There stood Etherus, just as before, frozen in the pose he had worn for more than a century. Kathryn looked down and marveled at the care the creator had taken in the upright appendage, every ripple, every vein, had been meticulously carved, making it seemed to pulse with realism. She reached out and grasped it gingerly quite shocked at the width, her tiny fingers unable to touch on top. The marble was warm, she supposed from pressing against her and she dropped slowly down to take it into her mouth. A little at first and slightly further each stroke. Kathryn was amazed that she could feel no trace of the porous marble other than in the unyielding hardness. She stood trembling slightly and once again looked around nervously. She had reached her point of no return. With one hand around mighty Etherus’s neck, She stood completely on tiptoe, lifted her left leg and straddled his cock. Gently she slipped its girth between the velvety petals of her moist pussy, her wetness coating the ancient marble. Stopping with it only a little way inside Kathryn wrapped her legs about his torso and used them to rise up before sliding down a little further. Gradually, she took his massive escort beylikdüzü shaft deeper and deeper inside. Kathryn closed her eyes and let her head fall back, her hair dangling as she rode the elicit godling, the rise and fall becoming automatic seeming to need no work from her at all. She could almost feel a gentle pulsing in the rigid marble as it took her again and again. It seemed to reach spots and cause sensations she had never experienced and soon she was overwhelmed. The rush came from deep inside, shooting up her spine, erupting from her nipples as she felt them brush his cool chest, finally to burst within her head in wave after wave of orgasm. Kathryn rested her forehead against his shoulder, every movement sending white hot sparks through her over sensitized sex, as the unspent shaft still worked it’s magic inside her, magic that was quickly becoming tortuous pleasure as she sought a moment’s break from stimulation. She reached a leg down momentarily taken him even deeper before finding purchase to lift herself off, once free she swung her other leg around to get down but found herself pressed against Etherus from escort akbatı behind. The slick shaft pressed tightly along the crack of her ass. Kathryn side and felt herself bent forward aligning herself to be taken once again. Her sex opened as the tip slipped up and down along it welcoming it once again into warm embrace of womanhood. Kathryn’s eyes rolled in her head as she struggled to match the thrusting without falling forward. She gratefully welcomed the gently tugging on her hair as it helped her keep her feet. The firmness of the rough grip on her left hip was the first sensation to make it past Kathryn’s pleasure filled mind, and even then it was too late. The arrival of her second orgasm quickly washed away her fear of being fucked by this impossible partner. Kathryn bucked, lifting back and pressing herself against the perfection of her lover’s chest, she felt his lips pressing against her neck as the stone hands cupped her breasts, rolling and tugging the nipples with a gentleness unexpected from a living rock. The right hand slid downward splaying out to hold her close as she felt the massive body bend slightly forward then with escort beylikdüzü a final thrust hold her tightly. Kathryn felt the cock in her swell yet bigger before rhythmically bathing her insides with its godly seed. She swooned as her orgasm was intensified with the insistent pulsing of her lover’s shaft, every few seconds Etherus would bend his legs before thrusting yet again to empty himself completely. Kathryn had no more strength. She felt Etherus holding her up as he slipped from within her, she then felt what could only be a still erect cock as he slid it up and down along the crack of her ass. Kathryn gave herself to his will even when she felt him scooping their juices from her pussy and rubbing them on the tight entrance to her ass. She wanted him to stop but was to worn out to do anything about it. He placed the tip against her and began to slowly push inside her, Kathryn felt herself begin to open and then she slipped quietly into unconsciousness. Kathryn slowly opened her eyes and blinked trying to focus them. She was stiff and a little sore and hadn’t quite figured out exactly where she was. The room took on a sharper focus and she realized the coolness pressing against her cheek was the statue Etherus. She was sitting at his feet with her back against one of his legs. Rubbing her eyes she turned her head and noticed that Etherus’s proud manhood was now hanging properly spent but no less impressive in size in it’s flaccid state.

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