It’s dark. I arrive at your house and pull into the driveway. On the front door there is a note that reads “Come inside, put your things down in the living room and go up to the bedroom.”

I put my bags down on the couch, take off my coat and shoes and climb the stairs quietly. My heart is starting to pound with anticipation. I hear the music of Enigma playing upstairs.

On the bedroom door you have put a note and your leather blindfold. The note instructs me to put the blindfold on and enter the room. I slip on the blindfold smelling the leather. A little shiver escapes me.

I slowly enter the room, as I cannot see. “Close the door” I hear you say. Your voice comes to me over your speakers so I don’t know where you are. After closing the door I stand there and wait for further instructions. The waiting seems like eternity. I know you are teasing me by making me stand there, not saying anything. I can smell candles burning. They are scented with a slight musky smell. The hairs on my skin are at attention as are all of my senses.

“Unbutton your blouse” you say. I am not sure if you are in the room, if your voice is recorded or if you are hiding somewhere and speaking over a microphone. I slowly unbutton my blouse, taking my time and opening it up slightly as I go down.

“Open it up all the way for me.” With trembling fingers I slide the fabric over my naked breasts revealing them to you. As I do, I take each of my nipples in my thumbs and index fingers and pinch them slightly. Shivers run down my spine and settle in my moist pussy.

“Caress your tits” you say to me. I still don’t know if you are talking to me while watching me or if you have recorded this, knowing that I would have touched myself when I opened up my blouse. Your voice is firm, yet quiet, and coming out of the speakers. I place my hands on the outer side of my breasts and push them together creating the cleavage that you so love. I begin to massage them with rounded movements taking the nipples between my fingers and tweaking them. I imagine they are your hands on me. My back arches, pushing my chest out farther.

“Do you want me to lick your nipples?” A slow soft “yes” escapes my lips as I continue to fondle my breasts.

“Lick your fingertips and make them slippery wet then slide them over your hard nipples. That’s my tongue on you.”

As I do that, my head falls back and I let out a moan wishing it really were you there. My breathing is becoming shorter and shallower. I inhale deeply through my nostrils and let out a slow groan.

“Put your hands behind your back, holding your wrists and just stand there.” I do as I am told imagining what will happen next. I listen for any sounds of you in the room but the music is playing too loudly for me to hear the possible whisper of your body moving in the room. I wait and wait but nothing is spoken to me. I listen to the music and smell the candles. I can feel that my nipples are very hard and that my body is very warm. The hairs on my neck rise as I sense a presence near me. A warmth spreads across my right ear. It Kurtköy Grup Escort feels like your breath. Naked skin touches my right shoulder ever so slightly causing me to gasp. I don’t move.

A light touch of tongue slithers over my earlobe. My moaning becomes louder now. I wait and wait but nothing happens. I think I hear a movement over the carpet.

“Turn and face the door” you say over the stereo. With a little difficulty I turn to what I think is the door. With the blindfold on I cannot be sure.

“Slide your pants down your legs bending over while you do. When you get to your ankles, hold them with your hands and stay that way. Leave your panties on.”

As slowly as possible I slip my hands into the sides of my favorite black spandex pants making sure not to catch my panties. I slide them down my legs, bending over as told to do. My hands feel good going over my freshly shaven legs. When my head gets farther down, I can smell the sweet smell of sex emanating from my now wet pussy. I reach my ankles and grab them with my hands, bent over for you to see.

“Spread your legs farther apart for me” I hear you say. I slide my right foot across the carpet opening up my legs just like you wanted me to do. I don’t know how long I can hold this position.

Once again I sense your presence. I wait and wait for something to happen. I feel the slightest touch of your fingertips grazing the skin on the back of my legs as they slither up from my calf to my ass, stopping just at the edge of my panties. I inhale deeply. I shiver and quake, waiting.

I hear you speak to me directly, not through the speakers. “Open your mouth and get my fingers wet” you command. From behind you reach through my legs and place them into my open mouth. I greedily take your fingers in, slathering my saliva all over them. You run them all over my face getting it all wet, put them back into my mouth for more moisture and then remove them.

You run your slippery fingertips over my dangling breasts and pinch my nipples hard. I gasp from the surprise of it and start to pant. You remove your hands again leaving me waiting. I’m having a difficult time maintaining my balance in this position so I place my hands on the floor. All of a sudden I feel your hand slap my ass hard.

“I didn’t say you could do that” you say gruffly into my ear.

“But I am having trouble staying up” I say with a whimper. One more spanking on my exposed butt and you say

“Stand up.” I slowly straighten up and stand there waiting for my next instructions.

“Put your arms up in the air, wrists together”

I feel something being wrapped around my crossed wrists. It’s soft but not silky, somewhat firm but not hard. It feels like a strip of soft leather. You tie my arms together weaving the strip around and through my wrists.

I feel your lips touch mine as you give me a gentle kiss. I open my mouth for more but you move away. Your lips touch my aching nipples and kiss them one at a time. I thrust my chest out to meet them but you pull away. Your fingertips Kurtköy Manken Escort lightly touch my hip and slide across the top edge of my underwear all around the back and front. I open my legs farther involuntarily. You slide down my hip and trace the outline across my ass to my waiting pussy. Your finger slides slightly across my outer lips as it tries to maintain the rim of the fabric.

I am moaning with desire. Fingertip comes back to the hip and traces the front slipping under the nylon as it goes down the front of my thigh. You twirl the pubic hairs, take your finger out and slide it along the crotch of my panties. You feel the wetness of my desire and let out your own pleasurable moan. You continue to trace the outline on the other side of my panties, teasing me the same way.

You place your hands on my hips and guide me to the edge of the bed. The pressure of you forces me to sit down. My arms are getting tired from being raised all this time. You tweak my nipples, place the palm of your hand on my chest and shove me down onto the bed. My arms are resting near my head but you take them and pull them towards the corner of the bed. You have rigged up some way to tie them up there. They are now held in place. The position forces my heaving chest outward.

“Spread your legs wide open for me to see” you command. I am getting wild with excitement. Again you make me wait and wait for you to do something. You climb onto the bed next to me. I can’t see you but I can sense that you are naked and hard. I long to touch you, kiss you, caress you. I put my legs together so that I can turn my body towards you. You reach down and yank them open saying

“I told you to open them up for me to see.” I beg for you to let me touch you. “Don’t speak unless I ask you a question. You will touch me when I want you to touch me”

You kneel on my side and begin to kiss me on my face stopping to lick me once in a while. You move from my face to my ears where you lick and suck causing me to groan and squirm. Kisses continue across my neck to my other ear. Your breathing arouses me further. You begin to touch me on my outstretched arms with feathery strokes. I twist and turn a little bit, uncontrollably. Your hands and lips move all over me making their way down my body. I savor every touch.

You pay close attention to my breasts, massaging, licking, sucking, and biting them in the way that only you can do. I try to keep still and just enjoy it all but I am writhing with the built up pressure I am feeling inside of me. You nibble your way down to my stomach then caress it the way I enjoy so well.

You move around and arrange my body so that my ass rests on the edge of the bed. I am weak with desire now. You kneel on the floor by my legs and place a pillow under my hips, raising me higher up, closer to your mouth. Your hands spread my legs once again. I can feel your hot breath outside my wet panties tormenting my hungry cunt as you inhale my scent. Your hands grasp my ankles. You reach down and give my feet a gentle massage then work their Kurtköy Masöz Escort way up my legs. You knead the flesh of my calves making me melt.

Your fingertips tickle the backs of my knees. As you work on my thighs, your pressure gets harder and I feel your nails dig into my skin. I can feel your excitement also. I am drunk with expectation now. Your hands slither up my thighs towards my pussy. With your hands outstretched across the tops of my legs, your thumbs reach out and make little circles over my clit through the nylon fabric. My hips start to rotate with your fingers. You remove your hands from me and just sit there. I don’t know what you are doing as I wait to feel something. Time stands still. I can do nothing except listen to the music and let the sensations linger.

I feel your index fingers slide inside the edge of my panties, which makes me gasp. I long for your tongue on my clit. Your fingers wander everywhere under the crotch of my undies and then are removed. I can feel your head next to my inner thighs and then your mouth on my mound. You kiss it, wet it with your saliva and then lick the length of my pussy. I am on fire.

Your mouth is removed and you place your hands on my knees, pushing them together. I squeeze my thighs tighter. Suddenly you yank my panties down my legs with both hands and whisk them off of me. With abrupt force you shove my legs open and place your face close to me. For what seems an eternal time you just look at my pussy and smell it. I want to scream at you to eat me but you have told me not to speak. I feel helpless and full of desire.

I want to shove your face into me. I raise my hips up to your lips. All of a sudden you slap me on my cunt lips making them sting.

“I’ll eat you when I’m ready to eat you.” I am delirious now. My head moves back and forth and I pant rapidly. With as much strength as I can muster I force myself to calm down. I take deep breaths and relax my body. When my breathing becomes slower and I lie still, you slowly start to lick the outer lips of my snatch. Your tongue feels so slick and soft on me. I feel every little stroke, up and down and around the lips. I can tell it won’t be long. You have teased me so much that I am near the edge.

The moment your oral snake touches my clit I feel my orgasm build. You concentrate on the bud, licking and licking with long licks pausing only to use your fingers to spread my labia open. I’m almost there. You open your mouth and take my clit into it, sucking gently at first and then increasing the pressure. I begin to soar. The rush of my orgasm spreads from my cunt and travels downward and upward through my body. My head feels like it’s going to burst!

“Oh god!!! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!!!” I scream to you.

You don’t stop. You suck and lick with renewed vigor as my hips buck against your face. A deep, low, growling moan escapes from me as I experience the final release.

As you sense my descent, you slow down until I say “no more!” You kiss my pussy gently then slide your body up mine. You lay next to me as I pant and come down. You reach up and untie my bindings, remove the blindfold and reach your arms around me to hold me. I struggle to speak.

All I can say is “thank you, thank you.” We hold each other for a long time as I regain my strength and think of how I can please you like you did to me……..

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