Erika Blossoms Ch. 22-25


CHAPTER TWENTY TWO — Saturday Morning

I woke up slowly, sleepily watching Jana as we lay next to one another, fascinated by the slow rise and fall of her breasts as she breathed. She was covered lightly with a sheet, and her soft curves had me breathless.

The sun was bright through the windows. It was after 9 O’clock. I thought about the torrid lovemaking we enjoyed the night previous after failing to get all the way through a game of Twenty Questions.

It was sublime. Passionate, intense, loving and deeply satisfying.

Even so, something was missing and I knew what it was. A cock.

I had asked her to use the large dildo we inherited from Jason, my old boyfriend.

“No, ladybug, I want your first experience with something bigger than that little thing Jason had to be a real, live, flesh and blood cock.” she said as she moved down to lick my pussy.” She had said.

It frustrated me last night, but this morning I was kind of glad because that’s what I want too. I was looking forward to finding the right man who would fill me up completely. I was ready to know what that’s like.

I saw Jana’s eyes fluttering. She was dreaming. I wondered what her dreams were made of as I raised up on one elbow to lean over and kiss her fluttering eyelids as lightly as I could.

I felt her stirring, a sort of writhing motion that started at her shoulders and worked its way down her body. Her eyes opened and she turned her face towards me.

“Good morning.”

I replied by kissing her lips softly.

I felt her begin to stretch as she raised her arms above her head, arched her back and let out a sensual moan.

Her eyes suddenly flew wide open. “Your date with Jack is today!”

I nodded with a smile.

“Oh my god. We have so much to do!” She sat bolt upright in the bed. “What time is it now?”

“After nine.”

“Get dressed. We have an appointment at ten!” She pushed me toward the side of the bed. “Hurry!”

Less than twenty minutes later we were out the door, driving fast.

“First we get a mani/pedi, and a wax job, then we have to find a new dress for you to wear and then get our hair done. We slept way too late!”

“If you hadn’t kept me up half the night…” I smiled over at her.

“Don’t blame your wanton sluttiness on me, little missy.” she said with a grin. “You’re the one who couldn’t get enough last night.”

She reached over and gave my hand a little squeeze.

Soon enough, we were both in the chair, pretty girls fussing over our hands and feet.

“So what’s your dress strategy for tonight?”

“Dress strategy? I don’t have a ‘dress strategy’.”

I saw her shoulders sag as she sighed and looked at me like I was 8 years old.

“You have to have a dress strategy. What do you want to say to him with the way you are dressed?”

“Ummm. That I look good?”

She sighed again. “Erika, for heavens sake!”

“You’ve completely lost me.”

“Do you want to say ‘fuck me now’, or ‘I might be willing to fuck you tonight’, or ‘No chance in seven hells of getting this fine pussy tonight’? Seriously. We need to get this worked out before we go shopping.”

The girl working on Erika’s hands let out a nervous little giggle.

“Can’t my dress just say “I’m here to have dinner?”

“Sure. You look fab in sweats and a t-shirt.” she said sarcastically.

“That’s not what I mean.”

“Honey, you look fabulous in anything you wear, but you need to think about this up front. If you want a real relationship with Jack, then we have to go about this deliberately and mindfully.”

“Ok. So what do ‘we’ want to say with ‘our’ dress.”

“I think we should go with ‘I’m available, maybe’.”

“What does that look like?”

“We’ll know it when we see it.” she said. “Just hold the thought in your pretty head and the right dress will present itself.”

We were done at the manicurist and were ushered into the waxing area.

I was nervous. I had never had a wax job.

The pretty little Asian girl led me into a room. Jana came along.

“I had one last week. So I’m good for a while.” She said.

The Asian girl asked me about styling and handed me a little brochure.

Jana and I looked together. After a bit of discussion, we decide completely bare.

“Jack will love you like that.” Jana said.

“Jana! It’s not like that!” I squealed.

My libido was hoping it was exactly like that.

Jana fiddled with her phone while the Asian girl did her work. It stung pretty sharply, but the pain was bearable. Maybe even a little exciting.

The procedure was clinical, but also oddly erotic in a way. Besides Jana, this was the only other woman to have ever touched me there.

When she was finished, Jana handed her a crisp $100 bill and asked her for a moment of privacy. The pretty little Asian girl bowed and backed out of the room.

Jana stepped in close to inspect the work.

“Does it sting?” She leaned down and gave the top of my pussy a little kiss.

“Yes, it does.” I pouted.

“Does it need some lotion to soothe junji ito maniac japanese tales of the macabre izle it?” Another kiss.

“Maybe.” I raised my hips off the table.

She delicately spread me open with her fingers and kissed my clitoris with her full lips. I pushed my hips up further, trying to get more of her mouth onto me. My clitoris felt as hard as a pearl.

Jana, oh so lightly, flicked her tongue across it rapidly back and forth.

My orgasm was immediate.

When I had cooled down a minute, Jana reached over to the counter and picked up an exotic looking bottle, opened it and poured a generous amount into her hand.

Replacing the bottle, she rubbed her hands together to warm them up.

Then, she began to rub it into my skin.

“This has some Tea Tree Oil in it. It will go on cool and then it will heat up before cooling and soothing.”

I could feel it immediately. It began to heat up in a slightly alarming way. My pussy was both hot and cold at the same time.

I decided I liked it.

When she was finished massaging the oil into my overheated skin, I rose off the table and got dressed. We headed for the upscale mall on the west side of town.

Our conversation returned to the dress we were looking for.

“What if I really do want my dress to tell him to rip my clothes off and fuck me silly?”

“That’s a whole different look. Is that what you want?”

“Part of me does. But part of me says that this is just a casual dinner.”

“We’ve been through that. He’s interested or he wouldn’t have invited you to his home.”

I nodded.

“Knowing what we know about him, it’s a safe bet that he hasn’t gotten laid in a long time.”

I nodded again.

“But we don’t want to be slutty and throw ourselves at him.”

I nodded and giggled at the continuing use of ‘we’.”

“We want him to throw himself at us.”

“What do I do if he does?”

“You have to make that decision as it comes. If he’s just looking to get his dick wet, we say no. But if he indicates that he’s interested in a real relationship, then maybe — that’s the tricky one. If he confesses that he’s loved you since the first moment he laid eyes on you, then you fuck him silly immediately.”

“1. Dick wet, no fuckee for you. 2. Possible relationship, maybe we have the sexytime. 3. In love, silly fucked. Got it.” I grinned at her.

She grinned back. “Good. So, our best bet is to go with option number two — available under the right circumstances. Right?”

“I suppose so.”

We pulled into the mall, parked and went into one of the dress shops.

“Let’s run through several shops quickly and get a feel for things.”

“It’s a shame I can’t wear the one you had made for me.”

“Yeah, If I had known you were going to make such a mess of it…” She smiled at me. “But really, that one says ‘Fuck me NOW.’, so it wouldn’t be the right one.”

“Maybe it would…”

Jana laughed.

We went up and down the mall, stopping in, breezing through, making mental notes. Jana picked out several that she thought were good. At one, I saw a dress that I liked.

When we got to the last one, Jana said, “Let’s go back to the place where we saw that little blue one.” and started working our way back.

“Let’s stop in here first.” I walked into the place where I had seen one I liked. Tomato red-orange-y, mid-thigh length, square top with little straps. Simple, but elegant in an understated way.

“I didn’t see that one when we were here earlier.”

Jana asked the sales girl, “Do you have one in her size?”

She nodded and went to the back. She came out after a few minutes and indicated the dressing room.

I came out after a few minutes. Jana gave a low whistle.

“That is so hot. Not slutty. Understated but elegant. It highlights your breasts and neckline. It’s your perfect color too.” She walked over and had me spin around. “It shows a lot of skin without showing anything.” She touched my collar bone and pressed her fingertips against my neck. “It’s an excellent choice.”

“It could be a little snugger around your waist.” She pinched the material together on both sides as we looked into the mirror.

Jana looked over at the sales girl “Can we get this taken in some? Today?”

The sales girl said, “Let me check.” and walked to the back.

She emerged a few minutes later accompanied by an older woman with a measuring tape around her neck and a pin cushion wrist band.

She took some measurements, pinned it in a few places and asked me to take it off.

I went into the dressing room and put my own clothes back on.

I handed the seamstress the dress. Jana had a matching one at the counter, paying for it.

As I walked over, she explained. “We’re taking one with us so we can match the shoes.” Jana gave the sales clerk detailed instructions on where and when to deliver the dress.

And then we were on a quest for the right shoes. “We have to move fast. kaçış izle We have a hair appointment at three.”

We were fortunate. We found the perfect pair at the third place we stopped. One inch, open toed sandals in the absolute perfect shade of patent leather.

“Let’s go get our hair done.”

Back to the car, racing across town, Jana said, “What do you want, in your heart of hearts, to happen tonight, Ladybug?”

“I suppose I want him to want me, and to not be to shy about it. I’d kind of like him to be a little bold and alpha male-ish about it. But not like ‘let’s fuck’… more like ‘I’ve been waiting for this for so long’.” She smiled a sideways smile. “That sounds perfect to me too.”

“I’ve always had a bit of a crush on him, but never really thought too much about it because of Jason, and well, because he’s my boss and has always been so professional with me. He’s just the tiniest bit flirty sometimes, but not in an obvious or overt way. At least until the other day in his office when we had our little moment and that was more me than it was him. Something about wearing those pantyhose…” I trailed off.

“Oh yes, you have to be sure and wear a pair tonight.”

I grinned and nodded.

We pulled up at the salon and went in.

“Hi Julie!” Jana walked over and hugged one of the hairdressers.

“Hi Jana.” Julie smiled as they hugged.

“Julie, this is Erika, my roommate. Erika, Jana.”

We exchanged pleasantries. Julie took me by the hand and led me to her chair.

I sat and she spun me around facing the mirror. Jana was standing next to Julie.

“What are we looking for today, ladies? New color? New style? Just a trim?”

I wrinkled up my nose. I had no idea.

“Her hair is such a gorgeous color already, maybe just a very subtle few highlights?” Jana asked.

“Yes, it’s a gorgeous head of hair. Thick and soft and healthy. A few highlights wouldn’t go astray.” Julie said. “What about bangs?” My hair was all one length.

“Bangs might be nice…” Jana looked thoughtful.

Julie moved over to a desk on the opposite wall. She brought back a printed sheet with the top of a head — with brown bangs — and held it in front of me so that we could see something like what they might look like. I hadn’t had bangs since I was 12.

“Oh my. I like that. A lot.” Jana said.

Julie was fussing with the ends. “We should take a couple of inches off the bottom and clean up her line.”

Jana nodded. “Yes, and let’s go with the bangs.”

“I’m sitting right here!”

Jana smiled brightly. “Of course you are. What do you think?”

“Let’s go with the bangs and a couple of inches off the back. Some subtle highlights wouldn’t go astray.”

They both laughed.

“But make the bangs longer, just over the edge of being in my eyes. You remember Chrissy Hynde?”

Julie shrugged her shoulder. Jana whipped out her phone. A few second later, she had a photo of The Pretenders to show Julie and I.

“Like this?

“Not quite that long, but yes, that’s what I was thinking.”

Julie got busy.

“This isn’t going to make my hair stink, is it?” I watched Julie mixing up some frothy looking goo.

“No. This is all organic and very, very mild. The highlights will be very subtle. It will give your hair a little more shine and depth.

She went about her work, and an hour and ten minutes later, I was looking at my new ‘do in the mirror.

“I really, really like it!” I squealed. I turned my head to and fro looking from all angles.

“It really does draw attention to your gorgeous green eyes and the way the bangs taper down on the sides frame your face so pretty.” Jana said. “We chose wisely. I think if you go a little heavier with your eyeliner tonight, you’ll have him right where you want him — a drooling puddle.”

By the time we had settled up and drove home, it was nearly 5:00. Two hours to get ready. The package from the dress shop was waiting on us when we arrived.

I was famished. I realized I hadn’t eaten anything all day. I wandered into the kitchen and cut up some fruit for a snack for Jana and I. I also put some cheese and crackers on a serving plate. She poured us each a glass of wine.

“You have a date tonight too, don’t you? With Tony?”

“yup.” She said, as she was munching on some apple slices.

“Now I feel like a shit. We didn’t do anything for you today!”

“Don’t be silly. I had a mani/pedi. I’m not due a wax or haircut and I have a brand new dress in the closet that I’ve been dying to wear. I’m good to go.”

“Well, I need to quit being such a self-centered bitch. You are so good to me and I’m not holding up my end.”

“Erika, I’ll say it again, and I need you to let this sink all the way in. This is my dream come to life. To be here with you, sharing your life, sharing your bed, sharing your hopes and dreams, and to be here with you watching them come true, is everything I have wanted for so, so long. To watch you flower into the woman I’ve always known you could be is the most satisfying thing I can imagine. kaleidoscope izle Please, please, please don’t apologize for enjoying this day. It’s all I’ve hoped for and more.”

I could see the sincerity in her eyes, and I remembered something that Keith had said to me.

“Giving generously to others is a joy, and when people accept our generosity graciously, or joy is multiplied..” I said softly. Jana looked at me with a question in her eyes.

“Keith told me that the night we were driving to the club.”

“Well, he’s exactly right. But he’s still a rat bastard.”

“I think I need to know how that feels myself.”

She leaned over and kissed me. “It’s the best thing in the world. Your time is coming. It’s part of who you are already. It’s one of the reasons I love you so much. Your generosity of spirit. When I came to the public school, you were the first person to say ‘hi’ and the first person to make me feel welcome and wanted. You’ve always been that way to everyone. It’s part of what makes you, you.”

We kissed again, a deep, soul stirring kiss. “I love you, Jana.”

“Now, we have to get ready for our dates!” She raised her glass of wine toward me, and then took a sip.

We retreated to our respective bedrooms. I took a hot shower and shaved my legs very carefully and thoroughly. I stood in front of the mirror looking at my body.

I looked at my breasts with a critical eye. Not the biggest bosom in the world, but adequate. My nipples ride high and get very sharp when I’m aroused. My waist is small and my hips flare out nicely — but not dramatically. I’m not what you would call curvaceous, but I do have a nice shape.

I turned sideways. My tummy is flat, even though I haven’t been to the gym is over a week, and my butt is firm and has a nice roundness to it, even though it is on the small side. The side view of my breasts is very nice I decided.

My legs are long and toned — probably my best feature — and my waist is short. I turned back to face the mirror.

My neck is long, my collar bones are prominent on my slim frame. My shoulders are square and my arms are long and thin, but have a nice tone to them.

I saw myself in a new light. I had always thought myself a bit gangly and awkward looking, but what I was seeing was a sleek, firm and sexy body.

It was like I was really seeing myself for the first time.

With everything that had happened over the past week, it was no big surprise, I supposed, because it had certainly changed my perspective on so many things.

I wondered if I was just being a narcissist and falling in love with my own reflection. Or maybe I was letting go of some perception of myself that I had been carrying around since I really was an awkward, gangly teenager.

I picked up my brush and began to brush my hair. Because of the new haircut, I brushed my bangs straight down over my eyes.

It was pretty dramatic what the new cut did for me. My green eyes were definitely a bigger focus of my face and the cut helped to frame and accentuate my cheekbones. It somehow made my cheeks appear thinner. I had always thought that my face was too round for my tall frame, but this haircut was a miracle. I couldn’t believe that I had never tried this before.

For the first time in my life, I was actually completely happy with the way I looked. Instead of seeing my flaws, I was seeing my assets – what was beautiful about me. It made me feel sexy, strong and confident.

I thought about Jana and I knew instantly and certainly that what I was seeing was a woman who was loved, and in love.

I had to tell her that very instant.

I walked across the house naked. Into her room and then her bathroom. She was standing at her mirror putting on her makeup.

I pushed myself against her back, wrapped my arms around her and squeezed her tightly. I kissed her neck and whispered ‘I love you forever.’ and held her there for a long moment.

I looked into the mirror and Jana had silent tears streaming down her face.

“Damnit. Look what you’ve done,” she said as she turned to face me, “now I have to start all over with my makeup.”

I pulled her face to mine and kissed her fiercely.

“I’m not going. I’m staying here with you. This is what I want. I want you.” My eyes were burning with tears.

“Don’t be silly, Ladybug. Of course you’re going on your date. And I’m going on mine. We are both going to have a wonderful time with men we are interested in and attracted to. And at the end of the night, we’ll be back here together like we are meant to be for now.”

“We don’t know what tomorrow holds, but tonight stretches out in front of us like an unopened oyster. It might have a pearl inside. I hope you do find a pearl tonight. Nothing would make me happier than to see you in a relationship with a man who adores you — with a man worthy of you. And Jack is such a man.” She whispered into my lips.

She took me gently by the shoulders and pried me from her. “Now you go and get ready for your date. I have a feeling that tonight is going to be wonderful for us both.”

It felt as if I was being torn in two. My love for her had become something fierce. I wasn’t threatened by her date with Tony. I genuinely wanted her to have the time of her life, but I was threatened by my feelings for Mr. Jackson. What if we did hit it off and start a relationship? Could I love someone else as fiercely as I love Jana? Is it possible to be in love with two people at the same time, and keep your sanity?

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