Destiny Pt. 03


Hi everyone – once again, so sorry for the long time between stories. Being a new(ish) mum is still taking a lot of my time. Thank you so much to Savannah_Peach and Pixhiehoff for their commentary and proofreading, thank you to Judeinthenorth for being my muse for this story and, as always, to Jodie and now Lilith for providing all the love and support that means so much to me.




We broke our kiss and I saw Jude look around to see if anyone was watching, but they weren’t. One couple was in the sea and others were sitting with their backs to us.

Jude said, “Now, my turn to protect you, Posh. I’ll do your back first.”

I shuddered at the heated look as our eyes connected. I willingly laid on my front as I felt tingles everywhere as Jude’s fingers applied the cold cream, which soon warmed up as she spread it on my back and legs. I felt her undo the top so ‘I can make sure you’re covered everywhere.’ She went right under my costume as well, pushing it down gently and massaging my cheeks. After that, as she massaged my inner thighs I moaned and parted my legs for her.

I was frustrated when she stopped and said, “Okay, turn over. Let me do your front.”

Slightly disappointed I didn’t say anything but dutifully turned over onto my back. Jude then surprised me when she slid my top off and exposed my breasts to the open air. My nipples were aching and hard as she spread the sunscreen all over my shoulders, breasts and legs.

She stopped for a moment and I opened my eyes and looked up into her eyes. Very quietly she said, “How much does it turn you on to be so exposed, Posh?”

I swallowed and in a slightly shaky voice said, “A lot. If you could see my pussy right now you’d realise how much.”

She smiled, raised an eyebrow and said, “Seeing is believing,” before sliding her hand down into my bikini bottoms and pushing them down, exposing my pussy. I started to turn to see if anyone was watching when Jude said, “Don’t worry. I’ll keep a lookout. You just enjoy my touch.”

While I know it is not technically illegal to be publicly naked in England I am also aware that public sex that is witnessed is a crime, but right at that moment I was so turned on I didn’t care. I just nodded and bit my lower lip as her fingers found my clit, slid down between my now soaking lips, then back up circling my clit with her now wet fingertips. I was lost. I felt my orgasm building as she circled and teased me, stopping occasionally to edge me. Suddenly I was going over. It rushed from my centre and out through my whole body. I was desperately trying to keep quiet so that nobody was alerted and that just made it even bigger. It was delicious and liberating and wonderful.

When I finally came down Jude placed a soft kiss on my lips as she pulled my costime back up to cover me.

When she pulled back I said, “Well, that was a first.”

With a surprised look on her face she whispered, “You’ve never had an orgasm outside?”

I smiled. “Of course I have. I mean, although it’s not the first time on a beach it’s certainly the first time with others around.”

I carefully scanned around and either the others on the beach had known and ignored it, or they hadn’t seen anything.

We spent the next couple of hours talking and generally having fun. I didn’t bother putting my top back on so Jude took hers off and we ran for the sea and played around, splashing each other with cold water. I noticed that both of the couples watched us with smiles on their faces. It wasn’t a surprise that the guys focussed on our breasts, particularly Jude’s, but I was pleasantly surprised that one of the women who smiled at us as we passed and said,, “Nice tits girls.”

Jude did a little curtsey and said, “Yours look delicious, too.”

The woman flushed and smiled.

When it came time to head back the weather was still warm enough so we decided to just put our bikini tops and shoes back on. We walked hand in hand, my head filled with the pleasures of the day so far and, hopefully, the pleasures of the evening ahead.

We got back with around thirty minutes to spare before Jodie would be home. We decided that we didn’t need to dress again, so we shucked off our shoes, unpacked and put our dresses away then headed out to the patio.

Jodie arrived soon after, calling out to us. “Posh? Destiny? I’m home!”

I called out, “Through here Sparrow. On the patio.”

She came through, still in her grey salon dress, looking as perfect as she always does. Her hair was still tied back. She smiled when she saw us sitting there in our bikinis.

I smiled back, stood up and took her in my arms, placing a soft kiss on her lips. I felt Jude behind me circling her arms around us, her breasts pressed into my back.

I broke the kiss and said, “Welcome home, Sparrow. We’ve had a fun day, haven’t we Jude?”

Jodie’s eyes twinkled and she said, “If you wanted to cover up what you’ve been doing you should adjust your lippy, love. So, tell me all istanbul travesti about it. How many?”

I counted back in my head, recalling the kitchen island, the sauna and the beach and said, “Three for me, two for Jude. If you don’t count the ones we all had this morning.”

Jodie leaned forward and gave Jude a kiss before saying, “I’m sorry, Jude. I should have warned you how greedy my wife is.” She glanced at me, her eyes mischievous. “I think you’re going to have to miss out on one, Posh. Greedy girl. Go and get us all some wine and you can tell me all about your day.”

I walked back into the house, got out three glasses and poured them, taking them back out on a tray. Jude and Jodie were sitting next to each other. I noticed with a smile that Jodie was stroking Jude’s thigh. I placed the glasses down. I sat on the other side of Jodie.

For the next thirty minutes or so we told Jodie all about our day and I could see the signs. She was getting excited.

I started with the most important question, about whether it was okay for Jude to move in with us while she looked for a place to live.

I think we were both a little stunned when Jodie said, “No. Absolutely not.” She followed that up with a smile and saying, “If you would want to, Jude, you can live with us. Would that be okay?”

Jude’s eyes flew open with glee. “You’re serious?”

Jodie smiled and nodded. Jude looked at me and I smiled, “Welcome to the family, Jude.”

I saw a little tear in her eye as she said, “Oh god. Thank you. I… I’m so touched. Thank you.”

Jodie gave her a kiss and said, “Now that’s settled, perhaps you can get on to telling me all about your delicious orgasms.”

So we started to tell her about our exploits. When we got to the bit about Shona in the sauna and how Jude thought Shona was so hot I mentioned the idea of making up a story involving her and Jude burst in with, “and I suggested you and I, Jodie, could sit at Anna’s feet while she tells us.”

Jodie raised an eyebrow. “Sitting at your feet, love? How would you want us? Staring adoringly into your eyes?”

I looked at my wife and had a sudden frisson of excitement as I pictured the scene.

“Not quite. How about, after dinner, we get ourselves ready. You and Jude will be naked and I’ll be Miss Anna.”

Jude looked a little confused. “Miss Anna?”

Jodie said, “It’s a game we sometimes play and you’ll love it, Jude. I promise.”

Jude said, “If you love it, Jodie, I know I will. God. I’m wet with anticipation.”

I clapped my hands and said, “That’s decided then. Now, before all that we should have some dinner. I want my lovers to have a lot of energy tonight.”

I went through to the kitchen and, while Jodie and Jude chatted I cooked a light dinner which we all ate in eager anticipation of what was to follow. We told Jodie about our beach play and it was clearly having the desired effect on her, as well as on Jude and me just recalling the wonderful elation of making love with people around.

Once we were done and had cleared up we went through to the bedroom and I helped Jude undress Jodie, revealing her beautiful body. It was clear she was as excited as I was. Her lips were puffy and sparkling, her nipples stiff.

Jodie and I then removed Jude’s bikini and I watched as Jodie knelt in front of her and took a deep breath of her scent.

“Hmmm. I can practically taste all those lovely orgasms from here,” she said before leaning forward and circling Jude’s clit with her tongue. Jude sighed and then moaned as Jodie pulled back and stood up.

“Right you two,” I said, “off into the lounge while I become Miss Anna. I want you on the floor by the couch. That’s where I will sit.”

Jodie said, “You don’t want help with…”

I put my finger on her lips, “No love. I want you and Jude to play and for my appearance to be a surprise. Tell her the safe word.”

She smiled and then kissed me softly before saying, “God, I can’t wait.”

She took Jude’s hand and, before they left, I gave Jude a kiss saying, “Go and enjoy yourselves. I’ll be with you soon.”

They turned and left, closing the door behind them. I quickly sat down in front of our dressing table and got out a wipe, cleaning my subtle pink lipstick off before applying a deep crimson shade. Next I did my eyeshadow, picking a dark orange shade which I made sure I spread up above my lids, and a little out to the side. I touched up my mascara and decided it was enough. I brushed my windswept hair and then removed my bikini, putting it on the pile we’d made on the floor. I opened my lingerie cupboard and picked out my purple lace basque, matching g-string and black stockings. I also got my fingerless fishnet black gloves. I was so turned on at the thought of our evening and had to resist the very strong urge to touch myself. I had images in my mind of what Jodie and Jude were doing at that very moment.

I put the gloves on, followed by the g-string and then slid the bask up and over my shoulders, fastening it istanbul travestileri at the back. I rolled the stockings up my legs and fastened them to the basque’s straps. I added my four inch purple heels to complete the set.

I took a look in the full length mirror and smiled. I was Miss Anna once more.

Maybe over the weekend I could be ‘subbie Giselle’ for Jodie and Jude, I thought. I loved that idea, too.

I opened the bedroom door and walked through the kitchen to the lounge where I was greeted by the beautiful sight of my wife and our new lover wrapped around each other, kissing passionately. Jodie was sitting with her legs over Jude’s thighs, their pussies practically touching, their breasts mashed against each other as their hands stroked each other’s backs. Jude’s back was to me, her tattoo being traced by Jodie’s fingers.

I stood for a moment, my own heat rising as I watched this wonderful vignette, before finally coughing politely and saying, in a slightly stern voice, “You can stop that right now.”

They broke apart and Jude looked around and up at me, “Oh my god, Anna, you…”

I interrupted her. “I am Miss Anna for this evening and you will obey me. Do you understand my little slut?”

Jodie said, “Miss Anna, you look wonderful.”

Jude looked between us and smiled, “Yes, sorry Miss Anna. I won’t be so disrespectful in future. If I am your little slut, who is…”

I held up my hand and said, “You won’t ask me questions. You are my little slut and Jodie is my little whore.”

Jodie smiled and said, “Yes Miss Anna. Thank you. I love being your little whore.”

I walked around and said, “Give me room so I may sit on the sofa, between you.”

They broke apart and Jodie scooted back a little. I sat down and said, “Now, my little slut and whore. Would you like Miss Anna to tell you a story?”

Jodie nodded, “Oh yes, please Miss Anna. Will it be about…”

“I will ask the questions, little whore. Now, little slut, would you like a story about you and Shona?”

Jude nodded, “Oh god. Yes please Miss Anna. I would love that.”

“While I tell you the story, you may kiss and caress each other. Little slut, do you like your nipples to be pinched?”

I saw Jude shudder and her voice quaked a little as she said, “Oh god, I do. I really, really do.”

I raised an eyebrow and stared, waiting. She finally understood and added, “Miss Anna. Thank you for being so understanding, Miss Anna.”

“Very well. Little whore Jodie, I want you, while I tell the story, to stroke our little slut’s clit with your fingers and caress and pinch her nipples. Little slut Jude, you will do the same for Jodie. She also likes her nipples pinched. Did she tell you the safe word while I was getting dressed?”

Jude nodded, “Yes, Miss Anna. It’s avocado although I don’t think you two could do anything to me that would make it necessary to use it.”

I smiled and stroked her hair affectionately saying, “I never would, little slut, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

She smiled back at me and said, “Thank you Miss Anna. You’re so good to me.”

Jodie added, “Yes, Miss Anna, you always are. You’re going to be good to us and I love you so much.”

I watched, aroused beyond belief, as they resumed their positions, Jodie’s legs draped over Jude’s open thighs. As their fingers connected with each other I started to make up the story I’d envisaged when Jude had first mentioned the idea of them being at my feet.

‘It was a bright and glorious day and both of you had gone to the gym while I was catching up on some paperwork. As you and I did, little slut, you worked out and then headed for the sauna. You walked in, naked. You were surprised to find Shona there. She seemed oblivious to your presence and the reason was obvious. She was wearing earbuds and listening to something. Her eyes were closed and she was clearly pleasuring herself. She was on her back, one leg draped over the side of the bench, the fingers of one hand stroking her wet lips, her beautiful, beaded dreadlocks arrayed around her. You could clearly see her puffy lips, the contrasting pinkness of her inner lips to the beautiful darkness of her outer. Her other hand was caressing her right breast.’

I watched Jodie and Jude as I related the story. They were both watching me as they caressed each other. Jodie was pinching Jude’s nipple quite harshly and Jude had a look of exquisite agony on her face. Two fingers of Jodie’s other hand were now deep inside Jude’s pussy.

I broke the story for a moment to say, “You can’t come until I say you can, my loves.”

They both nodded and in unison said, “Yes, Miss Anna.”

I continued.

‘You could see that Shona was close to orgasm and you looked at each other and by some silent, almost telepathic agreement you went over, knelt down and both placed a kiss on Shona’s dangling leg.

‘This had the effect of startling her. Her eyes flew open and in shock, she ripped her earbuds out and said, “Oh my god. Jude? travesti istanbul Jodie? I’m… I’m… god.”

‘Being the wonderful little slut that you are, you replied, “Don’t be embarrassed Shona. It’s a beautiful sight and we both want you to come, don’t we Jodie?”

‘And you, little whore, of course you nodded and said, “And we’d like to help, wouldn’t we Jude?”

‘You could clearly see that Shona was conflicted and so, without another word you, little slut, stroked up Shona’s inner thigh to the folds of her pussy and spread her lips with two fingers. Shona was clearly so worked up she didn’t resist for one second. In fact she moaned and put her own fingers back on her beautiful, engorged clit, stroking it once more.

‘”Oh god, yes Jude. Yes. I’ve wanted this since that first time I saw you and Anna in here together. Yes. Make me come. Oh fuck.”

‘You, little slut, slid your fingers into her, finding her warmth and wetness to be overpowering. You felt her cunt walls rhythmically squeezing and her scent was heady and beautiful. Meanwhile you, little whore, leaned in to take one of Shona’s hard nipples into your mouth and sucked and bit it. That was all she needed she started crying out, her belly sinking and rising as her orgasm racked through her.’

At this point I could see and hear that they were both close. Jodie was really pinching Jude’s nipples, twisting them as Jude mauled hers in return.

“Would you like to come, my little sluts?” I asked them.

Jodie moaned softly, “Oh yes, please, Miss Anna. Please can I make Jude come? Can I come?”

“And you both promise to make Miss Anna come when you’re finished, my little sluts?”

Jude said, “Fuck. Fuck. Yes, Miss Anna. We will give you the biggest and best orgasm. We promise, don’t we Jodie?”

Jodie just nodded and I watched as first Jude started shaking with her climax followed by Jodie. The two of them were practically screaming.

Jodie called out, “Oh shit. Oh fuck, yes. Yes, Jude. Make this little whore come.”

I was by this point practically at fever pitch as I watched my two lovers in such wonderful ecstasy. With a strength of will I didn’t know I possessed I refrained from touching myself, knowing that the denial would make the reward all the more sweet.

I took a moment to reach down between Jude’s legs and smacked her clit. Not too forcefully, but enough to sting mildly, and this worked to push her up over into a follow on climax. She shuddered as Jodie pinched harder on her nipple and cried out, “Oh fuck. Fuck. Fuck! Yes!”

As they subsided they collapsed onto each other and kissed deeply while I ran a hand over each of their shoulders and backs.

When they finally came around, Jude said, “My god. That was amazing. Thank you Jodie and thank you Ann… Miss Anna.”

I smiled. “You’re both wonderful. I’m so happy you enjoyed my little story.”

Jodie said, “Oh, I did, Miss Anna. It was wonderful. I won’t be able to look at Shona in quite the same way ever again. Now, I think you mentioned something about needing us to help you, Miss Anna?”

I nodded, “Yes. Please. Miss Anna needs you. Look.” Saying this I reached down and pulled my g-string aside to reveal my soaking wet and puffy pussy lips. “I need both of you to pleasure me in the same way you pleasured Shona.

They didn’t need asking twice. I felt Jude’s hand slide up my inner thighs, feeling her firm pressure through the thin material of my stockings while Jodie came up to my side and slipped the straps of my basque down over my shoulders, pulling the top down to reveal my breasts. My nipples were hard and aching for her. She stopped for a moment and said, “Are you ready Miss Anna?”

I groaned softly. “Yes, my love. Please. I need this so much.”

She smiled, placed a soft kiss on my lips before kissing down over my neck and the rise of my breasts. I gasped as, at the same moment she took one of my nipples in her mouth and bit, I felt Jude’s fingers stroking between my lips and sliding two of them into me. As in my little fantasy about Shona I slid my left hand down to my clit and started rubbing her. Jodie was sucking and biting one nipple and now added pinching to the other. I felt Jude push my hand aside and looked down to see and feel her mouth on me. I was almost delirious now. My body was reaching a peak of intensity that was beautiful and I put my hands into Jude’s hair, pulling her onto me as I was shaking.

And then it hit.

My whole body was full of my orgasm. It was like I was just one enormous clit. Any touch pushed me further. The delicious pain from Jodie’s biting and pinching, the feeling of fullness from Jude’s fingers, her tongue still flicking.

I needed the extra bit now and cried out, forgetting my Miss Anna role completely. “Jude. Smack my cunt. Please. Smack my clit.”

I was barely conscious as I felt her lips release mine and then I felt it. A gentle smack that lifted me a little.

“Harder,” I cried.

Slap. I heard it as well as felt it.


Slap. I was suddenly in some dream state. It was like I couldn’t stop coming. I felt one more delicious smack and then they both slowed down, reading me so perfectly. When I finally came around it was to find my two, beautiful naked lovers, one other side of me, kissing me with little pecks.

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