The summer of ’06, the hottest and driest in over 40 years, might have been memorable for that reason alone had Beth not gone on a 60 day sexual rampage that was the beginning of the end of her marriage.

During that time she had sexual encounters with men where I’d played no part, men where I was only peripherally involved, plus men and women where I was directly implicated. I will chronicle her sexcapades with farther and son Don and Sean soon, a day that she both regretted and relished.

But… before that, her dalliance with Alan flared up again.

Summer school had started and as I’d expected, his foresight in having her in a classroom isolated from the rest of the teachers paid dividends. At the end of the first day of classes, a Tuesday, he popped into her room as soon as the last of her students were gone. Her immediate reaction was to throw him out, “Oh how predictable!” her reasoning. But, he persisted, spending two weeks wearing her down, until he hit on a weak spot.

Both she and Alan held a grudge against the school secretary. Not Alan’s secretary, but the women who’d been running the office for over 15 years. Alan’s axe to grind? He was sure it had been her who’d called the Superintendent about his affair with Judy, another member of the faculty.

Beth’s problem with her? On the day that she first propositioned me, the woman had seen us come out of the “private consultation room” together. Only the principal and the school nurse were supposed to use that room. The secretary had gone to the principal and told him what she’d seen. The principal, who was very fond of Beth, then warned her about what the secretary had seen and asked her to be more discreet in the future, probably already suspecting there was more to her interest in me than just as a story teller.

Alan’s idea? “Come on, you know you want to, and you know he (meaning me) doesn’t care. Let’s make it special, and do it on Angela’s desk!”

Beth thought about that for a second, maybe two and said, “Okay.”

Never consulted with me, just said, “Okay.”

Alan went to check on everyone who was still in the building, came back to Beth’s classroom and told her to wait for 15 minutes.

He came back to get her in five!

Leading her to the office suite, he locked the main door behind them and then led her to Angela’s desk. They started kissing, Alan rubbing her tits while she rubbed his crotch. Getting excited, he pulled his pants down, Beth pulling her skirt up. Then she asked, “Do you have protection?”

He looked completely dumbfounded, “No, don’t you use any?”

She settled for giving him another blow job, Alan promising to come, “prepared,” the next day.

Same scenario, same desk, next day. When he went to put the condom on, he couldn’t stay hard. Since he’d purchased lubricated condoms, she didn’t want to suck on him, the taste repugnant.

After washing off the lube, Alan got another blow job and she went home frustrated again.

The next day I took her to lunch, Alan left behind. That was when I found out what had been going on!

After listening to her story and scolding her for not telling me about it before she’d started, I asked, “Wouldn’t you think he’d been “clipped,” by now? I mean he is prone to having sexual affairs, and he has kids, right?” She looked at me strangely and answered, “He has two, a boy and a girl.”

“So, there you go. My money’s on him having a vasectomy shortly after the younger one was born. You didn’t ask him?”

“No, it never came up. I asked if he had protection and everything happened as I told you after that.”

“Would solve the problem,” I told her.

Shaking her head, “I can’t believe that you’re doing this.”

“Doing what?”

“Solving his problem with getting to fuck me!”

“Listen, if I wasn’t 100% sure it was what YOU wanted, believe me I wouldn’t bother. But you have this thing for him, and far be it from me to stand in your way.”

Lacking a response to that, she let it drop.

Late the next morning, when he came to her classroom, she asked him? “Yes,” he answered, “right after my daughter was born.”

“Why didn’t you tell me,” her exasperation palpable. “I thought you were worried about catching something!” he answered, his frustration evident.

They both laughed, told each other that they were tested annually, all findings negative, and then made their way to Angela’s desk, where Beth, finally, got Alan to fuck her.

They left a puddle on her blotter as a souvenir!

She called me on her way home to tell me. When I asked how it was, she answered, “I’ll tell Saturday night.”

Saturday, I took her to supper, plans for, “The G-Spot,” after that.

And, she’d dressed herself, a really nice sheer black, button front blouse with black embroidered along the collar and button holes. A black/grey plaid mini skirt and black platform high heels. In addition, she gone to Victoria’s Secret and purchased a black satin demi-bra and g-string set, which added a touch of class to the Escort bayan ensemble.

“So,” she said, as she sipped her first martini of the night, “Alan and I finally did it… and we did it on Angela’s desk!”

I nodded, not saying anything.

Her lower lip curled, a slight pout, “Don’t you want to know what happened?”

“I’m sure it was everything that you’d expected, the consummation of two years of lusting after one another, a true affair of the heart!”

Now a look of anger, “You don’t have to be so snide about it. Jesus it was mostly your idea!”

I laughed, “Yup, it was me who told you that you could never have an affair with him. “He’s too much like a brother to you!” I must have said, “and he’s your boss.” Then it was me who was flirting in his office with him and forgot that you were waiting for me in your classroom…,”

“Okay, you’re right,” a hint of embarrassment in her voice and on her face. “But still…, you should at least sound interested.”

“I am, but you need to remember that this was your idea, both of you, and while I would never stand in your way, it doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it.”

Now I had her.

Sure, she was putty in my hands before this, but now!!!

Biggest smile I’d ever seen, “You’re jealous! Jesus Christ, I can’t believe it!” She leaned across the table, ass hanging out, tits practically falling out of her bra, and kissed me full on the lips, her tongue down my throat and wouldn’t stop!

Finally breaking loose from her, I protested, “No I’m not!”

But I said it just defensively enough for her not to believe it.

“Yes you are,” she crowed, “you’re jealous but you won’t admit it!”

“Well, what chance do I have…, he’s Italian! At birth, he’d have already forgotten more than I’ll ever know about making love to a woman.”

She couldn’t stop smiling and must of said, “I can’t believe it!” twenty times. Finally, she settled down, giggled a bit more and then said, “Well, I hate to tell you, but if Alan is a true representative of the Italian race… then all of that shit about them being great lovers is a complete myth!”

“NO!” I said, with all of the sincerity I could muster.

“Yes,” she admitted, “first, he isn’t very big. I thought it was because he was nervous, the first few times I touched him and sucked on him. But he never got really hard and he never got that big and he’d cum really quickly. So yesterday, I took my time getting him and myself ready. I played with him and I sucked on him and I even licked his asshole. When I finally lay down on Angela’s desk and he pushed himself against me, I had to help him get it in and he still wasn’t very hard. I hardly felt him inside me, but he was pumping on me and I started to get excited just from that when…, he just moaned a little and, that was it.”

“But he did cum, right. You said you left a puddle on the secretary’s desk.”

“Yeah, he did cum. Big deal! You know what was in it for me?”

“The satisfaction of having him fuck you?”

“No, that what was in it for HIM! There was nothing in it for me. He never touched me anywhere but my tits.”

“Kind of like Todd, huh?” (referring to her husband who’d never, by her account, gone down on her)

“Don’t even say that,” disgust in her voice now.

We left it at that and enjoyed our dinner.

It was still early and I was still planning to take her to The G-Spot, a party that night where single men were invited to join in the festivities.

Since things didn’t really get started there until after 10:00 PM, we went to The Foxy Lady, giving her a chance to see and be seen, maybe interact with some of the dancers.

With her dressed the way she was, the bra actually adding a seductive finish to her classic summer look, I figured she would be “seen” a lot.

Getting there, we found Anthony, the normal day manager in charge. “Boss gave me a treat!” as he air kissed Beth and then led us to a table very near the stage.”

As usual, after I’d given him a $20 tip for the table, he had our waitress bring us a “complimentary” split of champagne. From experience I knew we’d get one glass each from that so I backed it up with a drink for both of us.

Beth, needing to use the ladies room, drank her champagne and excused herself, walking past the main stage on her way, glancing back at me, her eyes saying, “Can you believe THAT!” the tiny dancer on the stage sporting the biggest fake tits we’d ever seen!

Had to be 44DDD and if she weighed 100 lbs, her boobs were a third of her weight.

But she was cute!

Good crowd, as usual on a Saturday night, the seats around the main stage full, along with the stage side and perimeter tables, a couple of Bachelor Parties in full swing.

Watching the dancer, still in disbelief, I saw Beth exit the hallway where the bathrooms were located, my attention returning to the stage, where the girl had a stage side customer smothered beneath her gigantic boobs.

She had the guys hooting and hollering, dollar Bayan escort bills flying onto the stage.

I looked around for Beth, finally spotting her still on the far side of the stage, engaged in conversation with three men sitting at a table. They were gesturing, she was gesturing and pointing at herself. One of the guys got up and offered her his seat, but she pointed toward me, blew them a kiss and started walking back toward me.

The girl with the giant tits, now finished with her set, was picking up the money off the stage and bantering with the men seated nearby.

As soon as she exited, a spotlight appeared, centered on the curtains at the back…, “Crystal…, Crystal main stage, Crystal”

Looking back, expecting Beth to be close to our table, I saw her now standing talking to a couple of guys at the stage, them using the same gestures the other men had used, she doing the same. Then she bent over to say something to the guy to her right and I noticed a well dressed older gentleman seated behind her at a single seat table against the wall. He was watching her intently and when she bent over…, he turned his head to the right and bent it sideways, no doubt looking at her ass and g-string under the mini skirt!

He continued to look until she stood up, waved at the two guys and started back toward me again.

As she got closer, I realized why it had taken her so long to make it back…!

She had taken off her bra and unbuttoned the top four of the seven buttons on the front of her blouse. And, after seeing the older gent’s reaction to her, I had no doubt she’d taken the g-string off too.

I got up and held her chair for her, the men around us all looking at her and not the stage.

“Having fun?” I asked as I sat down.

“Lots,” she answered.

“And making new friends,” I added, she giving me a big smile.

“Crystal,” one more time from the DJ, starting to sound annoyed.

“You in a contest to see who can get the most attention…, you or the dancers?” as I looked at her tits.

“No,” she answered, “those men stopped me and I was being polite.”

“How about the guy in the suit,” nodding back toward the stage, “were you being polite with him too?”

“Which guy was that?” giving me a confused look.

“The guy sitting behind the last two guys you talked with,” as she looked. “suit…, with the blue tie.”

“Him? No, I didn’t talk to him.”

“You might not have talked to him, but you sure made an impression. When you bent over to talk to those two guys, he was bent over too, looking up your skirt.”

With her staring at him, he raised his glass in salute. She gave him a smile and the turned back to me, laughed and said, “Men are such pigs!”

Before I could add anything to that, the spotlight narrowed, the music began and a vision in white stepped between the curtains and onto the stage.

If the music hadn’t been playing…, you could have heard a pin drop!

All eyes were on the stage, and for good reason.

Tall, blond, a beautiful face that sparkled in the spotlight and blue eyes that radiated, even where we were sitting. Her body was even better, every curve accentuated by the sheath dress that she was wearing.

She looked flawless!

“My God,” Beth exclaimed, “that is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen!”

While I could have easily agreed with her, discretion and the obvious agreement with her statement from the men in the building made it unnecessary.

Within seconds, every seat at the stage was taken.

To make it even more sensuous, her movements to the music made it look like she was liquid, rather than flesh and bone.

I needed to do something, so I took the ones that were given to me when we paid our admission and handed them to Beth.

Looking at me, she stammered, “You…, you want me to go up…, there? There aren’t any seats!”

“Just walk up to the stage…, you’ll get a seat.”

Before she stood up, I reached over and unbuttoned two more of her buttons, the blouse ready to fall off if she moved either shoulder too far in any direction.

She never acknowledged my action, only smiled at me and walked toward the stage.

In the five steps it took her to get there, she was stopped twice by guys trying to hook up with her. Dazzling smiles and a side step got her around them.

Immediately, a guy three seats to her right saw her and stood to offer her his chair. Her smile for him won him a place standing right behind her, his eyes never rising above her chin, his view over her shoulder the best in the house!

She was right…, men are pigs!

“She’s amazing,” a male voice stated.

Turning, it was the gentleman in the blue tie.

He gestured toward Beth’s empty chair.

I nodded and we introduced ourselves. His name was Harold.

Sitting, he said once again, “She really is quite amazing.”

“I agree, truly one of the most beautiful young woman I’ve ever seen. What is she doing here?”

Laughing, Escort he responded, “I was about to ask you that very same question.”

By this time, Crystal had noticed that she wasn’t getting all of the attention from the men at the stage, Beth commanding that from the men around her. Professional that she was, Crystal recognized an opportunity when she saw one and immediately danced over to where Beth was sitting.

Kneeling down in front of her, Crystal leaned forward and whispered something in Beth’s ear, the two of them laughing and then Crystal stood and danced away, as the first song was coming to an end.

Swaying in front of the men at the other side of the stage, Crystal received all the encouragement that she needed…, to dance back to Beth. Her second song had just started when she arrived, the smiles on both of their faces indicating that this was where she was suppose to be, the eruption of applause, whistles and hoots from the men only confirming that fact.

Bending at the waist, Crystal let her long blond hair fall on top of Beth, who’d stood and was now reaching behind the dancer’s neck, untying the straps that held her dress up.

While still bending, Crystal put both hands on Beth’s face and kissed her on the lips.

The audience went wild, money being thrown onto the stage.

Both girls laughed, the dancer giving Beth another quick peck and then she slowly stood up while Beth held the two dress straps in her hands, the dress sliding off as Crystal stood.

When she was finally standing up straight, the dress was around her ankles and she daintily stepped to her right, the dress now sitting empty on the stage.

Beth dropped the straps on top of the dress and sat back down.

Whatever ambient noise had built up during the prologue…, it disappeared along with Crystal’s dress, her g-string now the only garment she was wearing as she danced.

Without the music, you could have heard a feather drop!

With little over half of her second number left, she knew she needed to do something with that time and the opportunity that Beth had given to her, so she sat down on the edge of the stage in front of her and with the chairs on either side tightly packed, opened her legs and put a foot on both chairs.

The men seated in those chairs, recognizing what Crystal wanted, pushed the chairs back, giving the girl access to Beth.

They were rewarded with an up close and personal view of Crystal dropping into Beth’s lap and giving her another kiss, this one more passionate, the girl’s tongue in Beth’s mouth and then flicking her upper lip as Crystal stood up, her legs straddling Beth.

The guys went crazy again, more money flying and more hoots and hollering.

Leaning across the table, Harold said, “Just remarkable. She’s the center of attention and she acts as if the two of them are the only ones in the building!”

Smiling, I told him, “That’s why she makes the big money…, she’s a professional.”

He gave me the strangest look.

With the song winding down, Crystal, swaying to the music while still straddling Beth, put her hands on Beth’s shoulders, drawing her face toward her…, before a last second jerk pulling Beth’s face into her chest!

Not expecting the move, Beth was thrown off balance, her arms wrapping around Crystal, her hands ending up on the dancer’s ass.

There was a near stampede of men, all jockeying for position to see what was going to happen next.

Beth, with her face in between Crystal’s ample boobs, did what she thought the dancer would want her to do, pulling her face back and then licking, kissing and sucking on Crystal’s tits, her hands now kneading the girl’s ass.

The song ended with Crystal wrapping her arms around Beth’s head, which was still in between her tits and hugging her…, while money, truly, rained down on the two of them.

When Crystal finally stood, she put her right foot on Beth’s chair, pulling her garter open for Beth to slip the money I’d given her into the garter.

Beth, having been taught by me NOT to put the money into the garter, but rather, pull the dancer’s g-string open and slip the money into the front of the g-string instead, did exactly as told, causing the men to go crazy one more time and Crystal to hold both hands up in front of her face, then crossing her two index fingers to make a “cross,” an obvious reference to warding off someone evil! She then stepped forward again, hugged Beth and gave her a final kiss.

That brought the house down.

It took her almost two minutes to pick up all the money off the stage and floor.

As Beth started to walk back to our table, her blouse hanging off both shoulders, chest completely exposed, she was stopped by men who…, having been extremely excited by her performance were offering large sums of money if she would let them, “…, lick” “…, kiss,” “…, bite”…,” “…,” “suck,” or even, “…, fuck,” her tits!

She met each invitation with a smile and a “…, thank you,” before making the five step walk back to our table.

Finding a stranger sitting in her seat, she plopped down into my lap and gave me a big sloppy and very passionate kiss.

Harold stood and bent to introduce himself, me doing the honors for him.

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