Domestic Discipline Ch. 03

Ava Addams

Thank you all for the feedback. Special thanks to BlackrockBoss who kindly edited the story.


I was just organizing clothes in Master’s bedroom when I heard Edward’s voice.

“Mom, come here! Now!”

I hurried to put everything away and quickly made it to my Son’s door. I knocked.


I closed the door behind me and scanned the room for disorder but found none. My girls had done a good job. Edward was sitting in front of His PC with His back turned towards me.

“Get under the desk and give me a good foot rub, will you?”

“Of course, Sir.”

When I kneeled in front of Him I looked up.

“Sir, you didn’t give us a chance to say thank you after your lesson. If I may say so, I’m very grateful and feel another level of respect for you after that beating. I’m proud to see that you grew up to be as stern as your father” I said and lowered my eyes back to His feet.

“Oh you’re welcome, mom. But, just so you know, I don’t appreciate women who talk so much” He answered, bending over to smash my lips between His fingers. “I know father lets you babble whenever you want to, but I’ll certainly beat it out of my woman when I’m married. I like my women hard working and quiet. It’s a sign of a good servant if you can’t even tell she’s there, don’t you think, mother?” He asked letting go of my lips to pat my head.

“Yes, Sir” I answered, but stole a look at His face again and saw that despite His words He was pleased with what I said.

I lowered my head and started to kiss and rub my Son’s feet. It went on for a while until His mobile rang. He answered and pushed my head with His foot to the floor resting it on my left cheek. As he talked, He tapped my face lightly. When the conversation mecidiyeköy escort was over and He slapped my face a little bit harder as a sign to continue rubbing, I heard Adam yelling from the living room for me to come.

“May I be excused, Sir?” I asked, not lifting from my position without permission.

Edward sighed.

“I guess I have to let you go. But I’m not pleased at all. Come here.” He pointed at the floor in front of His chair.

I crawled there and kneeled at attention. He lifted my face with His left hand and kept it firmly in place.

“I know this is not your fault but I’m not happy with you going right now.”

He lifted his right hand and started to slap my face back and forth until it was hot and red. All the time He was punishing me I kept my hands folded behind my back, turning my face back to Him after each slap.

“Now, thank me nicely and run along” He said, letting go of my chin. I kissed both of His hands repeatedly before I got on my feet, bent in half in a deep bow and got out of His room.

I entered the living room and saw my Husband sitting in the couch watching something in TV. I stood behind the couch on His left and waited for orders, feeling my cheeks burning. Adam pointed to His feet so I knelt between them. I knew what would happen so I opened my mouth and starred at His crotch. After a few minutes I started to drool.

“All right, sweetie, why don’t you get down to it. Do your best.”

I opened His zipper with my teeth and started to kiss and lick His hard cock. Then I took it deep in my throat trying, and failing, not to gag. Adam’s reaction was instinctive. He grabbed my hair, pulled me off His cock and slapped me hard across left cheek.

“How vip escort istanbul many years of practice will it take for you to learn?! I thought I told you to do your best, didn’t I?!” He barked irritated looking down at me, “and why is your face so red?”

“Sir Edward didn’t like me going when you called, Master.”

His expression softened.

“That’s my boy. I’m proud. And I like the results. You look much more submissive with your cheeks red. Anyone can tell that you just got a good face slapping. I think I’ll make a habit of that, what do you think, darling?” He asked amusedly, while giving my face light but firm slaps.

“You’re absolutely right. Your women should display proof of what a good Master are you.”

“I agree. Back to work. You will swallow the whole thing this time and keep it in your throat unless ordered otherwise. Now, open wide.”

I obeyed and took it all the way down until my lips touched His balls. After several seconds, I started to gag so fiercely that spasms kept running through my whole body, but I didn’t back up.

“Alright, now back up a little just so you can breathe, then go back down again right away. That’s right, I’m not going to help you, not even going to touch your head. You’re on your own here.”

I kept facefucking myself until He took His cock out of my mouth to finish. I turned my face upwards but kept my lips closed. He liked to come onto my face.

“Awww, yesss, that’s right. There’s nothing that says ‘I’m someone’s property’ than wearing cum on your face” He said, smiling down at me and giving me back His cock to lick it clean. “Yes, always clean after yourself. Now, smear my cum all over your face. You’ll sleep like this tonight, what do you sarıyer escort say?”

“Naturally, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

“That’s what I thought” He laughed, patting me on the head. Then He leaned back on the sofa and stretched out His legs. “Why don’t you express your gratitude by licking my feet while I’m enjoying my afterglow? And then we’ll call it a night.”

I sank down on my knees and started to kiss and lick Master’s feet with hand folded behind my back. At one point He told me to lift my face and stay still. He then slapped my face with His foot a couple of times and told me to kneel up. With His permission, I followed Him to the bathroom.

“I need to piss, honey. Open up.”

I took His penis in my mouth and did my best to swallow every drop of His piss. The last gulp I kept in my mouth for a moment, swirling it around to really feel the taste.

“Good girl, I like how you respect everything I give you.” Adam smiled down at me, patting my cheek. I smiled back at Him, looking lovingly into His eyes. “Since you went out of your way to taste my piss, you won’t brush your teeth tonight. It’ll match the cum on your face. What do you say?”

“Thank you, Sir.”

Adam cleaned himself with my assistance and I followed Him to His bedroom. There we found our daughters already kneeling on both sides of the bed with foreheads pressed to the floor and asses sticking out.

“Ah, yes, I forgot that Jessica is sleeping with me tonight. Jessica, hop in, you’ll sleep by my feet. Monique and Katniss on the floor. Monique, lights.”

I curled down on a rug by Adam’s bed.

I woke up feeling my face being slapped. I looked up and saw that Adam reached with His foot to my face while still lying in His bed. It was the middle of the night.

“Come here this instant, Katniss. I need to piss,” came the husky voice of my Husband. I lifted the covers and took His penis into my mouth. I gulped down everything and licked it clean afterwards. When I kneeled back up Adam was asleep again.

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