Daddy’s Girl Pt. 02


Shortly after I turned 18 I let my Daddy know I wanted him. He was young and strong and so sexy and I knew he loved me. Being chubby, boys didn’t fall at my feet but Daddy always told me how beautiful I was and that made me want him even more. I would dream about it, day dream about it and I finally needed to get it out. I was writing to a publisher who wanted incest stories and accidentally sent it to Daddy instead. He came into my room and ask me if that was what I really wanted and I couldn’t lie anymore “Yes Daddy, I have wanted you for so long, I want to be yours.”

Hearing my words, he pushed me down on the bed. Getting on the bed, he kissed me, and I knew I would give him anything he wanted. Spreading my legs he climbed between them and running his fingers up and down my slit and hearing me moan he smiled.

“Have you ever done this before?” I shook my nodded. His smiled bright he leaned down and kissed me again and then lining his cock up, he pushed into me. His moan was low, “Oh fuck you’re so tight!” I had tensed up a little and he leaned down and kissed me again. “Relax baby you’re going to love it.” I did as I was told and he was right, before long I was moaning it felt so good better than anything I had ever felt before. “Oh daddy, don’t stop, I love it, I love your cock!”

“Baby, I wanted this for so long! But I needed to wait, and now you’re mine. You belong to me now, don’t you?”

“Yes Daddy, I’m yours, I’ll do whatever you want, I want you to always be happy.”

It had always just been the two of us, daddy was 15 when I was born, and he raised me on his own. I loved him more than anything and I would do whatever he wanted just to be his girl, and I meant anything. We had been having sex every night for months, him teaching me how to please a man. While eating dinner one night he looked at me and smiled.

“The first night I fucked you, you said you would do anything I wanted, do you remember?” smiling at him. “I do and I meant it, I’m your whore now daddy! I love it when you call me that. It makes me feel all naughty and bad!”

“Good because I want to share you with my friends!” I looked at him stunned.


“I want to watch my friends fuck you. Don’t worry it won’t change things between us, you’re my girl always, but I would love to see my friends fuck you. Watch them fuck you and cum inside keçiören escort you. Would you do that for me?” I didn’t know what to say and I just sat there for a long time thinking. “Would you be there? In the room?”

“Oh yes baby, I will be there!” I thought a little longer and I couldn’t lie the thought of fucking some of his friends did excite me. The only man I had been with was him and while I loved him, I wanted to know what it was like to be with other men. Fucking boys is not the same as fucking a man. After giving it a lot of thought, I looked him in the eye and said. “Do you want me to be your dirty little whore daddy?”

“Yes I do! I was thinking 3 or 4 to start and then…You can even chose who you want it to be and when.”

I knew if I waited to long I would lose my nerve, the idea excited me though, having all those men, wanting me and feeling them inside me while Daddy watched. While I sat there I had decided on who I wanted it to be and when. I smiled at Daddy. Since we had started our relationship he walked around naked most nights. Which I loved! I got up from my chair and walked around the table to him, straddling his lap, I kissed him. I guided his very hard cock into my wet pussy. “Daddy, I will fuck whoever you want, as long as you promise me right now, that you will always want me, and I will always be your girl!”

“There is no one else I want baby, I love you and you have always been my girl and you will be forever!”

“Fuck me daddy, fuck me hard I want to be the perfect whore for you!” He did just that and I loved it. I cleaned up the dinner dishes and went to my room. I sat at my computer and decided who I wanted to fuck me. I sent out e-vites for them to come Saturday for a BBQ and poker at my Daddy’s request of course. Once they were sent there was no turning back. Walking into the living room I smiled at him. “So we’re having a BBQ on Saturday night, and poker. I just invited Steve, Tom, Jeff and Mike. They all replied back pretty quickly and said they would be here.” His smile was bright. “Oh Baby you have made Daddy so happy.”

The day had arrived and with everything prepared, and nothing to do I started to get a little nervous, but I was excited too. Since I had told Daddy I was going to do this for him, he had been so happy. Looking at the clock, I went into the etlik escort bathroom and started to get ready. Making sure my makeup and hair looked perfect. After all these men were all in their 30s I had to make them want to fuck an 18 year old. We had agreed I would stay in my room until after everyone had arrived. I could hear them laughing and talking through my window and every once in awhile someone would say “Where’s that hot daughter of yours?” When I heard my name being called I took a deep breath and walked out into the dining room where the men had adjourned for play cards.

“Baby, Jeff doesn’t believe you’ll suck his cock. I told him you were a good little cocksucker but he doesn’t believe it!” I smiled at Daddy knowing he had told them all he had been fucking me for months. Walking to where Jeff sat, I turned his chair and knelt down. Unfastening his pants I pulled cock out and smiled. It was already getting hard and when I took him in my mouth he moaned and I heard the chairs moving around the table as all the men stood to watch. When I looked up daddy was filming it. That got me very excited. I felt cool air against my bottom as my nightshirt was pushed up and felt hands kneading my ass. Then a hard cock was rubbing against my ass.

“Fuck her tight little cunt, she wants it don’t you baby!” I heard Daddy say. I stopped what I was doing long enough to tell them I wanted it. I wanted them all. I felt a hard cock push into me hard and I moaned around Jeff’s cock. I felt so naughty, and I wanted to make Daddy happy. Jeff stood and I looked up surprised. With a shift Mike was laying on the floor and I was on top of him, his cock deep inside me. I couldn’t stop moaning. Then I felt someone pushing into my ass. I was going to get filled. I was going to have all my holes filled and I fucking loved it.

“Yes fuck me, fuck me like a whore. I love it. I love all your cocks!” I looked around to find Daddy and he was naked now, one hand holding the camera the other stroking his cock. I loved his cock, but I loved being his whore too. Jeff step back up and pushed his cock down my throat and I moaned. It happened I was full. It felt so fucking hot. For the next hour they took turns fucking me. I was having orgasm after orgasm my pussy was so wet.

“Daddy I want them to fill me with their cum, tell them to fill me daddy rus escort please!” I begged.

“You heard my little girl, fill her with your cum!” And one by one they did just that. I had cum oozing out of my pussy and my ass and I was exhausted but felt so amazing. I looked around for Daddy. “Daddy cum on my face, I know you want to, please I want it.” Smiling he walked over to where I lay and stroking his cock he began shooting his cum all over me. I moaned in delight. “Did I do good daddy? Am I a good whore?”

“Oh yes baby, you did very good and I’m very happy.” He looked around the room at his friends and told them all, “I will let you fuck my daughter but only when I say you can. She’s mine and no one tries to fuck her without me being there, UNDERSTAND?” They all agreed. With my legs shaking I walked down the hall to the bathroom. The men all went out of the deck and continued drinking and talking. I could hear them talking about me and Daddy fucking and laughing. I didn’t care what they said I just knew I needed to sleep. Getting out of the shower and getting into bed, I fell asleep quickly. To my surprise when I woke a couple hours later there were still voices coming from outside. I could hear daddy’s voice and just one other. Looking at the clock I saw it was after midnight. Crawling out of bed I tiptoed down the hall and listened for a minute.

“You’re damn lucky James to have a sweet little honey in your bed every night!”

“It’s been great, she loves my cock and me and I love her. We have fun together what more could I ask for?”

“She’s not going to college? What about other boys her own age?”

“She doesn’t want them she loved the idea of fucking all you guys, you especially. She said she wanted to stay here and leave things as they were, and I’m not gonna argue!” Still naked from my shower I walked out on the deck, and smiled at the men. “I’m glad you don’t want to argue Daddy cause I’m not leaving, you can’t ask for a better wife, and whore than me!” Walking to him I pulled his shorts down and straddle his lap rubbing my pussy over his. It didn’t take long before he started to get hard, I reached between us and took him inside. I looked into his eyes and kissed him. “Fuck me!” He didn’t argue, before now no one had actually seen us together. Looking over at Jeff his mouth was open but he was rubbing his cock through his pants. I whispered in Daddy’s ear and he kissed me. “Jeff she wants us to fuck her all night. You up for that?”

“Oh fuck yeah!” he said with a laugh and I heard him stand. I too stood up and smiled at the men, lets go to the bedroom where we can be more comfortable.

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