Disc Jockey Gets A Groupie


I’m a disc jockey at a small local rock radio station. Since I was the last one hired, I get the crappiest hours, including the graveyard shift. I’m usually all alone at the studio on weeknights and sometimes on weekends.

I take requests, but to be honest I don’t get too many at 3:00 in the morning. One night, I was running an Aerosmith marathon, so I put on their greatest hits CD and started to nod off. A call came in, jolting me awake. It was a woman and she wanted to request some of the older Aerosmith stuff. We started talking, she said she was a night owl, and was a regular listener and a fan of mine. I was flattered, as most people have never even heard of me because of the hours I work.

We talked for quite awhile and she told me that she didn’t have a boyfriend. She told me she was a 5’6″ petite blonde and she was 21 years old. She started asking me things about what sort of things I do to pass the time while I’m working in the middle of the night. I told her that I catalog new CD’s and read and stuff like that. Then she asked me if I ever jerk off while working. I was reluctant to answer that question, not only because I do sometimes jerk off at work, but because I didn’t really know who she was. She said that thinking about me jerking off at work while she’s at home listening to the radio really got her horny.

She told me that thinking about me jerking off was making her so horny that she was masturbating as we spoke. She began explaining to me in detail just what she was doing. She said that she had pulled an ice cube out of her iced tea and was taking turns rubbing it around her nipple and then rubbing Sex hikayeleri it on her clit. I was already hard by now and I’m sure she knew that because she said “do you have your cock out of your pants yet?” I said “yes” and she said “ooh good, I was hoping you did… are you stroking it? “Yes,” I said and she said “good, now I want you to imagine that each stroke is me, sliding my tongue up and down your hard cock… now I’m swirling my tongue around the head of your cock and I can taste your pre-cum, mmmmmm.”

Wow, I had never had phone sex, but this was turning out to be very interesting. Then it took an even more exciting turn. “Can I come over” she said. I said “yeah, do you live close?” and she said it would take her 15 minutes to get there.

After she hung up, I wondered if I had just been pranked. I started to imagine that she wasn’t going to show up, that one of the other disc jockeys had put her up to it and they would be running bits of my conversation on the air the next day. Just when I figured I’d been duped, I saw the headlights of a car coming into the parking lot. She had described herself accurately, she was about 5’6″ and she was very small boned but not too skinny. She had on a long coat and I was hoping there would not be much under it.

I let her in and, just as I was about to open my mouth to talk, she put her hand up to my mouth and said “let’s not talk.” She took my hand and led me over to my chair and looked around at the equipment as if she were impressed. She pushed me down into the chair and she took off her coat. She was wearing a pair of crotchless panties, a push up bra, a pair Sikiş hikayeleri of thigh high stockings, and a garter belt, all black lace. Wow!

She stood there and slowly ran her hands up and down her body, squeezing her nipples through her sheer bra. Then she turned around, showing me her beautiful little ass, leaning forward and looking back over her shoulder at me. She reached back behind her and grabbed her ass with one hand, then, with the other hand, gave her finger a seductive lick and slid it down onto her pussy, playing with her slightly exposed clit. She turned back around, unhooked her bra and I got a look at her beautiful tits, up high, with nice, hard nipples.

She knelt in front of me, unzipped my pants, and brought my hard cock out (you bet it was hard, after that show!). She smiled up at me, as if to say she liked what she saw. Then she took my cock and put it between her tits, squeezing them together and moving them up and down on my cock. She licked the head of my cock, looking up at me with her beautiful eyes as she did so. Then she put her mouth all the way down on my fat cock and slowly moved up on it, with her lips firmly wrapped around it as she did. She did this for a long time, bringing me close to cumming several times. Just when I was getting close to cumming, she would stop and look up at me for a minute with a sly grin, and then she would start again.

Finally, she straddled me in my chair and pushed one of her hard nipples to my mouth, which I eagerly began to suck. Her nipple was as hard as my cock. While I did this, I slid a hand down between her legs and dipped a finger into Erotik hikaye her dripping wet pussy. It was so hot and I could not wait to get inside of it. Eventually, she slid her pussy down to my cock and would start to mount it, but them move up, just teasing me. I tried to push my way in but she was too fast and would allow just the head in and then she would move off of it. Just when I thought she would never do it, she slid all the way down onto my cock in one quick movement. Then she just sat on my cock with her eyes closed, a delirious look on her face. I could feel her pussy muscles contracting with a nice firm grip on my throbbing cock as she slowly swiveled her hips, grinding them into my lap.

She took her time, but then she began to slide up and down my rod really slow while I continued to suck her nipples and squeeze her ass cheeks with my hands. I didn’t want to cum too fast, so I concentrated on getting her off first. It sure seemed to be working, judging by the noise she was making. Her rhythm quickened, her pussy quivered, and I could feel her creamy cum lubing her pussy even more than it already was. It only took a few pumps after that and I was ready to shoot my cum. She moved up and off my cock and used her hand to stroke the head of my cock firmly and the cum began to fly out of me with force, some hitting me in the neck and all over my stomach. She used her index finger to spread the cum around my chest and massaged some of it into my nipples.

Without saying a word, she got up and left with me sitting there all cum drenched. I sat there for a minute almost in shock. Then I realized that I had dead air and it had been like that for 15 minutes! I guess the fact that nobody called to complain tells you just how few people were listening that night. I’m glad she was listening… among other things!

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