Erotic Adventures Ch. 20


I watched in subdued silence as Jim got into his car and waved as he drove off, my breathing still ragged, wearing my enigmatic smile and hugging my partner Peter with delight. I had finally convinced myself that I should never allow feelings of personal insecurity to prevent me from willfully exposing myself to strange men again. My body still tingled with the excitement I had felt, in knowing that my I had been shown off so thoroughly. The bystanders were wandering away from us now but I had been well aware of their guilt-ridden but spellbound glances in my direction while I had been embracing Jim. Contrary to my earlier expectations, their interest only encouraged me to be even more passionate and had lowered my inhibitions yet another notch. ‘Accidental’ exposure had thrilled me a lot more than I ever thought it would.

Although my moral position about sexual loyalty had recently altered as well, I was, none the less, concerned by the possibility of being directed to have intimate relations with yet another man by someone that I had yet to meet.

“What about you, darling?” I prompted.


“Do you think you could just jump into bed with almost anybody without being physically attracted to them, in some way, first?”

“It might be fun to find out.” He grinned wolfishly. “I’m sure that we’ll manage somehow, though.”

It was the first time that we had been alone with one and other since Jim arrived yesterday evening and I was able to share my doubts with Peter at last. I was slightly irritated by his dismissive attitude.

“I always assumed that we would just get together again, same as last night.” I began haltingly, hoping that he might be persuaded to listen to reason. “We don’t even know any of these other people that work there.” I argued. “We might not even like them, let alone?” My voice trailed away as I scanned his face for some form of empathy.

“I imagine that we will get the chance to meet our prospective partners first.” He interrupted, before I could speak again. “We should be able to discuss what we’ll be doing before things get around to that stage.” Peter wryly mused. “We saw most of their group at the beach, remember? Jim told me that he’s never had any problems.” He grinned suddenly. “We’ll just have to play it by ear when we get there. It depends on the type of sex scenes that Arnold wants to get on film, according to Jim. He’s faxing me some scripts for tonight, later on.”

“What! Like a play, you mean?” I giggled.

“Exactly the same as the movies. The only difference is that we will be getting paid to enjoy ourselves, this time, as far I can see. Just think about it as another learning experience?”

“Alright! If you’re really sure?” I cautioned.

The matter was certainly settled in his mind, for now. Peter glanced at his watch as he held the car door open for me. I realised that he was keen to get going. I made a playful show of lifting my skirt as I seated myself, but was mildly disappointed when Peter didn’t take the opportunity to fondle me. He normally would have, especially with the latest arrival in the car-park, a well dressed businessman, still in his driver’s seat nearby. He loved to shock people like that, whilst demonstrating his affection for me, even though it normally made me a little uncomfortable. Today, I would have welcomed it though. Smiling briefly at the man in the car next door to us, I watched Peter as he strolled slowly around the front of our car to get in the driver’s side. He looked pre-occupied, with a neutral, disinterested look on his face. Was he upset with me, for making my desire to make love to Jim again so obvious, earlier on? I reflected. No!—-How could he be? I had surely performed beyond his wildest dreams, for all of the previous night and right up until just a few minutes earlier.

Peter smiled disarmingly while he settled into the driver’s seat and spoke casually.

“Sally should be around at the house shortly. She’s coming over for lunch later on, isn’t she?

“Oh yes!” I turned to face him, relieved that his mood was back to normal. “Harry has to finish up a few shots this afternoon before we go away for the weekend.” I gushed. “We’ve got time to do a bit of shopping on the way home if you like? I suggested hopefully.

“Of course! Rebecca will be with her as well, won’t she?”

Peter, who had an unusually inquisitive look on his face, ignored my shopping suggestion at first.

“You girls will be able to amuse yourselves before lunch if you want?” He wagged his eyebrows with a cheeky grin forming on his face. “What do you say?” The wolf was back with a vengeance. “You won’t get too jealous if I try my luck with Rebecca?”

My heart sank, like a stone, initially. There sex izle was little doubt about what Peter was really suggesting. If he was hoping to upset me, it wasn’t going to work this time. I immediately conceded, catching him off-guard.

“I guess I owe you that, darling.” I giggled and nodded my head meaningfully. “It ought to be fun.”

The thought of having it off with Sally didn’t intimidate me quite as much as it might have. I remembered the intense feelings I had, when we touched each other intimately, in our pool. There was the unspoken promise of further delights, had we been alone together, that I had intended to pursue the next time the opportunity presented itself. I wanted that chance, deep down. Later, I remembered fondly, whilst posing for Harry, she had excited my imagination to the point where I had very nearly surrendered my weakening self control. It caused me to wonder how far I might have gone if Harry had not been there that day.

I realised that Rebecca had sexual feelings for me as well and I was finally prepared to admit that I found her interest mildly appealing.

Her firm athletic body held a strange fascination for me that I found difficult to describe. She was attractive and vivacious enough and, I imagined, her lovemaking skills must be satisfying to Sally, anyway. On a purely personal level, I expect that I had been unjustly jealous of her in the past, mistakenly believing that she might steal Peter’s affections from me one day. Those two girls had been living together as a couple for a long time and neither of them dated men regularly. To be honest, I was curious about Rebecca as well I suppose? Maybe I was keen to experience whatever it was that kept them together as a couple?

“Should we tell them what we’re doing tonight?” I gave Peter a cheeky smile. “They might like to join us?”

“You wouldn’t mind?” Peter looked at me, as he brought the car engine to life, astounded.

“Let’s see what they say.” I confirmed, explaining. “I’m used to working with them now and I won’t feel so awkward or conspicuous at the film studio with my other two girlfriends around.”

Inwardly, I was hoping that Sally might bolster my confidence.

As Peter drove off, it gave me time for quiet reflection. It would be a test of my inner resolve to witness Peter and Rebecca having sex together, assuming she was interested. I idly wondered if she would allow anal sex or whether Peter would even ask. More importantly, now that I had committed to the idea of having sex with other girls, I hoped to be able to enjoy the experience, for Peter’s sake as well as my own. There were still a lot of unknown factors from my point of view. How would I react? Would I be expected to make the first move? My thoughts were interrupted when Peter turned toward the recently completed shopping mall in the neighbouring suburb to where we lived. He glanced at his watch and grinned in my direction.

“We’ve got an hour or so to kill. Let’s go and check out some of the new shops.”

He was testing me again. I could sense Peter’s mounting excitement. Even though a shopping trip had been my own idea, earlier on, a tiny tingle of excitement ran through my body and my nipples began to stiffen at the thought of choosing a new pair of shoes or perhaps a sexy new outfit, dressed the way I was. ‘Accidental’ exposure would become almost inevitable in those situations.

I nodded my head thoughtfully.

“They must be having an opening sale, darling. Just look at all the cars in there.” I exclaimed, suddenly nervous again.

Suddenly it didn’t seem like such a good idea, after all. It was far too crowded but Peter found a parking place, while I examined all the sale signs over the main entrance, nearby. I got out and rearranged my hemline, waiting for Peter to lock up the car and escort me inside. I started to look forward to mingling amongst the public, feeling a bit naked, yet sensing that I was still in control of how much or how little I could choose to expose myself, as long as I was careful.

The slightest breeze caressed my unclad genitals, while I waited for Peter, serving as a reminder of how daring I had become now that I was outside the car again. There were lots of people coming and going nearby. The thrill of possible exposure heightened my awareness and thus encouraged me to walk more gracefully than usual while we made our way to the entrance. I enjoyed the challenge but at this point I couldn’t bear the thought of others, older ladies in particular, noticing my state of undress. It was a totally different situation to the beach crowd on Monday. Here at the crowded shopping mall, I would probably be the only lady with no underwear on. If only my skirt were just a little alt yazılı porno longer, I agonised. Older women could be so prudish and unsympathetic at times.

“Are we looking for anything in particular?” I probed, hoping to examine his motives for choosing that particular mall.

“Just a bit of window shopping today.” Peter smiled. “We’ll come back tomorrow if you like anything in particular.” He patted his breast pocket. “I brought my wallet though.” He teased.

We wandered around, arm in arm, taking in the facilities offered by the latest retail development. Apart from the usual service shops on the ground floor, I could see that the boutique specialty shops, that I wanted to look through, were mainly on the mezzanine floor. Peter noticed me glancing upstairs and smiled.

I tensed. There were lifts available but it was fairly obvious to me that Peter would choose to use the escalator in the centre of the mall, thereby increasing the chances of capturing the attention of those that rode behind us. Apart from the usual parking worries, this had probably driven his choice of a multi-storied suburban mall as opposed to the street level shops common to the inner city. I became keenly aware that the highly polished floor held further pitfalls for the unwary. As soon as I discovered this, I moved away from groups of shoppers near the shop windows. I hoped to minimise the chances of my secret being uncovered in the reflection of either the floor or lower window fittings. I began to wish I had worn sandals, rather than the high heeled shoes that I was wearing. My long legs were drawing more attention to my short skirt. Rather than enjoying myself and relaxing I was quickly becoming a nervous wreck, even before Peter guided me toward the escalator.

I held back, waiting for a group of mothers with young children to go in front of us. It wasn’t that I was being courteous so much as the memory of that young child’s attention grabbing voice at the crowded football stadium a few days ago.

“Look Mummy! That lady’s got nothing on, under her coat.”

I could hardly forget the humiliation that I felt on that day. It had played over in my mind ever since. I had subconsciously kept clear of similar situations since that time, avoiding small children like the plague. I reasoned that I would much rather get into the shower with Peter’s entire football team, totally naked, than have to go through an embarrassing scenario like that again. Peter jostled me onto the slow moving steps, chuckling sadistically. He sensed my reluctance.

“Come on slowcoach. You told me that you want to see the ladies wear shops.” He urged.

I glanced behind me, still nervous. I was in luck. A tall, generously proportioned, elderly man with a walking stick shuffled onto the steps behind me, taking up the entire width of the escalator, finally ending up about four steps below me. He caught my eye as he looked up and then quickly looked away again. His facial expression informed me that he had just uncovered my guilty secret. I looked back at Peter, hoping to signal him to move back a step or two, blushing slightly but paralysed, not attempting to move backward myself. Although my stomach was knotted with nerves I realised that I had revelled in the old man’s discovery. His eyes kept furtively darting up toward me as though he was endeavouring to estimate how far he had left to go. In his efforts to be discrete, he had actually alerted Peter to the true situation.

“Don’t sweat it!” Peter hissed. He leaned his head toward mine and whispered. “Give him a real show.”

I tensed, lifting my left foot to the next step up and bent forward, as if to dust off my shoe. Glancing backward, I caught the old man’s eye again. He was smiling now, eyes locked toward the top of my legs, leering. It gave me an incredible feeling of power, allowing him to ogle me in that way and being aware that he was enjoying the view. I returned his smile and carried on with what I was doing, periodically glancing toward my partner, hoping for instructions to straighten up.

“Try cleaning the other shoe.” He urged with a devilish grin.

He wanted to remove any doubt that my show was an accident. The old man licked his lips while I changed position and opened my legs a little wider. There was subtle understanding written in his eyes as he stooped to get a better view. God knows what he must have thought of me. In the end I looked away sharply, unable to hold his gaze any longer, until we reached the top landing. I could almost feel his eyes, none the less.

We wasted no time once the ride was over. I tugged at Peter’s arm and put some distance between the top of the escalator and my elderly admirer. With my heart altyazılı sex izle thumping faster, I urged Peter over toward the first lingerie shop that I could see.

“I could really do with a few pairs of stockings and–something to hold them up, I guess?” I whispered, still tingling with shame.

Pantihose were out of the question now. I just wanted a brief girdle to hold my stockings up and a few really nice outfits to wear, for going out to dinner, or special occasions like tonight for example. It was up to Peter. He had promised to choose my new wardrobe for me.

“I don’t like pantihose.” I began uncertainly when I approached the sales desk. “I’d like to see some traditional stockings, if you still sell them these days.”

The lady that served us was extremely helpful, recommending a pair of thigh high stockings with brief lacy tops that actually held them in place.

“I know!” What about something like these?” She held up a shop sample “You can wear these, even with shorter dresses, my dear.” She smiled at me. “Would you like to try a pair on? They’re very popular still.”

I glanced at Peter as I mumbled in a shaky voice.

“Just a pair of those will do, for now. I know my size.”

Moving over to the display unit, I prayed that Peter wouldn’t insist that I tried them on and embarrass me in front of the assistant. She reminded me of my mother, about the same age and build. Another lady customer walked in and her attention was diverted luckily. He left it up to me, handing me his wallet and muttering as he walked away.

“Get yourself a few pairs then, darling. Anything you like.”

We left the shop with three pairs of super sheer stockings and a few sundry items in a carrier bag and we started to look at other shops. Peter spotted an elegant silken evening dress, split to the hip, that looked outstanding, even on the mannequin in the window. Peter looked at the price tag then quickly moved away.

“We’ll just get you a gown later, I think. Would you like to go in and have a look at the rest of the range?”

I had noticed a change in Peter’s attitude at the lingerie shop. He appeared to be more willing to buy me a few more items while the sale was in full swing. Peter immediately picked out the type of clothing that appealed to him. The short wrap-around skirts and the see though tops that he chose for me seemed ideally suited to a lifestyle of flashing. Fortunately for me, the shop was busy so I was able to try on a few outfits in the privacy of the dressing room. I breathed a sigh of relief when Peter closed the door and came in behind me.

The salesgirls were too busy with other customers to be assisting me, at the time, so I picked out a few of Peter’s favourites, and mine, in the correct size, for him to purchase.

Finally, with time running short, we made our way back to the car. It was almost lunchtime and I was looking forward to showing Sally and Rebecca my new clothes. I was still buzzing with the excitement of my purchases, and the promise of an encounter with Sally, when Peter got in and unlocked the rear door, for me to put the parcels in the back seat.

“Go on! Give them a show too. I dare you.” He nodded his head toward a recently arrived car, with two young men seated in it. They were about to park right next to us.

Glancing around to check first, I bent over with a impish grin on my face and looked directly at Peter. I heard a gasp of surprise and the sound of a low whistle while I was placing my two bags of parcels in the back seat. I knew my bottom was fully exposed as I felt the breeze blow between my cheeks. I could hear the guys making crude comments to one and other. Biting my lower lip, I gazed into Peter’s eyes and waited. The thrill compelled me take far more time, shifting my body around and rearranging my parcels in the back seat than I needed to. I pretended not to notice the young guy’s excited conversation until I stood up straight again and turned to front them. The stunned expression on their faces evidenced that they hadn’t missed the opportunity that I had given them so eagerly. The blush on my face was genuine when I acknowledged them. I noticed the wandering lust in their eyes so I hastily rearranged my skirt to make myself decent again. Closing the rear door as fast as I could, I escaped quickly to the safety of the front seat of our car. I was tingling with success.

“Let’s go, my darling. The girls are probably waiting for us at home by now.” I urged. “I’m ready for anything, after that.” Giggling and whispering in a hoarse, meaningful voice, I told Peter how much I enjoyed the trip.

Until Chapter 21; THE FINAL IN THIS SERIES. [Coming of age?]

Don’t miss the final chapter of Erotic Adventures. I hope to have a great new series planned for January 2002. I need to re-charge my batteries. Any suggestions or advice will be welcomed, naturally. Tell me what you like to read. Have a great Xmas and –ah!–Don’t forget to vote up large. —— As if you would???

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