Eggs and Cream


I stirred to the familiar sounds of creaking wood floors under her approaching footsteps. We loved the idiosyncrasies of this old house and had poured our souls into restoring it to be the place we hoped to grow old together in.Judging from the direct sunlight that crept through the blinds, I assumed it was close to midmorning.”How did I sleep this late, and so soundly?” I pondered.I was often restless when she was on a date, especially an overnighter. Maybe last night’s sleep was a sign that the honesty and trust we shared were more sound than ever.Despite that, my arm involuntarily reached across to confirm her side of our bed was undisturbed. Not that there should be any doubt. She’d told me she was planning to spend last night with her new bull. They’d had a couple of play dates before this, and with the way she’d spoken so glowingly afterwards, an overnighter seemed likely. It was how she liked to play, an expression of admiration for his gifts.The floorboard noises stopped at our door, and I glanced up to see it ease open and her head pop in.”Awake?” bursa escort she asked with an inquisitive look.”Just now,” I responded, rubbing the bridge of my nose. “What time is it?””Around nine,” she replied, then walked in towards our hamper near the bathroom. Her tousled hair, normally in a neat ponytail, tumbled across her elegant shoulders and down towards her full breasts. Her outfit was nearly identical to what she’d left the house in last night: a sheer short-sleeved blouse that revealed a black lace bra, red pencil skirt, and black heels. A crisp combination of panache and sensual elegance.Lacking were the stockings I’d clipped to her garter belt before she left. She loved her legs and worked hard to keep them in top form. With the right stockings, she could ensnare the interests of many men, and some women.Part of our female-led dynamic was for me to supply sexy underthings for her to wear. “You’re great at picking styles and colors that make me attractive to potential playmates,” she’d once teased. They were for my gratification bursa escort bayan as well, of course, as were the taunts. I’d ask her to be more vocal away from the bedroom. It kept me on edge to always be my best for her.As for the G-string I’d put on her as well? I was hoping a recounting of the evening’s events would include its fate. The possibilities caused my groin to twitch.Laurie paused at the bathroom door; a hand raised against its frame. Her posture conveyed introspection, as if she was recollecting thought. Unknowingly, she was securing a surprise gift I was about to receive.I contemplated what her lover had been like. Sometimes she shared details with me in excruciating detail while we had sex or masturbated together. Other times she was silent, an equally effective measure. I could never tell if it related to the levels of euphoric pleasure she’d experienced, or the joy she received in teasing me.The latter had always been part of us, even before we agreed to a cuckold dynamic. I’d rarely been jealous, at least not in a nonrecoverable escort bursa way. That’s what made us special. We’d vetted the dynamics of our relationship early and often. Our openness and communication were unshakable.Laurie gazed over her shoulder to peer at me while slipping off her heels, then removed her blouse. Gazing at the collar, she scratched at it with a fingernail.Had jizz spilled from her mouth when he came in it? Maybe he’d sprayed his seed across her after pummeling her pussy.She dropped the blouse into the hamper, then leaned back silently against the doorframe to face me, arms crossed across her stomach.”Can I get you some breakfast, my love?” I asked.”That’s alright,” she replied. “I’ve already filled up on eggs and cream.”I tried to picture that combination. Then the inference hit me, and I looked back at her with intrigue. Laurie’s mischievous look told me all I needed to know.”He sent some home for you,” she quipped. “I know how much you love it when we share.”I could only gaze as she walked to my side of the bed. My heart throbbed as she unzipped her skirt and slid it off, revealing a naked waist.”What do you say?” she cooed in that domineering tease that would only accept one answer.My expression of uncertainty turned to compulsive adoration for her.

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