Escapades of Eva Ch. 87


Eva and Lil were wiping a mutual tear from their eyes from the beauty of the scene they just witnessed with Sir Drake and slave Ruby. Suddenly, Eva heard a little cry of surprise from Lil as she felt herself grabbed and thrown onto her back on the carpet in front of the two-way mirror.

Before she realized what was happening the brief thrill of being captured robbed her of her breath as her legs were cruelly thrust up together over her head and a rock hard cock slipped in between her thighs right above her pussy, but not in it. She couldn’t move in that position and she could not see around her legs since they were still pressed together as strong hands held her knees to her chin.

Then the hard fleshy tool began to masturbate itself against the firm skin of her inner thighs. As she heard lust filled grunts and groans he slid his cock easily and quickly between her legs just barely grazing the top of her pussy slit. And then he rubbed his meat even faster and faster for several minutes.

But just as Eva was wondering if that was all he wanted she felt his hard meat assault her pussy violently, relentlessly, hard and deep, faster and faster, harder and harder, stronger and stronger making it even harder to catch her breath. She was fucked hard and fast, rammed deeper and deeper, harder and harder.

She couldn’t see anything. She couldn’t move under sex izle the strong hands and when she tried to speak she was quickly slapped against the side of her head as the deep throaty lust filled voice demanded, “Shut up bitch and take it. Take it all.”

And then the cock banged into her deeper and deeper and deeper until she thought it would ram right through her cunt into her belly. She was slammed and rammed and pulled and pushed and pounded deeper, deeper, harder, and harder pounding her mercilessly.

The faceless cock was hard to begin with but now it felt like it had turned into a giant ruthlessly pounding rock. It fucked harder and harder and deeper and deeper until she felt the cum beginning to gather inside her tender pussy around that fierce thrusting rod.

She moaned loudly. Again her head was cuffed. And then the coarse passion laden voice grunted, “I said shut up slut.”

The cock slammed and slammed and pounded her over and over. And then she felt the body belonging to the steel hard cock lean forward pressing her knees further into her face causing her to turn her head the best she could just to breathe.

And the attack on her cunt continued as she felt hands grabbing her hips and slamming that rigid punishing shaft even deeper and harder into her, relentlessly shoving as the hands dug into her sikiş izle flesh holding her down even tighter as it crashed into her softness again and again and again.

Pounding and thrusting and pushing deeper and deeper and deeper the unstoppable prick seemed to grow fatter and harder inside her little fuck hole. She could feel her impending orgasm nearing the edge and she began to squeal.

And then she felt the body behind the rocking and ramming flesh pole shift and suddenly instead of fucking in and out like it had been it was fucking straight down into her helpless cunt. She could feel his feet on either side of her bottom and she knew he was squatting over her now so he could drive his inflexible meat deeper into her cunt.

He pounded and pounded over and over, fucking down into her soft sweetness brutally, callously with no thought for her comfort. He smashed her helpless cunt as hard and fast as he could and just when she thought he could not fuck her any harder he surprised her and fucked her so hard he was hurting her pussy with that sweet pain that always brought on her orgasm.

When she felt her cunt stiffen she felt another smack on her head and then, “Don’t you dare cum yet dammit.” And when she whimpered her frustration he redoubled his efforts and fucker her harder than she had ever been fucked before.

And türk porno then, he put his entire weight into ramming and pounding her, deeper and deeper, over and over, again and again, and then, unbelievably, she felt his cock grow even harder and thicker and he began to pierce her pussy with abandon slamming and jamming and pounding down into her wide open powerless little hole.

He crashed into her over and over, harder and harder, again and again and again. He fucked faster than ever, fucking and pounding insistently. And when she could not help letting out a little squeal as she tried to hold back her release he suddenly shoved deep into her once and stopped holding that unyielding rod tight and deep inside her. He pulled back and shoved it in once more harder and deeper and stopped again. And then as he pulled back and smashed his cock into her a third time she could feel it beginning to jerk with his impending climax as he growled, “CUM NOW SLUT.”

She recognized the voice of her own wonderful Dom then and that made the thrill of the sudden capture and his rough use of her even more intense as she felt her juicing cunt begin to shudder.

When she felt his hot creamy cum fill her aching pussy she released her own slick flood in a hot rolling orgasm like she had rarely known before. And before the delicious spasms were even over he had pulled out of her, leaving her feeling alone and yearning for the weight of his body on hers once more.

But, he was already pulling up his zipper as she let her legs return to the floor. And then, he just grinned and without a word he left.

… to be continued

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