Escapades of Eva Ch. 20


After Sir Dan took Eva down from the St. Andrews cross he wrapped her in the warm blanket that Mistress Fran handed him. She had her slaves bring something for Eva to eat and drink. Then Sir Dan fed her while he and Mistress Fran talked to her about the scene they had done. Eva told them that she had enjoyed it immensely. Then Sir asked her if she was feeling better. When she said yes Sir Dan said, “I told you that you would have several surprises tonight didn’t I?”

“Yes Sir you did,” she murmured looking deep into his eyes. “Do you mean there is more Sir?” she said with surprise in her eyes.

“Yes pet, there is more. Tonight your pussy will be examined and shaved by me,” he continued, “This intimate act is a form of bonding for a sub and her Dom. You will be responsible for keeping it shaved after this, although I may chose to shave you again at any time. Shaving is more sanitary and I much prefer it to being unshaved. And, don’t forget,” he murmured as he pulled her closer to him by her leash and collar, “You are MINE, and your body belongs to me. Now, you will be officially accepted and used by me slut.”

Keeping her eyes lowered Eva could not help smiling a little. “Yes Sir,” she replied.

Sir took Eva by her porno indir leash and led her into the next room. Mistress Fran and her slaves followed them. When they arrived in the room Eva could not repress a little giggle. The room looked just like a gynecologists office. Besides the GYN couch there was a cabinet with all types of speculums, anal hardware, enema bags and other assorted medical equipment. Once again Sir handed Eva’s leash to Mistress Fran.

Mistress Fran pulled Eva to the couch and turned her with her back to the step stool. Grabbing Eva’s collar with one hand Fran used her other hand and grabbed Eva’s cunt hard. Eva gasped loudly. She was not expecting Fran’s roughness. Fran squeezed Eva’s cunt then slid her whole arm along Eva’s slit, lifting her bodily by her pussy and collar. She half lifted, half threw Eva onto the couch. She pushed her back laying her down. Then they did something that was not normally found in a doctor’s office. The slaves each grabbed a foot and propped it in the metal stirrups. They snapped handcuffs around Eva’s ankles, securing her to the table. They each hand cuffed Eva’s wrists, which were attached to the bed. And then, Mistress Fran slid her arms under rokettube Eva’s bottom and pulled her until her butt was at the edge of the couch. Eva’s legs and pussy were spread wide and she was rendered immobile by the handcuffs. Eva had to admit to herself that she loved the bondage no matter what form it took.

Then Mistress Fran gave Eva an evil look. While Sir Dan looked on Fran parted Eva’s pussy lips. She slid a finger up and down along Eva’s slit, which was already wet. Eva could not help herself. She began to moan and pushed her cunt up as far as she could to maintain contact with Mistress Fran’s finger. “Stop that,” Fran snapped as she slapped Eva’s open cunt.

“Oooohhh,” Eva moaned.

“Oh so you like having your cunt spanked do you?” Mistress Fran said as she began to spank Eva on her clit. Eva was going wild. She was moaning and gasping each time Fran hit her. “Oh my, looks like we have discovered something Dan,” Fran said as she turned to see Sir Dan grinning as Eva moaned and rolled her head from side to side.

“I think you are right Fran,” he said as he walked close to Eva.

“Why don’t you try it,” Mistress Fran said to Dan.

Sir Dan moved in front of Eva and seks filmi Mistress Fran moved to the side as she signaled her slaves to hold Eva’s cunt open. As each of them grabbed the side of her labia they started twisting the skin as they held her open, making her moan even more. When they did Sir Dan started to spank Eva on her clit. He would spank her hard a few times and then he would rub his hand along her slit the way she liked it. As he spanked Eva’s cunt Mistress Fran began to pinch and twist her nipples. Once they were hard she spanked Eva’s tits as Dan spanked her cunt. Eva was really going wild. She was moaning and squealing over and over.

“Oh Sir please may I cum?”

“No. Not yet.”

Sir Dan and Fran spanked and pinched more and more. “Please Sir, I beg you let me cum.”

“No bitch. Not yet.”

Sir Dan and Mistress Fran continued to torture Eva’s cunt and titties. After a few minutes Sir Dan said, “Cum my little slut NOW!” Just as before Eva came as her spasms rocked her cunt and she squirted over and over. Cum ran down the front of the GYN couch as Eva moaned and whimpered.

“Oh god,” Eva thought, “How much more can I cum?” Just then her Sir leaned over Eva as he pushed his leg against her cunt. He laid his full length on top of her as he grabbed her hair and kissed her hard.

“Now pet no more playing.” Sir Dan turned to Mistress Fran and gave her some directions as Eva saw a large group of Dominants and their subs crowding around to see what was going to happen next.

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