Dad’s Hot Seat


“I can’t believe he’s late again,” Beth Conrad muttered to herself angrily as she drummed her manicured fingernails on the steering wheel. She glanced impatiently at her watch, seeing that it was already 5:10 pm, they were certainly going to be late as it was and if he didn’t hurry they were going to miss the store closing!

“Is Grandpa running late again, Mom?” her daughter asked from the back seat.

“I’m afraid so,” Beth said with a sigh. All of a sudden she honked the horn, giving it a loud and long blast that came so suddenly it even startled her daughter Amy!

“Come on, Dad!” she yelled out the window. “We’re going to be too late if you don’t hurry!”

A few moments later, the front door opened and a tall, distinguished looking man came running out to the car, opening the door and sliding into the passenger seat. The moment the passenger door was closed, Beth slammed her ’02 Mercury into gear and began backing rapidly down the driveway, looking over her shoulder to make sure the way was clear and backing into the street without stopping.

“Mom!” Amy squeaked, in amazement at her mother’s rapid-fire driving. By the time the word was out of the 18-year old’s lips, though, Beth had slipped the car into drive and was racing down the street, trying frantically to make it to the store before it closed at 5:30.

“Dad,” Beth snapped, “this is getting to be really annoying, you know! It’s the third time this week, and if we miss the closing time it’ll be the second time in a month we did because you couldn’t be ready on time!”

“I’m sorry, Baby,” Kent Conrad said soothingly, looking a bit guilty. “I know I should have been ready, but I lost track of time and-“

“You’re always losing track of time,” the 34 year old said, “or losing track of what you’re doing or otherwise not paying attention. If you hadn’t been so damned careless you wouldn’t have gotten that third speeding ticket and I wouldn’t have to play taxi for you every day!”

It was true, of course. Kent Conrad was a local businessman of some note, he’d been a self-made millionaire by the time he was 30…and had lost it gambling before he was 40. He had managed to ‘get clean’ from the gambling bug, and had refounded his business and expanded it so that he again had a net worth in the six figures, but it had been a hard time for the Conrad family between the two periods of success.

His marriage had nearly broken up over it, and his daughter had been in her teens at the time and had been all too aware of how precarious things had been. Beth had not exactly dealt well with the tension, managing to get herself knocked up at the age of 16 after a drunken party.

But the brown-haired single-mother had managed, by dint of a tremendous amount of hard work and a lot of self-discipline, to turn her life around after that, and she had raised her daughter Amy to be a remarkably mature and talented young woman, who was currently in her freshman year at the local community college. She had inherited her father’s business acumen, and when Kent had begun rebuilding his business his daughter had joined him.

When Kent had first been getting started (again), Beth had acted as his assistant, secretary, receptionist, and general right-hand. As the business had taken off other people had been hired to fill those roles, leaving Beth as the chief financial officer, which in a business the size of Conrad Construction, basically meant main accountant. But Beth was good at it, and the business gave them all a good living now.

Yes, things were good…except that her father’s lack of personal self-discipline maddened her. He was quite responsible with the business, but in his personal life there was a carelessness that left Beth ready to scream, it not only made his own life harder for him but it kept spilling over into other people’s, like her own.

This current mess was a case in point: her father had managed to get a third speeding ticket out of sheer carelessness, and he had been quite lucky that there had not been a DUI to go with it. His drivers’ Beylikdüzü escort license was suspended, which meant that his daughter had to drive him to and from work (and other places).

Now, yet again, his failure to be ready to go when it was time to leave the office had put her behind schedule to pick up her laundry, as she regularly did on Friday, at the cleaning service, and she was afraid she’d miss it if they didn’t hurry. Which would leave her with only a handful of clean clothes on hand for the weekend.

They rounded the corner of Sixth and Vine, Beth still seething at this whole situation. Beside her, Kent had the brains not to say much given his daughter’s mood, and Amy likewise felt it best not to stir the pot just then, she’d seen her mother’s temper explode occasionally.

Finally, they came racing up to the laundry shop and Beth slammed on the brake, throwing the car in park and jumping out. She dashed to the door, only to see that the CLOSED sign was hanging in the window, and she knew they missed it, and she wouldn’t be able to pick up her clean clothes until Monday morning.

“DAMN!” she cursed. “Not again!”

As they drove away, Beth was seething, and she had not calmed down even after they left the city limits and entered the rural farmland around the edge of town. Kent made the mistake of starting to say something.

“I’m sorry, Darling,” her father said soothingly, “but these things do happen. Maybe we can call them and they’ll let you come in and pick them up tomorrow.”

Beth didn’t know what it was about hearing that, but it finally caused something in the seething woman to snap. She slammed on the brakes, bringing the car to a dead halt in the gravel road that led toward Kent’s home.

“We shouldn’t FUCKING HALF TO DO THAT, DAD!” she screeched. “If you would just grow up and be on time for once, quit delaying everything while everyone around you waits for your convenience, we wouldn’t even have these problems!”

Amy stared at her mother in stunned shock, and the look on her pretty face was not too different from the stunned expression on her father’s face. But Beth was on a roll, and for about five minutes she listed her father’s offenses, all the times he’d been late and made her late, the times she’d had to cover for him because he was late to meet someone, the times she’d had to go out of her way to fix up something he’d carelessly left undone. By the time she finished, Kent looked almost overwhelmed by his daughter’s rage and Amy seemed to be in shock.

“Daddy,” Beth said, “if you were not 55 years old, I swear I’d take you over my knee right now for putting us in this position! In fact, I’m tempted to do it anyway!”

“What?!” Kent said in confusion. “You can’t be-“

“Oh can’t I?” Beth said, her mind racing as she realized something interesting, she _did_ have leverage! “You know what, Daddy? I’m tired of playing taxi driver for you, and I’m sick and tired of you drifting through life while the rest of us bust our asses to cover for you! So you have two choices: either you agree to take whatever punishment I decide to give you, right here and right now, or you can find your ride home, hire a taxi, I don’t care. One or the other!”

Amy stared in disbelief, but Beth was grinning savagely. She knew her father would not take the taxi option, because getting home that way would require explaining to his wife, Amy’s mother, why she wouldn’t give him a ride any more, and he’d never hear the end of the nagging.

Kent stared at his 34 year old daughter in horror, saying, “Sweetheart, you can’t mean that!”

“Oh, but I DO mean it, Dad! Like I said, I’m very tired of this, and you need a lesson about maturity and courtesy. You’ve had a lesson coming on that subject for _years_. So which will it be?”

Beth had her father where she wanted him, and she knew it. She watched in deep satisfaction as his mind worked, seeking a way out, and realizing he had none. Either he accepted his daughter’s terms, or he lived with the nagging from her mother, and of Beylikdüzü escort the two, he decided that Beth was the lesser evil.

“OK, Honey, you win, whatever you want I agree.”

Beth felt a delicious excitement rise within her, this was going to be fun! Realizing her father might just change his mind if she gave him the time, Beth thought fast about what she wanted to do, and then drove the car down a tiny side road she knew of, to pull the car to a stop on the edge of a field of corn.

It was about six thirty on a summer afternoon, quite warm and pleasant and with plenty of daylight, as Beth got out of the car and said, “Dad, get out of the car. You are going to get your fanny spanked!”

“Mom, are you really going to-?!”

“Yes, Honey, your grandfather has a blistering coming and he’s getting every bit of it!”

The 18 year old got out of the back seat, her blue eyes wide as she stared at the unfolding scene.

“OK, Daddy,” Beth said, “take your clothes off, and bend over the trunk of the car!”

“I can’t take off everything!” Kent protested. “Not in front of Amy!”

“Oh relax, Dad,” Beth said with a smirk. “She’s eighteen years old and I know for a fact you won’t be the first naked man she’s seen, right Amy?”

At her mother’s knowing glance, Amy blushed scarlet and stammered something which only seemed to make her mother more amused.

Reluctantly, blushing scarlet, muttering in humiliation, the silver-haired grandfather unlaced and removed his shoes, and took off hsi dark socks. His blush deepened as he unbuckled his belt and slid his suit pants down and stepped out of them. Then, his heart pounding in his ears and feeling like he might die of mortification, he took off his tie, jacket, and white shirt, leaving himself clad in a pair of boxers.

Amy was staring wide-eyed, but a grin was starting to appear on her pretty face. Beth, for her part, was reveling in the payback and in the delicious feeling of sheer power as she made her father strip. This was even more fun than she’d expected!

“Please, Sweetheart,” Kent begged, “don’t make me-“

“Get ’em off, Daddy! I want you naked as the day you were born!” Beth laughed. “Either you take them off or the deal’s off!”

The mortified gentlemen proceeded to take off his underwear, and drop in on the pile with his clothes. Now he was standing stark naked, at the edge of cornfield, sheltered from the road by a line of trees but revealed to the amused eyes of his daughter and granddaughter. It was the most embarrassing moment of his entire life, and to his horror, he realized his cock was getting hard!

Amy couldn’t believe this whole situation, it seemed like some crazy dream, but she could feel the sunshine on her face and arms and she knew she was awake. As she took in her grandfather’s naked form, she realized that he didn’t look half bad for a guy his age, the whole family went to the gym regularly and Kent Conrad had a better physique than her last boyfriend!

He was 6’1″, with thick silver hair, the family’s characteristic blue eyes, and a square-jawed hamdsome face. His frame was pretty good for a man his age, and as Amy’s eyes fell inevitably on his crotch she saw he was endowed OK there, too. Then her hand went to her mouth to hide a snicker as she realized her grandfather was getting stiff as they stood there watching him!

Her mother did not even try to hide her amusement, chucking aloud her at father’s predicament.

“OK, Dad,” Beth said dryly, “bent over the trunk of the car and get ready to take your punishment!”

“I still can’t believe you’re doing this to me!” Kent protested, but he obeyed, finding that a lot of his will seemed to have drained away with the removal of his clothes. He walked to the back of the car, and carefully bent over the back of it, trapping his now-rock-hard cock between his stomach and the metal of the trunk.

Beth walked over to stand behind him, enjoying the moment incredibly. She felt awesomely powerful, her own father, the man who had spanked her Escort Beylikdüzü as a child, grounded her, and generally ran her life, lay naked over the back of her car, waiting for her to discipline him! It was exciting, heady, delicious!

Beth raised her hand, and swung it back, and then brought it around as hard as she could to land on her father’s bare bottom!


“Oww!” Kent yelped. “That hurt!”

“Good,” Beth said sweetly, “it’s supposed to! Get ready for the rest, Daddy!”


Over and over Beth brought the palm of her hand down on the bare behind of her dad, and within a few moments his formerly pale-white asscheeks were turning pink! The color of the handprints she was leaving made Beth try to slap harder, this was the most exciting thing she’d done in ages, and she was determined to enjoy every moment of it!

Amy watched in a mixture of horror, excitement, amusement, and shock as her mother spanked her grandfather. Her mother was about 5’10”, she didn’t look nearly as strong as Amy knew she was, the workouts at the gym had given her a good figure that his some real power in her muscles. Amy was quite aware from experience that her mother could turn a fanny red hot if she wanted, though Amy had not had that experience personally since she was 16.

Amy watched as her mother ended up giving Kent about 60 hard slaps, 30 on each cheek, leaving his ass bright red, and he was actually begging by the time she reached the count of 40. Finally, Beth paused, and said, “OK, Daddy, I guess that’ll do. You can get up and put your clothes on now.”

Kent seemed glad to have his punishment over, but he showed no eagerness to get up!

“Beth,” he pleaded, could you and Amy please turn your backs? PLEASE?”

“Why, Dad?” Beth said, sounding both amused and puzzled. “We’ve both seen you stark naked and Amy just watched me spank you! What could you possibly have to hide from us-OH! You DIDN’T?!”

Amy wasn’t sure why her mother suddenly sounded as if she were both squicked and ready to burst out laughing, until her grandfather reluctantly got up, and she saw that sometime during the spanking he had come all over the trunk and his stomach! She couldn’t help it, she burst out laughing!

Kent hung his head in misery, as his daughter and granddaughter took in this latest humiliation.

“Oh Dad,” Beth sighed, “you’re worse than a teenager! Don’t just stand there, clean it up so we can go home!”

To Amy’s giggling amusement, Beth made her father use his tie and underwear to clean up the mess, so that when he put his suit back on he had to leave his underwear and tie off. Amy found it incredibly amusing to think that her dignified, respected grandfather was standing there in a suit without any underwear, with a red-hot rear end under the pants.

Beth made her father ride back in the back seat, while Amy sat in the passenger seat. Kent was silent, his humiliation still fresh, but the girls were amused and laughing, and teased him all the way home. Kent took it without much resistance, apparently aware that there wasn’t much he could say that wouldn’t make it worse.

As they arrived back at Kent’s house, the childhood home where Beth had grown up, she turned to the back seat and said, “Now Daddy, I want you to remember that from now on, any time I think your behavior is childish, I just might decide to punish you like a child again! If you don’t want another spanking, you’d better grow up, got it?!”

Amy gasped, expecting her grandfather to say he would never permit such a thing again, but he only nodded, apparently unable to say no now. Beth grinned.

“Good. You can go on in now, Dad. And remember, I love you, that’s why I had to do what I did!”

Amy shook her head, her mother sounded completely sincere when she said that, and she suspected she was!

“OK, Honey,” Kent said, and then he added, as he got out of the car, “and you’re right, I did have that coming.”

As the two women watched Kent walk up to the house, Amy asked, “Mom, how do you think Grandpa will explain his red rear to Grandma?”

“Don’t worry, Baby,” Beth laughed good naturedly, her former anger completely released by the spanking, “he’ll think of something. Let’s get on home, I’m ready for supper!”


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