Doctor Mazlowe is In


Chapter 1

Marlena Mazlowe stood in the doorway of her office, listening carefully. Just a second ago, she could have sworn she heard someone crying. Just when she was about to give up, she heard it again, the distinctive sound of a woman sobbing. She stepped into the open area, and tilted her head, trying to trace the origin of the sound. She moved slowly across the reception area until she stood outside the private, unisex restroom. Whoever was crying was inside.

The office had closed a half-hour earlier, so it couldn’t have been a client. That only left one other person.

“Terumi,” Marlena called out softly. “Are you alright?”

The sound of crying stopped abruptly. Marlena waited patiently for a reply. A minute passed, then she heard the soft and heavily accented voice of her assistant and receptionist, Terumi Basden, through the closed door. “Yes, Miss Mazlowe, I am ok.”

Marlena had noticed that Terumi seemed preoccupied and distracted for the last several days. She suspected something was bothering the young Japanese woman, but now it was clear.

“Can I come in?” Marlena asked, opening the door without waiting for a response.

Terumi was seated on the commode, but the lid was down, and she wasn’t using it. Her makeup was a mess, and it looked as if she had been crying for quite a while. Marlena snatched a couple of kleenex from the box by the sink and handed them to the younger woman.

“What’s going on, honey?” Marlena asked softly. “Why are you crying?”

Terumi took the tissues, wiped her eyes, then blew her nose. “I’m sorry, Miss Mazlowe,” she replied, looking very forlorn. “I don’t mean to cause you any problems.”

“There’s no problem, Terumi,” Marlena assured the girl. “I’m just concerned about you. What’s going on?”

“I’m sorry.” Terumi stood up and straightened her clothes. “I will finish my work now.”

“Come with me,” Marlena said, taking the younger girl by the hand and pulling her out of the restroom. She dragged her into her office.

“Have a seat,” she directed the young Asian.

“Am I in trouble? I won’t let it happen again.”

Marlena went to a cabinet and raised the lid. It turned out to be a bar. She removed two glasses, dropped a large, single ice cube, and poured a healthy dose of whiskey into each. She handed one to Terumi then sat down on the edge of her desk, near the young woman.

“You’re not in any trouble, Terumi. I promise.” Terumi was always very self-conscious or her lack of experience and was afraid that she was going to do something wrong and lose her job. Marlena had grown fond of her assistant and was very protective of her. “Is something going on with Mitch?”

Mitch Basden was Terumi’s husband and Marlene’s son’s best friend. Jimmy and Mitch had grown up living next door to each other since they were six-years-old. After high school, Jimmy had gone to college, and Mitch had joined the Air Force. He was stationed in Japan, where he met, fell in love and married Terumi.

Mitch and Terumi had arrived from Japan a few months ago, needing a place to stay and meaningful work. Derek, Marlena’s husband, hired Mitch to work at his company. At about the same time, Marlena’s receptionist had quit, so Marlena offered Terumi the job.

Terumi had no experience and a bit of a language barrier. However, Marlena believed her English was good enough for her small practice. All that Terumi lacked was confidence. However, recently, Terumi’s mood and behavior made Marlena wonder if something was going on with Mitch, something physical.

“Terumi,” she began, “are things ok at home with Mitch?”

Terumi’s eyes got very wide as a look of fear covered her face. “Y-yeah, Miss Mazlowe,” she replied. “Mitch is very good to me.”

Marlena was getting a worrisome vibe. “Honey, have you and Mitch been fighting a lot lately?”

Terumi seemed surprised that Marlena had figured it out. She nodded. “Hai. Yes, we fight almost every day.”

“Does Mitch ever get mad and hurt you?” Marlena asked.

Terumi lowered her eyes and sobbed. “Sometimes,” she admitted. “It is my fault.”

Marlena took Terumi’s hand. “Honey, you can’t blame yourself. No matter what, a man has no right to hit a woman.”

“Wait, you think Mitch hits me?” Terumi asked.

“You said he sometimes hurts you,” Marlena said. “Right?”

Terumi nodded again. “Yes, but, it is, how you say, his o-chinchin, his cock, it is okisugi, uh, too big.”

Marlena choked on a sip of whiskey. “Wait. What?”

“His cock is too big for my manko, my pussy. It hurts me when he puts it in me; you know when he fucks me.”

Marlena stared at her young assistant, slightly bemused. “So, you mean that only time he hurts you is during sex?”

“Yes, Miss Mazlowe,” Terumi nodded, blushing profusely. “He is too big.”

“Well, how big is he?” Marlena asked, suddenly curious.

“I don’t know exactly.” Terumi held up a hand as if she were holding a beer bottle. Then, she placed her other hand on top of it, in the same manner.

“If Ümraniye Esmer Escort I use two hands, about this much is sticking out the top.”

She raised the bottom hand, holding her thumb and index finger about three inches apart, just above the other hand. Marlena did a quick estimate. If each of her hands were two and a half inches across, then his dick had to be around eight or nine inches in length. That was big, but it wasn’t so big that it would be too painful to handle.

“So, why are you and Mitch fighting?”

“He wants to have sex all the time!” Terumi declared. “It hurts, so I don’t want to. He complains and gets mad at me because I don’t like it, and I don’t do for him the things his old girlfriends would do.”

“Like what?”

“He is a chikan!” Terumi said. “Chikan, you know, how you say, perfert.”

“Perfert?” Marlena asked, then realized what the girl meant. “Oh, pervert! Mitch is a pervert?”

“Yes, yes!” Terumi smiled and shook her head. “Pervert! That is Mitch.”

Marlena wasn’t sure if Terumi truly understood what a pervert was. “So, what makes him a pervert? What is it that he wants you to do, honey?” Marlena asked.

Terumi seemed reluctant to answer. She was again blushing brightly.

“Terumi, you can tell me, honey,” Marlena said, comforting the young woman. “You know this is what I do for a living. I’m a sex therapist. Of all people, you know you can trust me.”

Terumi nodded. “Yes, Miss Mazlowe. I trust you. You are always so good to me.”

“So, what is it that he wants you to do that is so perverted?”

“Well,” the girl began, looking extremely nervous. “He always wants me to put his thing in my mouth and suck on it.” Terumi blurted out.

Marlena grinned. Her young assistant seemed to be very inexperienced when it came to sex. “Honey, many men like for their women to do that. Derek loves it when I suck his cock. It’s a very normal thing for couples to do.”

“Really? You do that?”

“Yes, I do. I actually enjoy doing it. It turns me on and gives me an incredible sense of power to know that I can control how my fan feels. Didn’t you ever do that with any of your old boyfriends?”

Terumi lowered her gaze and whispered, “Mitch was my first boyfriend.”

“Oh, really?” Marlena replied. “So, you were a virgin when you started dating Mitch?”

“I was a virgin until we got married,” Terumi explained. “The first time for me to have sex was on the night of my wedding. I didn’t know what to expect.”

“Your mother didn’t tell you about sex?” Marlena asked.

“No, Miss Mazlowe,” she replied. “Only that sex makes you pregnant and not to do sex until I was married.”

“Had you done other sexual things with Mitch before you got married?”

“We kissed, but nothing more than that,” she explained. “He always tried to do more, like to touch my body or get me to touch his thing. But, I didn’t do it.”

“How about with other guys in Japan?”

“No, I only dated a few guys, but we never were serious or got to the point of even kissing. Mitch was my first time for many things.”

“Some men are very attentive lovers, who think about your needs sexually. They want to make sure you enjoy sex, that you feel good, and that you cum,” Marlena explained. She wasn’t sure if Terumi understood. “Honey, does Mitch take his time when you have sex with a lot of before and after play?”

“What is that?”

“Foreplay is things you and your partner do to each other before you have sex to get excited, to share pleasure, and to make sure your pussy is ready for fucking,” Marlena explained as carefully as she could. “Afterplay is things you do after fucking to share affection or to do more.”

“Mitch usually goes to sleep after fucking.”

“How about before fucking? Does he play with your breasts and vagina to get you turned on and give you pleasure before you have sex?”

“A little, but mostly, he wants me to put his thing in my mouth until it is big, and then he gets on top and puts it in me. If I tell him it hurts, he goes faster and finishes.”

Marlena was beginning to feel a lot of sympathy for the girl. Sex was supposed to be about pleasure for both participants. As a sex therapist, she often worked with couples who had difficulties with intimacy. It sounded like Mitch and Terumi had some significant challenges in the bedroom.

“Terumi,” Marlena began, “Sex should feel good, not just for Mitch, but for you too. Do you experience any pleasure from it?”

Terumi thought about it before replying. “Sometimes, I like how it feels, but not for long. I usually just want it to be over.”

“You poor child,” Marlena said, comforting the young woman. “Sex should be one of the most pleasurable experiences you can have. Have you ever had an orgasm from sex with Mitch?”

“I don’t know,” Terumi answered. “I’ve read about orgasms and heard my girlfriends talk about them, but I don’t think I have ever had one.”

“Not even from masturbation?” Marlena Ümraniye Eve Gelen Escort was surprised. She realized Terumi was inexperienced, but surely she had cum before.

“What is that?” Terumi asked, looking very confused.

“Touching yourself,” Marlena explained. “Touching yourself for pleasure, your breasts, your pussy, with your hands or maybe with a toy of some kind.”

“Onani?” Terumi said with a surprised look on her face. “No! I have never done that. Do you touch yourself, Miss Mazlowe?”

Marlena smiled and took Terumi’s hand. “Honey, I masturbate every day. I love to do it. A woman doesn’t have to have someone else to have wonderful pleasure, Terumi. And, she certainly doesn’t have to depend on a man for it.”

“Honto desu ka?” Terumi asked, reverting to Japanese. “Really? Is that true?”

“Yes, it is,” the older woman replied. Marlena had an idea forming in her brilliant and sexy mind. “Terumi, how would you like to be a client. I can teach you everything you need to know to transform your sex with Mitch from painful and unrewarding to satisfying and deeply pleasurable?”

Terumi grinned. “I would love that, Miss Mazlowe, but I cannot afford you.”

Marlena kissed Terumi’s hand. “I’m sure we can find a way for you to show me your appreciation.”

“Yes, please, Miss Mazlowe,” Terumi said with a smile. “I would like that very much.”

Chapter 2

“Faster, Derek!” Marlena demanded of her husband. “You know the way I like it. Lick my clit properly, and I might let you cum tonight.”

Derek smiled at hearing that he might be allowed to have an orgasm. It had been a week since Marlena had given him permission to cum. His cock strained in its cage, and he desperately needed release. “Thank you, Mistress,” Derek moaned then resumed licking her pussy. He pressed his tongue firmly to his wife’s large, engorged clit and flicked it up and down rapidly, just the way she liked.

Marlena purred like a cat and stroked Derek’s hair affectionately, “Mmmm, good boy. Keep that up, and you’ll make me cum.”

Derek let out a deep sigh, thrilled that he pleased his wife and mistress. He licked harder and faster, trying even harder to satisfy her.

Marlena was turned on more today than usual. The conversation with Terumi had planted thoughts in her brain that had begun to grow, dirty and naughty thoughts. She had always felt a strong attraction to small, petite Asian women, and Terumi was beautiful. Terumi’s innocence and lack of sexual experience made her the perfect canvas for Marlena to paint on. She was a lump of sexual clay that Marlena could shape and mold. The idea made her horny, and she was taking it out on her husband.

Derek’s tongue felt incredible, but it wasn’t going to be enough for her. Not this time. She pushed on his forehead, causing him to lose contact with her pussy. However, he continued licking, trying to touch her.

Marlena spoke in a deep, sexy, hungry voice, “I need something more than your tongue tonight. You’ve been a good boy, so I”m going to reward you.”

Her husband looked up expectantly.

“Bring me your cock,” Marlena instructed.

Derek jumped up and stood next to his wife, his cock within easy reach, locked away behind the brass cage. Marlena had a small key on a chain that hung between her breasts. She used it to unlock the cock restraint and removed it. Derek’s cock fell out, already halfway hard.

She placed the unopened restraining cage down and took his cock into her hand. At seven inches, it was nice-sized. It wasn’t close to the biggest cock she’d ever had, but Derek knew how to use it. She sometimes regretted having collared him, thinking back to their early years, when he would fuck her often. But, she was born to be a Domme, and Derek was the perfect pet for her. He worshipped her as a Goddess and had since he worked his way to become her favorite client, back when she was stripping.

That’s how they met. Marlena was a stripper at one of the elite Gentlemen’s Clubs in the country, and Derek had come in one night with a buddy Dave. Marlena had seen him when they walked in and was going to stop by and say hello, but his buddy approached her first. She was very selective of the men with whom she chose to spend her time at work. She had a type. Derek was her type.

That didn’t mean that Derek was her type for her out-of-work relationships. Marlena had a rigorous policy of not dating her clients. When at work, she could give 100% to being the best “girlfriend” the guy ever had. But, it ended at the door to the club. She refused to get involved with her clients or develop feelings for them. If she ever felt she was starting to have feelings, she would kick the client to the curb. To some, that may sound mercenary, but it wasn’t. She was trying to avoid hurting the men who fell in love with her. A small hurt early on was better than a severe pain later.

That night, the three of them had hung out for quite a while, laughing and talking. Derek was more engaging to talk Ümraniye Evi Olan Escort to than his friend. She liked Dave too, but she kept finding herself leaning in to speak to Derek. She liked Derek’s demeanor and intelligence and could tell he was into her. But, she was his friend’s date for the night, and she was very good at her job. She was just about to suggest that Dave take her someplace private, but he had to go to the restroom. While he was gone, Derek surprised her. It took a lot to surprise Marlena.

“We met before,” Derek said.

“We did?” Marlena replied. “When? Where?”

“It was a few years ago,” he said, staring intensely into her eyes. “Here, at the club. I was here with some people from work, and they’d all gone off and left me at the table alone. You were on stage, and I came up to you and tipped you twenty bucks. I told you that I was only going to tip you, and not the other girls, so you got all of it at one time.”

“Really? You sure it was me?” Marlena replied. She’d been stripping for several years as she worked her way through college and her post-graduate psychology classes. She had only worked on weekends so that she could go to classes during the week.

“I could never forget someone as beautiful as you,” he said. Marlena assumed it was empty flattery and rolled her eyes. “Your red hair. Your perfect little breasts, natural and perky. Your eyes and the way you look into my soul. I remember you were going to college during the week and would come up here on the weekends to dance. You were getting your Master’s in Psychology at the time.”

“Holy shit!” Marlena declared. “That sounds right.”

“We sat right over there the whole night and talked,” Derek said. “I think I fell in love with you that night.”

Marlena smiled. “Sure, you did,” she thought.

“Then why didn’t you ever come back and see me?” Marlena asked.

“I did, several times,” he said, “but you weren’t here. After a while, I gave up.”

“Yeah, I didn’t always make it,” she said. “I’m here regularly now, though. I graduated, and I’m saving up enough money to open my practice.”

“I wish I had seen you first,” he said. “This kinda sucks.”

Marlena gave him a little pout. “Yeah, well, he found me first. I saw you when you came in, but you didn’t even look at me.”

“I’m an idiot,” he said.

Just then, Dave came back. “Trying to steal my girl?” he asked playfully as he sat down and put his arm around Marlena. She winked at Derek and smiled at Dave. “We were just reminiscing. It seems Derek and I met once before when he came in here a few years ago.”

“Really?” Dave asked. “That’s wild. Well, too bad, she’s mine this time. Find your own girl.”

Derek grinned and nodded. “I need one,” he said.

“Want me to find you a girl?” Marlena asked.

“Do you have a twin sister?” he asked.

“Aww, you’re sweet,” she said, smiling. “Let me find someone for you.”

With that, Marlena got up and left the two guys alone at the table.

“Dude, she is amazing!” Dave said. “I think I’m in love.”

“So am I,” Derek said wistfully. “The difference is, you’re married.”

Dave grimaced. “Don’t remind me!”

Marlena came back with another beautiful dancer in tow. She introduced her friend, Jackie, to the guys and sat down on Dave’s lap as Jackie sat on Derek’s. “I think we should take this party up to the next level,” Marlena said. “You guys want dances?”

“Sure!” Dave said excitedly.

“Why not?” Derek replied, his eyes locked on Marlena.

With that, the four of them got up and moved to a quieter part of the club into adjoining booths. The divider between them was tall enough to make them reasonably private. Derek enjoyed Jackie’s attention and focused on her, but his mind was still on Marlena. Periodically, he could hear Marlena’s boisterous, deep laughter from next door. He was jealous, but there wasn’t anything he could do about it.

Finally, the time came for the guys to leave if they wanted to make it to their concert. Jackie was also being called up to the stage and had to go. She left Derek her number and a kiss before parting. Dave had to run to the restroom again, leaving Derek alone with Marlena.

“Did you have fun?” she asked.

“I did, but not as much fun as I would have had if it had been with you,” he replied.

“Aww,” she replied, then kissed him on the cheek. “You can always come back and see me.”

“I will,” he said.

“You better,” Marlena replied. “Dave has my number if you want to reach me.”

Dave came back, hugged Marlena possessively. She escorted them to the exit and said goodbye, assuming she’d never see them again.

Much to her surprise, a few days later, she got a text from Dave, asking if it was alright to share her number with Derek. She was amused and said it was fine. Later that day, Derek texted her and asked to meet her. They set up a date for later that week.

Derek showed up at the club with flowers. He stayed with her for six hours, not letting her leave his side. He paid to buy her off from having to dance on stage, just to spend more time with her. He spent a fortune that night and was a perfect gentleman. He wasn’t the pervy kind of client that tried to get her to do extras. He respected her boundaries and seemed to sincerely just enjoy her company.

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