Damn That Was Hot


Damn, that was hot!

Jenny was not the most popular girl in school nor was she model material in any stretch of the imagination, she was cute and she was very fit and had a lithe body that many guys liked. She never really lacked for dates. Her smallish tits didn’t really require a bra, but she wore one often because her nipples were in a constant state of erection. She did get a bit embarrassed about that.

Jenny also had that hot little 19-year-old body that drove the older guys wild and her older brothers friends were constantly asking her out. She seldom took them up on their offers but when she did go out with them; all they wanted to do was get in her pants.

Ron, being 26, liked his younger sister, and due to the age difference was not really close to her, but he often helped her with her studies. Seems he got all the brains in the family. Seven years was not a lot any more, but while they were growing up together, had very little in common.

He was now in college and lived in the dorm, which meant that every weekend or break he was home as dorm life sucked to the max. He worked hard to keep himself in college and he studied hard to maintain high grades.

His late start in college was due to that war in Iraq where he spent 3 years in the Army. He was wounded in the shoulder, which limited his mobility somewhat, but wasn’t real noticeable until he took off his shirt. Being wounded meant that he would get some benefits when he got out of the Army but not enough to make a decent living off of, so off to college he went.

Now in his senior year he was not the jock in school, but he loved the water and spent many days at the beach or in the community swimming pool so he was toned, but not real muscular. He did go out on dates somewhat, but like his sister he was not the most popular person around. His friends were the usual mix of people and his demeanor meant that his friends were close and real.

Ron and Jenny’s parents both worked for a living to make ends meet and that meant they were often not at home. Both of the kids had learned from an early age to take care of themselves and were both very self-sufficient.

Being on their own they had often seen each other in their underware or in some stage of semi-nakedness but never really thought much about it, which is untill Jenny celebrated her graduation.

The family was all there and very proud of her accomplishment and she ran up and hugged Jim and Sally, her parents and turned to hug Ron. She pressed her body tight against him and whispered into his ear that she was grateful for all the help he gave her through the years and hoped that she could repay him for his assistance. Ron reacted immediately as his cock stirred in his pants and pressed against her leg.

Embarrassed, he tried to Ankara escort step back but Jenny held him close and, did he imagine it? She seemed to be rubbing against him. No this can’t be happening, she wasn’t doing this, it must be his imagination. Jenny let go and moved back a bit looking at her older brother with a sheepish grin and a slight twinkle in her eye. Ron hoped she would not move to far away as his erection was still tenting his pants, but no longer rubbing against his sister.

Jim looked at Ron and asked, “Everything alright son?”

“Yeah, yeah everything’s fine dad.”

The question took him off guard and also had an immediate reaction on his dick, which shriveled up and returned to normal. The family went home and had a nice BBQ for Jenny’s graduation. The back yard was filled with family and friends and the booze flowed freely. The thought of what happened earlier never left Ron’s head, but now he was enjoying the Sunday afternoon along with everyone else.

Jenny jumped on the bed and Ron was startled into conciseness with a raging headache.

“Wake up sleepyhead.”

“What time is it?”

“Time to get it up.”

Through the fog in his head he reeled and suddenly snapped awake. She did it again? He looked at her and she was dressed only in a t-shirt and panties that left little to the imagination. His cock stirred immediately and he shifted in the bed to hide his obvious erection.


“C,mon, get your butt outta bed, we got things to do.”

She grabbed at the sheets and tried to pull them off, but he was awake now and held onto them so that she would not see his erect penis. This only egged her on and she jumped on him and started to wrestle the sheets off. She sat on his lap and when she did that he was forced onto his back and now his erect cock was rubbing on her pussy and he knew that she had to feel that.

The embarrassment of this scene did little to abate the situation as now his cock was millimeters from her hot pussy and he swore he could feel her lips part to rub against his continually hardening cock. He tried to push her away and his hands accidentally slipped up her body and under her t-shirt. What a feeling, her tits were firm and small but her nipples were so hard they could cut glass. She leaned forward so that his hands were trapped between them and he couldn’t move them.

Now she was doing it again, she was rubbing her pussy against his ever-stiffening cock and there was no denying what she was doing. His hands, trapped on her tits, took on a mind of their own and he started to massage them. Oh how he loved this feeling of this young lady’s tight body against him and making him feel so wonderful. Then she kissed him on the lips, not that brotherly, sisterly kiss, but a deep and passionate kiss.

He Ankara escort bayan was a bit startled and opened his mouth to protest only to find that she was filling it with her tongue. He succumbed and let this wanton vixen have her way. The pleasures were so much and he felt the ejaculation eminent.

Wave after wave of cum erupted from his stiff cock and she continued to rub and kiss him. She moved down and he felt the sheets being removed form his body. Her mouth trailed down his body to his stomach and still further down till she could lick up his cum and suck his now limp cock into her mouth.

The feelings were there again, her expert tongue licked him into another erection in minutes and he looked down to see Jenny naked and crawling up to him again. This time she took his cock and guided it into her pussy. She plunged down on him and took him in one swift movement.

Her lithe body seemed so foreign at that moment. Her small tits didn’t giggle like the girls he was used to but instead moved steadily up and down with her thrusts. Her nipples were beautiful and pink against her chest. He reached up and twirled them in his hands. Soft coos from her told him she wanted this more and more. He looked further down and saw her flat stomach flex as she rode his cock. Her pussy, neatly trimmed to just a landing strip at the top, sucked and pulled at his cock trying to get him to give up another load. He grabbed at her ass and felt the tightness of her buttocks as she rode up and down.

What a wonderful feeling. He wanted more of this hot lady and decided to give her the fuck of her life. He started to thrust up to meet her as she came down.

“Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me hard.”

Hearing his little sister talk like this spurred him on to slam his cock into harder and harder. Her pussy seemed to be getting tighter and tighter on his cock and he knew that he was going to cum soon. She felt the oncoming orgasm start to rapt her body and started fucking him like a woman possessed.

In what seemed like hours their bodies tensed together and she fell forward on his chest while he sent his cock as far as he could to send the climax of his lifetime deep in her pussy. They shuddered and hugged for several minutes and laid there in complete ecstasy. Shock took hold of Ron when he realized what had happened. He looked at Jenny and she could see the fear in his face.

“Relax hon, I’m on the pill.”

“But what about Mon and Dad?”

“This is Monday, they went to work a couple of hours ago and won’t be home till 5:00.”

Jenny lay back down on Ron’s chest and gently cooed against him.

“What brought that on anyway?” was all he could say.

“I always thought you were kinda hot and now I know. Besides when I hugged you at graduation and Escort Ankara you got a stiffy, I really wanted to try it out.”

“Where did you learn all those things?”

“Oh come on now, you didn’t think your little sister was a virgin did you?”

His mind reeled, how many lovers did she have and how experienced was this stranger in his bed?

“Well, no, but I thought that maybe.”

“Maybe, smaybe. I like sex and have done it with a few guys, I’m no slut but it feels nice to have a good fuck every once in a while.”

They both laughed at that and Ron pulled her close to him. As he held her close he could feel his dick starting to stir again. She must have felt it too as she slid her hand down to it and gently wrapped her fingers around it.

“Seems like someone else likes to fuck too.”

Ron leaned over to Jenny and gently kissed her forehead. Jenny kissed his chest and started to lick down over his stomach. Ron pulled on her hips and she quickly got the idea by moving her hips around so that they could get into the classic 69. Jenny teased his cock with her tongue and slowly licked up and down his shaft.

Her hot breath and expert manipulations were having their effect, as Ron’s cock was now very hard. Ron pulled Jenny’s pussy to him. The combined scent of their juices made him intoxicated as he rubbed his nose along her slit. His tongue snaked out and tasted for the first time the forbidden fruits of his sister. Her hips jumped slightly as he teased her pussy and ran his tongue up and down the lips that had just milked his cock dry twice.

He found the button that he knew would turn her into the wild woman that had just made love to him and he sucked it into his mouth. Jenny gasped and with just as much gusto as she was being sucked, took Ron’s cock deep into her mouth. Ron’s response to this was to open his mouth and get her entire pussy into his mouth, his tongue licking and sucking on her clit. She pushed her hips on to his face and her juices were running over him. He licked and sucked trying to get as much of her into him as he could.

Jenny could feel his cock getting bigger and knew he was going to shoot his load into her mouth. She sucked harder and faster trying to get his entire cock into her. Her hand slipped under his legs and gently massaged his balls feeling them tighten. She knew he was close and his expert sucking was making her on the verge of yet another orgasm. Before he knew it Ron was emptying his cock in his sisters mouth. She swallowed and the wonderful feeling of her tongue sliding over his cock sent him over the edge and another spurt shot out of him. The eruption in her mouth sent her over the edge and she came with a vengeance sending wave after wave of cum over his face.

While she was letting the last few ripples of her orgasm wash over her and feeling his mouth trying to get all the cum out of her, she sucked the last few drops of cum from his dick and felt how wonderful it was. Her brother had finally fulfilled her dream of fucking her.

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