Dwight Has the Last Laugh Pt. 05


It had been a few months since Seth’s birthday, and Nicole was again trying to set a new personal record at being a good wife. By not going after Dwight’s black dick anymore.

It was morning. Nicole and Seth exited the elevator in front of Dwight’s office. They carried luggage. He watched as they walked outside and to their car. They both ignored him. Dwight shrugged it off with a smirk.

After a few minutes, Seth entered Dwight’s office.

“Dwight. Nicole and I are going on vacation for a couple of weeks,” said Seth.

At first, Dwight was annoyed that Nicole had been ignoring him for so long and was now going away. He ignored Seth.

“Hello?! Dwight?! Stop thinking about food and listen to your tenant!” shouted Seth.

Dwight looked up at the annoying asshole in front of him.

“My sister is gonna be staying at our place while we’re gone,” said Seth. Then he looked outside at Kim and Nicole.

Dwight moved closer to Seth to peek outside at Kim. He saw her and Nicole talking. But they weren’t really talking. Nicole was giving Kim things to remember to do, and Kim was reading texts from her boyfriend Dylan. Dylan was out of town visiting schools.

Dwight watched in glee. The thing he noticed most was Kim’s curves. Her big ass. His mood went from annoyed to excited. Excited to further fuck Seth’s life up by now getting his 18 year old sister addicted to black cock. He was up for the challenge.

Seth continued whining. “I don’t want to get any phone calls from her about apartment issues while we’re gone or I’ll have your ass canned. Got it?” he barked at Dwight.

Dwight forced himself to calm down and let Seth have this one. “I got it,” said Dwight. Then Seth nodded, turned around and walked out to Kim and Nicole. Dwight watched from the doorway.

Outside, Nicole was talking with Kim while Seth finished packing the car. “Don’t forget, that last Sunday I have to leave early to meet with the reps from the university. I’m not missing that,” said Kim with an attitude.

“Okay. We’ll be back later that Sunday anyway. And, there’s one more thing,” said Nicole. She turned her head around to see Dwight watching them. She quickly turned back to Kim and leaned in close. “Kim, don’t talk to the super. He’s a prick,” she said.

“Whatever,” mumbled Kim as she rolled her eyes at Nicole. Nicole looked at Kim for a moment, then reluctantly got into the car as Seth approached Kim.

“Okay sis, we’re leaving. Remember, if anything happens, call me,” said Seth.

“I know, I know. Just go already,” said Kim with a smile. Seth hugged her for a moment, then got into the car and drove off while Kim watched.

Kim mersin escort turned around to go inside and saw the fat, old, black super grinning at her with his gold teeth. He extended his large hand.

“Hi. I’m Dwight. The super. So you’re Seth’s sister?” said Dwight.

Kim looked at Dwight’s massive hand and hesitated for a moment. Finally, she reached out and shook it. She felt his strength. “Uh, yeah. Kim. Nice to meet you,” she said as she released her handshake and walked away. She brushed him off and immediately started texting Dylan. Dwight watched her wide hips swing as she left.


Everything had been quiet the past few days. Nicole was cleaning up the apartment. She had to take a bag of trash down the hall. She was wearing booty shorts and a tee-shirt. She considered changing, but figured it was just down the hall and back. She peeked into the hallway and saw nobody. Then she quickly walked down the hall to throw away the trash. When she got back, she realized she’d left the keys in the apartment. The door was locked.

“Oh, fuck!” she shouted. She’d also left her phone on the couch inside. She thought for a minute, then decided to head downstairs to the super’s apartment. Nicole had told her to avoid him, but Kim didn’t care. She figured she had to get back in, so it was necessary.

Kim went downstairs and knocked on Dwight’s door. He answered, wearing jeans and an undersized tee shirt. His belly stuck out from under it. He was sweaty and Kim was disgusted by him.

Dwight grinned. “Hello, Kim. Can I help you?” he said. He couldn’t help but eye her curvy body, focusing on that plump ass of hers.

Kim saw Dwight ogling her, and felt embarrassed. This weird, fat old man was staring at her and enjoying it. She had to speak up. “Um, yeah. I got locked out of the apartment,” she said without looking him in the eyes.

“I’ll get my set of keys and walk you up,” Dwight said with a smile.

“Oh, would you? Thanks!” said Kim. She didn’t understand why Nicole would call Dwight a prick when he seemed nice enough.

Dwight left for a few moments, then returned with the keys. “After you,” he said with a grin.

Kim knew what he was doing. He just wanted to watch her ass move in those shorts. “What a pig,” she thought to herself. She rolled her eyes and quickly led the way to the elevator. Dwight happily followed.

Dwight pushed the elevator button and waited. There was an awkward silence. Kim felt compelled to speak. “Nicole told me not to talk to you,” she blurted out nervously.

Dwight turned to see Kim finally looking him in the kocaeli escort eyes. He smiled. “You’re talking to me right now, though,” he said.

“Well, I don’t really like Nicole. And you seem like a good guy,” said Kim.

Dwight laughed as the elevator arrived. “Nicole’s a good girl,” he said as they got on. They stood side by side.

“Dylan’s gonna be worried I haven’t responded,” said Kim.

“Who’s Dylan?” asked Dwight.

“My boyfriend,” said Kim. “We grew up together. Been dating since we were freshmen. He’s amazing,” she added.

Dwight smiled. “That’s nice,” he said. “High school sweethearts.”

Kim smiled back. “My first and only boyfriend,” she said proudly.

“Wow,” said Dwight. “You must be a really good girl to not even wonder,” he added. His words caught Kim off guard. She thought about what he meant.

“Wonder about what?” Kim asked.

“Other guys,” said Dwight. Then the elevator stopped. Dwight walked out first and led the way this time. Kim followed silently behind in confusion.

Dwight unlocked the door for Kim and decided to put his plan into action. He stepped inside first, leading Kim in. He wiped his sweaty forehead. “Do you mind if I wipe this with a paper towel?” he asked as he walked into the kitchen.

Kim noticed Dwight knew where he was going. “Um, yeah, sure. You know your way around this place,” she said.

Dwight grabbed a paper towel, wiped his forehead, then walked into the living room. “I’ve done a lot of hard work in this apartment,” he said. Kim instinctively closed the door and followed him into the living room. She could see he was sweating, out of shape.

“Do you want some water?” asked Kim.

“Oh, yes please,” said Dwight.

Kim walked into the kitchen and poured a glass of water. She walked back out and handed it to Dwight. His finger grazed hers when he took the glass from her.

Kim couldn’t stop thinking about what Dwight said in the elevator. She sat on the couch and looked up at him.

“What did you mean by ‘other guys’ in the elevator?” she asked.

Dwight looked down at Kim. He was a few feet away from her. His crotch was level with her head. “I mean, you never thought about other guys? I don’t mean love. Just, physically?” he asked her.

Kim was startled by his direct questions. She admitted. “Of course I have. But never enough to act on those thoughts.”

“You ever think about black guys?” asked Dwight.

“What?! Ew, no!” shouted Kim. Then she blushed, embarrassed by her words.

Dwight was annoyed by what she said. But it only motivated him more to convert her to samsun escort a slut for black dick.

“I’m sorry,” said Kim. “I didn’t mean anything. I mean, I’ve heard the stupid myths about black guys being bigger and all that b.s.” she said jokingly.

Dwight laughed. “That’s no myth,” he said. “We are.”

Kim nervously laughed. “Whatever,” she said. She was feeling uncomfortable now. Suddenly, her phone received a text. She quickly looked down at the couch and picked it up. It was a text from Dylan. She nervously texted him back for a few moments, ignoring Dwight and hoping he’d leave.

When Kim looked up, she gasped. There, a few feet in front of her, staring right at her, was Dwight’s half-erect, 10 inch, thick black dick. It was popping out of the zipper of his jeans and aiming at her.

“Oh my God! What are you doing?!” Kim shouted as she turned her head to look away. “Put it away! Now,” she said as she found herself peeking back at it.

“It’s okay,” Dwight said. “It’s not like you’re cheating. I just wanted to prove it to you. Look,” he said to her with a smile.

Kim felt flushed, warm, nervous, excited. She didn’t understand what was happening. “Okay, if I look will you put it away and leave?” she asked angrily.

“Of course,” Dwight said.

Kim turned and looked at the big dick. She couldn’t believe it’s size. Her mouth opened and she instinctively licked her lips. “It’s…big,” she said.

“Yes it is. And thick. Is Dylan’s like this?” Dwight asked.

Kim shook her head ‘no’ in a daze. She kept looking at it as it pulsated in front of her.

Dwight noticed Kim’s vulnerability and decided to go for it. He slowly stepped forward, his big dick swinging with each step. Kim’s eyes went from Dwight’s dick to his eyes and back to his dick. She didn’t sit back. She didn’t tell him to stop walking up to her. She just watched his dick get closer and closer to her face.

Dwight stopped with his cockhead about an inch away from Kim’s face. They looked each other in the eyes. Dwight noticed Kim’s mouth start to open ever so slightly just as her phone started ringing. She suddenly snapped out of her daze, grabbed her phone and stood up. She looked at Dwight in horror as she answered the phone.

“Hey baby,” she said into the phone. “No, hold on.” She walked over to the front door and opened it. Dwight turned and looked at her. She furiously pointed for Dwight to leave. He put his dick away and walked out of the apartment. Kim slammed the door behind him. She was mortified and confused by what she’d almost done. She talked to Dylan to get her mind off it all.

But Dwight walked away with a smile. The damage was done. He wasn’t going to let Dylan’s inconvenient timing ruin his destruction of this white girl. He knew that he’d be fucking her mouth if that phone hadn’t rang. He knew the seed was planted in her mind and that she’d come looking for him soon. And he knew how to fuck with her even more.


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