Don’t Tell Mel


My girlfriend and I have been together for just over two years now. Melony was perfect for me. 20 years old, 5’5, soft milky skin, beautiful emerald eyes, and jet black hair. She was a wild card fashion-wise. She enjoyed everything from studded leather pants and a biker vest to skin-tight party dresses and fuck-me pumps. Her ass was plump and spankable and her natural 38DDs were mouth watering. She had a bubbly personality, sharp wit, and loved sex. Normally I wouldn’t have even considered getting serious with a girl who let me fuck her the same night we met, but her charm was undeniable.

Melony always thrived to be the perfect girlfriend. Not necessarily for me, but I think the idea of it was an obsession of hers. She always stayed at my side whenever we were out in public. At parties, she always made sure to mention something nice I’d done for her that day and how happy it made her. There was no doubt in my mind that she got off on the attention. Just last weekend at a friend’s barbecue a woman we had never met said she was jealous of how happy we looked together. Within minutes we were fucking like animals in my friend’s spare bedroom.

Unknown to Melony our relationship wasn’t as perfect as she thought. Now, I love Melony to death. She opened me up to so many new things and really helped with my confidence and self-esteem which had been non-existent before I met her. She’s always done everything she could to make me happy, but I’d be lying if I said her obsession with how other people saw us didn’t get exhausting from time to time.

Nine times out of ten I have no problems with any of her ideas, but when I don’t like them, Melony can’t leave it alone. Pestering, whining, childish behavior was all I got until I caved and agreed to whatever it was she wanted me to do. We’ve been together for just over two years now, and as time goes on the amount of ‘disagreements’ has only increased. This has recently caused some second-guessing of our future together.

To everyone else, it seemed like we were the perfect couple. Always smiling and laughing, going on dates, never argued and had an intense sex life. At some point, I had to stop and ask myself what was real and what was just how Melony wanted others to see us.

Melony’s family is amazing. Her mother is an angel, her dad is a really cool guy, and her brothers and sisters are all a blast to be with. Every time I go over it’s the highlight of my week. Melony can’t say the same. She was definitely the black sheep of her flock. I think part of what made us work so well was because I considered myself the black sheep of my own family. It was something we bonded over. The difference between Melony and I is that I can keep my mouth shut when something bothers me.

Melony’s older sister Lizzy was often the instigator. Lizzy was the same age as me, 3 years older than Melony but she was definitely more mature in general. She was always very calm, collect, and spoke very little. Unfortunately for me when she spoke to Melony it was almost always criticism. Whether it be something Melony said or did, Lizzy weighed in on it. It drove Melony crazy and I always got an ear full on the drive home.

To say Lizzy and Melony were opposites is an understatement. Where Melony is outgoing and loud, Lizzy was a recluse. She was always very calm and collect, spoke very little, and when she did it was clear she’d thought every word through before speaking. I haven’t had that much one on one time with her, but we seemed to get along just fine as long as Melony wasn’t acting out. I never could figure out if Lizzy was interested in what I was saying or just being polite.

She was very hard to read but she always looked confident. Lizzy was definitely attractive but not in the same ways as her sister. Lizzy was 5’1, had black hair like her sister but it was longer and a bit curly. She had a ‘cute nerd’ thing going for her with her big rimmed glasses and innocent blue eyes. Her curves were somewhat noticeable with a narrow waist. I’d never seen Lizzy wear anything revealing, but her breasts were much smaller than Melony’s.

It was Easter and Melony’s parents had invited a bunch of family into town for dinner. While I wasn’t actually family, Melony’s mom always insisted I join them. The evening was filled with pleasant conversation and laughter. Much to my own surprise, Melony managed to keep her cool with very few run-ins with Lizzy that were quickly brushed off. By the time the evening was over all the relatives had left and I had a bit too much to drink.

“You can’t drive. You’re staying the night” Melony said to me as we sat cuddled on the couch in the living room. I smiled and pulled her in closer kissing the top of her head, my arm wrapped around her tracing circles in her arm with my fingertip.

“Your mom won’t let me stay the night, you know this” I replied. While her mom loved the hell out of me, it didn’t make her any more comfortable letting Melony and I share a bed under Escort bayan her roof. “She’ll probably make your dad drive me home like last time” I added. We both looked up when her mom entered the room with a pillow and blanket.

“Your father has decided he was going to go have drinks and catch up with your Uncle Thomas, so it looks like you’re staying the night-” her mother said. Melony’s eyes lit up. “On the couch – in the basement. Yes?” she added. I nodded and gave her a hug before taking the pillow and blanket from her.

“Mom please let him sleep in my room! He’ll sleep on the floor it’s ok!” Melony protested, but her mom wasn’t having it. In the end, I found myself laying drunk on the couch in their semi-finished basement. It wasn’t that bad actually. There was a tv and DVD player so I could at least put something on for background noise. With a movie playing low in the background I pulled the pillow beneath my head and closed my eyes in an effort to pass out.

I don’t know how long I was asleep but it couldn’t have been very long. The movie was still playing on the tv but the volume was high. When I came to my senses I realized what was happening. A figure beneath the blanket bobbing up and down, slobbering and slurping and the occasional choking was all too familiar to me.

“Mel…fuck” I moaned as quietly as I could tilting my head back. I pulled the blanket down and ran my hands through her short black hair. Those emerald eyes stared up at me as she choked on my cock causing them to tear up.

“We shouldn’t-” I couldn’t finish before she started deep throating me over and over again. Her mouth was so hot and wet I couldn’t put a sentence together.

“Mel, come on baby please what if someone hears us?” I never had a problem fucking in risky situations, but Melony’s family had always been so good to me and treated me so kindly I always considered this house off limits. I wanted to respect her mom’s wishes. Obviously, Melony disagreed.

“You were so perfect at dinner. Everyone loves you, you know that right?” she said stroking my spit covered cock up and down. She kissed my shaft from the base to the tip before going full speed up and down on my throbbing member. Say what you will about her, but her blowjobs were extraordinary.

She repositioned herself and my cock found itself sliding back and forth gracefully between her breasts. As the tip of my cock resurfaced Melony would suck the remaining length into her mouth. Within seconds my balls tightened and emptied themselves in Melony’s waiting mouth. She slurped and sucked every drop she could from the tip of my cock before popping it out of her mouth. Melony slid backward on the couch, the dim light from the tv revealing she’d been naked this entire time. A look around the empty floor indicated she’d arrived naked.

Her hands gripped the armrest above her head and she spread her legs. With a smirk and not a single word, I followed after her, my head diving between her legs. Of course, she was soaked. My tongue slid up and down her slit, my lips sucking at her swollen clit causing her body to shake beneath me. She liked it when I started slow, and I liked making her squirm. Her fingers pushed through my hair as I worked her pussy with my tongue. Her aroma was intoxicating, and she always tasted so good. While one hand remained on her thigh, the other reached up to take a handful of her soft breast. Her hand closed over mine, pinching and pulling on her other nipple.

I could tell she was getting close. Her breaths were short and rapid, her body was shaking and her hand on my head was braced to rip my hair out if I stopped now. With both hands I pushed her legs up over her, one foot planted off the side of the couch as I lifted her body up and really let her have it. I licked and sucked like it was the last thing I’d ever taste. Only her upper back remained pushed into the couch as I curled the rest of her up pushing her knees into her chest. Melony reached up with both hands and clawed at the armrest as her orgasm took her.

I quickly released her legs and leaned down pressing my lips against hers to muffle her moans. She always was loud when she came. Our eyes narrowed as she moaned into my mouth, my tongue dancing against hers letting her taste herself. We broke out kiss and panted staring into each other’s eyes.

“Fuck me” she managed to gasp.

Everything in me told me to end it there. It was late, we both came and her family was only a floor away. My will was weak but my erection was strong. Melony bent herself over the armrest as I fucked her from behind. Her tits swayed with each thrust, one hand reached back to pull her ass cheeks apart while I held her shoulders. The sound of my hips slapping against her ass was only barely audible over the movie playing on the tv. Having decided to fully commit to this, I turned Melony over onto her back and picked her up into my arms. I stood up from the couch and lowered her onto my cock, Bayan escort pistoning in and out of her pussy while she hung off my neck.

“Come inside me. Fill my pussy with your cum baby, please. I need it so bad” she moaned softly into my ear as she licked and sucked on my earlobe. Thank god she said that because I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. Maybe it was the idea of finally having sex in her parent’s house but something was making the sex even more incredible. That’s when I saw her. Barely visible over the tv’s glow.

A small figure sat at the top of the stairs watching us. I couldn’t quite see who it was but they must have realized they’d been seen because they immediately stood up and disappeared upstairs. I wanted to stop but Melony wasn’t having it. She dug her nails into my neck as I felt her pussy tighten around me. She quivered in my arms forcing my own orgasm to come rocketing through my shaft. I gripped her ass cheeks hard as I filled her with hot cum. She clung to me riding out the last few seconds of her orgasm before slowly letting herself slide down until her feet touched the floor. We stood in silence for a few moments, embracing one another breathing heavily. Melony tilted her head up and kissed me deeply, smiling as she pulled away.

“I should get back upstairs in case Mom comes to check on you. Goodnight” she said.

“Goodnight…see you tomorrow” I replied. I watched Melony as she ascended the stairs, my eyes unable to follow beyond the spot where I’d seen them watching. It couldn’t have been her mother. I wouldn’t still be there if it had been. Too small to be her brother and her dad had gone out. I forced myself to look away from the stairs and laid down on the couch. I was too exhausted to consider the possibilities.


Melony and I decided to spend the next day at her parent’s house before heading back to mine for the night. Normally with both of her parents at work and her younger brother at school, this wouldn’t have been allowed, but it seemed Lizzy would also be spending the day there. Lizzy actually lived out of town but came to visit often.

With nothing better to do the three of us decided to all sit and watch movies together. Naturally, Melony and Lizzy argued over what to watch. I didn’t care one way or another. My mind was still stuck at that moment from last night. The moment I realized someone had been watching me fuck my girlfriend in her parents’ basement. My eyes stared holes into the back of Lizzy’s head as she sat there explaining why her movie choice was better.

‘It couldn’t have been’ I thought to myself. I snapped out of it when Melony’s voice rang in my ears.

“What do you want to watch? Princess Bride? Or some stupid movie about a girl who can’t get laid?” Melony asked, her eyes open wide giving me the ‘pick my movie or what happened last night will be the last time’ face.

“I’m not overly fond of either…but” I looked between Melony and Lizzy who seemed to have accepted the inevitable. “Princess Bride I guess?” I said.

“Yes! Princess Bride!” Melony exclaimed dancing over to the DVD player and putting the movie on. Lizzy just rolled her eyes and sat down in the armchair while Melony curled up to me on the couch. The problem with Melony and movies is she almost always fell asleep during them. Sure enough, after about twenty minutes she was out cold on my lap.

“I don’t know why she even argues,” Lizzy said with a sigh, her eyes never leaving the TV. I shrugged even though I knew she couldn’t see me. I looked down at Melony’s sleeping face on my thigh, the rest of her spread out on the couch. It did seem ridiculous that regardless of her falling asleep EVERY single time, she insisted on arguing to make sure she fell asleep to the movie she picked.

“You could always change it now that she’s asleep. We can just tell her she slept through the whole movie” I suggested. Lizzy glanced back at me with a look I couldn’t identify. It almost looked as though she was expecting something but it hadn’t come. We looked at each other in silence for what seemed like too long before she looked back to the TV.

“Nah. I’m going to have a shower,” she said before pushing herself up off the chair and walking out of the living room without another word. I sat there watching her leave, Melony still sound asleep in my lap. I really didn’t want to just sit there and watch the rest of the movie by myself. I slowly wiggled myself out from under Melony’s head and rested it gently on a pillow before getting up and walking towards the stairs.

From the bottom of the steps, I could hear Lizzy walking around getting her things together for her shower. It was after hearing the screech of the valves and rushing of water I continued into the kitchen. I retrieved my phone from my pocket to check my email only to find myself staring at a black screen with a flashing battery Escort before it cut out completely. I sighed and pushed my phone back into my pocket and returned to the stairs. I knew Melony kept a phone charger next to her bed.

As I reached the top of the stairs I noticed the sound of the water had stopped. While I’ve never known Lizzy to be anything like Melony, I admit I was surprised her shower had been so short. For some reason, I remained stood at the top of the stairs a few feet from the bathroom door. Silence swept through the house, so much so the distant gentle breathing of my sleeping girlfriend could just be heard from where I stood. The silence became somewhat uncomfortable and I started walking. Much to my confusion, the shower started again. I stared at the door curiously as I passed before moving into Melony’s room.

Her room was always a disaster. For someone so invested in how people viewed her she could be a real slob. I carefully stepped over piles of clothes and whatever lay beneath them to reach her nightstand. With the phone charger in hand, I quickly turned my head at the sound of scampering wet feet and a door closing. I leaned out of the room and peered down the hall to find Lizzy’s once open room now shut. I thought nothing of it and made for the stairs again.

“Ahem,” a gentle sound pulled me back a step. I looked back and saw a sliver of Lizzy’s face looking at me through her partly opened bedroom door. From what I can see her hair was dripping wet. I turned my body and took a few steps closer, raising an eyebrow at her in anticipation. “I um…left my towel in the bathroom,” she said in such a soft whisper I almost couldn’t hear her. “Get it for me?” she asked. The one piercing blue eye I could see looked unusually nervous. A disingenuous look that put me somewhat on edge.

I swallowed and nodded my head. “Uh..yeah. Of course” I replied. I turned and moved for the bathroom door. I scanned from the doorway for her towel. It wasn’t on the floor, sink, or the clawfoot tub that sat in the far corner of the room. I looked back out at Lizzy. “I don’t see it anywhere” for some reason I was speaking as quietly as she was.

“I think I left it on the tub. It could have fallen behind it” her soft voice said from down the hall. Not wanting to put up a fuss I nodded and walked fully into the bathroom towards the tub. I couldn’t see it any better but figured I should make completely sure. I placed my hands onto the warm ceramic and leaned over the tub. It was the quick padding of bare feet on the hardwood floor that brought me upright again. I turned quickly and froze. What stood before me I would never forget.

Lizzy stood before me naked as the day she was born. Her arms were stiff at her sides leaving everything on display. Her flawless pale skin, perky breasts, and not a spot of body hair to be seen. I examined her slowly before my eyes shot up to meet hers. That nervous look was still present in her gaze. I could tell she was shaking. I almost choked trying to speak.

“Liz…what…” I couldn’t get it out. We stood staring at each other in silence, the only thing either of us could hear was the gentle sighing of Melony downstairs on the couch. Lizzy’s lips parted to inhale sharply, then quickly turned and walked towards the door. What I thought was her making a speedy exit took an unexpected turn. She reached up and slowly, gently closed the door in front of her.

Lizzy approached cautiously like a startled animal. The closer she got the more the bulge in my pants seemed to grow. She must have noticed this as her eyes darted to the front of my jeans. Soon we stood with only inches between us. I could now see her chest rising and falling rapidly.

“Lizzy…” I said in a whisper. She lifted her head up quickly at my voice. As if pushed, she fell into me and grabbed hold of my face pulling me down into a kiss. Her lips were so soft, so hungry. I couldn’t stop my hands from grabbing hold of her hips. We kissed like lovers, my hands beginning to explore her subtle curves. As I reached her ass and squeezed she moaned into my mouth.

We broke from each other, each of us gasping and panting heavily. With a shaky hand Lizzy reached down and pressed into my covered erection. My own hand reached down and gripped her wrist. “Liz we can’t. Mel-” I was silenced by a quick slap across the face. My eyes widened with surprise. I reached up and touched where her small hand had connected. Her expression hadn’t changed as she sunk down to sit on her knees before me. She fumbled with my belt and button before pulling my zipper down. My cock was rock hard and sprang free from its denim prison almost giving Lizzy a slap of her own. Her lips parted as she moved closer.

I should be stopping her. She’s my girlfriend’s sister. This is cheating. All valid points, but none of them could overpower the sensation I felt as Lizzy’s hot mouth forced itself over my throbbing cock. Her mouth was so small I might as well have been inside her pussy. She didn’t take much of it at first, only a few inches. She remained still staring down at the cock in her mouth. I gasped feeling her tongue starting to move back and forth on the underside of my shaft.

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