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Even though you’re in your last year of college, I still miss you when you are away. Sometimes I take a pair of panties out of your drawer, wrap them around my cock and slid the soft silky fabric over my penis….. Faster and faster until I shoot my cum cream into your panties. That is why you are always running out of clean underwear and sometimes have to go around with out panties. LOL Of course I really like it when I know your bare bottom and pussy are just under your little skirt or shorts. You usually want to sit on my lap on those days and I love it.

I spent the week remembering the fun we had last weekend. I taught you how to play strip poker by my rules. If you loss a hand the other person took a piece of clothing off of you. I could never tell who did the most cheating to get naked first. I don’t know which got me more excited…. The way you caressed my balls and kissed my cock as you pulled down my shorts or my first glimpse of your newly shaved pussy. You moaned so loudly when I tasted your sweet pussy juices I was afraid the neighbors would hear. Before long we were both naked and began hugging mecidiyeköy escort and kissing each other all over. We decided that we would stay naked all weekend. We had great fun and did a lot of nice naughty things.

I gave you your first facial. You had such fun stroking my cock, bringing me to ecstasy and then had such a beautiful smile as I shot my warm cum over your lovely face. As you licked the cream from your lips some dripped onto your erect nipples. With a swipe of your fingers you lifted the love juice to your mouth and we kissed.

Do you recall what happened when I got out the Almond oil out and taught you how to give a pussy rub? You were a quick learner and sooo good. First you covered my back, butt and legs with the oil and then rubbed it all over your front, giving an extra helping to your sweet little bald pussy. You then straddled my back and leaning forward began rubbing your entire body over mine. You’re titties grazed my back as you slid up and down my back .

Our bodies were warm with excitement and stimulation. Your titties stood out as your nipples hardened with each pass. My stiff prick pressed into the şişli escort bed each time you slid over my back. Next you sat up so only your pussy and butt cheeks were in contact with my skin. As you rode and ungulate your pussy lips against me the friction gave you a most erotic feeling. Your labial lips quivered as you brought yourself to climax time after time.

I felt the heat from your cunt as you increased the rate of your ride. You then carefully straddled my leg and glided you love lips over the back of my thigh, knee, calf, ankle and finally settled on my heel which gave you great pleasure as you pressed down causing your clitty to be stimulated by my heel. You finished that leg by sliding your pussy back and forth over the bottom of my foot. What a sensation!

You repeated your pussy ride on my other leg and then proceeded to cunt-cruse over my arm, receiving particular joy from my elbow. Next was my hand and fingers which found their way up your tight little honey hole and you shook as I rubbed your clit until you shouted, “Ooh grandpa…. I’m cumming again.”

After taking care of my other arm you ordered me to kağıthane escort rollover on my back. Straddling me you poured more oil on my chest, belly, legs and finally my cock. After lubricating yourself your swollen pussy lips flowed over me. You continued to have orgasm after orgasm as your pussy juices mixed with the oil making the trip even better.

Covering ever inch of my body with you pussy you next wanted to know if you could take my cock into your creamy cunt. I said, “Oh yes my little Eva… Grandpa wants to feel his big hard cock in your wet, tight pussy.” You lowered your body on mine… Guiding your quivering labial lips onto the head of my shaft and slowly eased up and down… engulfing an additional inch of cock with each plunge. Finally I disappeared inside your soft – hot honey hole and we began a love rhythm…. starting slowly and increasing in a passionate pace. The bed shook and our intertwined bodies flew until you shouted your cumming and I filled you with my cum.

As we showered together you had such a special way of stroking my soapy cock… Bringing me just to the point of climax and then squeezing my shaft to keep me from cumming. Having enough of your playing around I bent you over and bracing yourself against the shower wall I slid my lathered rod up your rectum and gave you your first butt-fuck You loved it and wanted more.

Oh what a weekend we had. Can’t wait till you get home Friday.

Love, Your Fantasy Grandpa

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