Dancing With the Doc Ch. 1


Ellie thought about it as she drove to Ben’s office. She knew that he was interested in her, but she wasn’t entirely sure what the interest entailed. He was a family friend and a Sports Medicine Doc who had set the arms of both of her boys a few times. Lately, she felt she was getting vibes from him, feeling he was flirting with her. She ignored it at first, but he seemed determined to get her attention. Saturday night, at a neighborhood party, he had spent lots of time near her, engaging her in conversation and really being friendly. His hand rested frequently on her arm, he leaned down and spoke intimately with her, as if they were the only two in the room.

All evening she had a funny feeling, but couldn’t quite place it. Just before leaving, as Ben again stood near her, she realized what the feeling was. It was desire. She desired him. She could feel the throbbing in her pussy, the ache in her clit and nipples. As she made that discovery, she looked up into Ben’s beautiful blue eyes and saw desire there too. Oh, my! What to do? The four of them were friends, often going out and sharing long evenings together. Their kids were best pals, joining the same teams and clubs to be together. But. as she and Ben said a long goodnight at the party, Ellie found herself not caring about any of that. She just wanted to be alone with Ben and see what happened. It was entirely possible the first hug or kiss would be so uncomfortable or awkward that they would laugh and just forget it ever happened. But Ellie was not sure that was what she wanted.

So now, Ellie was alone, driving to Ben’s office. It was Wednesday and he did not see patients today. He would be in the office alone, going over charts and updating his paperwork. She parked in the back, next to Ben’s bright red Jag and knocked on the door. Ben opened it, looking puzzled, then pleased. He reached out for her hand and drew her into the office.

Ellie had a whole speech prepared, but never got to say a word. He drew her into an embrace and leaned to her mouth, kissing her softly but very thoroughly. God, so much for an uncomfortable kiss! Ellie found herself just melting into him, tasting him and loving the sensation. He held her against his tall, lean body and moved his lips over her mouth, his tongue outlining her lips, then slipping shyly inside. She welcomed his tongue, pulling Escort bayan it deeply into her warmth, teasing it with her own. He was so delicious.

She could feel the heat and firmness of his cock as he pulled her even closer. He was wearing green scrubs, flimsy enough for her to nearly feel the engorged veins along his shaft. His hands were spread open on her back, covering her and making her feel warm. In her head, Ellie heard the Celine Dion song, “Falling Into You” and suddenly understood what it meant. Ellie knew she could stay in this moment forever. She rubbed against his erection, moaned from deep in her throat, but Ben didn’t make any further advances. He seemed content to hold her close and kiss her forever. She loved it too, but her body was aching and making demands on her, to do more, move along, get some satisfaction. She pulled away and looked up at Ben.

He looked into her eyes, the naked desire in his making her throb. He cleared his throat and began speaking quietly to Ellie. “I want to make you happy. I want to please you. I will do anything you want. You just have to tell me what to do, what you want, and I will do it.”

Ellie was momentarily stunned. She had been married for over 10 years and never been with another man. She had just assumed that if she made her desires known to Ben, he would know what to do. She did not consider herself a leader, a guide. When she fantasized, it was always about a stranger who would seduce her, take her places she had never been, never knew existed. But now it seemed Ben was leaving it all up to her. She blushed and said she was enjoying the kissing. He led her to the couch and sat down, pulling him onto his lap, and resumed his intense kissing of her mouth and neck. She felt his engorged cock throbbing under her, but he seemed very content to just kiss.

They seemed to find new ways for two mouths to meet and blend. When next she pulled away, Ellie was nearly breathless and she was sure her cheeks were bright red from stubble burn. God, this man could kiss! But he had the most control of any man she had ever been with. Her husband would have stripped her bare and fucked her by now. Yet, Ben was happily kissing her face and shoulders, not in any way pressing further.

Ellie now believed she actually WAS in control. Leaning into his shoulder, she Bayan escort murmured that she wanted him to unbutton her blouse, touch her breasts. She watched as his long, slender fingers moved to her collar and began releasing the buttons. His fingers just grazed her skin, making her feel on fire, his touch directing the heat down her body. He tentatively touched her breasts, just above her bra, lightly skimming along the lacy edges and causing her to moan again. His mouth moved now, to the exposed skin of her chest, never trespassing where she hadn’t indicated. Ellie almost laughed aloud at this crazy game of “Mother, May I?”. His warm mouth slid over her soft skin, wetting her slightly and making her hips sway dangerously on his lap. Her nipples were hard now, aching. But he never touched them. He had been allowed the exposed skin on her chest and that was what he took.

Ellie held his face in her hands, lifting him to her face and kissing him. “My dear Ben, please open my bra. I want you to see my nipples. I want to offer them to you. Let me nurture you, feel your mouth on me, using me.” Again, his skilled fingers moved to her body. He quickly opened the two hooks on the front of her bra and separated the fabric. At first, he just ran his fingers up and down between her breasts, feeling her smooth skin and inhaling the vanilla scent wafting to his nostrils. He lowered his mouth and kissed that tender flesh, his face buried between her breasts, his tongue lapping at the sensitive skin. Again, Ellie raised his face to hers. She asked him to open her bra, push it back. He happily obeyed.

Then she cupped one full breast, while placing her other hand on his neck. She guided his face to her nipple, rubbing his closed mouth with the tight bud. His mouth opened and his eyes closed as he pulled her nipple deep into his mouth. He nursed on her breast, his eyes closed and tiny murmurs of pleasure escaping his mouth. He nursed hungrily, pulling the nipple deep, engulfing the entire area with his hungry lips. Ellie could feel the desire deep within her. Her pussy started getting wetter, her inner lips swelling open. She felt herself getting ready for Ben, ready to feel him deep in her pink.

She also felt anger that Ben was making her direct this affair. She didn’t want that. She wanted to be seduced by a strong man, one who Escort knew what he wanted and took it. But Ben was forcing her to make all the decisions, all the moves in this little dance. Ellie decided that if she had to lead, she was going to enjoy it! She slipped her finger into the corner of his mouth, breaking the suction on her nipple. In a very firm voice, she said, “Stop!”

Ben pulled away and looked at her. Ellie smiled and reminded him that he had promised to do anything she wanted. Ben nodded.

“Good. I am going home now. This was a pleasant afternoon with you, one I will relish in my mind until Friday. You are not to touch your cock for pleasure until then. Nor are you allowed to make love to Diane. Your cock must remain hungry for me until Friday afternoon. Do you understand?”. Ellie waited until he nodded his understanding, then instructed him to redo her clothing, without touching her skin again. Ben stood beside her and chastely hooked and buttoned her clothing. She could see the desire burning in his eyes, see the erection bulging in his scrubs. She remained firm. As he finished the last button, Ellie squeezed his hand and told him goodbye.

Once in her car, Ellie found herself trembling. The power he had given her was unbelievable. She had never intitiated sex with Dale. She was always the willing and waiting wife, anxious to please him, believing the women’s magazines that a content husband would not stray. But she never led them or asked for sex, she just couldn’t. Yet, here was Ben, asking her to take control! It was scary, but so very exciting too. As she drove, Ellie found herself still aching, still needy. These were new sensations to her. Sex with Dale was rarely satisfying for her, but she really never expected it to be. Now her pussy was throbbing and swollen.

She pulled over on the side of the road and slipped her hand between her legs. Her fingers slid into her pink so easily. She found her swollen clit and planned to just rub it for a minute, to diminish the ache. But once she started rubbing, she couldn’t stop. Her fingers circled and circled, going faster and with more pressure, until she felt herself tense and begin to spasm. She cried out, hearing only a roar in her head as she came. As the throbbing slowed, she let her fingers slide deep inside her velvety pussy. She could feel her muscles massaging her little fingers, pulling them deeper. As she sat there, basking in the afterglow of her magnificent orgasm, Ellie decided she did want to perform this dance with Ben. She would not disappoint him.


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