Enjoying the Drive Ch. 05


I awoke to soft fingers stroking my cock, tender caresses on my already throbbing shaft. It was still dark, though I knew, somehow, that it wouldn’t be for much longer. The air in the tent was chilly, almost cold but not quite. It was warm to the point of hot inside the sleeping bags, probably had been before Dani started stroking me, but to be honest, I didn’t really care much.

I opened my eyes to see Dani watching me, waiting for me to wake up. She smiled up at me and darted her face forward, quickly kissing me before slipping down, her fingers leaving my cock and brushing my cheek, trailing down my neck and chest as she went lower and lower. The sleeping bag went with her, uncovering me, allowing me to just see what she was doing. She looked up at me as her hand circled my cock and she lifted it, pulling it slowly towards her mouth. Dani licked her lips and softly pressed them against my cock, kissing just below the crown, letting them linger there as she stared up into my eyes. I felt and just saw her smile in the gloom, her eyes sparkling in what little light there was.

Her tongue slipped out, the tip exploring my hot skin. I moaned softly, barely a whisper as she dragged her wet little tongue lower, trailing it along my shaft before reversing and dragging the whole length of her tongue back up, maddeningly slow and deliberate. Her eyes bored into mine as her lips closed over my head and she sucked gently, her tongue wriggling against the corona. I reached out and cupped my sister’s face, buried my fingers in her soft hair as I felt the concavity of her cheek against my palm.

She moaned gently around my cock, tiny little vibrations traveling down the length and into my balls. I felt her cheeks pull in farther and she used the suction to draw my cock in further, deeper. Her tongue dragged against the underside, rough and soft all at once against my shaft.

I curled my hand behind her head, fingers brushing against the nape of her neck as I felt her long soft hair tickle against my thighs. I bent my legs and squeezed her naked body between my legs, her hard nipple poking my legs, her skin warm and smooth and her mouth perfect around me. Dani’s tongue made soft circles around the tip of my cock at the top of each slow, maddening stroke before she slowly pushed my length back into her mouth. She cupped my balls with one hand and slowly worked the other up and down my shaft as though she were chasing her own lips.

Dani sucked me carefully to the point of climax, building me right to the edge before somehow sensing it and backing down just enough, just the right amount to keep me from exploding.

“What are you waiting for?” I whispered, more curious than angry. I have never and will never be angry with a woman for wanting to suck my dick longer.

I felt her smile around my cock, and in the slowly brightening morning light I saw her hold up one slender finger. I fought back a moan as she shook her head with me still in her mouth. She swallowed my length again, pushing my cock almost all the way into her mouth and dragging her tongue along the bottom again, enjoying the little game of pushing me to the edge. She slowly pulled back up, circled the head with her tongue, her hand twisting as she stroked.

I heard Mom and Dad’s tent flap unzip and would have shoved Dani away if she hadn’t heard the exact same thing and chosen that moment to bury my cock in her throat. Her mouth and hand flew up and down my shaft as she pumped me in and out, just carefully enough to keep from causing loud slurping noises.

I came hard on the third stroke and she held the tip of my cock in her mouth, her hand pumping on my shaft and her tongue swirling through jets of cum. I slapped aydınlı escort a pillow over my own face to keep from grunting too loudly as I emptied myself down my sister’s throat, praying to God that my father wouldn’t choose that moment to unzip the tent flap.

“Kids,” I heard him call. “Time to get up! We’ve got a lot of ground to cover!”

As the last of my cum was spent, Dani’s lips left my cock and I heard her giggle quietly, felt her climb, still naked, up my body and straddle me, my twitching, incredibly sensitive cock pressing wetly against her bare pussy.

“Good morning,” she whispered, her eyes shining as she smiled brightly.

“Uh huh,” I managed. I wrapped her in my arms and kissed her deeply, surprising her. She gasped a little and then moaned softly into my mouth, our tongues finding each other and playing briefly. I broke the kiss reluctantly.

“We have to get up,” I said. “Dad will come over here and unzip this bitch if we don’t.”

Dani’s eyes were said as she nodded, and I couldn’t help but imagine staying in bed with her all day, naked, careless and free. We dressed quickly, watching what had become our favorite parts of each other disappear with each added piece of clothing. Just as I was about to unzip the flap, Dani caught my arm and pulled me to her, kissing me deeply one more time.

“Wash your face,” she whispered when she broke the kiss. “It smells like my pussy.” She grinned, squeezed my arm, and motioned for me to open the tent.

Breaking camp was a relatively quick process, Dad and I working to tear down the tents while Mom and Dani gathered up the dishes and the coolers. Once the dirty work was done, we all made one last trip to the shower area to change clothes before hitting the road.

I put on a loose pair of khaki shorts and a plain white t-shirt with my summer standard flip-flops before stepping out of the shower stall. I was, as usual, the first one out, and waited for the others, leaning against the wall facing the stalls. If things went like normal, Dani would be next, followed by Dad, then finally Mom.

Dani’s stall curtain whooshed aside, and I immediately hardened. She had chosen a soft, billowy white peasant-style top with a vee in the front that was just shallow enough not to cause Dad to detonate, and a shin-length, loose skirt that swirled around her legs when she moved. I don’t know exactly why, but any and all skirts have always been a huge turn-on for me, and now that Dani and I had started our weird, unexplained but completely enjoyable new relationship, this one was the same as any other skirt.

My sister caught the look in my eyes and grinned, poking her head around the edge of the stall to check on Mom and Dad before stepping back inside. She cocked her hips a bit and slowly bunched the skirt in her fist, inching the hem higher and higher, showing me more and more of her thighs until suddenly I was looking at my sister’s smooth, bare pussy.

“Oh fuck,” I mouthed, and Dani stifled a giggle.

“I thought you might like that,” she whispered in my ear. “You know,” she continued, her voice barely a breath, “I think I’m going to save a lot of laundry space on this trip by just not wearing panties. You know, to conserve water and stuff.”

I reached around her quickly and cupped her ass, squeezing and pulling her close, letting her feel my hard cock against her pelvis for a split second before releasing her.

“Good plan,” I whispered back as her eyes closed and she moaned quietly in my ear. We broke apart and stood side-by-side, both of us wishing like hell we weren’t with our parents.

After a couple of minutes, Dad stepped out bağdat caddesi escort and joined us, joking about how it takes Mom forever to put on a pair of pants. She shouted something about him not bitching about the results of taking a little extra time, and we all laughed.

Once she was out, we piled back in the car and started the day’s long drive. Dani and I were more cautious now. For me, it was knowing that if we went too far I wouldn’t be able to control myself, and knowing that we would both be dead if I grabbed her and fucked her in the van.

We settled for light teasing instead. She spent the whole day with her long skirt never coming below mid-thigh, usually staying high enough that if we hit a hard bump her soft pussy came into view. I had a lot of “itches” on my upper thigh, the kind that made it necessary to pull the leg of my shorts up so high that the tip of my cock popped into view.

We stopped for the night at a hotel just short of crossing the Nebraska/Iowa border. Dani had been asleep for about an hour, but I was wide awake. My heart started beating faster and faster as we pulled into the lot and Dad got out to check us in. I was pretty sure he would do what he always did when we got hotels, and I was praying he wouldn’t have some weird and sudden change of routine.

When he hopped back in the van, he handed me a little paper folder with two keys in it. I fought to think about anything other than what they meant, knowing that I would have to get through at least the next couple of minutes without an obvious erection.

See, Mom and Dad know, of course, that Dani and I fight. Paying for three hotel rooms just to keep us separate is too expensive, and Mom and Dad like to have their “alone time”. The solution that they discovered when we were in our early teens is fairly simple: two rooms. One with a king bed and a pullout sofa for Mom and Dad, and one with two double beds, preferably not next to theirs, for Dani and I. That way, we could fight all night if we wanted to, Mom and Dad could have their “alone time”, and neither had to hear the other.

“We’re in three-oh-six. You guys are in three-fourteen,” Dad said as he pulled the van into a parking spot as close to the door as he could find.

I fought to keep my voice calm as I reached over and shook Dani awake.

“Wake up, Jumbo,” I said.

“Mmm… why?” she asked.

“We’re stopping for the night. We have to head up to our room,” I replied, putting just the slightest bit more emphasis on “our” than necessary.

Suddenly, Dani was wide awake.

“You guys get yourself settled in the room, wash up, and we’ll meet you in the lobby for dinner in about half an hour,” Dad said.

Dani and I both nodded and scooped up our bags. The ride up the elevator took roughly forever, and Mom and Dad seemed to walk in slow motion in front of us down the hall. About a hundred years after we left the van, Dad unlocked three-oh-six, and they stepped inside, leaving us to walk to our room.

My mouth was dry for some reason as we walked. I didn’t look over at Dani, and she didn’t look at me. My heart was thudding in my chest, my palms were sweating. My hands shook as I unlocked the door and pushed it open.

Dani stepped in first and I followed, pushing the door shut. The instant I heard it click home, I dropped my back and lunged forward, scooping my sister into my arms and crushed my lips to hers. She moaned into my mouth, her bag dropping to the floor behind me as her arms circled my neck. I gathered her skirt in my hands, pushing it up over her waist before unsnapping my shorts and letting them fall to the ground. My fingers bahçelievler escort brushed against Dani’s pussy, feeling it already wonderfully slick and I set her ass on the desk that is found in every hotel room in the world. I bent my knees and pushed myself into her wet pussy, sliding deep into her in one slow thrust.

Dani moaned loudly into my mouth, all need for stealth behind us for the night. I pulled back slowly and shoved in hard, her pussy clenching around me, pulling me deeper inside and she cried out, her forehead pressed to mine, gasping just inches from my lips.

“Oh God,” she gasped. “Fuck me. Fuck me so hard.” She said it out loud for the first time, not caring about being quiet, free to make as much noise as she wanted, free to revel in the feeling.

I did what she asked. My balls slapped against her, and our bodies clapped together with every thrust as I pounded my cock in and out of my sister. She cried out with every thrust, her voice beautifully full of lust and pleasure as her body shook, her pussy pulsed around me, and she came, hard and long and loudly.

“Fuck yes!” she cried. “I love your cock, I love you!”

Dani looked down between our bodies to where my cock disappeared inside her and moaned, squeezing her pussy around me.

“That is so fucking hot,” she breathed.

I nodded, catching the movement in the mirror mounted over the desk we were using as our coital surface and grinning broadly. I stepped back, pulling myself out of Dani’s boiling pussy.

“Hey!” she protested.

She yelped as I grabbed her arm and pulled her from the desk, using it to spin her around so she was facing the mirror before bending her at the waist, stepping in and plunging my cock into her from behind.

“Oh my fucking God,” she moaned as she found herself staring into her own eyes as my cock pumped in and out of her. I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back, lifting and using my free hand to push her legs out. She quickly figured out my intent and pulled them up, spreading them wide and placing her feet on the desk. I hooked my arms under her thighs, making an impromptu chair for her out of my forearms and using them to lift her up and down on my cock.

Dani now had and unrestricted view of my cock working in and out of her pussy, as well as her own face and mine over her shoulder. It was like watching a porn starring the two of us, and the sight made her cum again, her voice strained and her face flushed as her orgasm tore through her. Her eyes never left our reflection as she came, and when she finished she reached back and pulled my head against hers, mashing my cheek to hers and staring into my eyes through the mirror.

“I want to watch you cum in my pussy,” she said.

Her pussy tightened around me as she spoke, and I groaned, picking up my pace and pounding in and out of her, practically dropping her on my cock with each thrust. Dani cried out as I fucked her, her clenched pussy cumming hard around me again and the pulsing pushing me up to and over the edge.

“Fuck yes! Oh God I love watching you cum in me,” she called as my cum exploded into her, our eyes never leaving each other’s through the large mirror. I held myself deep inside her as I came, trying to push my cum as far into her as I could, grunting roughly as my orgasm ripped through me and staring into Dani’s eyes, watching my cum get her off, watching her orgasm as I felt it pulse around my shuddering cock.

I slowly backed away from the desk, supporting Dani with my arms until the first of the beds hit the back of my legs and I sank down, cradling my sister in my arms. My cock stayed inside her, pulsing and twitching as I wrapped my arms around her. Dani turned her head and cupped my cheek, pulling me into a deep, gentle kiss.

“We have to get washed up, now,” she giggled. “Make sure you eat some carbs at dinner,” she added. “You have to stay up all night if you’re going to fuck me on every surface in this room.”

I grinned against her lips. It was going to be a wonderful night.

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