Delta County Mississippi Pt. 02: The War Years


It was Sunday night. Sharonda, 18, and Caleb Carruthers’s, 19, lay spooned on the overstuffed couch. Their heads rested on the slope of the rolled arms of the worn green sofa. It was a typical hot humid Mississippi delta night. Caleb wore only his BVDs while Shar wore one of his tee shirts.

Sharonda’s pregnancy was obvious. The shirt rose high on her watermelon shaped belly exposing her unruly black thatch of pubic hair.

Caleb’s cock pressed between the soft pillow-like cheeks of her Dutch chocolate colored bubble butt. Her luscious ass gleamed with a faint sheen of perspiration. His cockhead was just inside her engorged cunt lips. Her plum colored vaginal lips, edged in the pinkness of her inner labia, swelled through the matted wetness of her thatch.

They were lovers for a little more than a year. However, they were adventurous and inquisitive. They learned early that anticipation, evidenced by extended languid foreplay, could be nearly as satisfying as actual sex.

“MMM! Just like that, Caleb, just like that!”

“Why do you love me teasing you like this?”

His arms encircled her waist, caressing the child they created. One of her arms was bent back awkwardly allowing her to stroke his cheek. She rotated her behind, letting his cock turn slowly just inside her squelching wet pussy. Her Kegel muscles flexed, massaging his tool as it sank slowly to its full length.

“Sometimes I…oh god yes! Stay in me…! Don’t move! I love the feel of you in me. I love the feeling of us being joined by your cock in my pussy.”

Laying behind his young wife, Caleb smiled into her fragrant short cropped hair. Their love for each other was unconditional. They had other lovers before they met. However, they knew from their very first time in the back of his old truck that they had something special.

Like tadpoles in the sleepy creek that ran behind the house were born knowing how to swim, they knew the touch and taste of their bodies. They discovered mutual masturbation. They would sit cross leg facing one another. Sharonda stroked his cock slowly. Simultaneously, he fingered her pussy. His index finger slipped slowly up and down the crevice created by her engorged pussy lips, flicking lightly on her distended clit. They taught each other the proper pressure and speed the other needed to enhance the feeling.

They overcame the taboo of tasting each other’s juices. Sharonda first sucked hers from his dripping wet fingers. They giggled when he came sending a fountain of grey-white sperm high in the air. He licked his seed from her hands and body, grimacing at the saltiness while she licked his from his body like a cat at a bowl of cream.

Now joined, They ground gently against each other. The antics of Abbot and Costello played on the new Emerson radio as they made slow languid love. Their soft mewls and panting drowned out the scratchy sound of the comedic duo.

Caleb dutifully registered for the draft on his 18th birthday. However, A sharp-eared doctor at his pre-induction physical detected the faint click of a faulty valve in his heart. While not considered life-threatening under normal conditions, the stresses of combat might aggravate it. He was classified 4F, unacceptable for military service.

Shortly afterward, they discovered Sharonda was pregnant. His parents, Henry and Tilda Carruthers were outraged. They were church-going Christians. The tenets of their fundamentalist religion demanded abstinence before marriage. Though abstinence, or for that matter monogamy, was rare in this Peyton Place of the Mississippi River delta country, they expressed the required outrage.

Amanda Tate, Sharonda’s mother, was a high yellow Black woman. Somewhere in her lineage, a Black female birthed a baby fathered by a White man. Her coffee with lots of cream complexion was the result of that miscegenation. As were her grey eyes and strawberry blond hair. However, her body was stereotypically that of a Black female with a large bubble butt and massive breasts.

She endured the social ostracization of being pregnant out of wedlock in the 1930s. She was determined her daughter would not wear, like she did, that Southern version of the scarlet letter. Sharonda would not be excluded from the polite society, while her paramour went on with his life.

Amanda’s formal education ended with her pregnancy at 17. However, she was an intelligent woman. She possessed what Southerners called mother wit. She was also observant and a good listener. Those qualities served her well in the gossipy small town environment. She knew where the skeletons were buried.

She and Caleb’s father were erstwhile lovers. Back in the day, before he met Tilda and got religion, they fucked like the proverbial bunnies. Occasionally they hooked up with a third either male or female. Henry Carruthers’s loved watching Amanda eat a woman’s pussy until that woman passed out from the sheer ecstasy caused by Amanda’s oral talents. Just as they shared pussy, they occasionally shared a cock. Henry’s escort kağıthane penchant for sucking cock was a deviance that could get him jailed for moral turpitude in the 1930’s South. There was little they did not try at least once. Even after Henry married Tilda, they occasionally indulged their deviances.

To assure her daughter’s acceptance in polite society, Amanda employed her feminine wiles on Henry. She buttressed them with the implied threat to expose their deviant sexual behavior to his sanctimonious wife. At first, he demurred. He caved when she threatened to expose their relationship. Henry was incentivized to stand up to his wife or risk of losing the best piece of ass in the county.

Caleb and Sharonda married when she was three months pregnant. Now, four months later, they lived with Amanda. Caleb graduated high school and was tutoring his wife so she could finish after she had the baby. A good provider, he worked several part-time jobs.

Caleb clerked three days a week at the Goldstein’s General Store. He also mowed lawns for the wealthy White residents on High Street. He was a talented, though untrained, automobile mechanic. He further supplemented the household income with this talent.

The roar of a V-8 Chevy pulling up in front of their clapboard shack in the Black Bottom of Delta City announced Amanda’s arrival from her job at the defense plant. In those early days of the war, she worked twelve-hour swing shifts six days a week. The work was hard but the money was good. For the first time in her 34 years, she had money left at the end of the month.

The young lovers reluctantly uncoupled. They groaned as Caleb’s cock slid from his wife’s dripping wet pussy. It was only a pause. Like they did most nights, they would fuck before going to sleep. They covered their partial nudity with a sheet.

The chatter of voices, punctuated by loud laughter, and the slamming of a car door signaled Amanda’s arrival. Gasoline rationing was just taking hold. Americans were encouraged to conserve gasoline along with other war sensitive commodities. Amanda carpooled to and from work. Occasionally Caleb dropped her off on his way to his job working in the Goldstein’s general store. His father gave him a derelict 1930 Ford truck as a wedding present. Using his newly discovered native mechanical ability, he nursed it back to life.

“Hi ma ‘dear! How was your day?”

Amanda looked at the lovers spooned on the couch. Her nose crinkled. The scent of their lovemaking hung heavy in the humid air. How they could stand being that close together in this heat was beyond her.

However, she thought, if I had that young stud I might endure the heat for some of that young cock.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get used to being on my feet for these 12-hour shifts. My back is killing me!”

Amanda was a big woman with big appetites. She was 5′ 7″ tall, weighed somewhere north of 200 pounds. Her 38C to D breasts matched her hips. The female fashion of the time did not flatter a large woman like her.

The 1940s women’s fashion was about creating a defined silhouette: broad padded shoulders, nipped in high waist tops, and A-line skirts that came down to the knee. This was the everyday shape for clothing, from suits to dresses. Even pants had a similar form. 1940s fashions were all about the hourglass figure with broad shoulders, tiny waists and full hips. If you were not naturally an hourglass shape, the clothes were designed to help achieve the look. They tended to make a woman like Amanda look like a linebacker.

“Ma ‘dear, you should let Caleb give you a back massage. I get back pain and he massages it out.”

Caleb lay behind his wife looking over her shoulder at his mother in law. The electric porch light behind her caused the thin cotton fabric of her dress to be translucent. He saw the deep vee created by her slightly spread legs. Amanda no longer wore a girdle, only cotton panties and bra. Considered outrageous before the war, the rubber usually used in corsets was needed for the war effort. Women, freed from the dictates of fashion, dressed for comfort. A jiggly ass became a sign of patriotism.

One of the cock-hardening benefits of living with his wife’s mother was her casual attitude about what she wore around the house. She either wore a cotton robe or just her panties and bra. Once he saw her naked walking across the hall from the bathroom to her bedroom down the hall from he and Sharonda’s bedroom.

“Boy, where did you learn how to give massages?”

“I was on the football team in high school. Coach showed me how to work out a cramp or ease a sore back.”

Amanda stretched. The dress tightened across her chest causing her breasts to lift and the buttons on the dress to separate. Caleb saw her brown belly and snow-white bra. His cock jumped against Sharonda’s plump behind. She giggled, reached back, and slapped his thigh.

“I don’t know about that,” Amanda said doubtfully. “Shar, is dinner ready?”

“Yes ma ‘dear! Let escort nişantaşı me fix you a plate.” Sharonda threw off the sheet and sat up on the couch. Caleb quickly turned on his belly, trying to hide his hard-on.

He was quick but not quick enough. Amanda’s eyes widened. She took a lung filling breath as she caught a glimpse of the significant bulge in his BVDs. The spasm in a tortured back muscle caused her to exhale sharply. The pain was excruciating.

“Move over! No monkey business! But see if you can stop this pain in my back.”


“What? Why you stammering and stuttering?”

“Ma ‘dear, it just that it’s easier if you lay on your belly. That way I can stretch the sore muscles.”

“Fuck it! Get up then! You can give me a massage while Shar warms my food.”

Caleb scrambled to his feet. He strategically held one hand in front of his privates, trying to conceal his hard-on. He was unsuccessful.

Amanda lay on her belly on the couch with an audible sigh of relief. Standing on a concrete floor 12 hours a day, six days a week took a toll on her body. Every day the pain in her upper back was more pronounced. She considered having Caleb drive her over to Mound Bayou to see the only doctor who took Black patients.

“Uh…ma ‘dear, you’re going to have to pull your dress down to your waist!”

Even exhausted and in significant discomfort, Amanda could not resist teasing her son in law. She lifted her head, turned, smiling devilishly at him.

“You sure your story about knowing how to give back massages is not just an excuse to get me out of my clothes?”

In fact, Amanda had no qualms about it. She was comfortable with her body and her sexuality. However, she enjoyed Caleb’s discomfiture when she teased him.

She knew he sneaked peeks at her. It did not disturb her. In fact, she enjoyed having a young hard body finding her attractive. The war-induced man shortage had her on a sexual starvation diet. She was accustomed to a feast.

She paraded around the house in her underwear. She wore mostly unbuttoned thin cotton robes to cover her nakedness. It affirmed her sexuality to have a nineteen-year-old boy get hard ogling her 34-year-old body.

Then there was that time she and Herman Sally were fucking in her bedroom. Herm was not much in the bedroom but times were hard. She was coming from washing up when Caleb stepped into the hall. Amanda pretended she did not see him. However, she got a thrill from his reaction to her naked body. Enough of a thrill that she sucked Herm’s cock hard for round three of their lovemaking. Her jaws ached before he got partially hard.

“Ma ‘dear, I take all my clothes off when Caleb massages me!”

“Shar, I ain’t going to get naked in front of your husband.” She grimaced as moving her head caused her back to spasm. “Okay! Go head!”

“Uh…I need to straddle you”

Amanda looked up at her son in law and smirked. She struggled to sit up. She unbuttoned her dress and pushed it down to her waist. When she lay back down on the old couch, her skirt rode up her bare legs. Her feet and ankles were dainty rising to full shapely calves and up to her full womanly hips. The hem of the dress barely covered her bubble butt. Like most women of the time, she was bare leg. Silk was a war commodity.

“Go ahead!”

The sight of her bare brown skin in contrast to her snow-white bra caused his cock to jump again. He knew if he straddled her, she would feel his hard-on. Instead, he elected to put one knee between her spread legs and the other leg on the floor. He felt the warm pressure of her bare thighs on his leg.

His hands trembled as he ran his open palms from the swell of Amanda’s ass up to her back. He felt the knots of the muscles in spasm in her back. He thought she shivered when he traversed down her sides, his hands brushing the sides of her breasts. He felt the hard knot of sore muscles just under her bra strap. Amanda groaned in pain he lightly poked it.

“Shit! That hurt!”

“It’s the muscles right under your bra. I can feel the knots. You…uh…are going to have to take it off!”

Amanda was in too much pain to tease anymore. “Go ahead! Take it off.”

Sharonda watched quietly as her husband’s sweaty, trembling hands undid the clasps on her mother’s bra. It was a surreal scene watching him undress her mother. One that she found strangely arousing. She watched quietly, one hand cupping her belly, as he pushed the bra straps off her shoulders. Then she turned and went into the kitchen to warm a plate for her mother.

“Ma ‘dear, you’re going to have to raise up so I can slip it off.” Beads of sweat popped out on Caleb’s forehead and the bridge of his nose. He watched his mother in law painfully raise the upper part of her body. Her breasts hung heavily, all but the nipple clearly visible in profile.

“Push the strap down,” Amanda groaned in pain, “I can’t reach it.”

Caleb pushed the bra strap down. Amanda turned to one side osmanbey escort and pulled her arm out. He caught his breath as he saw her dark raisin like nipple. He stopped her when she attempted to turn on her side to free the other arm. Her large breasts sagged to one side. He caught his breath and swallowed hard.

“That’s enough,” he croaked. “I can see the knots. This is going to hurt.” He pressed lightly on one knot, massaging it with just the tips of his fingers.

“Shit!” Initially, the pain increased as Caleb touched the knot. Amanda arched her back, causing her body to slip down the couch. Her dress, pinned between her body and the sofa rode up. Caleb watched wide-eyed as her white panties came into view. They were moist and made translucent by perspiration. The gusset was caught up between her meaty pussy lips. He licked his lips, unsuccessfully trying to moisten them.

Amanda’s eyes widened when her crotch pressed against Caleb’s knee. The motion of his body as he kneaded the muscles caused the pressure of his knee on her privates to rhythmically increase and decrease. Initially her gyrations were the result of the pain as Caleb massaged each knotted muscle.

As the pain subsided, she realized she was grinding her pussy against his knee. She felt it through the thin fabric of her panties. His hands slide down her back to the crest of her behind. Then back up again, brushing the mounds of her breasts extending outside her body. The groans of pain turned to moans of arousal.

Sharonda stood in the door leading to the kitchen watching her mother hump Caleb’s knee. She saw his hands linger over the mounds of her breasts. Though relatively inexperienced, the eroticism of seeing her husband’s hands on another woman captivated her. The fact that the woman was her mother sent little shivers through her body.

Her hands slid over her bulbous belly, finding her wet pussy. She slowly ran her finger through the cleft of her pussy as she watched her mother grind against Caleb’s knee. When he looked back and saw her watching, she brought a finger to her lips, urging his silence. Sharonda stared fixedly at her mother’s large rump, willing her husband to touch it. He looked questioningly from her to his mother in law’s rump. Sharonda nodded.

Caleb slid his hands down Amanda’s sides, caressing the sides of her breasts. The pressure he applied was firm but soothing. Though worldly, Amanda had never had a sensuous massage. They were uncommon in 1942 America. Her body reacted to the feel of her son in law’s strong hands touching sensitive nerve bundles, sending thrills through her body. She groaned, grinding her pussy into the cushions of the old couch as he grasped and squeezed her ass cheeks.

They were lost in the moment. Caleb reveling in the feel of his mother in law’s lush body. The fact that his wife watched added wickedness to the scene. He gripped Amanda’s ass cheeks, pulling them apart, exposing her starfish and her swollen cunt lips spread around the gusset of her panties. He felt an overpowering urge to leaned down and kiss her brown eye.

Amanda was riding a wave of pleasure just short of an orgasm. She was lost in the moment. Her ass cheeks clenched and unclenched. Her pussy creamed. She had never been this aroused without penetration. His hands on her body were exquisite torture. His strong hands applying pressure to sensitive nerves created a pleasant ache. Wantonly she ground her pussy against his knee, trying to drive her orgasm. Her body undulated with her need. She was unaware and uncaring that her dress was around her waist. Her panty clad ass was exposed. She raised her upper body, driving her pussy against his knee.

Sweat streamed off Caleb. Amanda’s long lust-filled groan as she came was satisfying. He had brought a grown woman to orgasm without fucking her. He rocked back on his heels and looked at his smiling wife. She puckered and blew him a kiss.

“Dinner is ready, ma ‘dear!”

Amanda was disoriented. Her body still quaked. Her mouth was dry. She was drenched in sweat. Slowly she gathered herself. The realization of what happened washed over her. She felt rather than saw Caleb stand and walked to his wife. Amanda turned on her back, her large breasts fell to either side of her chest. Her daughter and son in law stood side by side, smiling at her.

“How’s your back, ma ‘dear?” Caleb stood quietly, gently stroking his wife’s distended belly.

“What the fuck was that,” Amanda exclaimed! “you did everything except fuck me!” She felt the lassitude one feels after great sex. She was exhausted but sated.

“Ma ‘dear, I told you Caleb gives great massages,” Sharonda said coyly.

Amanda lay on her back with her legs spread. The crotch of her drenched panties was uncomfortable between the lips of her pussy. She lifted her ass, reached between her legs and pulled the gusset loose. She was conscious of Caleb’s wide-eyed ogling and her daughter’s coy smile.

“My back is fine! I’ll take my supper on the porch where it’s cool.” She stood. Her bare breasts hung on her chest. She put her bra back on and stepped out of her dress. She picked up her plate and walked out on to the screened in back porch. She listened to the gurgle of the small stream as she ate.

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