Dr. Harden at Your Service Ch. 05


~ Only the 3rd day of her week long training and she made one mistake during the day that had the doctor give her a hard lesson for not doing her part well enough. ~


The morning came too soon as I awaken again to another day of torment. Dr. Harden did his usual routine of cleaning himself up before having me pleasure him with my mouth craving for my Master. Then he goes in me making me feel good for a few minutes before unloading his cream onto a towel. He will not give me the pleasure of taken any bit of his load of hot cream. Not that I want his as much as I want my Master’s loving juices, but it is shows that I do not deserve any reward even for what I do to please him.

How could my Master leave me to all this humiliation? Could he bear to watch me in this way? Does he take pleasure in knowing what the doctor is doing to me? Am I that unworthy for relief?

I have been aching for relief and I know the doctor will not give me that pleasure the entire week. He is always watching my every move. There is not any way I can get relief without him finding out. If he finds out that I give pleasure to myself, he would be very angry with me. I have already been through enough as it is. The last thing I want is for him to be even more cruel to me. I want to be with my Master very badly.

“Did you enjoy my first relief for the day, Cee Cee?”

“Yes, Master Harden. I did enjoy your first relief for the day. Thank you, Master Harden.”

“Good. I know you wake up craving my hard attention. After all, any good pleasure girl and boy wants the hard attention of their Masters, not the toys.”

He rubs the shame in me again knowing that any pleasure girl and boy who is good always gets fulfilled by their Masters. To have any object in them for a long time it so say they are not worthy enough. My Master would not do this to me every night unless it makes him happy to do so then I will accept it because that is what he likes. I like what my Master likes except it is very difficult to like his punishment this time. My body aches for every bit of his touch and attention.

When we made it to the dining room, he pointed to where I should sit. I looked at the thick rubber sticking in the middle of the seat. It was four inches high and an inch wide. He told me to open my legs and then sit before we had some cereal with milk and fruits for breakfast. His hands kept running up and down my thighs as he gazed at my flower and berries.

After our meal, he had me wear the bath robe, heavy boots and a collar. The boots are made to be heavy to make it harder for me to walk in. He led me to his office that was about a five minute walk away from his home. I do not like the looks of this.

“Now hang the bath robe on the rack. Take those boots off. Get on your hands and knees. Keep those legs spread open. Today, you get to spend more time with me. Every pleasure girl and boy that comes in here with their Masters will be able to see you. If the Masters choose to have you pleasure them then you will do so. I know that I am spoiling you today. You look so surprised. You are over filled with joy obviously.”

I could not believe this. He makes it even more humiliating for me each day. It is bad enough that I do not get to pleasure my Master, but he makes me pleasure strangers? The other pleasure girls and boys get to see me in his position? They would laugh seeing both of my sides filled with these long, slender tools in me that are attached to the wall. It is similar to his machine at home that tests how well I squeeze. I am to do as I did the other day except it is in front of him and others and I do not have the freedom to go to the next room to clean myself up when I want. My wrists and ankles are shackled to the short chains on the floor too.

“You will wear this half mask to conceal your identity, Cee Cee. Are you not thrilled to serve me this way?”

“Thank you, Master Harden. I am grateful to be in your presence and to please you.”

“Good to hear. You will see how well I take care of my patients. Now squeeze.”

Before long, his first patient arrived for the day. She was a little more husky with a nice tan. Her Master could not stop staring at me in my position. When the doc came in, he told him that he can help himself to me if he likes. The Master did not hesitate to unzip his beşiktaş escort pants and have me take in his softness. Just when he was almost ready for relief, he walked over to his pleasure girl and sprayed her chest hard. This is humiliating and there are more to come in for the day. I wanted to cry, but again I held back knowing I would be punished if I did anything to embarrass the doctor.

“Well it looks to me that you are doing well, Jessie. Yes. Good pleasure girls know how to do their job right to please their Masters. I will see you again next month. I would suggest you do more licking on the tip when you savor your Master’s hard love.”

The doctor showed them out and the nurse came in to clean up the mess in the room afterwards. She had it set for the next patient. This routine repeated for a few hours. The last Master inserted himself into my back door wearing a condom before he relieved himself on his pleasure boy. There was a Master that could not help to fill my tight flower twice with his massive hardness. He made me work hard for him to relieve himself all over his pleasure girl’s face. I could still feel the pain from him spreading my walls.

The clock on the wall stared at me. It reminds me of how long I had to be in this humiliating position. It was noon and the nurse came in to remove the rubber piece from my wetness. Then she flipped on a switch that had my back door feeling the ongoing vibration.

“The doctor will be in to have lunch with you soon. He wanted me to make you feel comfortable.”

She could not help to rub my body with her smooth hands and left with a smile. It does not look as if she was sympathizing with my pain. For a minute, she did play with the vibration levels to see my reaction. I think she enjoyed it on level four. Then she released my arms from the shackles.

A few minutes later, the doc came in with a plastic bag. and set it on the table. He walked up to me, knelt down and had me savor him for a bit before he relieved himself onto a towel. Then he set a large dish of raw vegetables, fruits and piece of jerky in front of me. I wish he would turn off the vibration. Instead he switched it to vibrate every 12 seconds. I wanted relief badly, but there was not any way I could when my flower is empty. Neither was I allowed to if I know what is good for me.

“Eat up. You need the energy to keep up with my work day. Are you enjoying the vibrations?”

“Mmmm… Yes, Master Harden. Thank you, Master Harden. Mmmm…”

“You had been spoiled by 11 Masters so far today. Did you enjoy that?”

“Yes, Master Harden. I enjoyed that. Thank you, Master Harden.”

“As you should for a pleasure girl. You will stay wet all day and night. Always ready and waiting for your Master’s attention. Stick your chest out. Yes. Now that you are done eating, you shall go clean yourself up in the next room. You have 15 minutes. If you are late, there will be a good lashing for you. Do not dare pleasure yourself. I will know.”

When I came back, he made me take in his softness until he was stiff as can be. Then he put on a dry condom and quickly pushed himself in between my legs. I was wet enough for him to slide in without a lot of hesitation. He made me bounce for his relief, but again he pulled out to relieve himself onto a towel. The amount of time he was in me and all his sliding was to test if I did pleasure myself or not. If I had relieved myself, I would not be able to handle all his hardness without shaking very quickly.

“So far, it looks to me that you have been following my orders. Maybe I should have you in here everyday this week, but that would be giving you too much pleasure. Now get back into your position.”

He chained me in place, put the other rubber piece into my wetness, turned off the vibration and pressed a button to inflate it a little. Then he gave me a few spanks and told me to squeeze. His hands kept playing with my soft twins.

“Squeeze for me. Yes. Are you ready to please me some more?”

“Yes, Master Harden. I am ready to please you some more. Thank you, Master Harden.”

I was waiting for the work day to be over. My body ached and it was hard to pleasure every Master. I was hoping they were all easy to please. If they show any dissatisfaction, the doctor will be very upset with me.

“Hello, istanbul escort Bruce. How are you doing today?”

“I am good, Al. You are looking good as usual.”

“Thank you. I try to stay healthy. You are taking pleasure in looking at her, Bruce?”

“Yes. She looks like she needs some hard attention.”

“Well help yourself. She is there to please.”

“Indeed she will please me. Take in my loving softness. Yes. Ooooohh… Do you like how someone else is giving me pleasure, Gayle? Do not worry. I will not give her the satisfaction of taking my load of cream. Aaaaahhh… More. Is that the best you can do? I should thrust myself into that tight spot of yours and give you a good pounding until you see stars, but that will be too much pleasure for you.”

He gets up and walks over to his pleasure girl. She finishes what I had started and he unloads himself deep inside her. I was feeling nervous knowing the doc would not let me get away with what I had done. At any time, he could punish me. The thought makes me shiver and I could not hold my head up to see the disappointment on the doctor’s face.

When the day came to an end, my heart beats even faster knowing that my punishment will come very soon. I was afraid to see the doctor’s face. My body was sweating and then the nurse came in. She removed the piece from my wet spot, turned the vibration up to a level two and then removed her clothes. Her hands were running all around my body and enjoying the view.

Minutes later, the doctor came in. He removed is pants and filled my mouth. Once he was hard, he pulled out and put a gag on me. Then turned the vibration up another level. The nursed leaned over on the bed and he slid right in. She was told to bounce for his relief and she did.

“Are you enjoying what I am doing to the nurse? She is receiving all my cream.”

The vibration was too much to handle. My muffled moaning and screaming excited them both. I was wanting relief more than before. My hips started to move, but the doctor told me to stay still unless I want a good whipping. After taking a short break, he turned the vibration down back to one and made me work for his hardness again. Then he put the gag back in my mouth, turned the vibration up to a three and nestled himself in between the nurse. I am the one doing most of the work and she gets to have his relief and cream. It is the doctor’s way of saying I do not deserve his cream, but the nurse does with little effort.

After they were done humiliating me, the nurse unchained me, removed everything out of me and had me follow her to the next room to be cleaned up. Then I had to put the bath robe and heavy boots back on before being led by the doctor back to his home again. I had a feeling that he was not done punishing me.

“Now strip and stand against that wall! Spread those legs and bend down! Bend down some more!”

He led me into a room that looked similar to a dungeon except the floor was covered in marble to give it an upscale appearance and the chains on the walls were in different colors. The position he had me in was uncomfortable. My wrists were chained to the wall with only a few inches to move. They were three feet above the floor so I had to bend down to be chained. Then he chained me down to the floor where I was standing bent over. I could not raise myself up nor come down to the floor.

He walked over to choose a whip and then showed me a two inch wide, braided, leather of pain. Before he started to show my back no mercy, he inserted a thick, rubber toy into my back door. He pushed it all the way in without any lubrication. Then he whipped randomly on my back and soft cheeks for at least 20 minutes, but felt longer than that since I could see the clock on the wall.

Whap! Whap! Whap!


Whap! Whap! Whap!

“How dare you not do your best in front of others. I gave you the pleasure of being in my presence and my hardness as well as the hardness of others. Both of your sides were fulfilled the whole day and this is how you repay me? Do you deserve this punishment?”

“Yes! Yes, Master Harden. I deserve this punishment. Please punish me for your pleasure.”

He set the whip down, grabbed my sore behind making me scream in pain again and again and then spanked me at random times. bakırköy escort Then he removed the toy, put on a condom and forced his hardness into me tearing my tight spot up. It was painful and I almost passed out, but there was no way I could in my position. He made me squeeze and squeeze as he randomly pushed against me every few seconds.

“Are you in pain, Cee Cee?”

“Yes, Master Harden. I am in pain. Thank you for your generosity, Master Harden. Mmmm…”

“Good. You shall count every time I pull out and thank me every time I thrust into you. You shall stay wet of course.”

“Aaaahhh… One. Mmmm… Thank you, Master. Aaahhh… Two. Thank you, Master. Aaaahhh… Three. Mmmm… Thank you, Master.”

He had me do this a hundred times before he slid in and out of me at rapid speed to burn my inner walls. Then he inserted the toy back into me again. When he was ready for relief, he let it all out on a towel in front of me and told me to watch.

“You want all this in you, am I right?”

“Yes, Master Harden. I want all that in me.”

“But you do not deserve any of it. Is that correct?”

“Yes, Master Harden. I do not deserve any of it.”

“Why do you not deserve any of my fresh, hot juice?”

“I have been naughty, Master Harden.”

“Do naughty pleasure girls deserve a Master’s attention?”

“No, Master Harden. Naughty pleasure girls do not deserve a Master’s attention.”

“You will stay in this position until I am ready for you to give me pleasure. Does that sound good?”

“Yes, Master Harden. Yes, that sounds good. Thank you, Master Harden.”

He left the room and came back shortly to stick a small stand in between my arms to set a bowl of food down. As he ate dinner in the other room, I had mine in this uncomfortable position. It was mashed potatoes with some gravy, peas and carrots mixed in. At least it is not raw vegetables. My mouth is sore enough from giving all those Masters pleasure.

I was in a lot of pain, but had to stay wet and ready for him. My Master would not treat me this way. Does the doctor tell him what he does to me? There was fear in me knowing my Master would know what I did wrong during my stay with the doctor. I will be aching for days after what the doctor has done to me.

He came back in 15 minutes after I had finished eating and unchained me. Then he had me crawl around the room for his pleasure as he removed all of his clothes and set it on the bench he was sitting on. It was painful enough to crawl on the hard, white marble with grey and blue streaks. The pain from the lashing and the burn in my anus made it even worse. As if that was not enough, he told me to crawl at different speeds as he sipped his glass of Armagnac. I could see him grin with delight and it was obvious how aroused he was too.

Every few minutes, he would remind me to stay wet and then flick the whip to let me know what happens if I do not stay wet enough to his liking. After half an hour of the painful crawling, he had me crawl to him and gave me a good spank and squeeze on each side before I took his bulge into my mouth. Then he would relieve himself onto a towel and had me crawl some more before he was ready for more pleasure. This repeated several times before he had me crawl to the bathroom for me to bathe him another night.

When I came out from the shower and dried myself, he had me get on all fours on the bed. Then made me take in his softness till he was ready to put on a condom. He would not give me the satisfaction of taking his hardness as it is or receive even a drop of his cream in my tightness. Then he had me work my hips to relieve him as if I was not in enough pain. He would squeeze my cheeks to make me scream. Again, he would relieve himself onto a towel in front of my face to show how I am not worthy of receiving his cream. He made me pleasure him this way for an hour before it was time for bed without any relief on my part.

The doctor is more cruel than my Master. But the idea that my Master allowed the doctor to take me in tells me how cruel he can be to let me be treated this way and not be able to see him the whole time. I only hope that my Master would be satisfied with what the doctor has done to me. I wish that I could see him and kiss him good night.

I was hoping to sleep on my front, but the doctor made me lay on my back the same way as I had been sleeping the past few nights. It was painful and that was his way of reminding me what happens if I do not please him well enough. He inserted the plug and ball into me before he turned the light off to sleep.

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