A few years back I was in college and felt curious about curious about other men. This came thanks to a girlfriend I had that had me jerking off to gay porn and tasting my own cum. From there I started messing whit my butt and liked it so decided to give it a go.

I was really unsure about the whole situation because I was in college in my home town. So decided the best way to proceed was to create a profile in a gay dating app.

I was 21 and in relative shape and found out that as soon as I put in my profile that I was a bottom I was flooded with messages from young and old guys that just wanted me to suck them off and give them my ass for them to “ruin”.

Now as a person who is unsure as turned on as I was I didn’t really wanted to have that as my first experience.

One day I started messaging with an older men. (About 37). He actually talked to me and made me feel good about what I wanted to do.

After some time talking we started talking about meeting. I was really turned on by the idea and started felling confident. Until one day I agreed to meet him at his house.

So I went over to his building, my heart racing and half of me wanting to pull out of the deal. But I put through it and just went.

He meet me at the door building and rode the elevator with me realizing how awkward I was felling and nervous. He was really charming and I was almost falling apart from nerves.

He had talked about the things we could do and he let me be very at ease whit him that we would only do what I felt comfortable with.

When we got to his apparent he took of his jacket and help me take mine off and as soon as I turned he came really close for a istanbul travesti kiss.

My thought was “well in for a penny in for a pound” so I let myself go and there I was kissing a men. At this point it was a bit odd but I was enjoying it. He started to feel my body with his hands and I did the same. We started to take each other clothes off as the more clothe came off the more nervous I was.

I had never touched another men’s penis before I didn’t know I I liked it.

So we got to just underwear and he reached inside my boxers and started to caress my duck and I was hard as a rock. I was really turned on by all of this so I took a deep breath and did the same pulled is boxers down and slowly grabbed is dick.

Now I’m not huge but my dick is 7 inches long and kinda thick and is dick just felt huge and I later realized his dick was 9 inches long and thicker then mine.

I love the felling of that thick piece of meat in my hands. It just felt… right.

I never felt my dick this hard neither and I was horny and ready so finally I decided to grow a pair and do what I wanted to try for so long and got on my knees right in front of this beast of a cock. I slowly started to stroke it and lick it. And as soon as I realized there I was all my knees sucking a huge cock and LOVING IT!!

The felling in my and and mouth made this one off if not the best sexual thing I’ve ever done and for my first blowjob I guess I was doing pretty well as I look up and see this men just eyes closed one hand in the back of my head and moaning.

He took is dick away from me and told me to go to the bedroom. He get in and there in is night stand was lube a small istanbul travestileri plug and a dildo smaller then him. And I though we’ll this will be fun.

As soon as he closed the door he asked me if I ever had my ass liked or licked as asshole I said no as só he laid me in his bed and told me to lift my legs and open them. I did and OMG!! The best feeling ever in my ass this men proceeded to eat my ass out and my moaned like a little bitch. I was loving it.

Then he told me all I had to do was hold my legs open. He grabbed the lube and started spreading it in my asshole and put a finger and then two. When he saw I was enjoying it he took the plug and put it in I loved the felling as he pulled and pushed that small plug in and out of my ass. I was really enjoying my ass like I never did before.

He realizes that I was enjoying myself and asked me if he could try to put the dildo in me. I agreed. So he took off the plug lubed the dildo and my ass once again and started pushing it in. I was just trying to relax and see if I could take it all. I relaxed and was enjoying him trying to put it all in when I look at him and he is just staring and I ask what’s wrong. He says nothing the whole thing is in already.

I’m like WHAT? I took my and to my ass and there it was two plastic balls right against my ass cheeks. I though no way it was this easy. I was really surprised and told him to do whatever he wanted to do next. So he started to slowly fuck my ass with the dildo. I was loving it. And then I fell a void in my ass and as I look over there he is putting the dildo down and a condom in is rock hard cock. So there it was it was going to happen.

I travesti istanbul grab my legs as hard as I can when I see him lube his dick and ready myself.

He gets really close and puts the head of his cock right against my opening and started pushing. It was much bigger then the dildo and harder to take in. I was breathing in deep when he says calm down it’s all in.

There I was finally legs open like a true bottom with an older men with is dick all inside me. He then proceeded to start fucking me and for a while I took it like a champ.

Except it was too big nas started hurting after a while and told him. He took it off and told me relax we didn’t have to keep going. I was felling great and wasn’t going to leave this man white blue balls so I told him to sit on the bed and I took off the condom and started sucking him once again. Something I learn that day that I love to do.

He laid back moaning as I licked and sucked the best I could to please this incredible men and loving every second of it. After a bit he sits straight a bit and starts panting and moaning harder. Now as a men I know what that means. He’s about to cum. And I thought what am I going to do when he does? Do I take it out and let him come over me, do I push the dick towards him?, do I swallow or do I spit?

As I’m thinking this stuff trough I fee a warm shot of cum in my mouth and another straight after, and another and my mouth was starting to fill and I instinctively swallowed. So I sucked him off clean!!! I didn’t even had an opportunity to decided it just appended.

I stopped and was felling really proud of my self and horny as I didn’t cum yet so he reversed our places and proceeded to suck me like a pro until I came and he swallowed it all as well.

When it was all set and done I was no longer an anal virgin and had the best time ever and left is house felling like everyone on the street knew what I did and I just didn’t care.

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