips; sucking your juice from their tips.. Your head moves head down to my groin to take my soft cock into your mouth. I feel your tongue clean me of our joint juices. Satisfied that I am clean, your head nestles in my groin and I stroke your hair.



“Have I served you well? May I serve you again?”

“Yes my little slave girl. You have served me well. You may continue to serve me as my slave.”

I had a feeling that the length of service may be long.

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