Darren’s Apartment Ch. 03


Chapter 03: A Forbidden Act

This chapter makes reference not only to the previous two chapters, but to another story of mine called Ben Around Ch. 05. You don’t need to read any of the other chapters to enjoy this one, but you might just want to.

– – –

“Found it! I found an apartment,” Jenna bragged as she walked through Darren’s door and into the living room.

She had moved to Boston a little over four weeks ago and crashed in her brother Darren’s guest room until she could find a place of her own. Darren found her news surprising, since, during her entire stay, he saw no evidence of an apartment search. Maybe his flaky older sister was changing her ways.

“What’s it like?” Darren inquired about her new place.

“It’s perfect,” she replied. “It has everything I need. It’s in a good location. It’s only six blocks from work. I love it.”

“That’s great, Jenna,” said Darren, standing up from the couch. “When can we start moving your shit out of here?”

“Har-dee-har,” she replied. “Actually, you’ll be happy to know that I can start moving in tomorrow. I just signed the lease today.”

“Tomorrow?” said Darren. “That might work. It’ll be Saturday, so less traffic. Where’s the apartment?”

“183,” Jenna answered.

“Great. 183 what street?”

“No,” she said, “like 183, you know?” she pointed at the floor.

Darren’s shoulders slouched and his head fell backward. “You moved in downstairs?”


“Why would you want to move in right downstairs?”

“I really liked your apartment and it’s near work, so I got one just like it.”

Darren was ready to call his sister a flake, but he couldn’t find any flaw in her logic, per se. He just knew that having her live right downstairs meant surprise visits, and he didn’t have the energy for that kind of headache.

“Well,” he said, “welcome to the building, I guess.”

“We should celebrate,” Jenna suggested. “Are you going to be here later?”

“Let me see,” said Darren. “It’s a Friday night, so I may have to check my schedule.”

“Very funny, smart ass. Don’t you want to go see your new girlfriend, Sandy?”

“She’s not technically my girlfriend. Also, she’s out of town.”

“I thought you were having lunch with her tomorrow.”

“Sandy co-owns a bakery. She got a surprise order yesterday and has to deliver a cake to somewhere in Springfield by tomorrow morning.”

“Tough luck. So, bottom line, you’re in?” she asked.

“I’m in,” he replied.

“Great,” Jenna said. “I’ll run out for some supplies.”

“Sounds good. See you later.”

Supplies? Supplies for what? Darren had presumed they would be celebrating at a bar or something. Oh well. Trying to battle his sister’s impulsiveness was tiring. It was better to just go with it.

Then again, going with it hadn’t always been the best of ideas. The last time Jenna crashed at his apartment, roughly six years ago, she had walked in on Darren as he was jerking off to porn. As unpredictable as ever, Jenna convinced him to keep masturbating while she provoked him. Over the years, Darren had beaten himself up about letting it happen. He wasn’t proud of what he had done, even if, on occasion, he couldn’t get the memory out of his head.

An hour or two passed before Jenna returned with her supplies, a bag full of groceries. She placed them on the kitchen island and headed back toward the bedrooms.

Darren, who had been finishing up a little bit of work on his laptop, got up and went to the kitchen to see what she bought. It was just some spaghetti and sauce, nothing special, but also a couple of bottles of something clear.

Jenna’s hand smacked his. “Don’t touch that,” she said as she walked by. She had changed into some short cut-off jeans and one of Darren’s button-down shirts.

“Who said you could wear one of my shirts?” Darren asked.

“I knew I was gonna be cooking and didn’t want to get any of my clothes dirty,” Jenna answered.

“Oh, great,” said Darren.

“Don’t get all grumpy,” said Jenna. “I’m cooking you dinner.”

Clearly Jenna didn’t think a bra was necessary for cooking either. Her nipples could easily be seen through his shirt and she had left the top three buttons undone. Darren couldn’t bring himself to complain.

Jenna pulled one of the bottles, a lime and another small bottle out of the bag. She grabbed two glasses, put in some ice and mixed the rest, sliding a glass to Darren.

“What’s this?”

“Gin and tonic, with extra lime, the way Ben used to like it.”

“Ben,” said Darren. “That was your boyfriend out in Baltimore, wasn’t it?”

“Yyyep,” said Ankara escort Jenna as she mixed her own drink. “For five years.”

“I had no idea you were together that long. What happened?”

“I decided to move to Boston.”

“Just like that? You threw away a five year relationship just like that?”

“It wasn’t just like that. Ben and I didn’t work.”

“Took you five years to figure that out?”

Jenna took a sip and then shook her head. “No, it didn’t.” She lifted her glass and clinked it to Darren’s. “To a new start,” she said.

Ben drank. It was really good with extra lime. He looked over the top of his glass. Jenna was still leaning over the kitchen island. The front of the button-down shirt hung down and he could see Jenna’s breasts. Not bad at all, he thought.

It didn’t take long for them to make dinner. They sat and ate, talking about Jenna’s new apartment. Since it had the exact floor plan as Darren’s, she could point to different parts of the apartment and decide what she wanted to do with them.

Then they moved to the couch, sipping gin and tonics and talking for nearly an hour about work, Baltimore, Boston and things from childhood.

“You forgot to tell me about how things went at Sandy’s on Tuesday night,” said Jenna.

“No I didn’t,” Darren corrected.

“You told me you fucked her, but, come on,” she said. “I need details.”

“What do you want to know?”

“Have you ever fucked a girl that’s overweight, like her?”

“I’ve never been with a woman who’s as big as Sandy.”

“Did you like it?”

Darren smiled and nodded his head. “Fuck yes.”

“What was the best part?”

“She wiggled and bounced a lot. I liked that,” he said.

“You know,” said Jenna, “when I heard the water running in the walls, I knew you were gonna get lucky. Did you end up fucking her in the shower?”

“Yeah. We did everything in the shower.”

“I love shower sex,” said Jenna. “That was the last place Ben and I fucked. That man sure knew how to fuck me.”

“That was just before you told him you were coming to Boston? That had to be a surprise after five years.”

“Like I said, Ben and I didn’t work,” said Jenna. “I knew that since before Heidi.”

“Who’s Heidi?” asked Darren. “Was Ben cheating on you?”

“No, I was cheating on him,” she answered.

“With who?”

“With Heidi.”

Darren’s dick jumped a bit in his pants. “You and Heidi? Jenna, I had no idea you liked…”

“Eating pussy? Quite a bit, apparently,” said Jenna. “I told Ben, and we had a couple of threesomes, but eventually… I don’t know. It all just needed to end.”

“How did they take it?” he asked.

“Not well,” she replied. “The last time I saw them, I caught Ben going balls-deep into Heidi’s ass.”

Darren tapped his glass. I think I’m gonna need another one of these.

Jenna fixed him another gin and tonic. She leaned forward to do it and gave Darren another great view of her tits. He had to stop looking at Jenna this way. She was his sister. It wasn’t right. Nevertheless, his cock had been steadily stiffening and it was getting more difficult to hide it.

“It’s been a while since I had a gin and tonic,” said Darren. “I forgot how much I liked these.”

Jenna sat back on the couch, her legs curled up under her, her right arm draping the top of the couch, her left arm resting atop the arm of the couch, a glass in her hand. “You wouldn’t believe how much better they taste when you follow it up with a sour nipple.”

“You HAVE to tell me what that is,” said Darren.

“Heidi and I used to do it,” said Jenna. “You take a drink of your gin and tonic. Then you squeeze a lime on a nipple and suck it off.”

“That sounds incredible.”

“It is. You should totally try it.”

“I would, but I can’t quite reach my nipple,” said Darren.

Jenna laughed. “Shit. It’s probably the alcohol talking,” she said, “but do you want to try one?”

“Try a sour nipple?” Darren looked shocked. “Jenna, are you serious?”

“You’re right,” she said. “Stupid idea. If you don’t want to, that’s okay.”

“No. I mean… I want to, but… you know.”

“Don’t worry,” Jenna reassured. “I won’t tell anyone.”

“Are you sure you’re okay with this?” Darren asked.

“Darren, I once watched you jerk off. I think I’ll be okay with something like this,” she replied.

“That’s true,” said Darren.

Jenna unbuttoned her shirt the rest of the way and let it fall open. She took a quarter of a lime and spritzed it onto her right nipple. “What do you think? Do you want to give this a try?”

Darren took a sip of his Ankara escort bayan drink, and then he leaned forward toward Jenna, planting his lips over her nipple and sucking the lime juice from it. He couldn’t believe he had gone that far. He couldn’t believe how delicious, sensual and exciting it was. He couldn’t believe how hard he was getting.

“Tasty,” he said.

“You like that?” she asked, lazily buttoning only one or two buttons on her shirt.

“Oh yeah,” said Darren. “I like that a lot… Well, more than I should anyway.”

“Don’t worry,” said Jenna. “I enjoyed that too. Shh. Don’t tell anyone.” She giggled and took a drink.

Darren smiled. “It’s a good thing there’s no such thing as a sour puss,” he said.

Jenna nearly spit her drink before bursting out laughing.

“What’s so funny?” asked Darren.

“There IS such a thing,” she said through her laughter. “I used to do that with Heidi too.”

“Fuck,” said Darren. “This is such a bad idea talking about this stuff.”

“Why’s that?”

“Because it’s getting me horny.”

“You’re right,” said Jenna. “More drinking, less sex-talk.”

They sat in uncomfortable silence for a while as they sipped their drinks.

“So…” Darren began. “Nah. It’s a bad idea.”

“What’s a bad idea?” asked Jenna.

“Just… do you want to try it?” Darren regretted asking as soon as it escaped his lips.

Jenna gasped, but had an amused look on her face. “With me? Darren, I’m your sister. That would be… kinda…”

“Hot?” said Darren.

Jenna smiled. “Yeah… Fuck, are we really going to do this?”

“Don’t worry,” Darren reassured. “I won’t tell anyone.”

Jenna set down her glass, slid down onto the couch and took off her cut-off shorts. She slid her panties down and off her ankles. “I can’t fucking believe I’m letting you do this,” she laughed. She took another quarter of a lime and spritzed it onto her pussy as she parted her knees.

Darren stared at her beautiful pussy that now dripped with lime juice. He looked up at her eyes, which sparked with lust. He took a drink and leaned in. He inched toward her pussy. This was his sister’s pussy. What he was about to do was so wrong, but he wasn’t about to turn back now. His tongue connected first, followed by his lips. The sour flavor of the lime on her skin was fantastic. Jenna wasn’t complaining either and she let a moan escape from her lips.

He lifted his head and set down his glass. When he looked back at Jenna, her legs were still parted. Her eyes were filled with a desperate longing. Darren’s lips were drawn to her again. He began to lick and suck her pussy, to tongue her clit. There were no illusions in this act, no games. He was going down on his sister, and if her moans were any indication, she was enjoying it.

She tasted so good. Darren hungrily lapped at her pussy as Jenna’s fingers ran through his hair. It was an act so forbidden, so taboo, that neither could control their lust. “Oh, Darren,” she breathed. “You’re going to make me cum. You have to stop.”

Darren ignored her. His hands caressed her hips and torso as he buried his face between her legs, pressing his tongue to her clit over and over until finally she tensed and climaxed.

Darren sat up and Jenna sat up with him. Her arm draped his neck and she looked into his eyes. “I can’t fucking believe you just did that,” said Jenna.

“I can’t believe you didn’t stop me,” Darren responded.

“This is so wrong,” she whispered.

Their lips came together into a kiss, not an affectionate kiss, not a loving kiss, but a passionate, animalistic, lust-filled kiss. Any reservations were being cast aside and replaced with raw sexual attraction.

Darren unbuttoned his pants and took them off. His boxers went with them. His cock stood erect and he guided Jenna’s hand to it. She stroked him as their lips mingled.

They parted from their kiss. Darren looked into her eyes. “I want you to suck my cock,” he said.

“At this point, why the hell not?” she said, winking and smiling. “I’ve wanted to do this ever since I caught you jerking off six years ago.

Her lips met the end of his dick. She slid it into her mouth and began to bob up and down on it as her hand continued to stroke the base of it. “Oh, Jenna,” said Darren. “That feels so good.”

She slid off the couch to kneel at his feet and Darren stood up. He looked down, watching Jenna’s lips slide over his shaft. He felt like he would burst any second.

“Jenna,” he said. “I’m gonna cum.”

She gave him one, long slow suck all the way back out to the tip and began to stroke his hard dick, now slippery Escort Ankara from her saliva. “Oh yes,” he cried out. “Yes. Yes. Yesssss.”

Cum streamed from Darren’s cock onto Jenna’s face and lips. She licked her lips and used her tongue to clean off his cock.

She stood. “I can’t believe I just gave a blowjob to my brother,” she said. “Fuck. What’s wrong with me?” She smiled at Darren. “I think I’d better go clean off.”

Darren collapsed back onto the couch and drank from his glass as he watched Jenna walk toward the bathroom. His mind raced. What had he just done? There was no going back now. He had just participated in a sex act with his sister. This went way beyond her watching him jerk off.

He set down his glass and went back to his bedroom, collapsing onto his bed and hoping to fall asleep. He took his shirt off and got under his covers, but he couldn’t stop replaying the evening in his mind.

After a half hour, Jenna came out of the bathroom, wrapped in a towel. She nervously stepped into Darren’s room and sat on the edge of the bed. “I don’t suppose you want to talk about what just happened, do you?”

Darren sat up, the bed sheets still covering his lower half. “I don’t really, but I know we need to.”

“Is there any way we can chalk this up as a fluke,” she said, “and never mention it again?”

“I would like to say yes,” Darren replied, “but I know that’s probably not going to happen.”

“We’re not, you know, together,” she said. “This was just an out of control sex thing. You should still go after Sandy.”

“I planned on it,” he said. “Please just don’t let her suspect that this ever happened. Okay?”

“That’s a deal,” she said. She extended her hand and Darren shook it, smiling.

She didn’t let go, but just looked down at it. “It was pretty hot though, wasn’t it?” she said.

Darren reached with his other hand and pulled the towel loose to see her naked body. His cock was hard again. His arms wrapped around her and they fell backward together onto the bed, so that she lay atop him. Their kiss was warm and sensual. Their hands explored without pretense. “Oh, fuck me, Darren,” she breathed.

She sat up and straddled him, guiding his hard member to her pussy. He slowly worked into her. It felt unbelievable. “Are we really fucking doing this?” she asked as her hips rocked back and forth. “This is so wrong.”

“I know,” said Darren, “but you’re so fucking hot. I can’t keep my hands off of you.” His hands caressed her breasts as she rode his cock.

They stared at each other as they fucked. Their hands roamed and explored, making the most of this forbidden act. Jenna slowed down as her body tensed. Overcome by the sensation, she climaxed.

“We probably ought to stop here,” said Darren.

Jenna smiled devilishly. “Not on your life,” she said. She slid off of his cock. Then, she turned over and held onto the headboard, her knees on the bed, her gorgeous ass on display. “You can’t tell me you want to stop now,” she smiled.

“I didn’t expect this to happen,” he said as he positioned himself behind her.

“Did you expect anything that’s happened tonight?” she laughed. “Put your hard cock in me.”

She was wet and slippery. He slowly pushed into her and heard her exhale. “Yes. Yes,” she breathed. “Fuck me, brother.”

Her cries spurred him on. He fucked her deeper and harder with each thrust. After several minutes, he was pounding her from behind in powerful strokes of his cock. Jenna was sweating and giving off an intoxicating aroma of wet skin.

“Fuck. This is so hot,” he said.

“Yes, Darren,” Jenna panted. “Fill my pussy. Fuck me. Cum for me. I want you so much.”

That tipped him over the edge. Sensation coursed through him, and he came into Jenna.

She collapsed forward. “That was so fucking good,” she whispered into the pillow.

It took them a while to recover, but when Jenna took her second shower that evening, Darren joined her. There was an unspoken understanding that nothing like this could ever happen again, so they made use of the rest of their evening, letting their hands explore the forbidden fruit for a little while longer.

The next day, Darren wasn’t sure what to expect, but the morning was surprisingly mundane and, even as they worked together to move Jenna’s belongings into her new apartment, they talked like they always had and cracked jokes at each others’ expense. It was reassuring. They would always have the memory of their sexual encounter, but it was good to know that there was a chance they could have a normal bother/sister relationship.

They were bringing out the last of Jenna’s boxes from Darren’s apartment when the elevator opened up and Sandy walked out. “Hi guys,” she said.

Darren looked back at Jenna and handed her the last box. She winked back at him. “Go fuck her brains out, you perv.”

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