Evolution of a Dominant Ch. 01


“You can bite harder,” purred Amelia. Zak and Amelia were parked in an elementary school parking lot. After much making out, Amelia was sitting in the passenger seat, jeans around her ankles, shirt lifted to her neck and bra unhinged sufficiently to allow her eighteen-year old B/C cup sized breasts to escape. Amelia’s left arm was pinned behind Zak’s right arm leaving her sufficiently restrained.

Zak, coming at her from the driver’s seat, had his left hand in her panties, two fingers deep in her pussy and his right hand encircling her left breast. He had just bitten her nipple with enough force to cause sensation but not enough to hurt.

Zak took his head away from her breast long enough to look at Amelia. He genuinely liked her. She was the right girl at the right time.

Amelia was a late bloomer. She suffered with facial acne that had just cleared up revealing a pretty face. She had a shy, agreeable and pleasant personality. She was 5 foot 2 inches tall and played on the school soccer team which had created a slender body with only recently expanded breasts. Most importantly for Zak, she was consistently horny. Zak was about to find out she also enjoyed a little pain with her pleasure.

“Are you sure?” asked Zak. Zak was a nice guy. But recently had been developing a bit of an edge that he couldn’t quite understand.

He had met Amelia at a soccer camp and they had hit it off. They went to different schools but by their senior year, the two eighteen year olds were enjoying each other. Zak loved sports. His slim six foot frame was just beginning to get layered with the muscles.

He was an average student at a high level private school, but he had done very well on his standardized tests. He was lightly recruited and had chosen a good liberal arts school with a strong soccer program.

Zak was a “floater” at school. He socialized with everyone and had few enemies. He was a captain of the soccer and lacrosse teams. He did not drink, smoke or do drugs. His one vice was sex and Amelia was right now fulfilling that need.

“Yes, but only if it is OK with you,” Amelia whispered. Amelia deferred to Zak on almost everything in their relationship, including sex. To directly ask Zak for something, especially of a sexual nature, was unusual.

Amelia was turning Zak on in a different and new way. Instinctually, he decided to play with her a little.

“Are you sure?” he said smiling. He pinched her nipple between his thumb and forefinger and increased the pace of his finger fucking now rubbing her clit with his thumb.

She only moaned, threw her head back and whispered, “Please.” Zak slowly xhamster porno lowered his head and began biting down on her nipple with ever increasing force. The harder he bit, the more she moaned. Her typically wet pussy was now drenched.

He lowered his head to her right breast, leaving his hand behind to pinch the sore nipple. He began biting with about the same force and she started to breathe quicker. His fingers were now flying in and out of her.

In between the beautiful noises of a girl about to orgasm, Zak heard Amelia groaning “Harder,please. Harder.”

Zak increased the pressure of his jaw and when he felt he could bite no harder, Amelia came. Hard.

As she came down from her orgasm, Zak spread her pussy lips with his second and fourth fingers and used his middle finger to rub her sensitive clit with ever decreasing pressure. He wanted to give her every ounce of pleasure from the orgasm.

When Zak finally pulled his fingers away, she looked at him with an embarrassed look. “Did that turn you off?” she asked turning her head slightly away from him.

Quite the opposite, thought Zak. It had set something off in his mind. He had liked, … no, he had loved it. Something about his girl experiencing pleasure enhanced with pain had struck a cord.

“Why don’t you find out?” Zak asked. Amelia immediately took the clue and practically lunged for his belt. In less than 10 seconds she had his pants down and his cock in her mouth.

She knew Zak did not like her to tease when she blew him. She got right to using her mouth on the full length of his cock with one hand following the mouth up and down the shaft and the other playing with his balls.

Amelia loved to suck cock. She enjoyed the physical closeness to Zak and the emotional satisfaction of pleasing him. From experience, their best sex was when she got him off quickly and got him hard again.

Amelia made sure to make eye contact and tried to push every button she knew. In less then two minutes, she felt his cum filling her mouth which she quickly swallowed. She pulled her mouth from his cock because she knew he was sensitive, but continued to milk him with her hands.

She sat up and put her head against his chest while continuing to use her hands.

“Did that turn you on as much as I think it did?” Zak asked. She nodded almost imperceptibly against his chest.

They were both silent for a while and then Zak asked “Do you like it when I am rough with you?” The same nod.

She doesn’t just like it, Zak thought. She loves it.

As she continued to stroke him, Zak looked down at yaşlı porno her against his chest. This felt right.

He had enjoyed being rough with her. He enjoyed being in control. He was a natural leader. He was confident. Watching and feeling Amelia experience an intense orgasm through his use of control, sexual stimulation and pain was intoxicating.

He was so thankful for Amelia, a quiet, pleasant girl who had the courage to reveal her needs. He wanted to explore those needs a little further.

AS she continued to stroke, Zak’s 18 year old penis began to stir. Amelia focused her efforts, alternating between a hand job and a blow job. Soon Zak was rock hard.

Zak pulled her head off of him and then using his hands on her shoulders guided her back to her seat. He slowly turned her so she was facing the seat. Zak slid into the passenger seat.

Amelia now got the clue and allowed his body to slide in so they were facing each other. Amelia quickly shed her jeans, shirt and bra and sat on his lap facing him. She reached one hand in front of her to spread her pussy lips and used her other hand to guide his cock into her.

This front seat face to face position was a favorite of theirs and was how they first had sex. But both had a sense this time would be a little different. Amelia began rhythmically rising and dropping her pussy onto Zak’s cock.

As her pace increased and her skin began to flush, Zak took control. He reached his left hand behind her head and grabbed her hair pulling her head back. Her hands fell to either side of the seat to keep her balance and her hips sank onto Zak’s lap. Zak leaned forward and whispered in her ear “Don’t you dare stop fucking.”

Amelia immediately began moving again despite the tension on her hair. She was using her hands on the sides of the seat to leverage her pace leaving him a great view of her bouncing breasts. He reached his right hand up slapped hard on her left breast landing solidly on her upper breast and nipple.

Amelia was not expecting this. She instinctively raised a hand to protect her breast. However, she just as quickly dropped her hand back down. She bit her lip and exhaled slowly all the while bouncing up and down as quickly as possible.

Realizing she was tiring, Zak commanded “Grind me baby.” She stopped bouncing and begin to push her hips into his pelvis. This was enough to give her clit friction at the same time causing enough movement for his cock to go in and out of her a couple of inches.

Zak slapped her again. This time on her right breast. Amelia was more prepared and seemed to absorb the aldatma porno blow and internalize it. Zak thought that her mind was in another space, a very good space.

Zak then slapped her ass cheek. Amelia was now moaning on every strike. Zak stopped slapping only long enough to roughly pinch her nipples.

Amelia was getting close. Zak used his left hand to grab the hair on top of her head and used his right hand to pull the release on the seat. The seat back fell about 45 degree. Using her hair, Zak pulled Amelia right to his chest, His cock still deep in her. His mouth was now right to her ear and he said “Put your hands up against the roof and slide your pussy to the top of my cock. Do not move your hands.”

Zak released her hair and her hands shot to the roof. She slowly lifted her hips until Zak was barely still in her and paused.

Zak had a beautiful view. He could reach her breasts and began pinching her nipples.

She pleaded to him with her eyes. Zak began to slowly fuck her. The angle allowed him to hit her g spot with every stroke.

Zak also began lightly slapping Amelia’s now reddening chest. Each slap brought a moan. The harder the slap the louder the moan.

Zak watched Amelia intently. When he felt she was close to the edge, he increased the intensity of the slaps and the speed of his hips.

Amelia’s body was on fire. Every sense tingled. “Please don’t stop,” she moaned over and over again.

And then Amelia’s body let go. It was an orgasm like she had never felt. Her body went into almost convulsion like spasms and she gushed liquid all over Zak’s cock.

The combination of the wetness and Amelia’s orgasm were too much for Zak and came deep inside of Amelia. Amelia looked at Zak and asked “Can I move now?” When Zak nodded, she fell limply on top of him.

As Amelia came down from her orgasm, she was quiet. She was slightly embarrassed about being exposing so much of herself and by the amount of fluid that had just come from her pussy.

She slowly dismounted from Zak. Moving down to Zak’s feet, she crammed her body in the space in front of the seat. She began licking her juices from the base of his cock and his balls while using the other hand to squeeze the remaining cum from him.

Zak was uniquely satisfied. The feeling from making Amelia cum from rough sex was unrivaled.

Normal sex was sustaining. This was joyous. As he watched her at his feet, lovingly lick up their mixed juices, he thought that this is the way sex should be.

Amelia would have stayed at Zak’s feet all night but Zak pulled her up and as if reading her mind, said “I loved that. Never be embarrassed about who you are or the sexual feelings you have”.

He smiled at her and said “Now that I really know what you like, you are in big trouble next time.”

Amelia hugged Zak pressing her now sore breasts against him. She couldn’t wait for the next time.

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