Dessert Comes First


You come home from work and I’m in the middle of cooking dinner in nothing but a button down and lacy panties. It smells like amazing pasta sauce and you’ve been waiting to get home to see me all day, so you come around to the kitchen, put your hands on my waist and kiss the side of my neck. I can’t help but smile, turn around and kiss your soft lips. Your hands stray upwards and one gently holds my face while the other trails up my back. While the hand gently holding my face moves back to entangle in my hair, the hand once on my back drifts forward to caress my breast, massaging and rubbing my firming nipple with its thumb.

We both smile as you break away and I continue to stir my sauce as you turn and unbutton your shirt and go undress for your shower. As you step into the steamy hot water the stresses of the day begin to melt away and you start to think of what you’ll do to me once you get out. You think of my curves, the heaviness of my large breasts in your hands, the hardening of my nipples under your tongue, the softness of my hips and ass in your hands, and you begin to get hard. With the warm soapy water all around you your hand naturally begins to stroke your hard cock up and down, rotating just enough with each stroke. You pick up speed easily due to the soapy water and before you know it you’ve released your steamy spunk and have rinsed it down the drain. As you turn the water from hot to cool you start to think of me again, pleased that you got this quick orgasm out of the way so you can pleasure me for longer later because you have some sexy ideas for tonight.

I hear the water turn off and listen as you step out of the shower. I’ve been thinking of you all day and decide dinner can wait, so I cover the sauce and put it on the back burner to cool. I showered and shaved myself smooth just before you got home so my hair is still damp and is starting to curl which is making me feel pretty sexy. I go into the bedroom just as you finish drying off and drop your towel on the floor. You look up and see me in the doorway and can instantly recognize the look in my eyes. I want you. I stop and look you up and down, and smile at the naked and black snow izle handsome man staring back at me.

I begin unbuttoning my shirt slowly as you watch. I ask you to sit on the bed as I unbutton lower and lower, revealing the lacy red panties I’m wearing underneath. I walk over to you and you kiss my chest between my breasts and can feel each breast resting on your cheeks. Your left hand encircles my waist as your right hand moves up my side, opening up the shirt. You kiss and lick your way to my right nipple and rub my right breast with your hand. You then spread kisses all the way to my left breast and flick my hard nipple with your tongue before closing your mouth over it and sucking it into your mouth. My hands are in your hair and fingers are trailing around your scalp and down your neck as my breathing quickens and I let out a soft moan. I ask you to lay down and you try to pull me down with you but I resist, as I have other plans.

You do as you’re asked and lay down on the bed on your back but I ask you to flip over. Its Friday and you’ve had a long week so I want to help you relax with a massage. Although that’s not what you had in mind you agree to let me pamper you and you’re quickly glad that you did. You see at the sex party the other day I purchased a small soft pliable gel filled, heart shaped heating pad, perfect for oiling up and massaging someone with. I straddle you and firmly rub your shoulders and down your back with long, firm strokes using the oiled up heating pad and slowly move down to your lower back. I scooch lower so I’m straddling the backs of your knees now and rub your back and butt. When you’re finally releasing some of the weeks tensions I ask you to flip over. As you do I see that not only have I relaxed you but I’ve really turned you on. I try to ignore your cock as I firmly rub each of your thighs with the heating pad and my hands, but as I move up higher and higher my face gets closer and closer to your hard, hot cock.

I lick my lips, look you in the eyes and lower my warm, wet, soft mouth onto your head. I love how it feels in my mouth and want more of it, so I lower my bling empire new york izle head further until your head hits the back of my throat. I slowly start to move my head up and down while gently sucking on your cock and swirling my tongue around your shaft. I take all of you down to my throat a few more times until you just can’t take it and lift me off and pull me up to you where you passionately kiss my mouth. You kiss me again while one hand gets lost in my hair and other hand kneads my butt. You tell me its my turn now and guide me to laying face down on the bed. You begin to rub my back as I rubbed yours, taking time to trail your fingers down the sides of my breasts, teasing me. Your hands move lower and you oil them up again so they glide smoothly down my body. As your hands go lower you sit on my legs and begin to massage my ass, my thighs, the backs of my knees… And then my inner thighs, inching back up, bit by bit. I spread my legs a little and am trembling with excitement and anticipation.

You continue to rub the backs of my thighs, but now lean down to kiss my lower back. As you continue to rub me your hands move back up to my ass. You start to kiss me along my crease and occasionally flick my electric skin with your hot, wet tongue. As I’m feeling more relaxed you start to get more adventurous and graze my hot, wet, dripping pussy with your finger. I open my legs further while you bend down to lick my sweet nectar from behind. I moan with delight which excites you and you feel your cock twitch. I feel your hot tongue moving up my crease again, this time teasing my tight little ass. Gently, you move your hand up my inner thigh and I feel you stick a finger inside my pussy at the same time. I am moaning and squirming and so you slowly pull your finger out of me and grab my hips to help me up onto my knees where you can now have better access to both of my tight waiting holes. Your wide tongue licks me from my clit where it plays with my hard little pearl, up to my cunt where it thrusts deep inside, all the way back to my puckered, relaxing ass where it roams around and gently probes inside.

Finally bollywed izle knowing I’m sufficiently ready for your hard, hot dripping cock, you reposition yourself behind me. You put your swollen head right up to my now dripping pussy and lean in, only it won’t go. Its been awhile and I’ve been using the Ben Wa balls which I also picked up at the party so I’m tighter than you remember. You decide to try again and this time take your thick cock in your hand to stabilize it and slowly begin to thrust… an inch in, an inch out, an inch and a half in, and inch out, over and over again, a little more each time into my wet, waiting cunt. A little more pressure is all it takes and you’re finally inside of me. You pull back a little and press in again, and again, and again, until you are finally balls deep in my tight little pussy.

You’re holding onto my hips with both hands for balance but begin to get a good, slow, deliberate, teasing rhythm going. You decide to rub my butt with your right hand, gently caressing it, then you pull back and smack it, then gently rub me again, soothing the sting. I cry out when you spank me, but it turns us both on, so you spank me again, all while still teasing me with the trusting of your thick cock in my tight pussy. Each thrust into me makes your balls rub against my clit and it turns me on even more. You can tell I’m getting close so you start to pick up speed, hitting my clit even harder and bringing us both closer to climax. You start to realize that you’re close to cumming, but I’m not quite there yet, so you lick your finger and start to probe my ass. You start gentle and shallow at first, but as I start to relax my body is able to accept your large finger and you press harder until you’re inside of me and filling both my holes at once. As you push your finger and cock in and out I flex my now stronger kegal muscles and you can feel me gripping your shaft from then inside. This is all you needed to push you over the edge so with several stronger, deeper thrusts you come deep inside me as we both come together in a hot, sweaty loud orgasm that shakes us to the core.

We collapse on the bed, exhausted, spent, content and more in love than ever before. After laying there for a few minutes your stomach begins to grumble as you remember the delicious pasta sauce you smelled when you came home. Dessert was great and hot, but now its time for dinner. You know what they say, “life is short, have dessert first.”

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