Egyptian Princess Of New Egypt Ch. 02


The journey by land took 18 months, especially with the mass of people and livestock. By the time Isis was able to actually see her palace, most of it was complete. Bedchambers, courtyards, the main gardens. It was a palace that look very much like a sultans kingdom, while still bearing the appearance of many Ancient Egypt’s grand palaces. A soldiers quarters was nearly complete and the royal stables were half way finished. Temporary pastures and housing had been built for the livestock and the numerous peoples. Isis first order of business was to create her royal seal, kingdom colors, as well as make sure that everything had been settled properly once the caravan had reached their destination. Isis then gave instructions as to how she wanted her gardens to be planted, as well as to begin planting the seasonal crops.

Isis chose an emerald green with a thick stripe of gold for her kingdom’s colors. And her palace emblem and her royal seal was that of an Arabian galloping across the great sun, yet the sun’s circle was made up of her intricate crown. The horse was a rich emerald green while the sun was the contrasting gold tone. While her father paid respects to the Ancient gods by setting his seal with their image, Isis wanted to put much emphasis on the mighty yet small horses that have been at the main forefront of New Egypt since it’s very birth. As soon as the many animals and the numerous subjects had been well taken care of, Isis saw fit to finally have the master builders begin work on her thrown room, for the rest of snowpiercer izle the palace was mostly complete; the artisans were just finishing painting and embossing the final details in the eastern wing.

The new Queen dubbed her palace, Taweret, which means One who is great.

“Good morning my sweet.” whispered Andreas as he brushed his fingertips across Isis’ cheek. Isis opened her eyes to find her lover perched over her, watching her sleep.

“Good morning my love. What is the occasion?” Isis smirked as she beheld his naked form.

“No special event, just your lips against mine.” murmured the Captain as he leaned down to press a full fiery kiss to her lips.

It had been nearly nine months since Isis and Andreas had had an opportunity to bed each other, the two would never have allowed it to be so long if they both hadn’t been so busy with putting together the kingdom.

“Does your brother have to marry you as it was in the Ancient times?” inquired Andreas softly as his fingers lovingly kneaded her breasts.

“No he doesn’t. Remember your studies Andreas. My grandfather, my father’s father, abolished that law. It no longer is a way of life for us. It is one of the bigger differences between Ancient Egypt and New Egypt.” replied the Queen. Isis shoved her mounds up into his large palms, loving the feel of his touch. Her pussy clenching and slowly soaking itself as she responded to his ministrations.

“Ohhhh Andreas!” she mewled as the man softly so help me todd izle pinched her nipples, her hips beginning their needy undulation. Isis loved being with him, the care and love he gave to her, as those thousands upon thousands of electric sensations spiked threw her straight to her ever glistening pussy.

“Good to be reminded of our recent history Isis. Because you know that I would not be able to see you marry your brother.” admitted Andreas as he began to lick and suckle her aroused peaks. His fingers curled softly around her delicate chains that connected her nipples and her belly in an erotic triangle, pulling and plucking gently. Isis moaned and squirmed, writhing in ecstasy as tiny vibrations shot from her nipples to her tummy. All the while Andreas’ mouth was sucking noisily upon her rosy plump buds. The young Queen’s eyes locked with her lover’s as her hand moved to find his stiff 8 inch cock, grasping it’s length and girth Isis smiled deeply knowing and feeling Andreas’ body shiver with sensation. She began to stroke his length lovingly, her sensitive fingertips exploring his velvet soft skin, the veins and pulsing rhythm, the blood that filled his heavy shaft; his musky excited scent that only he possessed.

“Andreas I need you inside me my love.”

“Yes my sweet Queen.”

The man leaned back on his heels and lifted her hips, holding her in his strong grasp as Isis guided his thick rod to her own velvety pussy lips. Andreas closed sokağın çocukları izle his eyes as he pushed his crown past her entrance, relishing the gasping sighs that came from her, the ooooos and ahhhs that she crooned to him as he began to give her long deep strokes. He adored the way her palms would press deep into his chest as he changed his pace to a faster tempo, and how she would almost growl and mew as he struck her spongy cervix meanwhile her nails would dig increasingly into his muscled pectorals.

“Ahhhhohhhhh Andreas harder oh please harder!” she would cry as her orgasms came in waves, crashing down threw her already trembling body to vibrate and massage his sensitive cock as he obeyed her request, driving his rod even faster in and out of her pussy as she in turn coaxed and milked him.

“Yes Isis oh god Isis I’m going to cum…” groaned the Captain as his balls tightened in that familiar rhythm.

Andreas watched through hooded eyelids as he bucked inside her, spilling his hot seed within her depths, the morning rays catching the gold on her breasts making them dance and sparkle as they shook; her chains spread across her stomach. A picture of glorious ecstasy lay beneath him, Andreas never wanted to let her out of his sight.

As the couple settled into the lush aftermath of their encounter, Andreas lay beside her, Isis had her hips raised up on several pillows not wanting his seed to leave her insides just yet.

“Andreas I need you to go get Amunet. She needs to spend a few more months in my father’s palace to learn etiquette but I fear for her life, she is not like her mother wishes her to be… evil and malicious.” Isis turned her face to him.

“When do you wish me to leave? I will take the swiftest racer I have.”

“After the crops are harvested.”

“As you command my Queen.” Andreas looked into her eyes.

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