Double Trouble


This is based on true events, but all the erotic stuff is 100% fiction (though I certainly wish otherwise). Hope you like it.


I was home from college for the summer, and so far, it had been pretty boring. Until a friend of a friend asked me to play guitar at a gig with his band. Apparently, their lead guitarist was recovering from wisdom teeth surgery, and they needed someone to fill in. I jumped at the chance, excited to be doing something. The gig was organized by the place where I used to take guitar lessons. My name is Matt by the way, and I had just finished my freshman year of college. I’m 19, about 5’9″ with dark hair, bordering on black, and bluish-gray eyes. I did have rather large hooked nose, broken when I was 14. I didn’t really care though, since no one else seemed to.

Anyway, I was asked on rather short notice. The gig was on a Sunday, which happened to be Mother’s Day, and I was asked to play on Friday. That gave me 2 days to learn 2 songs. I was only playing 3 songs, each spaced throughout the performance. One of them, “Enter Sandman” by Metallica, I already knew. I knew some of the next song, “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne, but I learned the rest fairly easily. But the last one, damn. The song was “The Night” by Disturbed, one of my favorite bands on the planet, and I really had to bust my ass. Most of the song was simple. Until I hit the solo, easily one of the hardest, fastest, most ferocious guitar solos I’ve ever attempted. I finally got it after literally 3 hours straight of listening to it and playing one note at a time. It sounds sick though.

Anyway, the show started at 2 on Sunday afternoon. I arrived early to set up with all the other students. My old guitar teacher, a guy in his early 40s named Johnny, greeted me enthusiastically. The rest of the band I would be playing with showed up soon after. Total, there were 30 songs being played, all covers. We were playing 5th, 13th, and 24th. I was pumped. Believe me, if you’re gonna go out and rock a venue, you can’t just be sitting on the couch playing PlayStation. You’ve gotta be pumped! Even more so when my mom called me and told me her entire side of the family was coming to watch. The only downside was that my girlfriend of 2+ years, Olivia, usually shortened to Liv, couldn’t come. She was busy doing something for college, and was really bummed that she couldn’t make it. She went to the same college as me, but was a year older. However, who showed up in her place was just as good, if not better.

I had just finished bringing all my gear inside, and was sitting at a table chilling out, nursing a Coke, when a voice called out, “Matt!”

Is that who I think it is? I thought, recognizing the voice instantly and looking over. It was. Waving and walking over to my table was a very attractive girl named Meghan, or Meg for short. I was reeling inside, trying not to get a boner. She was a year older than me, actually in the same graduating class as my girlfriend, and stood about 5’3,” with brown hair and bright blue eyes. Her body was ok, but I preferred Liv’s. Don’t get me wrong though. Believe me, if I was locked in a dark room with her for 45 minutes, she’d be walking like John Wayne for the next week by the time I’d finished with her. She had maybe B cup tits, but a pretty nice ass and bellybutton piercing. She was wearing skinny jeans and a tank top.

If that wasn’t enough eye candy, her older sister Erin, 22, was behind her. And believe me, she was smoking hot, and still is. I actually think she’s hotter than her sister. But personality wise, Meghan won. Erin is by no means moody or anything, I just think that Meg is a little more outgoing. She had finished college, and now worked as a preschool teacher. She was about 5’7″ and had a banging body, worthy of porn. D cup boobs and a perfect ass complete with long legs and a flat toned stomach and a bellybutton piercing. Her face was gorgeous too, tanned with light brown hair and piercing electric blue eyes. Dangggg, I wanted to bone her right then and there.

Anyway, they sat down at my table with a smile. I was still in shock, hardly daring to believe who was sitting across from me. I finally said, “Meg? Erin? What are you doing here?”

Meghan smiled. “Your parents invited my family. My mom really wanted to see you play, and finally got the opportunity.”

I was touched. They came out on Mother’s Day to watch me perform. It was really nice of them. “Wow. Thanks. I’m honored.”

We sat there talking until their mom and step-dad showed up, along with my family. Erin smiled at me and got up to go buy a beer. We sat and watched the first 4 songs until it was my turn. Everyone wished me luck as I got up and walked backstage. I swear I saw Meg and Erin both wink at me, but I’m not sure.

The band filed on stage to applause and cheering. My entire group of supporters had all moved closer to the stage, much to my pleasant surprise. The song we played, “Crazy Train,” went really well. I nailed the solo to much applause, and urfa escort we finished the song with even more. One down, 2 left.

I returned to our table, and we sat watching all the other performers and talking about college, until it was my band’s turn again. We played “Enter Sandman” this time, and once again, we owned it. There was even more cheering this time when we ended the song. The 2 girls caught my eye as I was walking off stage, and they each flashed me a thumbs up.

The last song was the one I was looking forward to. It was a bitch to learn but believe me, the solo looked and sounded so badass that jaws literally dropped in the audience as I was playing it. Erin and Meghan included. I saw them get up and leave the table, but didn’t think anything of it. Until I walked backstage to pack up.

I had just put my guitar away and was moving my amp when I found my path blocked by the 2 girls.

I smiled and said, “Hey. You guys like it?”

They said simultaneously, “Oh, yes,” and walked a little closer.

Meghan added with a mischievous smile, “So much in fact, that we want to congratulate you. Right Erin?”

“You know it,” Erin replied, without taking her eyes off me.

The 2 girls were getting way too close. So close, I could see flecks of light in their gorgeous eyes. Even worse, I could see lust. Oh boy.

I started to back up and unknowingly backed into a wall. Now I was fucked (in more ways than one).

“Matt, we’re about to do something to you that most guys would give their left nut for. Your girlfriend doesn’t need to know.” Erin grinned and grabbed my shirt and kissed me hard, throwing her arms around me. I felt (rather than saw) Meg drop to her knees and start unzipping my shorts. I couldn’t get this lucky. I pulled away from Erin and moaned as I felt something warm running up and down my cock, actually Meghan’s tongue. Erin pulled me in and resumed kissing me, sticking her tongue in my mouth and moaning softly. I moaned again and grabbed her boobs as Meghan took me in her mouth. It’s hard to say which one I preferred, Meg sucking me off or making out with Erin. Hell, either suits me!

Erin finally broke the kiss, much to my dislike. But she more than made up for it by kissing down my body and dropping to her knees beside her sister. Before I knew what was happening, I felt 2 different mouths attacking my manhood, one on my cock and the other on my balls. I wasn’t sure which was which, and frankly, I didn’t give a damn. All I knew was that I had officially entered heaven, and 2 banging hot angels were welcoming me. I hit the point of no return about 45 seconds later, when one of them, Erin possibly, swirled her tongue over the tip of my dick, making me start to shudder and close my eyes. I erupted violently, squirting all over her face and giving Meghan a pearl necklace.

I collapsed against the wall and slumped on the floor, groaning pleasurably, all thoughts of my gig wiped from my brain. I looked up and nearly came again. The 2 girls were making out and licking my cum off each other. Damnnnnn.

They finally stopped and came over to me, sitting next to me on both sides and hugging me. Meghan kissed my cheek and said, “Congrats on the performance. We loved it!”

I smiled. “Great. You both should come again sometime.”

Erin looked at me with a mischievous smirk. “Oh believe me, we’ll be cumming again for sure. Tonight.”

It took me a minute to process what she just said. I finally looked at her in disbelief.

Meg spoke up. “Didn’t we tell you? My parents are throwing a Mother’s Day barbecue. And your family’s invited.” She paused and leaned in, and her voice dropped to a whisper. “And you know what that means….” She grabbed the sides of my head and kissed me hard.

I pulled away after a few seconds and stood up, backing away from them. “Whoa. Whoa! Enough. I’m taken already. Liv’s one of your best friends. I couldn’t do that to her.”

Meghan snorted and both of them stood up. “Oh, please. Don’t act like you didn’t like what we just did. Baby, that was just a preview! The best 90 seconds of your life right there.” She paused and they both grinned at my expression. “I’m just kidding about that last part, Matt. Come on, we need to get back to the others. They’re probably wondering where we are.”

She put an arm around my waist as Erin did the same from the other side. I put an arm around both of their shoulders and we walked back like that, Erin on the left and Meg on my right. My whole group of supporters wolf-whistled and applauded upon seeing it. I got loads of pictures with them posing, some with my guitar too. I think that was the highlight.

We said bye to the rest of my mom’s side of the family (they all politely declined the invite to the barbecue) and went straight from my gig to their house. For obvious reasons, both Erin and Meghan opted to drive with me back to their place. I prided myself on driving a sexy set of wheels, a silver, balıkesir escort 5 speed manual ’03 Saab 9-3 Turbo. It certainly didn’t hurt when it came to the opposite sex! They both fought over who got the front seat. I didn’t really care; both of them were smokeshows to look at. Erin won, claiming she was the older of the 2. Meg complained at first but sat in the middle stroking my hair and rubbing my leg seductively, making me almost stall out at a busy intersection. At a green light with cars behind me nonetheless. I did that countless times when I was learning how to drive stick, and if you’ve ever driven with 3 pedals and a gearbox, believe me, stalling with cars behind you at a green light is not a fun experience!

Anyway, we arrived at their house about 20 minutes later. I have a lot of fond memories of coming here in the past, particularly one involving a slip and slide, bikini-clad college girls, and a hell of a lot of oil (I wrote another story called Slip and Slide about this, I urge you to check it out. It’s one of my personal favorites). My parents and Erin and Meghan’s were already there. We could hear the radio blasting and smell food cooking on the grill. The girls’ step-dad, a great guy named Steve, was an excellent chef, which only made this day even better.

Everyone sat down outside and we talked about my performance over dinner and drinks. Steve made these fucking amazing burgers with bacon and jalapeno peppers on the inside of the patty, and cheese, BBQ sauce, and yet more bacon on top. I pretty much came in my pants when I bit into it. Soooooo good. I think I had 3 or 4 of them before I forced myself to stop.

Before I knew it, it was getting dark. My parents and younger sister Nikki left at about 8, making me promise them I wouldn’t be home too late. Erin and Meghan’s parents left at about the same time, saying something about going out for a drink with Steve’s parents. I wasn’t complaining, I had a house to myself with 2 fucking incredibly sexy girls. To be honest, I’m not sure why they allowed us to be home alone. I sure as hell would never let my teenage son stay home alone with 2 girls! Maybe because they were sisters, their parents thought they would know better. How wrong they were.

The three of us were sitting on the couch watching TV, me in the middle. I couldn’t help noticing that both girls were gradually inching closer to me, and before I knew it, both had their heads on my shoulder. I put an arm around each of them and, almost like they’d rehearsed it, they both sat up and kissed my cheek. The only problem with 2 girls is that I can only kiss one at a time. It was decided for me when Erin got up and went to dim the lights. That left Meghan. With a smile, she leaned in and turned my head and slowly kissed me, sucking on my upper lip and gently biting it.

We took it slow and gentle at first, but soon Meg wanted more. She inhaled sharply and repositioned herself so she was sitting on my lap, and promptly threw her arms around me and pulled me even closer, forcing her tongue into my mouth and holding me in a passionate death grip. I have to admit, if I didn’t have a girlfriend already, Meghan would definitely be mine. The way she kissed rivaled Liv, who could’ve been a pornstar with her oral skills.

Meghan moaned loudly and pushed me down on the couch so I was lying down. She brushed a hair out of her stunning blue eyes with a sexy smile and got on top of me, and the kissing resumed. I was in the process of running a hand through her dark hair and groping her ass through her tight shorts when I felt a hand fondling my cock. I’d never even felt my shorts being unzipped. I pulled away from Meg for a second and looked down. I just had time for my brain to register Erin slowly jerking my cock before Meg forcefully crushed her mouth to mine yet again. I was fucking loving this, and they damn well knew it.

I finally felt my dick enter something warm and wet. I broke off the kiss with Meghan and moaned loudly. Erin was slowly, agonizingly, running her tongue around the tip of my cock while gently jacking it with her hands. “Christ, that feels good,” I groaned, tensing my muscles as she squeezed my balls gently.

I was getting close when she suddenly stopped and stood up. Meghan, who had started kissing me again, followed suit. With a seductive smile, she took my hand and pulled me to my feet. I kicked off my shorts and held them as the girls led me upstairs and into one of their rooms, Meghan’s presumably. I had never been in either of their rooms, so I was in uncharted territory now. Erin closed the door behind us, on the off chance their parents came home. How the fuck would we explain this?!

I sat down on Meghan’s bed and looked at them. And my jaw dropped. The 2 girls were making out and fondling each other, Meg with her back to the wall. Normally, the thought of incest makes me cringe, but when it’s 2 gorgeous girls, it’s an exception! It was getting even better as they trabzon escort slowly started undressing each other, never breaking the kiss. Before I knew what I was doing, I found myself rapidly stroking my cock. I must’ve moaned involuntarily or something, because they suddenly stopped and looked at me with mischievous grins.

Erin spoke, “Wow. Where are our manners? I forgot we had company. What do ya think, Meg? Should we get Matt involved?”

Meg smiled. “Fuck yes! A nice juicy cock sounds really good right now.” She turned to me and beckoned me over with a finger and another sexy smile. “Matt, come over here and finish undressing us. That’s not a request.”

I just sat there, my rigid cock still in my hand, not daring to believe my senses. Meghan smiled and said, “Fine. We’ll come to you.” They walked across the room, both of them with their shirts off. Erin was wearing a lacy black bra, and Meghan’s was pink. Both had amazing bodies, tanned and toned, making both their bellybutton piercings look really good. Erin pulled me to my feet with a smile and kissed me fiercely. I reached around her and unhooked her bra, sliding it off her shoulders, tossing it away , and groping her boobs, making her moan and close her eyes. I simultaneously fumbled for her shorts button and took a nipple in my mouth, swirling my tongue around it, really turning Erin on and making her squirm and push my head closer. I finally got her shorts unzipped and dropped them around her ankles. She was wearing a black thong, which was soaked through by this point. Carefully, I pushed it aside and slid a finger in her vagina.

She moaned and said, “Oh, god,” in response. I increased it to 2 fingers and used my thumb to rub her clit, making her bite her lip to suppress a scream. She finally succumbed to the pleasure and came violently about 45 seconds later, drenching my hand and kissing me hard.

Now it was Meghan’s turn. She’d been watching us and beating the beaver the whole time, so it didn’t take much to turn her on. I leaned in and kissed her, and ran my hands up and down her toned, sexy body, stopping on her firm ass and groping it. Like I did with Erin, I reached around Meg and carefully removed her bra. Before I could do anything else, Erin appeared out of nowhere and started fondling her sister’s rack, eventually taking one in her mouth and kneading the other with her hand. Which left her other sensitive area. I knelt down and unbuttoned her shorts, sliding them down her gorgeous legs. She was also wearing a thong, but pink instead of black. Almost like a preview of what it was covering. I slid the thong off her and wasted no time sticking my tongue in her. She had a very sweet taste to her, which I loved. She was gushing down there by this point, making me lap up her juices like a dog. Naturally, with Erin going to town on her boobs and me eating her out, she only lasted about 20 seconds. She finally screamed and tensed up as the pleasure consumed her.

Needless to say, I was so hard by this point it physically hurt. I couldn’t decide which girl I wanted to bang more. Erin by far had the hotter body, but I felt like I had a better relationship with Meg. Hell, I’d just do them both! I was the only one still with clothing on. That only lasted about 5 seconds though. Both girls almost literally ripped my shirt off. They both ran their hands up and down my body, pausing to drop my boxers, and pushed me down onto the bed. I was laughing inside. How much better could it possibly get, having a three-way with arguably the 2 hottest sisters in my hometown?

Meghan got on the bed and dropped to her hands and knees. She looked over her shoulder at me and said, “You know what to do.” I knelt down on the bed and slowly penetrated her, really making Meg scream for it, inch by fucking inch. Erin lay down under Meg and started licking her clit and my balls, alternating between the 2 at random. It was essentially a lesbian 69 with me doing Meg doggy style. Meg was screaming her heart out and burying her face in the sheets as I smashed her. Her pussy felt amazing obviously, so warm and wet. And exceptionally tight. I was due to bust any minute now. I grunted and slowed down, trying to hold it in. It was working until Erin, busy licking and sucking away beneath us, focused on my scrotum and sent me over the edge. I groaned loudly and unloaded inside Meghan, buckets upon buckets of semen exploding from the depths of my balls. My orgasm must’ve triggered Meg’s, because she screamed into the sheets and thrashed violently for about 10 seconds, before laying still and breathing deeply.

I lay down beside her and hugged her. “Thanks, Meg. That was amazing!”

She smiled and kissed me. “No problem.”

Erin interrupted us jokingly. “Hello, what about me?” She was sitting on the bed, playing with herself. I smiled and said, “Of course, how rude of me. Your turn!”

I was hard as a rock just looking at her. She grinned and said, “Excellent. Come here!”

I crawled over to her and kissed her hard. She responded with plenty of enthusiasm and pushed me down so she was on top. Still liplocked, she grabbed my cock and lowered herself onto it. She was incredibly tight, more than her sister. I had no idea if she was a virgin or not, and I really didn’t care. I couldn’t believe I was lucky enough to be banging a girl like her.

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