Dickinson’s World Pt. 02


One evening, as Pete and Dickinson were out on the patio having a drink and talking, Tony came running out of the house in his new bathing suit (which Pete had just bought for him) and dove into the pool. Their visitor expressed a little surprise at seeing the kid in such a skimpy bathing suit. He mentioned that as far as he had seen, the kids always wore those surfer baggies when they swam.

Pete chuckled. “New orders. This suit has a thong back — having his ass bare reminds him of what’s at stake if he acts up. It also shows off the color of his ass to his friends — lets them know if he’s been spanked lately.” He laughed again. “Makes it easier to get at his ass, too, in case I have to.” He smiled complacently. “Or even if I just want to.”

Dickinson nodded. “Good idea.” He watched Tony climb up on the edge of the pool, bend over, and dive back in. “Pretty impressive butt on him, too. I had no idea that thing was so pretty. Those baggies ought to be outlawed. Good lookin’ kid, all right.”

Pete nodded. “Sure is. And he’s pretty good actin’ too, nowadays.” He glanced at his neighbor. “Here, let me show you.” He turned back to where Tony was paddling around in the pool. “Hey, Tony, get over here.”

Dickinson approved of the way the kid immediately made for the side of the pool and walked right over to where the two of them were sitting.

“Hi, Mr. Dickinson. Hey, Dad. What do you want?” He smiled a little nervously.

“Show Mr. Dickinson, here, what color your ass is after last night’s spanking, Tony.”

He hesitated slightly, but when Pete raised an eyebrow, he quickly turned around and showed the men his (almost) bare ass.

“Very nice color,” Mr. Dickinson commented.

Pete smiled at his son’s round white ass, the blush of fading handspanks still clearly visible on the full cheeks. “Bend over and show Mr. Dickinson how deep we spank over here in this house.”

Another slight hesitation, a quick glance over his shoulder at his father, trying to see if he was joking. Then he slowly spread his legs slightly, bent over, and grabbed his ankles. Dickinson smiled as the kid’s deep crack slowly spread open, revealing that the pinkness continued down the insides of his cheeks, all the way to the tiny strip of the thong that (barely) concealed the kid’s tight little asshole.

“Very deep,” commented Mr. Dickinson. “But do you spank all the way down? I can’t quite tell with that swimsuit in the way.” He winked at Pete.

Pete grinned at his son as a wave of blush made both sets of cheeks the same color. “Well, Tony? Show the man.”

Slowly Tony reached up to the back of his waist and slipped his fingers under the elastic band. The men watched as the hot-assed young teenager slowly and reluctantly pulled the thong down in back. He was stripped of the last of his modesty as the thin strip of cloth peeled out of his asscrack. Finally, the suit was down around his thighs, exposing the depths of his crack and his pink little hole to the older men.

“Aahh,” said Mr. Dickinson.

Pete smiled at his obedient son. “Well, Tony’s asshole is just naturally pink, but believe me, it’s pinker than usual right now. It took quite a few swats last night, didn’t it, Tony?”

“Yes, sir, it sure did.” Tony blushed even pinker at this discussion of his hot little asshole, especially when he was in such a vulnerable position. This was the first time any man other than his father had ever seen it.

Pete smiled. “Good boy, Tony! You did good. I’ll make an honest kid out of you yet.” He winked. “I know, I know. You want to cover your asshole. Well, go ahead. You deserve a reward for being so obedient. Just remember — anytime Mr. Dickinson or I tell you to do something, you do it. OK?”

Tony didn’t look too OK with that. He had seen the look on the neighbor man’s face when he dropped his swimsuit, and it made him a little nervous. But an order was an order. He’d just try to avoid the Dickinson house in future.

Just as he got his suit more or less back into place, Johnny came running out onto the deck. He was wearing his jams. He ran right over to the pool and dove in.

Dickinson, evidently feeling that his own control over his stepson had been challenged by Tony’s performance, called Johnny over. Johnny was almost as prompt as Tony had been.

“We were just talking, son, about these jams you kids all wear. Is that the only kind you have?”

“Yeah, that’s about it. Why?”

“Well, you see, Mr. Erikson and I just agreed that those jams are pretty old-fashioned. We’d like to see you kids looking a little more up-to-date.” He winked at Pete. “See the suit Tony’s got on?” Johnny glanced over, then did a double-take. Clearly, this was the first time he’d seen it. “Turn around, Tony, show him the back.”

Johnny was even more wide-eyed when he saw Tony’s completely bare ass. His cheeks were so lush they swallowed the thong completely. Unless you knew it was there, it looked like the suit had no rear at all.

“How’d you like almanbahis a suit like that?”

Johnny gulped. “Uh, well, it’s a little small, isn’t it? I’d feel kind of funny with my ass hanging out like that.”

Dickinson smiled. “Well, get used to it. We’re going to get you one just like it, and you’ll wear it whenever you go swimming. I’m throwing all those old baggies away.”

Johnny turned white, then blushed. He kept staring at Tony’s bare ass.

Pete chimed in, “Why don’t you try them on? Maybe you’ll like them once you get used to it. Go ahead, Tony, hand ’em over.”

Now it was Tony’s turn to gape. “But Dad, this is the only suit I’ve got. I don’t have anything else to put on.”

“Come on, Tony. It’s only us guys here. I’m sure Johnny’s seen it all before, haven’t you Johnny?”

“Uh, well, I guess so.”

“Well, that’s that, then. Come on, Tony, let him try on your suit.”

The two boys were too embarrassed to even look at each other. Tony turned around and slowly slid off the suit. Johnny’s eyes widened when he saw the thong slowly peel out of Tony’s crack.

Dickinson chimed in. “Well, what are you waiting for, Johnny? Get those old baggies off and give ’em here. We’re throwing them away right now.”

Johnny also turned away and slowly slid off the oversized bathing suit he was wearing. As he turned around to hand them to his stepfather, he tried to conceal his half-erect cock.

Dickinson took the suit and in a show of strength, ripped it in half. He tossed the pieces to one side. “Get your hands away from your crotch. Makes you look like a damn girl.”

Blushing again, Johnny moved his hands to his sides. With the added attention, his cock was soon rock hard and pointing skyward.

Tony was obviously having the same problem and, having seen the handwriting on the wall, didn’t bother trying to hide it. He handed the thong over to Johnny without being told and stood there, hands at his sides, face bright red, as his cock, too, jiggled around, rigid as his friend’s.

Awkwardly, Johnny tried to figure out how the tiny scrap of cloth worked. Finally, he got it more or less oriented and gingerly stepped into the leg-holes. He quickly pulled it up. His hard cock stretched the tiny pouch to its limits. He spent a couple of minutes getting the thong straight in back and lined up with his asscrack.

At his stepfather’s command, he modeled the suit for the three of them. If anything, he looked even hotter than Tony in it. His round jutty ass jiggled and the distended pouch of the swimsuit bounced as he walked awkwardly over to the pool and back. Seeing how Tony’s naked cock was reacting to his bare ass made it even worse. He kept getting even harder and more flustered.

“Well, how does it feel? Does it fit?”

“Well, uh… I think it’s a little small, isn’t it?” As he faced the men, the suit front spasmed a few times as the cloth rubbed over his rigid cockhead.

“Hell, any suit’s going to be small when you got a hardon. Don’t worry about it.” Dickinson gestured at his stepson. “Come over here, let me check it out.”

He turned Johnny around and told him to bend over. “Let me see if you got that strap lined up right. It’s supposed to run right over your asshole — keep you decent in mixed company.”

Johnny reluctantly did as he was told and the two men had an opportunity to position the thong. Dickinson took it between his thumb and forefinger and pulled it out and away from the crack, exposing the kid’s asshole. “Looks about like Tony’s, doesn’t it?” He stroked it lightly with a fingertip, eliciting a gasp and a moan from the kid. He then carefully replaced the strip down the center of the crack and slapped the kid’s ass. “There you go. Perfect. Why don’t you try swimming in it for a while?”

Tony had been trying to get his father’s attention. “Uh — Dad. The guys are coming over — in fact, they’re overdue already. Could I put a swimsuit on before they get here?”

Pete laughed. “No way. Just tell ’em it’s bare-ass day at the pool. Maybe they’ll join in.” He and Dickinson glanced at each other.

Dickinson joined in, “Hey, why don’t we just make it a rule from now on? No suits at the pool unless there’s women around.” He grinned. “Hey, Johnny, get over here and give me that suit. The guys are swimming bare-ass today.”

Pete laughed. “Yeah, and if some guy doesn’t want to, then it’s up to you guys to get him out of his suit — no holds barred.”

That piqued the boys’ interest a little. Because then, with both of them naked in the pool, Joey showed up. Joey was a very cute little 18-year-old blond with an angel’s face and a gymnast’s body. Tiny waist with perky tits and what looked like a perky ass under all that cloth.

When they told him about the rule, he blushed bright red and refused. “No way!” Joey usually didn’t even shower with the rest of the guys, he was so embarrassed about anybody seeing him naked.

Johnny and Tony looked at each other, then both of them climbed, stark almanbahis yeni giriş naked, out of the pool. Joey tried running, but they caught him halfway through the house. The men quietly followed to watch.

The two naked ones wrestled the smaller kid to the floor. Tony sat on his face while Johnny took control of the lower part of his body. Despite the kid’s efforts, Johnny quickly managed to strip off his baggies, revealing a Speedo underneath. The Speedo was tougher, since it was pretty tight and Joey was thrashing around, but Johnny managed to work that down his legs and over his feet as well, leaving the sweet-faced little teenager naked on the living room floor. He had a perfect young cock and balls that were flopping around as he continued to try to get away from the two older guys.

Just to embarrass the kid, Johnny lifted his legs high in the air, spreading them up toward his head to show off the kid’s firm young balls and hairless little asshole to the two men who were watching.

The two bigger guys took the kid by his arms and dragged him out to the pool, still valiantly struggling. His resistance quickly dropped off, though, since every time he started, the hard cocks of the other two boys ended up pressed against him in one embarrassing place or another while they subdued him.

Once in the pool, Joey felt a little better, since his dick felt a little bit covered, being underwater. He spent the next 10 minutes or so being chased around by Tony and Johnny, who felt a lot bolder with someone so hyper-modest around. They teased Joey by grabbing at his bare cock and balls and sliding an occasional hand over his smooth butt.

By the time the last two guys arrived, Joey was as hard as the other two swimmers.

This time they let Tom and Ricky jump in the pool first. The three of them mobbed Tom and got his suit off him before Ricky saw what was going on. At first he thought they were just fooling around. When he saw what they were doing, he swam for the side of the pool, but before he got there, he was already naked — Joey grabbed one side of his suit and Tony the other. They just held it while he swam right out of it.

The new rule was explained to them, and after a little spluttering and complaining, they agreed to go along with it. The Eriksons and Dickinsons were the only ones among the five of them to have pools, and they wanted to maintain access.

Ricky and Tom were also more than a little intrigued by the newly naked Joey. They knew his story, and the fact that he was naked here against his will made him a little bit of a curiosity for them –sort of a sex object. When Tony told them about chasing the kid through the house and stripping him in the living room, they laughed, but under cover of the water both of them went from half-hard to rigid.

They all dived and swam around for a while, trying to relax and get their hard-ons under control. After all, there were a couple of Dads watching them. But every time one of them was underwater and saw all the hard young cocks and humpy bare asses around him, he came back to the surface harder than ever.

Finally, Tony, winking at Johnny, asked if everybody wanted Cokes. They all agreed. Grinning, Tony turned to Joey and told him to go get them out of the kitchen.

Joey strenuously objected. He had no intention of getting out of that pool bare-ass in front of all the guys and a couple of dads, too. “Come on, Tony, it’s your house.” He whined. “You go get them.”

“But you’re the youngest. It’s your duty to serve your elders.” Tony shot back. “Come on, nobody’s gonna bite you. You chicken or something?”

After a good deal of back and forth, Joey finally agreed — after the other guys agreed to get out of the pool, too, to drink the Cokes. That way he wouldn’t be the only one showing everything.

They all agreed and got out when he did. He started bravely for the kitchen, hot tits and ass on display, one hand trying to cover his hard little dick as it stuck straight up in the air and jiggled at every step. There was a big splash and Joey stopped and turned around. He was madder than hell when he saw that the other guys had dived back into the pool, leaving him all alone and naked in the middle of the patio.

“Hey, Joey.” Dickinson called to the boy. “As long as you’re getting Cokes, would you bring out a couple of beers for me and Pete?”

Joey was just ready to run back to the pool, but Dickinson’s request hooked him. He couldn’t very easily ignore it. It wouldn’t be polite. Slowly he turned back toward the house, more conscious than ever of his erection as he walked toward the two men, who were between him and the kitchen door.

It seemed to take him forever to walk across the patio. Every step of the way, he was conscious of the eyes of the two men on his body. Because of their dark glasses, he couldn’t tell exactly where they were focussed, but they were definitely watching him.

Just as he was walking past them, Pete said, “Hey, Joey. almanbahis giriş As long as you’re going that way, why don’t you take our empties back in? Thanks.”

Blushing more than ever, Joey was forced to stop and turn back toward the men. He walked over between them and reached over Pete to get his bottle. He misjudged a little, and by the time he reached it, his twitchy hardon was right in Pete’s face. From this close, Joey could see the man’s eyes, and there was no doubt where they were focussed.

When he turned around to get Mr. Dickinson’s bottle, still pink-cheeked at the way he had accidentally shoved his hard-on into Mr. Erikson’s face, something caught at his ankle and tripped him. He fell forward, right across Dickinson’s lap.

Dickinson quickly held the kid down with a hand on his upper back, pushing his head down until it was almost touching the patio. The kid’s ass was thrust high into the air. He kicked his legs and wiggled his ass, trying to get free.

Dickinson smiled down at the full, round young asscheeks bouncing around on his lap. “Hey, Joey, you do something bad or something, that you think you need a spanking? Well, you came to the right man.” He winked at Pete, who had come over to get a closer look at the kid’s goodies.

Joey kept yelling to let him up, but Dickinson wasn’t that easy to order around. “C’mon, Joey, fess up. What did you do?”

“Nothing! I didn’t do nothing! Now lemme up, dammit!”

“Well, Joey, in my house that kind of talk alone would get your ass tanned. Just ask Johnny sometime.”

Joey stopped kicking, a little shocked. “You mean… uh… you still… uh… spank Johnny?” He had no idea that Johnny was getting spanked by his stepfather.

While Joey thought it over, the two men admired his smooth, round young ass. Even with his ass this high in the air, his deep crack kept his asshole from being seen.

Finally, from patio-level, they heard his soft voice, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said what I did.”

“Well, now, if you’d been Johnny, you’d have gotten a good spanking for that, sorry or not. But since you don’t know the rules, well…” He squeezed the kid’s right cheek. “… I’ll let it go this once.” He let go of the kid’s back.

The two men watched as the humpy little number squirmed his way back to vertical. When he finally made it back to his own two feet, he was so relieved to have his ass unspread that he’d almost forgotten his embarrassment at having his hard little dick and his pink balls on display in front of the two men.

Slowly, his original blush returned as he became aware of the way their eyes were drawn to the bouncing of his rigid erection as he circled Dickinson’s chair and retrieved the empty beer bottle. He could still feel the heat of their gaze on his ass as he finally walked those last few feet to the kitchen door.

Pete decided to take advantage of the opportunity to get a look at Ricky’s naked body, too. He’d always thought he was the cutest of all Tony’s friends, with his wavy black hair, smooth tan skin and flashy smile. He had big sexy tits and from what he could see, he guessed the kid would have a great butt, too. The way they stripped him today, though, nobody could see a thing.

He yelled out at the pool for Ricky to get into the kitchen and help Joey carry the Cokes — he wasn’t going to be able to do it alone.

The other guys were delighted to see yet another gang member humiliated — as long as it wasn’t them. They razzed him as he reluctantly climbed out of the pool and walked over toward the kitchen.

His cock was actually soft at the beginning, out of nervousness at having to face the two men, but as soon as he realized that both of them were looking right at it, it started a rapid rise. He made an ineffectual attempt to cover it, but it just looked like he was playing with it, so he finally gave up. By the time he walked past them, it was as rigidly erect as Joey’s (but much larger).

Pete watched attentively as Ricky passed them. The kid’s ass was as sweet as he’d thought — with his narrow waist, the big round buttcheeks stuck out like melons. They were set wide, so that even though his crack was deep, it was possible to see almost to the bottom of it. Pete was tempted to grab a flashlight and see if he could spot the kid’s asshole in there.

Just as the kid reached the kitchen door, Pete said, “Bring me my beer right away, Ricky. I’m thirsty.”

Ricky paused and gave a nervous little sideways look at Pete. Then he gave a little nod and disappeared through the door. Pete watched his beautiful smooth white mounds pass out of sight.

A minute later, Ricky re-emerged with a beer in one hand, cock still half-hard and bouncing. He walked over to Pete. Again, the direct gaze of the older man started heating him up again. By the time he reached Pete’s chaise longue, his cock was preceding him by at least 7 inches. He was so embarrassed by its size that he stood back a ways as he tried to hand the beer to Pete.

Unfortunately, with such an awkward angle, he ended up dropping the bottle before Pete could get a good hold of it. It shattered on the tiles. Pete was furious. He ordered Ricky into the kitchen to get a broom and dustpan to clean up the glass.

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