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dad meeting

We first met in a online chat room after he sent an email to me. He had read my profile and know that i was bi and into bdsm. He was a “Daddy” who was into discipline and i was a “sub”. A perfect match.

A few chats and webcam inspections and it was decided that we would meet for a cup of coffee, nice neutral place, and see where that went.

It went very well. He looked the part. Larger guy, glasses, balding, small beard, broad shoulders, dressed well in common business attire. Easy to see him as a father, husband, neighbor. Neither of us was ready to meet for any play time at our homes but i knew about a local motel that rented short time “siesta” rate. i had never used it but i knew of it from a different chat group.

We decided on the following Tuesday. I would make the arrangements and text Him the room number.

Tuesday morning about 10AM.

i got there early and payed for the “Siesta room” for the 4 hours rate and a deposit.

The room was not bad, reasonably clean, fresh towel, etc.

i stripped off my shorts & tee shirt placing them & flip flops on the corner of the dresser. As we had agreed, i wore my steel cock cage, a large metal butt plug in my cleansed ass before i left the house. i set the latch on the door to keep it from locking & put on the clover clamps and texted the room number to Him. i finished by putting on a blindfold with elastic bands behind my head. i knelt, facing the door. Knees spread wide apart, hands behind my head and waited.

What seemed like quite awhile but was probably only a few minutes i sensed, maybe felt the air change, but i felt the door open. a little click as it closed. Was He here? A few moments later, i felt the same sensation of the door opening. i was blindfolded so i really didn’t know. Then a flash of light plainly obvious through the blindfold. Again that light metallic click and the change in the room as though the door was closed. Now i was getting nervous. Was He just screwing with me? Some sort of a test? i held my position.

A few minutes passed, my hips were beginning to ache a little from holding the position with my knees spread wide. Then the sound of the door closing, the click as the latch was turned off & the door closing. Then the latch locking the door. i could feel His presence as he moved around me.

“Stand boy, same presentation position.”

i quickly got to my feet, spreading with legs spread wide apart. The ache in my hips receding as His hands touched my body. His hands lightly touching my chest, my upper legs, my arms and neck, then my ass cheeks. Light touches, groping me like a piece of meat or fruit that He might purchase in a store.

Then a crack of His hand, hard on each cheek. Then two more, one on each cheek. i could feel the warm glow. He tugged on the chain that joined the clover clamps pulling me forward. i moved forward and i was told: “Hold position boy. I’ll tell you if I want you to move.” i pulled back to stand straight up, the clover clamps biting into my nipples, never losing their grip and griping tighter. He pulled the chain up and put it in my mouth, stretching my nipples upward painfully.

Four more cracks with His bare hand on my ass cheeks. His fingers moving over my body as i struggled to maintain position and silence. Master took the clamps and twisted both of them left and right. i was struggling to hold back the cry. Then, He squeezed both clover clamps and they released their grip.

i gasped and He removed the chain from my mouth & smacked my face hard. “Silence boy.”

Pain covered me as the blood rushed in to fill the nipples. His fingers squeezed my left nipple as He pinched and pulled on it, His other hand teasing at the butt plug, tugging it but leaving it inserted.

“Nice piece of male meat.” He whispered as He moved His hands to grip my ball sack and switched to the other nipple, this time using His finger nails to bite into the nipple. The grip on my ball sack tightened as He lifted them higher. i stood up on my toes to ease the stretching feeling but He kept lifting higher and tighter.

He finally released His grip on my ball sack, gawd that felt good to be freed again. “On your knees boy, take out daddies cock.”

i fumbled with the zipper and belt, finally freeing His semi erect cock.

“You know what to do don’t you cocksucker.”

i took his cock in my mouth, running my tongue under the head and it quickly became a swollen hardon. His hands now in the back of my head, forcing His hard cock deep into my mouth. i began gagging but He just pulled His cock out, slapped my cheek again. “Silence! Learn to take all of it boy.” then drove it back into my mouth and throat. He began humping, forcing His cock into my throat. Then, pulled out saying “you haven’t earned my cum yet boy. Remove the blindfold boy.”

“Do you have condoms boy?”

i did, we discussed that over coffee when we met.

“Put one on over your cage son.”

i 4 k porno did, wondering what this was about.

“Knee on the edge of the bed, face down, ass up.” as He pulled a rubber glove over His hand.

As soon as i was in position His finger slipped into my previously lubed asshole, then a second finger joined it. He was pressing against the front, hard and often. Very uncomfortable. Just like a prostate exam in the doctor’s office but rougher, unrelenting, painful.

“This is the best part of your day boy, are you enjoying cumming?”

i mumbled, “no Sir” and He said, “Good, nothing about our meeting today should be enjoyable for you boy This is all about my pleasure.”

He continued the pressure on my prostate and i twisted my head & peeked back so i could see my caged cock. The tip of the condom was filled with cum.

He pulled His fingers out of my ass told me to get the chair and pointed to the spot that He wanted the straight backed chair placed. He sat on it and motioned for me to lay across His lap.

i did and He ordered that i spread my legs and stretch them and my arms out. He reached under me with His left hand, gripping my cock and balls tightly. SMACK, SMACK as His right hand came down on my bare ass. Over and over and over. The first few weren’t bad but the heat began building as my ass heated up from the spanking. i was struggling to hold position, tears formed in my eyes but the beating continued. He reached into His bag and pulled out a paddle after awhile, then resumed the spanking with the paddle. Must have been at least 100 smacks. my legs were trembling but He continued the beating.

When He finally stopped He gave one more squeeze with His left hand and pushed me off His lap and ordered me to undress Him. When He was naked i was back kneeling before Him to suck His cock again. His cock had softened but soon swelled into a hard on. He had me put a condom on His hard cock.

“Take off the condom boy, don’t spill a drop. Put some on My cock, lube your boy cunt with some. Then put the condom in your mouth boy”

“Lay over the edge of the bed and spread your ass cheeks. Beg Daddy to fuck you boy”

i did as i was told and soon felt the head of his hard cock pressing against my ass hole, forcing it’s way in. “Bare down boy, open up for Daddy. It’s time to pay Daddy for that spanking.”

i felt he heat in my red ass as He pushed His cock in deeper and deeper. Finally i felt His balls slap against my thighs, and He began to with draw. Soon He was fucking me hard and fast.

i was moaning into the bed, partially from pain, part from pleasure. “Yes, fuck me Daddy, please Daddy.”

He stopped thrusting, slamming He cock hard into me, i knew he was cumming. A few more short thrusts as He filled the condom with cum and He lay down on my back breathing heavily into my ear.

When He withdrew His cock He ordered me back onto my knees.

He smiled down at me saying “Suck the condom boy, clean it good bitch. you’re my bitch now boy”

He had me remove the condom “don’t spill a drop of my seed boy Open your mouth.”

He removed my soiled condom from my mouth then took the condom that i removed from his cock, holding it from the open end. “Clean my cock boy!”

i licked and suck the residue cum off His cock as it was softening. he gripped my head and shoved His cock deep into my mouth again. Showing His authority over me, gagging me. Then pulled His cock out, wiping it across both sides of my face and in my hair. He put His fingers under my chin, pushing my face up to look at Him.

“Open your mouth.” and He spit into my waiting mouth. “Swallow.”

Next He put the open end of the condom that contained His cum in my mouth. “Don’t swallow.” and He emptied the cum into my mouth. “Hold it, savor it cocksucker. My gift to you for taking your boy cunt and making you my bitch.” He slipped just the head of His cock into the cum in my mouth, then wiped it across my face, twice. He wiped the rest in my hair. “you are not to wash your face until after 5PM today. Wear the mark of my cum proudly cocksucker. Now swallow.”

He went to His bag and removed a thick, long strap, like ones that barbers used to use to sharpen a razor.

“Present your ass boy, lay across the bed, face down, arms and legs spread eagle.”

i cried out as the strap was brought down on my red, sore ass twice.

“That’s a sample boy, to encourage you to perform for your Daddy. Now kneel over here and lick my feet.” He pointed to a spot in the floor in front of Him. His cock was till thick and bobbing around.

“Here’s what we are going to do. Daddy is still horny and you are going to suck my cock. I’m feeling pretty horny so I’ll give you 5 minutes to make me cum. For every 30 seconds after 5 minutes, you’ll get one stroke of the strap.”

He held His phone on the timer and “Go.”

i began suck His cock, licking His balls, back up to the 7 dak porno head of His cock as My fingers on my right hand encircled His big ball sack. He had been slightly flaccid when i started, but once my fingers of my left hand touched His ass hole, He became rock hard and moaned. i know that was His spot so i wet me finger with some saliva that drooled out of my mouth teased His asshole with my finger. Pressing against the center, then rimming it as i took His cock deep in my throat and bobbed up and down. His cock sliding deeper into my throat each time.

Time seemed to stand still as i worked on His big cock. His breathing got shallow, and harder, almost panting. Then, my reward, He filled my mouth and pumped cum down my throat as He gripped the back of my head, thrusting His cock deep down my throat, gagging me.

After awhile He pulled His cock out and wiped it across my face, down on each cheek, smearing the saliva and the remains of His cum all over me.

He held up the cell phone with the timer stopped at 7min & 6 sec.

“Daddy is pleased! Well done cocksucker, but not good enough to avoid a beating.”

On the bed, spread eagle, face down.

SWISH, CRACK. i jumped at the stinging pain in my ass.

“Hold position or we start over!”

i was trembling when i heard SWISH, CRACK. He paused between each stroke to allow the pain to fill me. My legs were shaking as i screamed into the mattress for the next two strokes.

He left me there, laying naked across the bed, as i regained my composure.

“Kneel here boy” as He pointed to the floor where i had been when He entered. He was completely dressed. i must have been off in some other place, i hadn’t heard Him dressing, or anything actually since the forth stroke of the strap.

i slide off the bed and crawled to the spot that He pointed and knelt there. He threw half the room charge at me.

“You have pleased your daddy boy i look forward to another session, soon.”

He picked up His bag with the paddle and strap in it, started walking toward the door, then stopped, and turned, picking up my clothing and flip flops from the end of the dresser. Then walked over and opened the door.

i got panicky. i thought He was going to take my clothes with Him. How was i going to get home? Would He really do that to me?

He threw my clothing out into the parking lot and walked out the door, letting it slam behind Him.

i ran to the bathroom, grabbed a bath towel, and a wash cloth. Wrapped the towel around my naked body and put the wash cloth in the door jamb to keep it from locking.

The pain in my ass was terrible as i moved. i knew that there was going to be marks across my ass, from the spanking, but big marks from that strap.

i heard His car starting as i picked up my clothes in the parking lot. i was just picking up the last piece when He pulled up, lowered the passenger side window and said “Drop the clothes and the towel boy!”

i did, and He drove away, saying “i look forward to our next session boy.”

i pickup my clothes again, wrapped the towel around me and looked around. i noticed the clerk looking out the window of the office as i hurried back into the room.

i dressed and headed over the office to get my deposit back. Dreading seeing the clerk but it was money that i couldn’t afford to throw away.

The clerk don’t say much when i handed him the key and asked for my deposit. He said that he had to inspect the room first. i followed him back to the room, and he opened it, stepping inside. “Come on in.”

When i was inside and the door closed he turned to me and showed me his cell phone. There was a photo of me full face, naked, cock caged, standing naked in the parking lot. i gulped and he smiled.

“These can be all over the internet this afternoon, or not, if you don’t want them to be posted. I want what your friend had when he was here. I delete them when you suck my cock. Suck it.”

i knew he had the upper hand, so i knelt down. Then i hit me, “them?”

“No, no, loose the clothes.”

By the time i had stripped, he had his fly open and his cock out, stroking it.

i sucked his cock like i had done daddies, cupping his ball sack with one hand, playing with his ass with the other hand.

It didn’t take long, much faster than daddy and he erupted cum, but unlike Daddy, he pulled out for the last squirt and shot the cum on my chin & chest.

So, with his cock still hanging out of his pants, inches from my face, he showed me the phone again. Switching his finger left then right. Two photos. Either one it was obvious who was in the photo, my face fully visible. “Which one?”

i picked one, and he said “Come back tomorrow, same time, and I’ll give you the rest of the deposit & delete the other picture. You better be here boy or this photo is going to be all over the internet.”

i watched as it disappeared from the screen, alman porno only to be replace with the other photo.

He dropped the deposit over me, letting it fall on the floor.

“Get dressed and get out!”

i pulled on my shorts, tee shirt and flip flops, scooped up the cash off the floor and hurried out the door. i sat in my car for a few minutes, feeling so humiliated. i knew that i would be back for both reasons, the money and get that photo deleted. Just the way he threw the money at me was so humiliating. Like he was paying a whore.

That evening, about 5:30PM, i sent a text to Daddy asking for permission to that a shower and wash His cum off my face. i told Him about the encounter with the motel clerk. His response was “LOL, you are such a slut! I want photos of you with his cock in your mouth tomorrow.”

Relief to finally wash, and dread of producing another humiliating photo for Daddies amusement.

Wednesday morning at about 10:15AM

i drove back to hotel, parked and walked to the office. The clerk was watching me from the time that i drove in the parking lot.

“About time that you got here. i was just about to begin posting that picture. Good thing that you got here when you did. Or it would have been too late. Come with me.”

He picked up a key and we walked down to a different room from yesterday and he unlocked it and went in with me following.

“You know the drill, strip and get on your knees.”

He went over and sat down on the edge of the bed as i stripped. He pointed to the floor in front of him. i knelt there and he played with my balls with the tip of his shoe, then twisted my nipple. i held position.

“Does he ever unlock that cock?”

i slipped my phone out of the pocket of my shorts. “Yes, sometimes. My Dom requires that i take a selfie with your cock in my mouth.”

“You know that I am going to want something in return for showing him my cock. Tell him to contact me. Take out my cock.” and i unzipped his pants and pulled out his flaccid cock. “Suck.”

He leaned back, stretching out across the bed as i took his cock in my mouth, just the head at first, flicking my tongue under the head, feeling it begin to swell, and lengthen.

i was bobbing up and down, then paused when i took the photo. His cock plainly visible in my lips, close up.

He sat upright after awhile and began forcing his cock deeper by gripping the back of my head. i knew he was getting closer, his breathing quickened, his thrusts becoming more urging and demanding, deeper. i held up my phone, and switched on the video for a minute or two, catching his cock thrusting in and out of my mouth.

It took a bit longer than yesterday, but he finally filled my mouth and throat with his cum. Multiple jets of cum, forcing his cock into my throat, gagging me.

Then he stood up, wiped his cock on my face and hair, and zipped up. He showed me his phone with my photo on the screen. Pressed delete and the photo disappeared.

“Get dressed and get out of here cocksucker, and don’t forget you owe me for starring in those photos today. You get nothing for free.”

i pulled on my clothes, same as yesterday, shorts, tee shirt and flip flops, no underwear.

“The rest of the deposit please. You said you would give it to me today.”

He said, “When he contacts me. That might be my payment for him to see my beautiful cock.”

i texted Daddy as soon as i was away from the motel, sending him the photos and the video via email. i told him about the demand that Daddy contact the clerk to get the rest of the deposit back. He indicated that He would deal with it next Tuesday when we visited that motel again. Same arrangements, i was to get there, setup the room, send Him a text with the room number and be waiting for Him.

The following Tuesday, at 10AM the same routine as last week, i checked in, paid for the room and gave him the deposit.

“Your playmates hasn’t contacted me yet.”

“i think He will when he arrives today.”

i took the key and hurried down to the room, the same one as the clerk and i used last Wednesday.

i did the usual prep, stripped, folded my clothing, sent a text to Daddy with the room number and put on my blindfold to kneel and wait.

Much of our time together was very similar to last week, sucking Daddies cock to get it hard, being spanked, fucked, eating His cum from the condom. i was able to get Daddy to release His cum into my mouth at 6min 30 sec this week, an improvement. i received 3 strokes of the strap, each spaced out to maximize the feeling as the pain soaked my body.

When Daddy was finished and dressed, he went to the phone and dialed. The conversation was quick. “He’s ready for you to use.”

Saying, “Get in kneeling, display position. And stay there.” as he threw half the room’s charge at me.

i did as i was told, and waited until He left, but the door opened again quickly. The clerk was back to use my mouth again. That was Daddies’ arrangement, the clerk could use me when Daddy was finished with me.

This time he dropped the full deposit and the other half from last week on me.

“Get dressed and get out of here slut.”

The Dominants in my life just doubled.

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