Experiencing Kelly


It is about 30 seconds to one, and I’m walking up your sidewalk. We had met two days before, in a crowded restaurant and the sexual attraction was so incredibly strong, we just had to make it real. Our eyes and minds had undressed the other, and although the only physical contact had been a brief brush of the hand across the table and your toes on my leg under the table, it had been an exhilarating experience. You left me a message to be at your place at 1 pm exactly, and I’m not one to disappoint.

As I reached up to knock on the door, it opened. Obviously you’d been waiting for me. You look absolutely ravishing in a bright blue sundress, your hair pulled back and up, and bare feet. But your smile steals the show, as you beam a welcome to me. As the door closes behind me, we are locked in a passionate embrace. The pent-up desires between us are swallowed up as I wrap my arms around you and pull you close. Our lips meet and we kiss, lips part, tongues desperately searching and finding their mate, dancing, exploring. The very first kiss, so long anticipated, and the pleasure is electric. Deep passionate kisses follow; on the lips, and deep in the mouth. Your perfume is very delicate, and I kiss your neck, softly tracing behind your ear, down your throat. My hands caress your shoulders, down your back, across your firm bottom. I squeeze your ass, and pull you even closer. My heart is beating loudly in my chest, and I’m sure that you can feel the swelling of my cock as I pull closer to you. And I can feel your hands on my ass, pulling me toward you.

Finally we come up for air, and you lead me by the hand into your darkened house. There are no lights on, only the glowing and flickering candles as we approach your bedroom. You lock the door, and turn with a smile that lights up the entire room. “well, how do you like me so far?”

Kelly, I say, you are absolutely beautiful, and I want to explore every inch of you.

The light, reflected from the mirror, illuminates your face. And in that love never lies poland izle same mirror, I see you smiling, a contented, relaxed smile. I am standing behind you, holding you close. My arms wrapped around your waist. I gently nuzzle behind your ear, savouring the softness of the skin and the remnants of the delicate fragrance of your perfume. Soft kisses, gentle licks and hot breath on your neck, and behind your ear. Now I kiss the other side, gently licking your earlobe. My hands caress your shoulders, and down your arms. Holding you close while still giving you soft kisses on the neck. Your hands reach for mine and hold me tighter still. You take my hands and place them directly over your breasts. I hear and feel you take a sharp breath, at the excitement of this first moment of physical intimacy. Even through your clothing, I can feel your heart beating faster, and can feel your breasts swell. I carefully cup each breast in my hand and gently squeeze. I can see the pleasure on your face reflected in the flickering light.

I begin to undo your dress, each button seems to take forever coming undone. Finally your dress drops to the floor, revealing a gorgeous silky sheer bra. Even in the poor light I can discern your nipples straining at the fabric. I again place my hands over your beautiful round breasts, and can feel your nipples hard through the soft cups of your bra. I gently caress you; you close your eyes, and lean your head back on my shoulder. Somehow, I manage to undo the clasp, and slowly begin to expose your breasts. I continue to massage and caress you, as your nipples become even more hard and erect. I bring my fingers to your mouth; you kiss them and the take my finger in your mouth. When it is very wet, I begin to carefully trace your nipples. The wetness and the touch are electrifying to you and I can feel you begin to tremble. You turn towards me and pull my shirt over my head. We come together, our naked skin love off the grid izle touching for the first time. Our mouths meet, and as your lips part, my tongue meets yours and eagerly they dance. Long, deep, passionate kisses as our half-naked bodies crush together.

We pull back, and I drop to my knees. Your thong panties are silky and sheer and a perfect match to your bra. Even in the flickering candlelight, I can see that your pussy is perfectly smooth and shaved. I hold you against my face, my hot breath against your mound. Slowly, I hook my fingers in the waistband and pull your panties down. My face is so close to your pussy; you can feel my hot breath as I gently kiss you. The scent of your pussy is absolutely amazing. I stand up, and with more speed than finesse, my jeans are off. I can see you looking at me, dressed only in my briefs, and my cock straining at the fabric. Slowly I inch them down, and my cock springs out, more erect and excited than it has been for a long while. Somehow we find ourselves on your bed, and I begin to kiss your neck, and tracing lines with my tongue down your chest, and around your breasts. Lightly I flick your left nipple with my tongue, then softly kiss it, and take it in my mouth. I suck on your nipple, feeling it engorge and get even harder and more erect. I move to the other side, alternately licking, and sucking and nibbling on your gorgeous tits. I can feel your heart beating as you enjoy the attention.

Slowly, I begin to trace a line down your belly with my tongue, stopping along the way to gently kiss your soft skin. Meandering down your tummy, in circles and lines as I approach your pussy. My tongue softly parts your pussy lips, tasting your sweet juices. Up and down, occasionally darting inside, my tongue is on your dripping pussy. I can feel your clit getting harder and harder, your breathing more and more intense. God, Kelly, you taste so incredible! You are pushing against my face as madoff the monster of wall street izle I continue to caress your cunt with my tongue. Your wetness, your scent, the incredible musky sweetness of your pussy juices and you arch your back and push against my face and o god Kelly you are coming and drenching my face and Kelly I’m drowning in your beautiful sweet cum and I’m loving every second of it and exhausted we fall back on the sheets in each others embrace as you glow in the warmth of your first orgasm with me.

I can feel your hands touching me, and circling around my nipples. They are very sensitive, and its very stimulating for me to have my nipples pinched and sucked. You begin to lick and nibble on my nipples, and it kind of tickles but it feels good and you continue down my belly towards my throbbing member. O Kelly, the sensation when your lips and tongue first touch the tip of my cock…as you gently lick the precum from the head, and ever so slowly take it in your mouth. Slowly you swirl it in your mouth, slowly my cock disappears down your throat.

My god, Kelly, your tongue is so soft and your mouth is so warm and wet. You ever so gently draw my cock in and out of your mouth, licking the head and shaft, and waves of pleasure almost overwhelm me. Kelly, come and sit on my cock…I want you to ride me. That’s it….as you squat over me, the tip of my cock just touching your clit and parting your lips. Slowly, you lower yourself onto me, so that my shaft is buried deep inside your dripping hot cunt. I can feel your smooth pussy crushed up against me, and as we move and grind together my god it feels so good. O Kelly, my cock is so deep in you! Your tits are over my face, lean down baby, let me suck on your tits, o Kelly, I love how your nipples get so hard.

I’m squeezing your ass, and you are riding up and down on my huge dick, buried deep in your pussy and god Kelly o god o god you feel so good and you are such a fantastic fuck and o baby Kelly I’m going to come. Did you feel me shoot that load deep inside you? O Kelly, that was absolutely fantastic…come and lie here beside me, cuddle up, let me cover your face with sweet sensual kisses, as we glow together…god you really are incredible….your body just amazes me, and what you do with it….soft kisses, gentle caresses, holding close, sweet nothings, more kisses, the stirring of another erection…

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