Do You Trust Me?


Helen and I had been friends for about two years. We met at work where we both worked swing shifts at the local hospital while trying to get through school during the day. She worked as a clerk on one of the nursing units and I did some light maintenance which gave me the freedom to move around the hospital and converse with all the lovely ladies. (A note to all you single guys out there trying to score. Get yourself a job at a hospital. You will find that the place is about 75% women and most of them have this over whelming need to make you feel better.)

When your in college it seems like you move every semester. I ended up taking an apartment across the street from Helen’s building. We would see each other often, coming and going from work, school, and home. We didn’t ever have a relationship in th two years of our friendship. Our love lives were not on the same cycle. It seemed whenever one of us was free, the other was dating someone. So we just ended up going out for some drinks with a group after work or hanging out together, sometimes talking for hours.

Did I say that this young lady is incredibly sexy? I would often find my self dreaming about her clean, fresh, shoulder length auburn hair, Mediterranean complexion with piercing green eyes and a carefree smile. Her petite body at about 5’4″, sleek with a shapely ass, supporting a firm pair of C-cup breasts. She would invade my sleep, the warmth of her tender shape, the tickle of her hair across my chest as I held her in my dreams. As I would emerge from deep sleep into the twilight, not asleep but not awake, I would start to stroke myself while thinking of her until my body would spasm and my cock would cum.

A warm spring breeze blew across the town that night. I had just arrived home from an evening class as the sun was in the final stages of setting. I had the night off and was preparing to sit on the stoop outside my apartment front door and enjoy a beverage and the last of the crimson sky when I noticed a light go on in Helen’s apartment. Not looking forward to spending a Friday night alone after leaving a four-month relationship I grabbed a cold bottle of wine from the fridge and a joint and headed over to Helen’s apartment.

When she opened the door, I was greeted with that carefree smile as she let me in. I produced the wine and the joint and asked her if she wanted to hang out this evening. She had her hair pulled back into a pony tail, wearing a yellow tank top that almost reached the top of her cutoffs.

“I rented a movie” she replied. I was just going to hang out anyway. Why don’t you join me?

We poured some wine, settled onto the couch, put the movie in the VCR and proceeded to light up. The movie was terrible. It suffered from bad plot, bad writing, and bad acting other wise it was pretty good. If it wasn’t for the fact that we both had a little buzz going it would have been completely intolerable.

About a half hour into the cosmic love france izle movie I got up took both our glasses into the kitchen to get some more wine. Standing behind the couch I handed Helen her glass and put mine down on the end table. I stood there for a minute looking down at the warm skin of her shoulders, down past her cleavage and at the cotton shirt that covered her breasts continuing down her smooth legs. Then without thinking, like an irresistible force, I started to rub her shoulders. This was the most physical contact that Helen and I have had. Yet it felt so natural to kneed the muscles of her neck and shoulders. Helen must have thought so too. She did not act surprised in any way as I touched her. Within seconds I could feel her start to relax as the tension flowed from her body by way of my finger tips.

“That feels good”

“ I’m enjoying this myself”

Then like the same irresistible force was guiding me, I asked her “Do you trust me?”

“Of course I do. What do you mean?”

“Maybe I could give you a massage instead of a neck rub”

The wine and the joint were having an effect on both of us. Being friends for so long, we had both put up barriers so not to destroy the comfort level that we had established over the years. The relaxed atmosphere help dissolve any awkwardness and every thing felt so natural.

“What do you want me to do?”

“Go into the other room and get undressed. Put on a bathrobe or something while set the mood out here”

With that Helen got up from the sofa and walked toward the bathroom. “I’ll be right back.”

I laid out some blankets and pillows on the floor that I found in the hall closet. I lit a couple of candles and turned off the television and remaining light in the kitchen.

When Helen emerged from the bathroom, she had been transformed from a sexy young lady in a ravishing, erotic beauty. Her shoulders were draped in a white silk bathrobe that hung to her knees. A sash tied around her waist pulled the silk tight across her breasts with her nipples interrupting the smooth curve of the material. Her hair was hanging loosely over her shoulders.

I walked toward her and held her hand catching a trace of a floral perfume that penetrated to the core of my senses I could feel my heart beat harder as I inhaled. I lead her to the place I prepared on the floor, having she lay face down on the blankets and removed the sash from her waist. I then helped back her arms out of her sleeves and left the robe in place draped over her back and legs.

“Do you trust me?” I asked again.


With that assurance I took the discarded sash and covered her eyes tying gently behind her head.

“This will make it more intense” I told her.

Then I stood and removed my shirt, pants and shorts so that I was now completely naked my cock hard and pulsing with my heart beat. dahmer monster the jeffrey dahmer story izle Her eyes were covered so she could not see, but could sense my nakedness. I knelt beside her and slowly pulled the robe down to the small of her back exposing her skin to the flickering candle light. I started to massage her shoulders and back letting my fingers alternate between firm relaxing stokes and light electrifying touch. Running my hands down her back, just to the outside of her spine, then outward and up the side just barely letting them brush the tender sides of her breasts. I continued this motion letting the tension fade while letting the erotic energy build. I finished off the back rub by gently kissing the base of her neck then under each shoulder blade. As I leaned over and kissed the small of her back her body quaked with a mild tremor was she passed into the next level of relaxation.

After replacing the robe to cover her back I moved onto her feet. This time applying strong penetrating pressure to the ball and instep. I kissed each instep before moving up to the backs of her legs. Kneeling at her feet I started moving my hands up to the backs of her calves moving higher and higher while pushing her ankles outward so I could slide up a little to work on the back of her thighs.

I worked my palms over the back of her calves leaving my thumbs on the inside of the muscle to apply a little squeeze. My hands kept working higher, moving up under the robe that was covering her legs and ass. As I worked higher the robe moved up with my hand, slowly revealing her thighs and ass. As I worked higher, I slowly parted her legs more so I could slide forward and work even higher. As her leg spread and the robe moved up I could start to make out the treasures she held between her legs. Continuing to work my palms over legs her breathing got deeper the higher I moved, my thumbs came closer and closer to perineum, and the scent of perfume was starting to give way to the sent of excitement. Each stroke got closer and closer until my thumbs started to caress that soft spot between her thigh and vulva on my way to massage her ass. I massaged her ass with firm strokes that pulled the globes apart letting her whole perineum feel the air. I finished massaging her legs by kissing the spot where her thighs meet her ass and soft spots on the back of her legs and she responded with that same mild tremors shook through her body before. I returned the robe to its original position and held it in place while Helen rolled onto her back

I moved up so I was kneeling at the top of her head and started to gently stroke her face with my finger tips. I ran my fingers over her forehead across her cheeks and over her lips then kissing them. My hard cock was just inches from her face as I let my fingers glide down her throat and arms, then lifted her hands damned saint izle to kiss her finger tips. My hands continued down the center of her chest, pushing the robe out of the way exposing her breasts. Her nipples were hard and pink about the size of quarters and aching to be touched. I stroked my hand in circles, her breathing getting deeper the closer I got to her nipples, down the center and up the sides then finally across the top letting my fingers caress her nipples. After a few strokes over each breast I leaned over and gently kisssed each nipple.

I threw the robe aside and laid down next to her and hugged her. Her breast pressed against my chest and my cock against her belly. I removed the blindfold and we stared into each others eyes before we locked into a long deep kiss.

Then in a soft voice Helen said, “If you don’t make me cum right now I’m going to explode.”

Not wanting to deny a woman in desperate need of an orgasm. I kissed my way down to that magical area between her legs. She was clean shaven, with only a wisp on her mons. Lips were full and parting, clit clearly viable under her retracted hood. I placed her butt on a pillow and placed her legs over my shoulder as I moved my mouth toward its goal. I placed my tongue on the small patch of flesh between her vagina and bum, then moved it upward over her vaginal opening, between her labia and over her clit. As my tongue parted her labia, her juices started to flow out of her. When I reached her clit her back arched, and she let out a deep moan and held my head so my mouth was on her clit. Helen obviously didn’t want my mouth straying from her clit so I just let my tongue swirl over it with some gentle sucking while inserting two fingers into her vagina to massage her G-spot. It didn’t take long for the fist waves of her orgasm to crest. Her back arched again while her thighs squeezed my ears and pressed down on my fingers inside her as the moaning continued. She would relax for a few seconds, then another wave would crest. Six seven times this would repeat until she fell limp. She summoned me back up and greeted me with a ravenous kiss.

“I want you to cum inside me.” She said, as she held my cock at the entrance to her vagina.

I slowly slid into her feeling the silky warm wet tightness of her vagina from the tip to the base of my cock. The excitement was almost too much to handle as I felt my cock start to twitch just from the initial entry. I had to stop and squeeze my PC muscles to keep my self from cumming right then and there. Afer a few moments I was able to regain my composure and we started to rock together. It didn’t take long before I felt her muscles start to tense and her vaginal muscles clamp down on my cock. With that, cum came firing out of my dick as the wave of the orgasm shot up my spine and out the top of my head.

We both slept there on the floor. I awoke slightly, into twilight sleep and felt her warm body next to mine with the tickle of her hair on my chest. I felt a familiar stroking of my cock and then realized I had both my arms wrapped around Helen. We made love twice more that night and hundreds of times over the next weeks and months, until that day we both graduated and went our separate ways to seek our fame and fortune. Over time we lot touch. If your out there somewhere Helen, give me a call.

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