Explorations Ch. 06


Part 1

Yun Hee walked across campus to the dorm room that she shared with Jessica Tanner. The two of them could not be more different. Jessica was outgoing, tall, and classically beautiful. Yun, although pretty, was bookish, shy, and reserved; at least she was with every person she’d met except her roommate, Jessica.

In the span of three months, Jessica had turned Yun from a virgin who had never engaged in sex to (although still a virgin in the strict sense) a young woman who craved the intimacy she had discovered with her roommate. It was now the beginning of December and nearing the end of the semester.

Jessica had guided Yun in exploring her sexuality, a part of her personality that had been non-existent. As she passed the campus center and climbed the steps to her dorm, she reflected on the whirlwind that had descended on her since arriving at the college. Had Jessica guided her or seduced her? Why, she asked herself as she opened the outside door to the dorm, was she drawn to this girl? Why had she allowed herself to be so easily taken (advantage of?) by her roommate?

Now sitting at her desk in the empty dorm room, she thought about what had allowed her to succumb to Jessica’s will. She realized that what Jessica did was make her feel like a woman. When she was in high school she had felt a yearning, a need for exploration that was not an option at the time due to the guilt she would feel following these erotic thoughts and the conservative household she grew up in. She had suppressed this need, bottling it for some future date.

When Jessica told her she was pretty, it was the first time she felt someone was saying it because it was true. Her boyfriend senior year had told as much, but she always felt he had the ulterior motives that all teenage boys have. When Jessica had her try on clothes that she had picked out, she felt good about the way she looked for the first time; it conjured up those bottled-up yearnings that had lay dormant. When she witnessed Jessica masturbating one night, the cork on the bottle popped.

It was a short, slippery slope from there, as Yun’s curiosity and suppressed feelings left her vulnerable to Jessica’s advances. When Jessica helped her achieve her first orgasm, a flood of emotions overcame her psyche. What was a wonderful experience became a growing thirst; at first it was to experience the incredible sensations she had discovered, but it slowly became a desire, or was it a need to please Jessica. Yun pondered this last thought as she heard the familiar rattle in the doorknob signaling that Jessica was home.

“Hey, what’s going on?” Jessica asked.

Yun was still caught up in her thoughts and slowly turned to face her. “Oh, nothing. Just thinking. How was your day?”

“I’m glad it’s Friday,” Jessica said with a smile. “It’s been a long week.”

Yun concurred, but it wasn’t because of school. It had been six days since the two of them had sex, and Yun was starved for Jessica’s attention. She had gone so long without; now that she had been given a taste of what sex could be she craved it.

“Yes, it has,” Yun replied. “Do you have any plans tonight?”

Jessica smiled. “As a matter of fact, one of my teammates told me about a party that’s going on at the house she rents off campus. Do you want to come?”

Yun wished she could but she had never been comfortable in those situations; She always felt out of place. Even with her growing confidence thanks to Jessica, she felt she wasn’t ready to be surrounded by strangers in a social situation. “I don’t think so.”

Jessica looked at her roommate and felt a mix of emotions. Her relationship with her was more complex than with her other college friends. She genuinely liked her. Yun was very intelligent, warm-hearted and caring, and had a wonderful sense of humor that had surfaced recently. Jessica felt a tenderness toward her that she had not felt with any other girl; she also was attracted to her naïveté and Yun’s growing need to please her. Jessica loved being pleasured by someone submissive to her; the power she gained from guiding (or was it manipulating) her subjects made her feel erotic and powerful. Being able to make someone submit to her sexual whims brought her an indescribable pleasure and Yun, like her brother, gave her that pleasure.

“Are you sure? It should be a lot of fun.” Jessica didn’t want to press, but she wanted to make sure her roommate at least gave it a chance.

“Maybe another time,” Yun compromised.

“Okay,” Jessica said. “I’m going to go for a while.” She walked over to where Yun sat at her desk, reaching out with her hand to caress her cheek. Yun felt her face flush at Jessica’s touch. “But I probably won’t head over there until nine or so.”

Yun looked up at Jessica with a hopeful look; Jessica could see the desire in her eyes and moved her hand under Yun’s chin to lift her head, guiding her to her mouth. She leaned down, resting her hands on the armrests of Yun’s chair, porno as her lips parted.

Yun felt Jessica’s tongue and opened her mouth to accept it, savoring the taste. Her skin felt warm, and she could feel her heartbeat quicken as her body responded to Jessica’s touch. Jessica’s tongue traced down Yun’s neck, settling on the nape, planting kisses on her soft skin.

Jessica felt a yearning that ran deep. It was a desire to pleasure Yun, to take care of her. But perhaps most of all, she wanted to own a piece of her. Jessica took her by the hand and brought her to the bed. She had Yun sit and straddled her, using her height to tower over the young girl. This part of Yun was Jessica’s alone. She had brought it out of her and she was the one who wanted complete ownership of Yun’s body and sexuality. Perhaps sometime in the future she would let her go, but not now. Yun was vulnerable and needed her protection and tutoring before allowing her to be with others, maybe her brother. She smiled to herself.

Jessica leaned in and brushed her lips over Yun’s, her hot breath causing Yun to shiver. Yun reached for Jessica’s mouth, needing to taste her. Jessica brought her fingers to Yun’s lips and lightly brushed her fingertips over the soft lips. “What do you want?” Jessica asked.

Yun felt her inhibitions being stripped away, one layer at a time. She was starved for Jessica’s attention. In the classroom, Yun was in complete control, a straight A-student. In the bedroom, she was a novice who needed and wanted to be taught, trained. “I want to please you.”

Jessica lifted off her shirt and took off her bra. Guiding Yun’s mouth to her breasts, Jessica loudly exhaled as she felt the warmth of Yun’s tongue on her skin. The young girl gave in to her need and greedily took Jessica into her mouth; tasting a mix of her skin and the floral lotion she used each morning. Jessica pressed Yun to her body and, feeling a tingle between her legs, began gyrating her pelvis, rubbing her clit against the girl’s delicate frame. Jessica’s growing desire moved her to lightly push Yun down on the bed. She stood over Yun and removed her skirt and panties, all the while looking into her roommate’s eyes with a lust that was undeniable to the young girl staring up at her.

The site of Jessica removing her clothes while standing over her head made Yun feel both small and desired at the same time. The memory of the taste of Jessica’s pussy was still fresh in her mind and came to the fore as Jessica lowered herself onto Yun’s mouth. Jessica, facing the edge of the bed and Yun’s legs, felt a rush of adrenaline as the tongue flashed against her sex. She loved the power this position afforded her, sitting on her submissive’s face.

Yun felt helpless to resist Jessica’s pussy; she struggled to breathe as she tongue-bathed her roommate. She used her fingers to spread the lips and expose Jessica’s clit. Finding it, she flicked her tongue as fast as she could, desperate to please Jessica; hopeful she would return the favor.

“Oh…that’s so good, baby,” Jessica moaned. She leaned down; releasing the grip she had had on Yun’s face, and quickly unbuttoned the shorts Yun was wearing.

Yun took in a gulp of air and yearned for Jessica to suffocate her again with her sex. She moaned with excitement when she felt Jessica working on her shorts and lifted her pelvis to help take them off. Grabbing a nearby pillow to support her head, Yun went back to the moist lips that hovered over her face. Jessica’s musk was strong and it filled Yun’s lungs with the lust that fueled her to continue ravishing her roommate with all of her strength. That was when she felt her panties being pushed aside and a warm, wet tongue slowly lick from the top of her labia down the length of her tortured lips.

“Jessica,” she whispered in a raspy voice.

Yun let out a groan and lifted her pelvis to meet Jessica’s tongue, which was circling her clit in a steady rhythm. Lost in her own sensations, Yun felt Jessica lower herself onto Yun’s mouth, breaking her out of her reverie. She took the moist lips into her mouth, caressing them.

“Yes,” Jessica hissed, and began grinding into Yun’s face as the girl struggled to keep pace with her tongue. Soon Jessica felt the familiar surge of sensations that began between her legs and spread through her body in a series of waves. Staying on Yun’s sex, a loud moan escaped her lips as her body tensed with a series of contractions. She let out short, punctuated breaths as she rode through it before finally relaxing her muscles.

Invigorated, Jessica spread Yun’s pussy and dipped two fingers into her slick hole, Yun responding by pushing up with her hips and moaning, filling the room with the sound of exquisite pleasure. Moments later, it was the young girl’s turn as she grabbed onto Jessica’s hips and rode her orgasm, thrashing from side to side and whimpering under the weight of Jessica’s tongue. This is what she’d been waiting for all week as she japon porno exploded, “Oh God, Jess! Ahhhh!” Finally, with a soft exhale it was over, leaving the two young women fulfilled and spent.

* * * *

At 8:45, Jessica was dressed and waiting for her teammate to come by and pick her up. “How do I look?” she asked.

Yun’s eyes had never left her roommate, her first lover, since she came back in the room from her shower. She watched as Jessica slipped on a pair of red panties and matching bra, distressed blue jeans, a red, short-sleeve v-neck that clung to her body and accentuated her large breasts, and a pair of red boots. “You look beautiful, Jessica,” she said.

Jessica was about to say something when there was a knock at the door. Jennifer Stone walked through the threshold as Jessica opened the door. A sophomore and occasional starter on the frontline of the volleyball team, she had taken Jessica under her wing when the team first met at the beginning of the year. She was Jessica’s sponsor, ensuring that she made a seamless transition to college athletics.

“You look great, Jess.” She said hello to Yun and waited by the door.

Jessica walked over to Yun who was sitting on her bed. “I’ll see you later tonight. If you’re asleep, I’ll try not to wake you.”

Jessica knew exactly what she was doing when she leaned down, put her hand on the back of Yun’s neck, and met her lips with a long, passionate kiss that left Yun speechless.

As Jennifer and Jessica walked out of the dorm, Jen looked over at her. “I had no idea you were into girls.”

“I believe in equal opportunity.” She smiled and glanced over at her teammate.

“You’re full of surprises,” Jennifer said in response. And so am I, she thought.

“So how many people live in your house?” Jessica asked.

“We have four girls in the house. Although, really it’s six people living there most of the time. Two girls have their partners over a lot,” Jen replied.

Ten minutes later, they arrived at the house. Jessica expected to hear loud music and a lot of noise, which was what she always thought was standard for college parties. As they entered the foyer, Jessica could hear talking and soft music playing in the background. Off the small foyer was the kitchen, with older looking appliances and countertops typical of a college rental. There were a number of wine bottles opened on the counter and a couple of girls getting a glass of wine.

“Hey, people start showing up yet?” Jen asked.

The girl closest to them looked over as she finished pouring a glass of white wine. “Hey, Jen. Yeah, a few so far and a few more expected. So, this must be Jessica. Hi, I’m Claire and this is Hannah.” Jessica shook their hands and said hello.

Claire offered Jessica a drink. Jessica declined. “I don’t drink; at least not yet,” Jessica said with a smile.

“I’m going to bring her around to meet everyone else,” Jen said as they left the kitchen and went into the dining room where there was an array of finger food. “Help yourself,” Jen said. Jessica thanked her but decided to wait until she met everyone.

Over the next few minutes, Jessica was introduced to two more of Jen’s housemates and a number of girls who were invited to the party. Jessica quickly noticed that there were only a handful of guys she had seen thus far.

Jen brought her to meet her last housemate, who was sitting on the living room sofa in between two other girls. “Jess, this is Diane.”

The sheer beauty and overt eroticism of the young woman left Jessica speechless. She wore a pair of red, leather pants and a tight fitting black, lace top. Her shoulder-length hair was dark and wavy. The woman stood up to greet her. Jessica couldn’t help staring at her body, which actually closely resembled her own in both stature and figure.

“Nice to meet you,” Jessica said, taking the young woman’s warm hand. Diane held her hand a moment longer than was comfortable as Jessica felt her sizing her up.

“Good to finally meet you, Jessica. Jen’s told us so much about you. It’s nice to finally put a face to the name. A beautiful face too,” she said with a wicked smile that left Jessica a little self-conscious, something not easily done. Jessica was taken aback by the maturity the girl seemed to have; she didn’t seem to belong in college at all. She wondered how old she was, although she guessed as a senior she was no more than 22. “Please,” Diane said, “relax and enjoy yourself.”

For the next hour or so, Jessica mingled with both Jennifer’s housemates and guests. She discovered that all but one girl who had been invited was a freshman, and this other was a sophomore. Besides finding it a little curious, she didn’t give it another thought the rest of the night.

“Hey,” Jen came up from behind Jessica and tapped her on the shoulder, “we’re moving the party downstairs.”

Jessica followed the crowd down the flight of stairs that was lezbiyen porno behind a door adjacent to the living room. When she got to the bottom of the stairwell she was taken aback by the décor of the finished basement. Finished was right, Jessica thought. Jessica felt as if she must have stepped into a totally different house. Loud music was playing; a fast alternative beat that Jessica felt in her gut. The walls were black, highlighted by a rich red fabric that dressed the windows. Lining the walls were several white, modern-looking sofas that were already occupied. Along the back wall was a large, dark cabinet for storage, and in the corner was a black curtain that Jen said hid the washer and dryer. Next to each sitting area was a small table that had an assortment of wine.

“Where did you guys get the money for this?” Jessica asked her teammate.

“Oh, here and there,” Jen replied. “Diane paid for most of it. She’s got money to burn. She works part-time.”

Doing what? Jessica took in the scene, which had a strangely erotic feel to it. There was a black, metal bin that had both beer and bottled water on ice; she grabbed a bottled water. The two girls took a seat on one of the sofas as the lights were dimmed, the room lit by industrial-looking light fixtures that were obviously installed with Diane’s money. Soon a number of people, one couple after another, got up to dance in the middle of the open floor to the strong, medium-tempo beat of the music that was now playing.

Two of Jen’s housemates were dancing with their boyfriends, while Diane danced with Claire, who was also stunning in appearance. Other people joined in, but Jessica’s eyes remained on Diane and her partner. All the side conversations fell away from Jessica’s ears; all of her senses focused on the strong rhythm of the music and the two beautiful women, locked in an embrace as they swayed to the music. Jessica watched; mesmerized as Diane’s hands slid down the thin dress her partner was wearing and slipped underneath, lifting it as she caressed her bare ass. Jessica smiled; now this was a party.

Jen looked over at Jessica and followed her eyes to Diane. “Are you enjoying the party?” she asked. Jessica didn’t answer. “Jessica.”

She heard her name and turned. “I’m sorry,” Jessica said. “What?”

Jen smiled. “I said are you enjoying the party?”

“Are all your parties like this?” Jessica motioned with her eyes to the floor.

“Oh,” Jen replied. “This is nothing compared to some of our parties later in the year.” She placed a hand on Jessica’s leg, causing Jessica to jump.

“Do you want to dance?” Jen asked.

Jessica was at a loss for words. She wasn’t quite sure what Jen’s game was. Was Jen attracted to her? Was she planning this all along? Jessica was eager to find out.

“Okay,” she replied.

Jennifer stood up and held out her hand. Pausing for only a moment, Jessica took it and followed her to the middle of the floor. Diane watched them move across the room and smiled before turning her partner around so that her Claire’s back was to her, giving her a clear view of Jennifer and her friend.

Jessica looked down at her teammate as they held hands and swayed their hips to the music. Although she was taller in stature, Jessica felt vulnerable for possibly the first time in her life. She was a little unnerved by the feeling of not knowing what was going to happen next, but decided to go with it. Jennifer slowly moved in on her, bringing her hand to Jessica’s face as their bodies touched. Jessica felt the hot breath of Jen’s mouth on her neck as the girl leaned in and lightly brushed her lips over her skin. She whispered in Jessica’s ear, “I’m glad you came. I’ve been thinking about bringing you here ever since I met you.”

Jessica didn’t know what to say in response to this revelation. What was going on? Was she being seduced? This was uncharted territory for her. Despite the uneasiness she felt due to the number of people in the room, she pushed her apprehension to the back of her consciousness and put her hand on the small of Jennifer’s back, bringing the girl closer to her body.

Jessica felt eyes on her as she asked, “What is it that you people do here?”

Jen nibbled on Jessica’s ear, catching her off-guard and sending shivers down her back. “You’ll see in due time, if you want to that is,” Jen replied and stepped back. She was pleased with the result of the feeler she put out, but her job was to get Jessica here, not seal the deal; that was for her older sisters to do. She led Jessica back to the sofa and took a sip from her glass as they sat close together, watching the others.

After the party, when everyone had gone home, Jennifer sat on the sofa in the basement next to Diane, sipping a glass of wine. They were alone save for a girl wearing only a black thong and a leather collar; her perky breasts bouncing as she walked. The lithe girl walked over to Diane and took the wine glass that was held out for her. “You can finish cleaning up tomorrow, my pet,” Diane said. “Go upstairs and get ready for bed. You may wait in the living room and we’ll let you come back down to sleep when Jennifer and I are finished here.”

The girl bowed slightly. “Yes, Mistress.”

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