Dream Fuck


Dream Fuck”I would love to have sex with Jill!” I said out loud without thinking. Mr. Jennings stood there looking at me with a curious stare and then a smile came over his face. “Must be the beer talking.” I said. Mr. Jennings lived across the street from me and I spent alot of time over there. I was like a son to them and they let me drink when I hit my teens. Jill Jennings was his wife and the one I said I wanted to have sex with. Bill Jennings was around 65 years old but Jill was just in her early 50’s, blonde, nice large pointy tits, nice ass, cute face with brown eyes and freckles. “You and several other men.” Jill said with a giggle. “She does get hit on alot.” Bill added. A week went by and nothing else was said about my comment which I took to be good. Then I was back over there for the weekend as my parents were out of town and I had to stay with the Jennings. We were sitting out by the pool with a beer. “I thought alot about what you said the other night, Jack. And Jill and I talked about it. For years we kicked around the idea of another man joining us, karşıyaka escort you know. Well Jill has been wanting another man and I am getting older and slowing down and she is not. I need another man to fill in. Long story short, we would like you to join us, a threeway, for sex.” Bill stuttered. I sat there much like Bill did last week as his words worked threw my brain. Jill stood up and took off her tank top letting her pointy tits free and then dropped her shorts. It was the first time I had seen her fully naked. I figured she had a full on thick retro bush or a neatly trimmed small or bald bush. I was wrong as she had a very thin strip of hair covering of her cunt. Jill got in the pool. Bill stood up and got naked and followed Jill. I sat there with a massive boner and then decided to join them. We played in the pool for a few minutes. Jill coming over to me and playing with my hard cock. Jill took both Bill and I by the hand and lead us out of the pool and into the the house to the living room. She laid out on the floor and spread escort karşıyaka her legs and played with her sweet pussy. Bill and stood there, hard cocks sticking out. Bills old cock was larger than mine and so was his ball sack. I waited for direction as I had never had sex before and was not sure if I should jump on Jill or wait for Bill. “Come here Jack.” Jill motioned to me. I looked over at Bill. “Well go ahead and enjoy.” Bill said pushing me towards her. I knelt down at Jills feet. “Are you a virgin I hope?” She whispered as she pulled me on top of her. “Yes” I whsipered back. She smiled real big and gave me a big kiss. Jill then took my cock with and guided it into her sweet pussy. It was wet and tight and my cock slid easily into her. When I was in as far as I could go I paused, enjoying the feel of her. Then I started to slow fuck her trying not to cum to quickly. “I love the way your cock feels inside me.” Jill whispered and that was all it took for balls to tighten and I exploded deep inside Jill pumping what felt like karşıyaka escort bayan the biggest load of cum of my life into her womb. It seemed to go on forever and when I finally stopped cumming I realized Bill was standing watching. I hoped he would not get mad that I came inside his wife. I rolled out of the way and Bill took my place, his cock sliding easily into Jill’s cum filled cunt. Bill banged on her for several minutes before filling her with his cum. “Now I have the cum from my two favorite men swimming inside me. I am happy.” Jill said rubbing her cunt. The three of us got up and went to the kitchen and got a beer. As we drank and talked a big glob of cum ran down Jill’s leg. “Oh my! I am gooey but ready to again whenever you guys are.” She said as she scooped up the glob with her finger. My cock was already standing at attention. Jill leaned back against the counter and pulled me to her, my cock sliding into her. I lasted longer this time. This time she came when did and when I pulled my limp dick out of Jill Bill patted me on the back. “I am going to like sharing my wife you. Any time you need to drop a load feel free to pump it into Jill. You okay with that Honey?” Bill said. “You bet, any time either of you guys need a fuck I will be happy to spread these and take that load, especially that young cum from you Jack.” Jill said with a smile.

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