Emily’s Tale


This is a story of fantasy. I was asked by a friend to write about her. She didn’t give me a topic but I do know some of her sexual preferences and fetishes. This is a fantasy story about a real person. I have changed her name for her animosity but her persona is real, I hope you enjoy. I would appreciate comments and I know she will. Be nice please, if you have nothing nice to say just pass us by.

I live in Texas near a major metropolitan area. It affords me opportunities to meet lots of different people of different backgrounds with different interests. It has given me chances to learn about the many less than vanilla sexual appetites out there.

About me, I am a divorced dad who has recently started to experience the empty nest syndrome. All of my children are grown and my last one moved out on his own not too long ago. Having started my family young my youngest is now twenty years old and I am only forty-five.

I am six feet tall and weigh one hundred and ninety-five pounds. I am not a gym rat but I have a decent build for a man of my age. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I spend a lot of time on or around the beach so most of the time I have a good tan.

I was online reading the news a couple of weeks ago and happened to open a link for a resort not far from where I live. It was an adults only nudist resort. I was surprised as I didn’t know any such places existed in Texas, much less close to where I lived. I pulled up Google Maps and entered the address. It was only a little over an hour away. My interest was piqued.

As it happened I had vacation from work coming up. I really hadn’t made any plans I was just taking some time off work to relax. There was a reservation form online so I filled it in thinking it might be fun to check this place out. It was clothing optional so I didn’t have to go nude if I chose not to. I hit the submit button after entering all my information and my reservation was made.

The two weeks before my vacation passed quickly. Work was relatively slow so the time there was easy too. I spent my spare time shopping. I bought some new clothes, nothing fancy as I wasn’t even sure I would need them. Just casual shorts and a few polo style shirts. I did buy some nice Ocean Pacific flip flops as I figured that even if I did go clothesless I would need shoes. Here it was the night before so I was packing my bags for the next morning.

I do have a somewhat hairy chest and arms so I figured I would give myself a trim and make everything nice and tight before I went nude, if I did. So I took a nice long relaxing shower thinking bout walking around naked in front of people and people being naked in front of me. I wasn’t even sure how I was supposed to act. I hoped I didn’t walk around with a perpetual hardon like a teenage boy.

After my shower I took my trimmers and trimmed the hair on my chest and arms fairly short. I noticed my pubes were in need of some attention also. I trimmed the area above my cock very short. I took some shaving cream and spread it around my balls and the area on the sides of my dick. I shaved everything completely smooth and left just a small bit of hair above my boys.

Getting into bed I realized I was actually nervous about this trip. I was determined to go though with it. I have thought about going to a nudist resort for years I just never knew where one was and hadn’t taken the initiative to locate one.

The next morning I dressed casually in light shorts and a polo shirt. I splashed on some cologne and stepped into my flip flops. Throwing my bag in the truck I headed north up Hwy-59. It seemed like almost no time at all before my GPS was alerting me of my arrival at my destination.

Stopping at the entry gate I took out my cell phone and called the office to be buzzed in. After confirming my reservation and identity the gate buzzed and opened. I drove ahead as directed to the main office for check in. It was about a quarter mile to the office so I drove slowly and checked out the resort on my way in.

The place was amazing. Outside of the city in the small country town of Porter there were lots of trees and birds to see. Through the trees I could see the states only legal nude beach. There was also a large pool I could catch glimpses of as I drove. The pool overlooked the beach, very nice I thought. Arriving at the office I parked my truck and walked inside to check-in.

There were RV and camp sites but as it was August in southeast Texas I had elected to allocate myself a cabin with air conditioning. The front desk lady was very sweet. She was approximately 5’4″ and I would guess 120 pounds or so. Her breasts were perfectly proportioned in the pink camo bikini top she was wearing. Her name tag was small and attached to the cup of her right breast bikini top. In glittery gold lettering it said her name was Sheila. She greeted me with a perfect smile of amazingly white teeth. I put her at maybe thirty years old.

After filling out the few holy family izle questions I had skipped on the online registration form and signing the bottom I gave Sheila my credit card to pay for my stay. Sheila handed me a map of the resort and pointed out where my cabin was located. As I was about to leave she also had me sign a form stating I had read and agreed to all the rules of the resort. One that caught my eye particularly was “Lewd, crude, lascivious and sexual behavior of any kind in any public area is strictly forbidden.”

If this was a rule then there must have been an issue at one time or another. Being the sexual deviant that I am I became thrilled at the prospect of my hopes being confirmed for this trip.

I had plans to enjoy the pool, the beach, hiking, and maybe even some fishing while here but I also couldn’t deny that I hoped to meet a freaky woman with much the same sexual appetite as myself. I was here for four days so I knew I had plenty of time to explore. There was no need to rush anything on my first day.

I drove up to the front of my cabin and parked my truck off to the side in the shade. It was 11:00 a.m. and already the outside temperature indicator in my truck was reading 93 degrees. It was going to be another hot August day. I grabbed my bag and headed inside my cabin. Closing the door behind me I tossed my bag on the bed and went over to crank on the ac. Now that I was here I was both nervous and excited. Still I wasn’t sure if I could go nude.

There was a small fridge in one corner of the room so I opened it out if curiosity. It was stocked with cold beer and water. I took a beer and went out to sit on the porch of the cabin and relax a moment before unpacking my bag. It would take the ac about ten or fifteen minutes to cool the inside of the cabin down anyway. Stepping out on the porch I popped the top and sat down in one of the deck chairs there.

Sitting in the shade of the covered porch sipping my beer I could feel it already warming up even hotter. Yes it was going to be a hot one today.

The front of my cabin faced the beach as I had requested. The beach was about two-hundred yards away and I could see people already starting to congregate under the big umbrellas sticking in the sand. I really couldn’t tell from this distance if the people were naked or not.

As I was watching the sun climb high over the beach and enjoying my beer I heard the door open on the cabin next door. I looked over as an attractive red haired woman walked out into the morning heat. She yawned and stretched extending her arms up and over her head. She was wearing a bikini in the design of the American flag. The bottoms had red and white stripes that barely covered her pert round ass and even less to cover her obviously shaved cunt. The top was blue and had a white star covering each nipple. The strips were thin exposing basically her entire breasts except for the nipples. She smiled over at me and waved.

Feeling a bit of hope for this trip already I waved back and said good morning. Before I could get up out of my chair she started walking over. I offered her a seat in the chair next to me as she extended her hand to shake mine. I introduced myself as Matt and found out her name was Emily. Up close she was even prettier than I had thought. Emily had the girl next door pretty going on. She wasn’t wearing makeup with the exception for around her eyes. As Emily took the chair beside me I offered her a beer or water from my fridge. “A water would be fantastic,” she said. I stood to go inside to retrieve a bottle of water.

I returned to the porch and unscrewed the top off the water and handed it to Emily. Taking a sip she smiled and said thank you. We sat and talked for a while getting to know each other. I learned that Emily was 32 years old and recently divorced. She had three kids, Makayla, Kaylee, and Kurt. They were with her mom while she took this vacation to recover from her divorce. I could sense sadness and relief at the same time. Emily said she had been about to head to the beach and asked if I would like to join. Of course I agreed.

I stepped inside my cabin to change into some swim trunks, grab some sunscreen, and a towel. As we walked towards the beach I noticed Emily was getting closer and closer to me as we walked. I reached out and took her hand. We walked in silence holding hands until we got to the water. Sitting our things down under one of the large umbrellas I started to rub sunscreen on my arms and shoulders. Emily took the bottle and coated my back with a thin layer. I did the same for her after she finished me.

We walked down to the water and waded in. The water was refreshing, it was cool even though the temperature outside was not. We both ducked under the water and swam about a bit. I surfaced and was surprised when Emily surfaced right in front of me only inches from my face. I reached out to catch her so we didn’t crash onto each other. As I hotel portofino izle did my left hand came in contact with her breast. It was totally accidental but for some reason I held my hand there longer than incidental contact. As I was about to jerk my hand away Emily smiled and covered my hand with hers making my hand caress and squeeze.

Emily melted into my arms as our lips met. It was soft at first but as my grip on her breast became firmer our kiss became more passionate. Her lips parted and I slid my tongue inside teasing her tongue with mine. I felt her body push up against mine and we began to grind into each other. I could feel my cock starting to stiffen as blood rushed into my shaft. I broke our kiss and said, “Maybe we should go back to the cabin.” One of the rules of the resort was no sexual escapades in public.

Hand in hand we hurriedly walked back to my cabin hugging and kissing as we walked. Just before we got to my cabin Emily decided we should go to hers instead. We stepped inside and melted into each other’s arms again. Our mouths meshed together as our kisses got hotter and hotter. My hands found the string tied on her back holding her top on and quickly pulled it along with the string around her neck. Her top fell away letting her gorgeous tits come into full view. They were incredible. Perfectly round and full with just a hint of sag. After three kids it was amazing at how little sag there was. Her nipples sat on top pointing and round. About the size of a fifty cent piece I couldn’t wait to get my lips around them.

I leaned in and took her left nipple between my lips sucking gently. As her nipple got harder from the attention I nipped it gently with my teeth. A soft moan escaped Emily. I knew she would welcome a bit more so I bit down a little harder. Emily practically exploded into orgasm on the spot. I have been with women before that loved a little pain and I was no stranger to this. I spun her around and pushed her face down on her bed. I slapped her ass hard enough for it to leave a red whelp even though she still had her bikini bottom on. “Wait here and do not move,” I said.

I hurried out to my truck and grabbed some rope from under my back seat. Reaching into the console I took the knife I always keep there and cut the rope into four equal lengths. I tossed the blade back into the console slammed the door and hurried back inside. Emily was still lying face down in exactly the same spot I had left her. This only served to reinforce my suspicions that I had a submissive hot woman on my hands. I wondered just how far I could push her.

Walking over to the bed I slapped her ass again even harder this time. Emily winced from the pain but didn’t even try to get up nor did she try to look at me. She kept her face buried in the pillows and her pelvis practically ground itself into the mattress. I slapped her again on her other cheek and she whelped and ground into the mattress even harder. The moan that escaped her was loud enough I thought sure it could be heard outside. “You naughty little SLUT teasing me like that at the beach, making my cock hard and having to walk back here,” I said. When the word SLUT came out she whimpered and started shaking. Oh this woman wanted to be humiliated and abused badly. I could tell she needed it, no she craved it. I was going to give it to her. I took her right hand firmly and pulled it over her head. I used one of the sections of rope to tie her hand to the headboard. I repeated with her left hand. Emily was whimpering and resisting mildly. I knew she wanted this. I slapped her ass again three times in rapid succession and told her to stop resisting me. “You are mine and I will do as I please.” I stated firmly. Her whimpering continued but her resistance faded. Her 5’2″ body was shaking with desire.

I took two pillows and made Emily lift her pelvis. I slid the pillows under her tummy and asked her to relax. As her body settled down onto the pillows I repeated with her feet as I had with her hands. I secured the rope sections around her ankles tightly but not so tight that they would leave marks. Once Emily was fully bound to the bed I moved up beside her head. I bent down beside her ear and whispered.

“Today I a going to take you, I am going to use you for my pleasure, if you resist anything I wish for, I will punish you. Do you understand?” I said. Emily had her eyes clinched closed tightly as if she were afraid if she opened them this would be only a dream. She nodded her head in consent as she chewed on her bottom lip. I ran my hand down the side of her face around her ear to her throat. I slid my fingers around her throat and squeezed. Not hard but hard enough she knew I was in total control. Biting her ear I said, “Good let’s begin.”

Walking over to where her bikini top had fallen to the floor I picked it up. I folded it into a crude blindfold and put it around Emily’s head and tied it tight, completely obscuring her vision. house of hammer izle She didn’t fight me but I saw her breath catch in her chest and her pulse started pounding in her neck. Oh yes this submissive whore needed to be used hard.

Running my fingertips down her spine and across her bikini bottoms I teased the crack of her ass and on down caressing softly the inside of her thighs. With my other hand I untied the stings holding her bottoms on. As the strings fell to her side my other hand moved up to her pussy. I teased her lips through the soft cloth of her swimsuit. The crotch was already soaked. This slut was so turned on she would do anything and I knew it. I pushed the cloth into her cunt making it absorb more of her sweet juices soaking it completely. I then pulled it from under her and moved up to her head again. I folded the bottoms in a manner that the crotch was the outermost exposed part and stuffed it into Emily’s mouth. Making sure the drenched pad that had covered her dripping cunt was in contact with her tongue. I wanted her to taste her own pussy. As Emily realized what I was doing she tried to push the swimsuit out with her tongue. I simply pinched her nose shutting off her breathing until she opened her mouth to gasp for air. I shoved it in taking time to purposefully rub her own juices all over her tongue.

Leaving her bound in place, blindfolded and gagged I stood and walked out without saying a word. I knew she heard me leave and the excitement of wondering if I would come back and the fear if I would just leave her there for who knows who to find would drive her wild. I walked over to my room and opened my duffel bag. I took out my belt, my electric shaver, and two alligator clips that were in my shaving bag that had been in there forever, I don’t even remember why. I also took a small bottle of Astroglide that I always leave in my bag. Looking around the room I noticed a produce basket that must be a complimentary thing from the staff. It had tomatoes, apples, oranges, bananas, grapes, and cucumbers in it. I quickly grabbed one of the cucumbers. It was about eight inches long and at least two inches thick.

Taking the items I had selected I casually walked back over to Emily’s cabin. I decided to mess with her mind. I knew she would think when I returned I would just walk in so I stopped and knocked on the door. I hesitated and knocked again. I knew she could not answer so I opened the door and stepped inside. Emily was there craning her neck trying to see if she could tell maybe by sound if it was me or some one else. Was she being exposed bound, blindfolded, and gagged to a member of the staff?

I walked over to her and leaned in very close and whispered, “Are you ready slut?” Her whimpers were all I needed to hear. I ran my hand over her ass cheeks and down between her thighs. I pulled my middle finger up through her slit and found that just as I suspected, sweet Emily was so wet that I wasn’t sure she had not had an orgasm already. I pushed my finger inside her smoldering hole and curved it down to the upper inside of her juicy cunt. I found the spot I was looking for, her g-spot and ran my fingertip back and forth over it several times very quickly. Emily screamed into her bikini bottoms gag as she exploded in a massive orgasm. Her pussy drenched my hand and the pillow under her. I slowly withdrew my finger and gave Emily a moment to catch her breath. I was enjoying the thrill of her not being able to see me and not knowing what was coming next. It would make this next part even more exquisite for her.

I stepped back and picked up my belt and my electric shaver. As I moved close to her again I turned on the shaver making sure she could hear the buzzing. I moved in and touched the handle end of the shaver to her aroused clit. The vibrations of the motor hit her clit and Emily started bucking like a mad woman jerking and struggling against her restraints as she ripped into another orgasm. I didn’t relent I held the shaver against her clit giving her a moment to think this was my goal, to push her again to orgasm with the makeshift vibrator. Instead I had my belt doubled over in my hand and I brought it down across her ass swiftly and accurately making it connect with both cheeks simultaneously. Emily screamed into her gag. I gave her a second to test her reaction and I saw a slight arching of her back pushing her ass up and out. Just the sign I was waiting for. This pain whore wanted more.

I was just the man to give it to her. I brought the belt down again and again until I had her ass glowing red. I had to have hit her at least ten or twelve times. Emily was now a quivering heap on the bed. Her whimpering had become soft sobs and heavy moans. I moved the vibrating shaver away from her dripping cunt and set it aside. I caressed her burning ass cheeks with my hand feeling the heat in my palm. As Emily’s sobs slowed and turned back to whimpers at my caresses I moved up and pulled the gag from her mouth.

When the sloppy wet cloth of her bikini bottoms came out of her mouth Emily gasped for air sucking in deep breaths and trying to look up at me through her blindfold. I gently removed the blindfold and allowed her to look at me. Emily smiled through her wet eyes as I leaned in to kiss her moist lips.

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