Encounter at the Hotel


I reached down to feel for my bag as the car came to a stop near the glass entrance of the hotel. The driver turned toward me. “I’ll let you out here. It’s not too crowded, so you shouldn’t have any problem getting a room.”

The lights from the hotel lobby were bright in the surrounding darkness, but they didn’t quite light up the interior of the car enough for me to clearly see his face. I was tempted to tell him to go ahead and park, so we’d have to walk in to the lighted area together, but one foolish move per day was my limit. I’d already accepted a ride from him. I wasn’t going to push my luck.

I slid out of the car and bent to look back inside. “Thanks for the ride.”

“No problem. I was happy to help. Have a good night.”

I wished him the same, said goodbye, then shut the door and headed into the hotel.

The driver was correct about there being plenty of room available, and it wasn’t long before I was making my way to the elevator. I hadn’t seen anyone else come in to the hotel, so I figured that I’d be able to get to my room and get settled in no time. I turned the corner and stopped short. My driver and another man were standing at the elevator landing and seemed to be engaged in quiet conversation. Neither man had noticed me, so I took a minute to weigh my options. Should I hang back and let them go first? I’d most likely have the next car to myself, which would eliminate the possibility of one of those awkward moments that always seem to occur in elevators. It would also keep me from getting to my room within the next few minutes. Perhaps it would be better to just join them and share the ride.

I took another look at the two men. The plump stranger looked like a typical tourist in his over-sized t-shirt, camouflage shorts and sandals complete with camera and sunburn. He looked tired and rumpled and not at all threatening. The driver was a different matter.

The odd thought popped into my head that I should stop thinking of him as “The Driver”. I knew his name. He’d introduced himself as Gabriel, but using his name, even just to myself, seemed a little too intimate. It’s hard to get to know someone during a ten minute car ride, so he was essentially still a stranger to me.

He was a good-looking stranger, though. He wasn’t really tall, maybe a little less than six foot, but he looked neat and stylish in his khaki pants, blue button-down shirt and loafers. A leather messenger bag slung across his chest completed the look. He had a full head of dark hair with what could either be a smattering of gray or the shine from the overhead lights. He was sporting a slight five o’clock shadow, but it enhanced, rather than detracted from, his appearance. The only thing that I couldn’t figure out from this distance was the color of his eyes – eyes that were currently fixed on me and full of curiosity. I wondered just how long I’d been staring. I could feel my face heat, so I quickly lowered my head and pretended to look for something in my bag to help cover my blunder.

“Are you going up, or are you on your way out?” the tourist asked.

I looked back up and felt my cheeks flame even more. I hadn’t even noticed that the elevator had arrived. Both men were now inside the car and waiting for me.

“Sorry. I’m going up,” I said, and hurried inside.

My embarrassment kept me looking straight ahead during the short ride. We came to a stop and I hastened to exit only to feel a light touch against my right elbow. That and the very loud voice of the tourist made me jump.

“Well, this is where I say goodbye. It was great meeting you, Gabe!”

He didn’t seem like a “Gabe” to me. There was potency about him that only “Gabriel” seemed to fit.

“It was nice to meet you, too, Glenn.”

Just like that, Glenn the tourist was gone. My nerves seemed to go into overdrive.

“I’m sorry I startled you when I touched your elbow, but I thought you were getting ready to exit on the wrong floor.”

I gave a short laugh. “Fortunately for me, you thought correctly. I didn’t even check to see which floor it was. I guess tonight is your night to rescue me. Thanks…again. “

We both laughed as the elevator stopped. This time I made sure it was the third floor, then tossed out a “See you later” as I exited. I heard footsteps and turned slightly to see Gabriel walking behind me. I didn’t expect to see him walking my way. I just assumed that he was on another floor. I was almost to my room, but some previously unused caution made me unsure of whether I wanted him to know exactly which one it was, so I slowed. He must have picked up my nervous vibe because he went ahead of me without stopping, and then turned to walk backwards.

“I’m headed farther down,” he said with a gesture. “Maybe I’ll see you around.”

“Maybe, but my car should be ready tomorrow, so I doubt I’ll be around for long. Thanks again for that ride.”

“You’re more than welcome. Goodnight.” With those final words, he turned and continued mobil porno to walk down the hallway. I’m not even sure he heard me echo the goodbye.

I walked over to my door and slid the key card into the lock. The light flashed red, so I tried it once more. All the while, I was mentally kicking myself for being an idiot. He seemed like a very nice man, and I acted like he was a stalker. I should have at least offered to buy him a drink or a cup of coffee as a thank you for his help.

The light on the lock finally flashed green. I turned the handle to open the door, when suddenly, a body pushed into me from behind. Arms banded around me and pinned mine to my side as our momentum propelled us through the door and into the hotel room. My bag was quickly pulled from my shoulder and dropped to the floor. I was picked up and pushed face down on the bed as the door to the hotel room clicked shut.

My hands were held behind my back, and a hand clamped over my mouth before I could even try to scream or struggle. I could hear soft pants and feel moist breath on my ear.

“Be still. I’m not going to hurt you. I’ll remove my hand from your mouth, but you have to stay quiet.”

My mind was numb. I couldn’t process that this was actually happening to me. I needed to clear my head and figure out what to do.

I came back into the moment, and realized that he was asking me something. I muttered a muffled, “What did you say?” through his fingers, then gave a startled yelp when he nipped my ear with his teeth.

“Pay attention, Clare. I won’t repeat myself a second time. I’m not going to hurt you. Nod if you understand what I’m telling you.” I nodded. “Good. I will explain all this in a minute, but I need to do something first. I’m going to remove my hand from your mouth, and I expect you to stay quiet.” The hand loosened.

“This is crazy! Let me…mmmphhh!” My words were cut off mid-sentence as the hand tightened back against my mouth and part of my nose.

“I can see we’re going to have to do this the hard way,” he sighed. The hand was quickly removed, and he began to dig around in his messenger bag.

Air! I took a couple of deep breaths, and then opened my mouth to resume my protest, but I was too late. The second I opened my mouth to speak, a ball gag was pushed into my mouth and secured at the back of my head. The ball was then inflated enough to engage my mouth, but not enough to obstruct my breathing. My startled surprise at this development was so strong that I didn’t even realize my hands were free until he was buckling a pair of soft cuffs around my wrists. My window of opportunity to escape had passed. It stunned me to realize that deep down; a dark, secret part of me wasn’t upset with what was happening.

Once he had me quiet and immobile, I was lifted and turned so that I sat on the side of the bed. He pulled the desk chair around so that he could sit in front of me. He just sat and looked at me.

Blue. His eyes were a dark, sexy, blue.

“Now that I have your undivided attention,” he paused and quirked an eyebrow, then continued once I gave a nod of agreement. “I’ll explain to you what’s happening. My arrival a moment after your car broke down wasn’t a coincidence. This entire endeavor got its start three weeks ago when you and your friend visited a certain club. You know exactly which man and what club I mean, don’t you?” I gave another nod. “Even though you didn’t participate that night, your friend noticed your interest. That’s where the idea started, and how I got involved. I’m here to teach you obedience and to mold your submissiveness. Before we go any farther, though,” he leaned forward and grasped my chin with his fingers, forcing me to look directly into his eyes. “This is your choice. You can say no if you don’t want this, and I will release you, pack my things and leave. You can go on as you were, but you will no longer be allowed to visit the club. That retreat is only available to those who are seriously interested in the BDSM lifestyle. If however, you agree to continue, then you will belong to me and will obey me. We will start tonight, and you will continue to submit to me whenever we’re together; even if you’re at the club. Do you understand everything I’ve told you?” I tried to say “yes” around the gag, but gave up and just nodded.

He reached up and removed the gag. “I want you to be able to fully speak your answer so that there aren’t any misunderstandings later. What is your answer, yes or no?”

I looked away as I wiggled my jaw to ease the stiffness. My lips and mouth were dry, but it was only partially caused by the gag. Nerves took care of the rest. Could I do this? Would I really be able to give up my control, not just in private, but also in front of the patrons of the club? Maybe it’d be easier to say no, and forget about the whole matter. My friend didn’t misinterpret my interest during our visit to the club. I felt the pull to submit the entire time we were there. The need alman porno to obey was inside me, and that frightened me. It also excited me. I wanted to experience what the subs at the club had experienced. I had felt a little tug inside with every ass that was paddled, every dildo that was inserted and every cock that was sucked. Either decision that I made at this point would be scary, and would change my life.

I ran my tongue over my lips, looked up into Gabriel’s eyes, and sealed my fate. “My answer is yes. “

He smiled, which made me smile, and then he changed. His face became serious and an odd intensity entered his eyes. The biggest change of all, though, was his voice. It became stronger, firmer, and his cadence changed. He leaned forward slightly, and said, “As of this moment you belong to me.”

That dominating tone made something click inside of me, and I knew that I would respond to it no matter where, or when, I heard it. My stomach dipped as if I was on a roller coaster, and I felt my pussy moisten.

“You will address me as “Sir” unless I tell you otherwise.” As he spoke, he got up, grabbed the messenger bag from the bed and turned to lean against the desk. We spent a few minutes discussing limits and a safe word. Then he said something that struck equal measures of fear an excitement into my heart.

“Are you ready to obey, Clare?”

I took a steadying breath and answered, “Yes, Sir.”

With a nod, he turned and began to take things from the bag. The gag already sat on the desk. Next to it he placed a thin, leather paddle. Then, out came a bottle of lube and some lengths of rope and a bullet vibe. Lastly, he pulled out two items that I thought were dildos. The first looked exactly how you’d expect a dildo to look; flesh colored, with a prominent head and the prerequisite veins. The second was sort of odd looking. It was more of a triangle shape with bumps, but it was shorter and slimmer than the first dildo. I was starting to doubt my decision when I heard him say, “Stand up.”

I scooted myself to the edge of the bed and hopped to the floor. Not such an easy task with your hands tied behind your back, but I managed without falling on my face. He walked once around me then reached out, unbuttoned my blouse and pulled the two sides apart, exposing my lace bra. He cupped a hand around each breast before opening the front clasp. Each cup of the bra was peeled away slowly, the edges of the lace grazing my nipples, until both the shirt and the bra were pushed down my arms and left hanging against the cuffs.

His fingertips moved softly up my arms, and down the sides of my body, leaving a trail of goose bumps. I gave a little shiver which made my breasts bounce slightly. He was close enough to me that the tips of my nipples rubbed against his shirt. The combination of the chill and the chafing contracted the hardened nubs almost painfully.

His fingers had made quick work of a button and zipper, so that my skirt fell to the floor. His hands slid under the elastic of my panties, cupped my ass cheeks and pulled, so that I was lifted up on to my tip toes. The awkward movement pitched me forward, so that I was forced to lean the front of my nearly nude body against his fully clothed one. The contrast was exciting, and I wished that my panties weren’t there to block the full sensation.

What happened next, though, was totally unexpected and entirely arousing. I felt his hands move together before he spread my ass open and proceeded to probe my tight hole with a finger. The first, light touch circled the sensitive flesh. It moved around and around; never pressing harder or going deeper. I had caught my breath at that first touch, and he had to give me a reminder as I waited to see what he was going to do.

“Come on. Breathe or you’re going to pass out.”

My mind focused on his voice, which distracted me for a moment. I think that might have been his intention, though, because as soon as I released the pent up air, I immediately sucked it right back in, and gasped, “Oh my God!”

The finger that had been lightly rubbing was pushed just inside my ass. “You’d better get used to your ass being touched. You’re going to have my fingers -“

“Fingers!” I practically shouted. “As in more than one? I’m not sure that two would even fit.” The finger stopped pushing. I leaned back to look up at him, going flat footed and breaking his hold.

His eyes bored into mine. “One. Don’t ever interrupt me. Two. I don’t recall asking your opinion. Three. I did not give you permission to move.”

Eyes downcast, I immediately apologized, “I’m sorry.”

“You’re sorry?”


“Aren’t you forgetting something? ” The tone in his voice, the one that caused my heart to beat a little faster earlier, took on a chilly note. I didn’t like that coolness at all. I glanced up, giving him a blank look, until it dawned on me what I’d done.

“I’m sorry, Sir.”

“Better, alexis texas porno but I think you need an incentive to remember your manners.” With one sharp jerk, my panties were at my feet, and I had to give a quick hop out of them to keep from tripping when he pulled me with him and sat on the chair. One tug brought me down over his spread legs. He lifted his left foot up to the bottom stretcher of the chair. This angled my head down and pushed my ass up in the air. My feet didn’t touch the floor, so with my hands still cuffed I had no way of holding on and started to slide. He quickly adjusted his other leg and placed an arm across my back to compensate.

The floating feeling mixed with the blood rushing to my head was disorienting. I started to struggle to lift my head – until the first stinging slap of his hand met my bare flesh.

“Ow! I cried out and tried to move my fingers to cover my ass, but the arm on my back shifted so that he could hold my hands out of the way as slap after slap continued to fall. They were hard, stinging slaps that seemed to find every tender spot on my ass. My bottom went from warm and flushed to hot and throbbing in minutes.

Then, as suddenly as they began, the slaps stopped. The throb intensified while the heat increased, causing me to moan from the ache of it.

I felt his hand move, and automatically tensed up as I waited for the spanking to continue. Instead, I felt his fingers dip into and probe my pussy. This pulled another moan from me, but now it was a moan of pleasure. His fingers twisted and bent, then withdrew. He rubbed the hot juices around my ass hole then pushed two fingers in past the tight ring of muscle in one smooth motion then stopped.

I gave a cry of pain. “Stop!”

“No. Relax and breathe out.” I tried to do what he said, and felt the fingers push deeper. “Good. One more time.” He pushed again, making me groan. I could feel from the way his hand was touching my ass that the fingers were seated almost as far as they would go. He didn’t move any more, and I panted and moaned as the pain and burning slowly began to subside.

“Better now”, he asked?

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good. Now, I shall continue from where I was so rudely interrupted. You will need to get used to my fingers and hands touching your ass. It might be a teasing finger or a quick ass warming. It could be my fingers pushing in a dildo or my hands spreading your ass cheeks as my cock slides in deep, but make no mistake, this is my ass,” he pushed his fingers in deeper, “and I will touch it whenever and however I want. Is that clear?” His fingers spread wide as he asked that last question.

I gasped due to the stretching sensation, but managed to get out, “Yes, Sir.”

“I think we’re ready to move on now,” he said, as he withdrew his fingers. The hand across my back held me steady as he let me slowly slide off his lap. “Get up on your knees facing the bed and wait for me.”

I knelt there and listened as he walked away. I heard the sound of water running, and then a few moments later heard him walk up behind me. His hands went to my wrists as he helped me stand.

“Don’t move your arms until I tell you to.” He unbuckled one of the cuffs, and held my wrists as he removed my discarded shirt and bra, then moved both hands to my shoulders and started to massage. I thought that odd until he pushed my shoulders forward and the searing pain of pins and needles hit me. I must have cried out, because he gave me a quiet shush and continued to massage. The firm strokes soon had me bending slightly forward with my hands braced upon my thighs. That position caused my ass to connect with his groin, and his cock – his very hard cock. In that moment I forgot the pain. He was excited and aroused, and that made me excited and aroused. I couldn’t help but rub against that firm erection. He let me continue for a moment, then stopped the massage, walked in front of me and pulled my hands around to reattach the cuff.

“Get up on the bed. I want you on your hands and knees; head down, ass up, and legs spread.”

“Yes, Sir,” I said, and moved into position. I felt exposed, and embarrassed that my ass and pussy were completely open to his view. I soon found out that it wasn’t open enough, though, when the paddle landed with a smack to my ass.

“I said, spread your legs.”

I quickly moved them farther apart, and felt another slap, so I spread them even wider.

“That’s better. Now don’t move.”

Stinging slaps from the paddle were soon peppered all over my ass, but he didn’t limit himself. The paddle also found its way to my thighs. The spanking was unrelenting; it didn’t take long for me to begin moving my ass to try to avoid the swats. The paddling continued. I know that my wiggling ass was probably putting on quite the show, but I couldn’t help the movements. I thought that I could wiggle and outsmart him, and force him to paddle me where I wanted to be paddled, but what I learned, what I should have known from the beginning, was that he was in control the entire time. I was wiggling, yes, but my movements only exposed new places for him to paddle. I was soon panting from my exertions, and my tormented ass and thighs were burning hot. I couldn’t take any more.

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