Dressing Room Rendezvous – Janelle & Kelly


Dressing Room Rendezvous – Janelle & KellyI’m in the mall, waiting for my friend to arrive. I’ve got about an hour to wait yet. I wander into a lovely little up-scale lingerie shop. They always have such pretty things.I’m looking at the shoes when I notice her. She’s tall. Slender. I’m guessing late thirties or early forties. She’s wearing a summery floral print knee-length dress. I can tell it is expensive just by the look. Strappy open-toe sandals. White stockings with a floral pattern woven into them. Definitely not department store nylons. Her jewelry, though understated, is clearly first-class. Her hair, make-up and nails look like she’s just been in the salon. I smile to her.She smiles back and walks right over. What could she want with me? I’m certainly in no position to give her fashion advice. Does she work here? “Pardonnez-moi. Vous êtes si belle. Mon cœur chante avec désir. Aimez-vous les femmes?”Uhm … Yeah. Sounds to me like it may be French. I really wish I understood what she is saying. I’m starting to think that she doesn’t work here. I nod and smile sweetly. “I’m Kelly. Nice to meet you.” “Mon nom est Janelle. Je suis très heureux de vous rencontrer. Avez-vous un peu de temps?”I think her name’s Janelle. A pretty name for a pretty woman. I nod and smile.She takes my hand and leads me across the store. Along the way she grabs a babydoll nightgown from the rack without even really looking at it. Where are we going? The dressing rooms? Does she expect me to model that for her? How does she know it’ll fit well? I’m sure she’d look great in it, but why does she need me? She leads me to the last dressing room and pulls the curtain behind us. She smiles broadly as she hangs up the nightgown. Her light brown eyes sparkle under her jet-black hair. One thin lock escapes, making her look just a tiny bit hurried. She’s even prettier up close. I have to admit, I really don’t understand what’s türbanlı bilecik escort going on here.She turns away and pulls her hair to the side. “S’il vous plaît, ma robe?” She turns and looks at me over her shoulder. “Oh! Sure.” I unzip her dress. I think I understand now why she brought me along. She hangs her dress neatly.Her eyes never leave mine as she removes her bra. She has amazing breasts. So firm and high. Like she never spent a moment braless in her life. Perfectly sized for her body. Right out of a magazine. I can’t help but stare. A little too long to be polite. She has to know what I’m thinking. Catching myself and politely looking away, I turn and retrieve the nightgown and hand it to her. “Jeune fille innocente, vêtements était juste une excuse.” she says and hangs it back on the hook. She takes my hands and places them on her breasts. “Aimez-vous?”I’m completely lost. If she doesn’t want to try on the nightgown, what are we doing? I look into her eyes. She smiles to me. I don’t know what she said, but I sure hope it was ‘squeeze’ because that’s that’s what’s on my mind. I give her a gentle squeeze. She coos to me and rests her hand on my shoulder. Good! That must’ve been what she wanted. I slide my hands down, underneath and squeeze again. All natural. She feels so good. Like a woman is supposed to feel.”Léchez-moi.” she says.I look at her questioningly. She touches my lips with her index finger, then her nipple. Oh, she must mean kiss! I smile to her. I can do that! I slowly kiss a path down the center of her chest. Her hand moves from my shoulder to the back of my neck. She guides me. She shows me what she wants. Moving me from peak to peak. I give her soft, silent little kisses. I feel that familiar need growing inside me.I’m in a trance. She has this unexplainable power over me. I’ll do whatever she asks, and I think she senses türbanlı bilecik escort bayan that. I look into her eyes again. Big mistake. I nearly melt. Those big, brown, wonderful eyes. My knees grow weak. I suddenly realize that my hand is in my own skirt, snaking into my panties. I’m helpless under her spell.She licks her lips lewdly. Her tongue tongue slips out and wiggles in mid-air.Oh, she wants me to lick? I hope, so anyway. I stick my tongue out as far as I can to give her a little show. I lick softly, slowly, my eyes drawn to hers. She moans quietly. I swirl my tongue in little circles on her. She rises to meet me. Her nipples have beoome so hard. So needy. Beckoning. It’s so intoxicating to think I can arouse her. Her hands guide me from one to the other, and back.She bows her head. “Sucer. Suce-moi.” she whispers in my ear.I don’t understand. So I guess. I take her carefully between my teeth and tongue and look into her eyes. I tug gently and slowly let her escape. One side, then the other. I watch her face. Her eyes are closed, her mouth slightly open. Her moans and rapid breathing make me think I’m no the right path. I lightly sc**** my teeth on her erect nipples, thrilled with my ability to please her.She takes my head in both hands and lifts my face. “Non, non. Sucer. Comme ça.” She purses her lips and makes sucking sounds.Oh! ‘Suck.’ Now I understand. I suck her gently.”Sucer comme vous êtes sérieux.” Her hand presses against the back of my neck, urging me on. She strokes my hair with a sense of urgency.I suck harder. Loudly. Not caring. Forgetting where we are. Sucking as if my life depended on it. I take as much of her as I can into my mouth and suck, flicking my tongue over her. Her head tints back. Her eyes close. She presses me to her.”Oui, bébé. Juste comme ça!”I think she likes this!”Ahem. Excuse me, is everything türbanlı escort bilecik satisfactory? Excusez-moi, est tout satisfaisant?” a voice belonging to the feet suddenly visible under the curtain says.Caught! My mind suddenly snaps back to reality. Where I am and what I’m doing.”Exquis. Je suis très heureux.” Janelle says to the mystery shoes.”Very well, then. Très bien.” the voice says.The shoes walk away.Janelle kisses me softly on the mouth. “Ce ne sont pas au bon endroit. Je me excuse.”I don’t know what just happened. I am sure I’m about to be escorted out of the store.Janelle dresses quickly, and asks me to zip up her dress. I do so silently. She checks herself in the mirror. Satisfied with her appearance, she turns to me.”Téléphone.” She holds out her hand. Unquestioningly, I hand her my phone. When she hands it back, her name and number are showing. “Je suis en ville jusqu’à samedi matin.” She kisses me warmly and smiles. She then picks up the nightgown, and opens the curtain.Janelle extends her hand and smiles to me. I slip my hand in hers, and we walk hand-in-hand to the register. She’s positively glowing.I recognize the shoes of the woman behind the counter. She’s the one who Interrupted us just a couple of moments ago.”Sur mon compte, s’il vous plaît. Je suis convaincu que je peux compter sur votre discrétion?” She places the nightgown on the counter.”Bien sûr, Madame. Profitez de votre journée.” the clerk says as she bags the nightgown and hands it to her.Janelle takes the bag and puts it in my hand. She closes my hand around the handle. “Pour vous. S’il vous plaît accepter et penser à moi.” She then smiles to me, nods to the clerk, and walks purposely from the store, dialing her phone as she walks.I’m stunned. I have no idea what just happened. I look at the bag in my hand.”I’m terribly sorry, I really can’t afford this. I was just browsing.” I apologize to the clerk.”That’s all been taken care of, Miss.” the clerk replies. “Enjoy.””Oh! Well, I may need to exchange for another size. Let me check.””That would surprise me. She has a very good eye for these things.” the clerk says.I check. It’s the perfect size for me.”A very good eye.” the clerk says and winks to me.(I used a web translator for the French portions. I apologize if they’re awful.)

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