Deprived/Depraved Wife Pt. 02


It’s my policy after the completion of a job to phone a couple of days later to check that everything is working as it should. I was about to do so when Holly beat me to the punch.

“It’s me,” she said. “Can you talk?”

“Of course. How are you? How are you feeling after — you know?”

“I’m great. A little sore. I’ve never done — you know — anal before. But all in all I’ve been on cloud nine since seeing you.”

“I’m so glad. Me too. I can’t stop thinking about you.”

There was the sound of soft laughter on the line.

“How’s your husband? Did he like the camera set-up?”

“He loved it. As much as he’s capable of loving anything these days. I showed him the footage we recorded.”

“My God. What was his reaction?”

“Well, as I say, he’s not exactly vocal anymore. But he must have liked what he saw. He kept letting me know he wanted to see it over and over again. I think he liked all the different angles. I feel like a porn star!”

“There were three other cameras beside the hand-held. Motion-activated.”

“It was fantastic! I looked so sexy!”

“You are so sexy. You’re amazing. Never doubt that.”

“Thanks. After two years of living like a hermit I was beginning to wonder.”

“You need to get out more. How about a date some time?”

“I’d love it. And I think I’ve earned it. But in the meantime, I have a request from Ralph.”

“From Ralph? How so?”

“It took him forever to type it, but he wants to see me in a special situation.”

“How special?”

“Really outrageous actually. Really dirty.”

“Tell me. I’ve got to hear this.”

“Well, remember my fantasies I told you about?”

“Which one?”

“The one about having sex with more than one man at the same time?”

“My God, yeah, I remember. I’m getting another hard-on just thinking about it.”

“You mean you wouldn’t mind seeing me in such a situation?”

“I would probably have mixed feelings, but I’m not your husband and Ralph is. I suspect I’d find it exciting as hell. The question is, how do you feel about it? Fantasy is one thing. Real life is something else.”

“I think I’d find it exciting as hell too. I think I’d like to do it. For Ralph. And for myself.”

“For yourself?”

“Yes. The other night, with you, having sex, having anal sex, I felt liberated, set free, wild. I just loved it. I feel now like there’s nothing I wouldn’t like to try. It’s probably a function of my experience the past two years, trapped here with Ralph.”

“Wow. Well, I’d support you in anything you wanted to do. But how do I fit in? I’ve set up the cameras. What more can I do?”

“You can come and fuck me again, and bring along those two handsome helpers of yours. Those two black gentlemen.”

“Rodney and Ike? You’d like to fuck them?”

“If they’re interested. And as long as you’re there as well.”

“Holly, three men. At the same time. Are you sure about this?”

“I am. And who else am I going to suggest? I wouldn’t want to hire professionals.”

I was thinking fast. And as I did so I had to adjust an aching erection that had materialized.

“I could ask them.”

“If they’re not interested we’d have to think of something else. But I don’t see why they wouldn’t be.”

“Me either. Rodney is divorced and horny as hell. Ike is single and even hornier. There shouldn’t be a problem.”

“And you wouldn’t mind sharing me?”

“Holly, I don’t own you. And I want to help you get whatever you want, after what you’ve been through. As I said, I’d probably find it exciting as hell.”

“So you’ll set it up?”

“Just name the day.”

And that was that. What an amazing young woman. Anal sex on her first date with me, now group sex, a mini-gangbang. I had to wonder what else in her fantasy life she might want to put into practice. What else was there? Coming all over her?

Golden showers? The sky seemed to be the limit with this gorgeous young woman.

“How’d you like another few hours work up at the Knight mansion?” I asked Ike and Rodney when I had them alone the next morning.

“I thought we were all done up there,” Rodney said.

“Yeah, unless the young lady wants us for some extra special services,” Ike grinned, his eyes lighting up.

“You nailed it in one,” I admitted. “That’s exactly what she wants. And it’s what old Ralph wants too. We just have to do it on film.”

Both men stared at me in disbelief. Even Ike was quiet for a few seconds.

“You serious, man? She wants us to fuck her?”


“One at a time or all at once?”

“All at once. She wants to experience the gangbang phenomenon.”

“And she wants it all on film?” Rodney asked.

“Exactly. Quite the workout for our newly installed equipment, don’t you think?”

Again both men were silent for a moment or two.

“Of course if you don’t want to do it, I’ll beg off. I’m sure she’ll find other takers.”

“No man, we’ll do it! We’ll fucking do it! What you say Rodney? How can we pass this up? The girl is fucking gorgeous! What a piece of ass!”

“Okay,” bayburt escort Rodney muttered. “Okay, okay. When do we do it?”

That was still to be determined. Holly said she’d phone to let me know. But late that afternoon, after Rodney and Ike had left and I was alone in the office working on the books, the door burst open and there she was, breathless and beautiful, wearing an incredibly tight light print dress and black hose.

“I couldn’t wait,” she gasped. “Our date is all set for tomorrow, while Ralph is back in the city for his therapy. But I couldn’t wait to see you. I need to fuck now.”

* * *

She closed the door behind her and strode over to him. She stood there panting slightly, as if she’d been running. He could see her belly and breasts rising and falling in her skin-tight dress. Her face was heavily made up with dark blue mascara and vermillion lipstick but there was a fine film of sweat over her forehead.

“And you drove all the way down here, just to see me?”

“I’m not needed at home. Ralph has his attendant. And I need to fuck you”

She was reaching down for his belt, unzipping him and opening up his jeans. She pressed her hand onto the bulge in his shorts and squeezed the solid shaft. She moaned softly.

“Up,” she urged. “Lift up.”

And without a word but with a stunned gaze into her face, he raised his ass and let her tug down his pants and shorts. His cock, half erect already, rolled to one side and was quickly caught in her hand.. She shucked it up and down several times and then sank to her knees between his legs. She scraped her tongue all the way up its underside and pursed her mouth down over its purple head.

“Holly —,” he began, glancing nervously toward the door. He rarely had visitors this time of day, but there was always the possibility.

“What’s the matter?” she grinned, letting his cock slip from her lips. “You don’t want me to suck you? You don’t want me to fuck you?”

He was silent. He just watched as she folded her lips back over his penis and began to masturbate him with one hand while the other scooped deep to cup his balls. Her mouth made soft wet sucking sounds and in seconds his cock reared up in full erection.

She gazed up into his face with her blue-green eyes, her nostrils flaring. Her full lips were warped around the thick bulk of his prick. And up and down she sucked, leaving the solid shaft glistening.

But then she was pulling her mouth off his hard-on, setting free his cock and balls as she stood up and began slipping both straps of her dress off her shoulders to expose her beautiful tits. She wore no bra and the dress slid down to her waist. Then both hands were on her hips and she was struggling to raise her tight dress higher and higher up her thighs.

He used both his hands to help her, easing the garment up till the tops of her black stockings were visible and he could see they were attached to snaky black garters.

“You’re wearing a garter belt!” he croaked. “What a horny little slut you are!”

“I know!” she agreed. “I did it for you. I love whorish erotic lingerie. I just never get to wear it.”

The dress was up around her hips now and he could see the lacy black garter belt in its entirety. He could also see her naked shaved pussy, for she was wearing no underpants. He might have been imagining things, but he thought he detected a tell-tale glint of fluid between her pulpy labia, as if she was already lubricating.

His cock had been swaying in a solid column in his crotch this whole time, and her hand now circled it expertly and held it upright as she bent a knee and began climbing into his lap. His chair creaked under their combined weight as she clambered onto him, bracing her knees on either side.

She poked his hard-on about between her legs till she had the head slotted between her labia. Then with a deep sigh of satisfaction she sank slowly down on top of him, allowing his cock to penetrate her inch after rapturous inch.

“Oh I needed this. I needed this so bad,” she sighed, as his granite hard-on bulled into her.

She forced her naked tits into his face and he sucked in one distended nipple. And she began a series of gentle up and down movements on top of him, sliding her sucking cunt along the length of his cock, massaging it, fucking him.

“Holly, you’re amazing,” he gasped, spitting out one nipple and moving over to the other. “You’re the hottest little cunt I’ve ever had.”

“I’m glad,” she sighed. “I’m glad you’re so hard for me. I’ve needed cock for so long. So long.”

Up and down she rode him, her movements growing faster by degrees. The chair creaked and complained beneath them. His hands came around to cup her naked ass and snap the taut black garters back against her tight flesh.

“You like this? You like it when I fuck you like this?” she asked.

He couldn’t answer. He was busy moving from one swollen nipple to the other, sucking hard on each in turn. He just gave off a low groan of pleasure, his fingers clawing at the lush flesh bilecik escort of her ass.

Her movements were becoming more frantic on top of him. Her drooling pussy made lewd wet sucking sounds as it massaged his aching prick. And she too was groaning softly, her climax growing closer and closer.

“I love to fuck,” she panted. “God how I love to fuck. How did I go so long without this?”

Again he couldn’t answer. For as he mauled her ass and sucked her tits he was coming, spurting wad after wad of hot semen deep inside her. Her arms were clutching his head so tight to her chest that he could barely breathe.

“You’re coming inside me, aren’t you?” she raved. “I feel it! I feel it! You’re shooting your load inside me!”

Her pussy clutched tight around his spurting cock. Her thighs tensed on either side of him. And now she was coming too, waves of pleasure rippling up through her. She began to whimper and moan softly.

His strong thighs were flexing beneath her as he plowed his cock up into her wetness. His jets of semen sprang free deep inside her. His face was mashed between her heaving tits and he too was moaning as his release continued. His fingers dug deep into her heaving buns.

“So good! So fucking good!” she groaned, her body continuing its steady up and down motions on him.

He lunged up into her one last time, spurted one final monstrous wad of cum, then sank back exhausted as she flexed up and down on him, her climax slowly fading. Her pussy clenched tight then slackened by turns as her movements eased.

“Thank you,” she whispered into his ear. “Thank you for letting me fuck you.”

Then she was still on top of him, squatting there in his lap with her thighs splayed wide. Strings of sticky sperm oozed from her pussy, coating the sac of his balls. Her arms stayed locked around his shoulders. Her head came to rest alongside his.

“Is our date for tomorrow still on?” he sighed.

“Of course. I can’t wait. Three men! Three cocks! I’m so excited! Why, don’t you want it to happen?”

He didn’t answer for several seconds, just rubbed his face back and forth between her tits.

“As I said, I probably have mixed feelings about it,” he said at last.

It was strange, and something he didn’t really want to admit to himself, but after knowing this woman only a matter of days, after having great sex with her a few times, he was beginning to experience possessive feelings toward her. He liked her, felt great tenderness for her, wanted to continue fucking her every way he knew how. The question was: did he want other men fucking her, even his own employees, his friends? How would he really feel about that, even if he was part of the action?

Surely having a monogamous relationship with himself was out of the question for her? She was married, for one thing, even if it was to a severely compromised man whose days could be numbered. And all indications were that monogamy was not something she was going to be interested in any time soon, not now, since her liberation from her two years of celibacy.

One thing was becoming apparent: he couldn’t afford to fall in love with her. She wanted sexual experimentation. She wanted to try new, exciting things, and if one of them was fucking and sucking three men at the same time, that was something he was going to have to accept. He was going to be part of it, after all, so what did he have to complain about?

“Don’t be silly,” she smiled, climbing gingerly out of his lap, allowing his softening cock to flop still half-erect from her drooling pussy. “We’re going to have lots of fun. All four of us. Come by tomorrow afternoon. Don’t be late.”

* * *

They weren’t late. They arrived at the appointed hour and she served them drinks out by the pool. She was wearing a diaphanous black robe that left little to the imagination: she wore nothing underneath but a black lace garter belt and a pair of silky black stockings. As she moved the robe flowed open in the breeze, leaving her tits and her shaved crotch totally exposed.

She asked Ike and Rodney a few questions about themselves, as if she were hosting a polite cocktail party. But their minds were obviously elsewhere. They couldn’t take their eyes off her.

“Dan, why don’t you get the hand-held camera?” she asked at one point. “Maybe we could get some outdoor shots before we head inside.”

He did as she asked, and by the time he returned from the basement bedroom she was standing in an expectant pose between the two muscular black men.

“All ready?” she grinned.

And without waiting for an answer she sank gracefully to her knees. He began filming her as she gently eased Ike’s shorts down to the ground and then turned to repeat the process with Rodney. Both men were half erect already, their thick, heavy cocks looming out grossly in the sunlight.

She took a prick in each hand and squeezed gently as she grinned up into the lens of the hand-held camera. Then she was turning her head and licking up the underside of Ike’s steadily stiffening penis. Dan felt his bingöl escort own cock erecting as he continued filming.

She scraped her tongue up the length of Ike’s cock till she reached the tip, then folded her mouth down over the bloated glans. Her lips, stretched taut over the thick mushroom head, sank an inch or two lower before starting a sweet up and down sucking motion.

Her one hand curled tight around the base of his cock in a steady shucking movement while her other began a similar motion on Rodney’s swelling prick. Soon she pulled off Ike’s growing hard-on and moved over to Rodney, repeating the licking of the underside and the sucking of the head and the top three inches.

“Oh honey,” Rodney muttered, stroking one hand up the side of her face.

“Glad you came Rodney?” Ike grinned, folding his hand over Holly’s and helping her jerk him hard.

“Maybe we should do this inside,” Dan suggested, glancing back at the house. He was wondering if they really were all alone on the premises.

Holly and the two men ignored him for now, too absorbed in the moment. Ike and Rodney did take the time to strip off their shirts and step out of their sandals. They stood naked now on either side of the beautiful sucking woman, their cocks throbbing massively at full erection in her hands.

Back and forth she moved between the two men, sucking first one then the other gigantic cock, pumping them in her fists. They soared upwards at an angle through her fingers, glistening in the sunlight like limbs of mahogany.

“It’s hot out here. Let’s go inside,” Rodney said at last, perspiration gleaming on his forehead.

Holly was still absorbed in her work but she allowed herself to be coaxed up from her knees and be led hand in hand with the two men in through the open screen-doors of the basement bedroom. Dan followed with his camera still rolling, the front of his shorts bulging grossly with his own throbbing erection.

At the foot of the bed Holly quickly slipped off her wrap, stood there naked but for her garter belt and stockings, then again sank to her knees to resume her sucking of Ike and Rodney. Dan stripped out of his own clothes as quickly as he could and stood directly in front of her, his cock jutting high just inches from her face.

“Three cocks. Three big, beautiful cocks,” Holly muttered suddenly, pulling her mouth off Ike’s prick.

With her hands still locked onto the dicks on either side of her she swung her head around to suck in Dan’s dripping shaft. Her face began its practiced up and down motion while both hands continued to stroke the other two cocks.

“What a hot fucking slut,” Ike murmured. “What a horny bitch.”

“Yes I am. Yes I am,” Holly gasped, drawing her mouth off Dan’s dick.

She was panting with excitement, her nostrils flaring. And as she tilted back her head, as if to take a breather, all three men moved in closer and laid their heavy cocks gently onto her face. They plowed their erections back and forth across her features, completely covering her eyes, her nose, her mouth, her chin.

Then they were tapping her softly with their cocks, teasing her, letting the mammoth pricks tilt up and down onto her face, prodding her cheeks, her forehead, her mouth. She grinned up at them from beneath the three huge dicks, stuck out her tongue to lick the undersides of first one then another as they tap-tap-tapped onto her lips.

She enjoyed this erotic game for quite some time, but then gave off a deep groan, as if an orgasm was growing too close.

She clutched each of the black cocks and began rubbing them harshly into her face, lunging forward at the same time to suck in the head and several inches of Dan’s blazing hard-on. Her cheeks and nose were soon smeared with the pre-cum juice oozing from Ike and Rodney.

“Fucking hot bitch. Sweet sucking slut,” Ike murmured.

She groaned again, as if half out of her mind with sex need already. And she suddenly pulled off Dan’s erection, tilted up Ike’s prick and turned her head to lick and suck his balls. She scraped her tongue all over his bloated scrotum then took each of his testicles into her mouth for a deep, sperm-inducing suck.

And now it was Ike’s turn to groan, as if he couldn’t quite believe the erotic depths this amazing young woman was exploring. His balls began tingling as she licked and sucked on them.

But then she was backing off, letting Ike’s glistening ball sac slip from her mouth and moving over to lick and suck Rodney’s swollen balls. She had to tilt up his mammoth cock to clear the way. It soared up like a hunk of lead pipe in her hand.

“Oh my. Oh my,” was all Rodney could find to say as Holly began her erotic teasing of his nut sac.

And all the time Dan was filming her, capturing her every lewd maneuver for the viewing pleasure of her husband. He wondered briefly how the poor old son of a bitch would enjoy watching his lovely young wife service the cocks and balls of three horny men. If he’d wanted to view her performing like a half-crazed porno star, that’s indeed what he was getting.

Dan’s thoughts were suddenly interrupted as Holly finished servicing Rodney’s balls and set about licking and sucking his own. As she snuffled and slurped between his legs both her hands gripped Rodney and Ike by their cocks and kept up a steady jerking motion. Pre-cum juice continued to drip from both dicks.

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