Dark Desire


Kira was beautiful. At 5’8″, she had the exotic beauty of her mother, a Mohawk Indian. Large, brown eyes were set on high cheekbones. Kira’s lips were pouty and looked swollen as if they had been kissed. Her long black hair had never been cut, as per tradition.

Her body was lithe and toned from years of working out. It fairly screamed “Goddess.” Her hips flared in a way that made men want to grab them. An ass that was round and tight, yet padded enough to grab made most men drool. Bras were almost unnecessary because her breasts, though a devastating 38C, were perky and tight, with rosy nipples that tried to peek from beneath her shirt.

Amazing as she was, she was off limits. Her parents owned the club where she tended bar, “Dark Desires.” It was a high class, high kink BDSM club. Sure the lighting was dark, but the bar was polished mohagony, the floor marble. Only the best came here, the lewd and dirty were weeded out. I never imagined I would find a high class kink club like this.

It was bounced by her three brothers and some of their friends. Kira’s father was the cooler. Her family ran tall on the male side. They also reminded me of brick walls. The standard uniform for the club was black t-shirts with the club logo, a rose and a set of handcuffs on the front. Kira’s brothers looked ready to split the seams. You could see their muscles like chiseled rocks standing out through the fabric. The first time one of them caught me staring at her, I was “warned.”

“Keep your eyes on her face and your hands to yourself. If you ask her out and she declines, don’t ask her again or we’ll break your face. If she does accept, treat her nice or we’ll break your face.”

I barely registered the warning from the brick wall. As soon as I actually looked at his face I realized he Kira’s brother. They had the same eyes and facial structure. While Kira was gorgeous, her brother was intimidating. I nodded my head Kurtköy Esmer Escort and went back to sipping my vodka. I never thought I would get the courage to ask her anything anyway.

That night was the first of many nights at “Dark Desires.” I always sat on the same stool, and she always slid me a vodka the minute I sat down. I would drink and watch her. For the first time my dominant personality was pushed back by uncertainty. I wanted nothing more than to have this goddess let me dominate her. To have her submit to me and my darkest desires became my obsession. My lust for ehr outweighed even the most base need for another female. Nothing compared and I soon gave up even trying to jack off.

Things continued on the same vein for a while. It had been about a year since I first started coming to the bar. I came in to the bar as usual and sat on my stool. My vodka didn’t show and I looked around frantically for my Kira. I didn’t see her anywhere. I was overwhelmed with panic.

One of her brothers saw me looking and came over to me. If Kira was gone, I had nothing to lose. I met his eyes and stood up. He was a good foot taller than me, and I wasn’t a lightweight. My dominant side kicked in.

“Where’s Kira?”

“Follow me.”

He didn’t wait to see if I obeyed, just turned and started walking towards a back room. I followed, curious. He led me to the doorway to the “forbidden room.” The family’s private BDSM room that only a few were allowed. He unlocked the door and then stepped back. I hesitated at the doorway, unable to see. A hand shoved me hard into the room. The door closed behind me and I felt the brick wall behind me.

“Kira wants this. My name is Peter. Walk to your right.”

I did as I was told. Excitement began to overwhelm me. My goddess.

“Will you be here the entire time?”

“I’ll be in this room. Kira’s in there. we have a camera in there. You’re Kurtköy Eve Gelen Escort not allowed to gag her. If she says “Mercy” you stop whatever you’re doing and you leave the room. You don’t stop or you don’t leave and I go in and break your face. Clear?”


My breathing was rapid. My cock was straining my jeans, leaving a wet spot of pre-cum. Peter turned on a monitor and from its light I could see a couch in the room. He then opened a door and I walked into a new room.

The room itself took my breath away. It was darkened and looked like the classic dungeon. Chains covered the walls, as well as whips and canes and paddles. There was a leather table in the center of the room with an intricate pulley and chain system above it. On the table, was my goddess. She was naked, chained to the table. Her breasts were pushing out proudly, her wrists chained above her head, a spreader bar between her legs, holding them open. I had the perfect view of her puss, shaved and beautiful, emitting an order that made me want to cum in a second. She had a blindfold on.

I knew she had heard the door so I approached her as quietly as I could. Her breasts rose quickly, and I could hear her breathing. I feasted on her skin, memorizing this moment. Goose pimples covered her skin, even though the room was warm.

I let my fingers trail over starting with her hands. She gasped and I ran my down her wrists, over her neck to her breasts. I avoided her nipples, enjoying the sight of them puckering. My hands splayed across her belly, then ran down her thighs and her legs. Her feet were ticklish.

I left her, needed to calm down and explore the room. A shelf in the corner had nearly everything you could imagine. Vibrators and dildoes of all sizes. Clamps for the nipples, the clit, her lips. There were dozens of chains which I noticed could hook onto all of the clamps.

I Kurtköy Evi Olan Escort selected a set of clamps that looked like o-rings and a small chain. I tested the strength of them on my pinky finger. I quickly pulled my finger tip out watching the blood rush back into it. I smiled and moved towards her again.

I surprised her by quickly sucking her nipple into my mouth. Her gasp was music to my ears. The nipple immediately puckered. I spent what felt like hours just sucking it and nibbling it. My hands moved to cup her breast and squeezed it, making her moan. I finally gave into the urge and bit down, scraping my teeth on the tender bud as I pulled it out of my mouth. Her back arched delightfully.

The clamp quickly went onto her nipple. Her body shook as I tightened it. Her moans were now coming more frequently. I repeated the process on her other nipple, savoring each movement she made. The chain attached to one clamp. I stretched it to reach the other and realized I had to pull her delicious melons together. When the chain was finally attached, her breasts were pushed up and together, creating a tight hole between them.

I quickly stripped, groaning as my cock sprang free of its prison. My cock twitched as I positioned myself at the foot of the table. I climbed up and positioned myself at her opening. It was slick with juices. With one quick thrust I was in to my hilt. I had barely ackowledged the barrier until I heard her cry out. Looking down with quiet shock, I saw blood and realized she had been a virgin.

My cock grew more and I was unable to control myself. I pistoned in and out of her, hard and fast. Her orgasm shocked me. She held me so tightly, so hard. I shot myself into her, unable to stop. I heard a shout and realized it had come from me. Thrusting I pushed harder, wanting more. She met me and then some.

I finally collapsed on her. We were both panting hard. I nuzzled her neck. My cock began to get hard again, feeling her pert nipples stretching and pressing into me. I moved my hips a little and she groaned again. Her whisper barely took a second to register in my mind. When it did, my cock sprang completely to life, hard and willing.

She had whispered.

“Do it again.”

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