Eat It All Out of My Vagina, Now!


Tastes like pineapple

Dear fans. I probably wrote a story before about when my wife actually surprised the crap out of me. She came to bed on night, knowing I was waiting for her — wearing a blue sheer half cup bra and panties with bows on the side. As I kneeled before her I nibbled on her breasts until she couldn’t wait any longer and she begged me to pull on her bows and see my surprise.

That is all true, and because of it, I wrote a story. Well I was thinking about it again the other day, and I kind of re-wrote the same story, but because so many guys want cum-eating stories, I added that to this.

I hope you like it. Hope you get hard reading it.



About a year ago, my wife read a story I had posted on Lit, it was on my computer. I had minimized it. I usually save my stories in secure documents with a password, but I had intended to get right back to it—and I forgot.

It was a cum eating story, the wife in the story urges her husband to fuck her harder in language she had never used before—and she makes him promise he will eat the cum right after while it is hot and delicious. He is delirious with lust and he says he will, he repeats saying it. She soon face fucks him and she cums as he is eating his cum out of her.

She forces her cum and his back into his mouth.

I got a lot of fan mail on that one.

But the truth is, I can’t stand the smell of cum. The ammonia smell. And I’m sure it’s not delicious. I told her all this, and I said it was embarrassing enough that she read it and I didn’t want to justify it to her anymore. It was an accident that she read it — if I hadn’t foolishly left it open, she’d never have known. Never.

Anyway, so I explained to her that it was hard core, yes, but it is only fantasy and I post my stories on a website that is very popular for erotic writing.

She wanted to read more stories, but I refused. (Some of my stories have to do with the guy licking and tongue fucking her asshole. I couldn’t go there.) My fantasies are mine, they are private. I didn’t give her the website or allow any more stories to be read.

So, fast forward a year or thirteen months or so. I was going shopping. She put two items on the list that we usually don’t buy. Pineapple juice and cranberry juice. I asked her why, she said she thought I’d like it.

Okay, so fast forward another week, I’m having cranberry and pineapple juice at least twice a day. She is too, so there was nothing fishy going on, but every week we were having it at almost every meal.

I should say now, that I’m in good health, a little overweight, but healthy. I don’t smoke or drink except for occasional wine..

Two nights ago this happened. We hadn’t been intimate for three weeks. She had gone for a bikini wax the day before in preparation for our upcoming trip to Athens Greece.

We had an after dinner glass of wine out on the patio. The Florida sunset was especially beautiful.

My wife isn’t a shy girl, she’s funny and aware of everything, especially me.

She took a long sip, stood up, removed her top and dove into our halo izle pool. Let me stop for a second—she is breath-takingly beautiful. Think Jessica Beal. She came up from the dive smiling and laughing. “C’mon chicken,” She called to me.

I stood, pulled off my shirt and jumped in. We had been swimming earlier and so we still had our bathing suits on. Now we were both topless.

She dog-paddled over to me, laying her breasts on my chest and coming in for a kiss. I didn’t disappoint. We really love each other, I can never get over the fact that she chose me.

We held each other tight as we kissed, dueling tongues and all. I felt myself getting hard, I kissed between her breasts as she raised up and put her head back.

“I have a little surprise for you,” She said.

“Oh yeah, what?”

“Mmmmm later, you ‘ll see.”

“Ah, that sounds nice. Can I guess?”

“Sure, go for it.”

“You’re really a guy and you have a bigger penis than me?”

She burst out laughing as she stepped out of the pool for the wine glass. She retrieved mine too and stepped back into the water. I took the glass and clinked with her.

“Uhhh, nope — I’ll tell you later drink up”

“So it’s going to be like that? You’re going to get me drunk and then seduce me?”

“Yep, that’s the plan.” She kicked off, floating on her back, breasts swaying and floating on the water. Nipples standing straight up.

We stayed in the water a little longer, kissing, nibbling, dueling tongues. It was so good. I was hard most of the time, all 4 1/2 inches of me. She tried to balance her glass on my erection. We laughed like kids.

The pool lights came on after dark, we came out of the pool, wrapped ourselves in oversized towels and went into the house.

I went into my bathroom and showered, she went into hers and did the same.

I brought more wine into the bedroom and I sat on the bed sipping when she appeared wearing a sheer lace wrap, topless but with blue panties held together by bows on the sides. I had lit some candles in the room, her skin by candlelight is something etherial. I handed her the glass. “You are so beautiful.” I said.

“Thank you.” She sipped and put the glass on the dresser. She kneeled on the bed, I kneeled too, facing her, my cock throbbing. We kissed, I pulled her warm breasts to my chest, reaching around and feeling her silken skin beneath the top she wore. We nibbled each others lips, I undid the wrap and let it drop. My mouth was all over her breasts, she leaned back and offered them to me, pushing them up to me… openly wanting me to lick and suck her nipples.

She moaned and urged me on. I was wild with lust, I could feed on her breasts for hours. “Did I tell you I went to the salon the other day?” She whispered. “I went for a bikini wax for our trip, for the beach and the pool. The girl was new, she was nice. As she worked on me she said, many girls go for the full treatment.”

I was listening while I nibbled her right nipple.

“Uhhh…mmm…so I asked what the full treatment was, she said the Brazilian…the full high rise invasion izle Brazillian wax. Ummmm…It goes all the way back…I did it for you baby, the full wax… I can’t wait…I want to show you my open hot bare pussy…ummm baby I love that…uhhhhhmmmm…so I want you to pull my bows on my panties…pull my bows…uhhh… uhhh…now, pull them now.”

We had talked once or twice over the years about her getting a Brazilian wax, a totally bare naked vagina and ass…but at that time she said she wanted to be all natural, a complete woman.

I was shaking as I reached for her bows, my cock was harder than iron, I began to drip precum onto the sheet.

I pulled the bows, and she moaned as I gazed upon her fully waxed vagina. Her lips were already parted, her clitoris erect like a small penis. “Oh God, oh baby.” I whispered as I pulled the cloth away. she widened her legs, still kneeling, her vagina open clit sticking up throbbing to be sucked.

“Do you like what you see? It’s all for you baby, I know you always wanted this, to see me this way.I feel so naked before you, so open. Because I want something from you. I want you to suck and lick my waxed pussy, everywhere, suck my hard clit…and I want you to fuck me and deposit a full load of cum there — and then I want you to eat it out of me.”

My heart stopped at that moment.


“Like in your story, but the good news is that the reason you have been drinking cranberry and pineapple juice for a week is that it is going to make your cum much more tasty…and I promise you won’t mind the smell. But ever since I saw your story, I have wanted this. I want your mouth on me, your tongue up inside me. And then I want to feed you.”

I was confused, then I understood the reason for the juices, to change the PH, to make my cum acceptable.

Now I wanted to eat my hot cum from her.

I laid down on the bed facing her wet dripping pussy. I inched closer and stuck out my tongue. I licked her groove between the open lips right up her erect clit. She screamed, “Oh GOOODDDD OH lick me…yesssss…lick me I am so naked, so open for you…”

“Like this?,” I said lustfully as I engulfed her opening with my whole mouth and thrust my tongue into her. I began to fuck her with my tongue, stopping to suck the small penis like clitoris. She pushed back, feeding her vagina to me, fucking my face with it.

Finally she lay back, I pushed her legs back and saw how cleanly she was waxed and bleached it seemed. My lips and tongue strayed down slightly to her taint, almost to the asshole and then back up again. I knew I was dripping all over the bed. Her hips were in full fucking mode washing my face with her wide open cunt.

I licked again, from her open vaginal mouth down her taint and over her waxed and bleached asshole, then up again. I was wildly licking and sucking her. I was drooling eating her wetness.

“I’m eating your pussy cum, oh I’m loving your naked pussy. I haven’t loved anything so much as I love this with you.”

I licked over her clenched skymed izle asshole once more as she pushed up to meet my mouth.

“I love that you did this for me, and for you, you taste so good, your pussy is so slick and slippery…oh baby I love it so much.”

“So, oh,… oh…so you will do it, you will fill me and eat me?”

“Yes, oh god yes.”

“I want to cum while you’re sucking me,” She said breathlessly.

“I want you to. I want to lick you everywhere.”

“Yes, you have already…I was speechless.”

“You mean when I did this”…I bent down and washed my tongue over her taint and her ass.

“Nughhhh uhhhh oh god… oh god.”

“Do you want more?”

“Yes, i want more I want it all.”

She wanted her ass licked, and so I washed my tongue over her from her taint to her asshole and back again. Finally she was moaning, “Fuck me now, of god, fuck me now…fuck me so good…cum in me fill me with your loving cum…the cum that you’re going to…you’re going to…”

“…eat out of your dripping vagina, just like you dreamt of, like I wrote about…now I’m going to…”

I slipped my steaming hot cock deep into her with one lunge, She groaned as I filled her and began to fuck her with abandon. She was so hot open and slippery wet with her own cum that I lasted only a dozen strokes before I squirted long hot ropes of cum deep inside her sucking vagina. She pushed back wanting more and more, needing to be well fucked and full of my cock and my hot cum.

“Oh, god, oh oh god, I’m so full of hot cum…eat me now, suck the hot cum from me nowwww!! She screamed.

I crawled behind her and pushed her ass up and her legs apart. I lie down and I began to feast on her open vagina. Soon a flood of cum came pouring out of her I licked and ate my cum, She pushed back and screamed as she orgasm’d as I ate her. I found the taste was acceptable, especially because she was having multiple orgasms as I probed her with my tongue. My mouth was full of cum. I felt myself get hard again and soon, I mounted her. I brushed my cock between her ass cheeks, down to her vagina and back up again. I did that three or four times. She whispered, “put it in my ass. Gently, though.”

I reached for a tube of astro glide that was in my night table. Placed a dollop on my cock, and rubbed it around her hole. I pressed in until the head slipped inside. I waited and allowed her to push back gently. My cock slid in an inch, then she pulled back, and then pushed herself back and took two inches. Her moans and groans signaled her pleasure. I held still and allowed her to push back until she took my whole cock. I could feel her muscled adjusting and gripping me. The feeling was intense.

Soon she rocked forward and back taking me deep. She said, “fuck my ass, fuck me hard. cum deep in my ass. Just like you are going to fuck my ass from now on.”

“Oh god, I can’t hold out… I’m going to cum in your assssss…”

And I squirted cum in her ass.

I collapsed on her, it took ten minutes for my heart to stop racing. She was motionless. Soon she rolled over, and we kissed deeply, the taste of my own cum still in my mouth.

“I can’t wait till we get to Athens, and the cruise. I’m going to tease you mercilessly and you’re going to lick my naked vagina every night.

“Do I get to eat my cum out of you again?”

“Like I said, every night.”

God, I love this woman!

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