Exposure. Accentuation. Two words which describe your outfit as you stand before me. From behind, you are perfectly decently dressed. Bra, strappy top, tight black leggings. From the front, it is obvious the leggings have been modified.

As you stand there, your cheeks starting to warm, your breathing measured, but beginning to come in gasps, you look down. Where your leggings should be, instead your pussy mound is visible thanks to a perfectly cut hole. The only part of the outfit which can be considered outrageous. And this makes it all the more outrageous, as you stand there, completely clothed, except with your smooth, hairless pussy exposed to me. Accentuated by the rest of your clothing.

“Very nice” you hear me say to you from the sofa, and your gaze lifts to meet mine. You can see the enjoyment in my eyes, which only serves to increase your breathing slightly, your heart beating faster. Knowing the pleasure I am getting from seeing you like this, starts to give you pleasure, and it begins to overshadow your embarrassment. That notwithstanding, you blush at my words, and for a moment move your hands to cover yourself, before you remember not to, and place them down at your side. A deep breath.

You try to steady your breathing as you concentrate on standing up straight as you have been commanded to. You watch me get up from the sofa and move towards you until I am right in front of you, close enough that you can smell my aftershave, with a hint of my desire underneath. I place a finger under your chin and lift your head slightly so I am gazing straight into your eyes. “You, especially your pussy, are now my property for the evening, to do with as I please.” You nod, your eyes submissive, trying to break my gaze, your breathing starting to become irregular and slightly ragged. I move foward, place my right hand on your left cheek, and kiss you deeply, my tongue tasting your lips and stroking against your tongue. Electricity flows through you, the touch is sensational and you feel your nipples harden and your already damp pussy become more moist as the cool air of the room plays on your lips.

“Move your feet apart slightly” I whisper in your ear. Closing your eyes and exhaling as a a bolt of excitement rushes through your body, you do so. With your legs slightly open I again kiss you, but this time trail my fingers down your neck, and then your back. Bringing them back to your neck I then trail them over your breasts, pausing to slowly stroke your nipples through your top and bra, before continuing down until they are half way down your left thigh. Moving up now, sliding over the fabric of your leggings, you feel my fingers tracing inexorably upwards. You feel your clit start to tingle in anticipation with the impending touch, which never comes. I move my hands away from you, a devilish twinkle in my eyes, as you gasp for breath, indignant at the pleasure denied you, your clit throbbing it’s desire.

Suddenly you feel my touch against you, returning exactly where it stopped. I stroke my fingers up through your sopping wet lips, parting them until I reach your clit and start rubbing gently. You let out a soft moan as the sensations consume Alanya Esmer Escort you. My left hand is stroking the back of your head as I kiss you once again, all these stimuli conspiring to stir powerful emotions and sensations deep within you. I move my fingers again, and this time push one of them inside you. You gasp as your knees buckle slightly at the penetration, and I begin to curl my finger, stroking your g-spot. Your arms reach up to grab my head, pulling my mouth harder against yours as you kiss me passionately, not wanting the sensations to end.

But I am in a teasing mood. I slowly withdraw my finger and stop kissing you. You whimper and look up at me with pleading eyes “But, but…” you say in a quiet voice. I simply grin as I bring my finger to your lips. You hungrily lick and suck your juices from it, moaning with pleasure as the sweet taste fills your mouth, your pussy dripping juices onto your legging-enclosed thighs. I lead you back to the sofa and switch on the TV. “I have a special treat for you” I say as I usher you to your seat and press ‘play’ on the DVD. Images fill the screen. A couple, naked, locked in an embrace, kissing one another passionately. You squirm in your seat, a grin on your face. The couple move to begin licking one another, each one’s tongue stroking up against the other’s body, the man’s sliding into the girl’s as she takes his cock hungrily into her mouth. You look across at me, pleading in your eyes. “When the time is right” is my simple response. Your body feels electrified. The images playing across your mind as you wonder what is in store for you tonight, what pleasures you will experience. Your nipples stand hard, erect and sensitive, pressing against your clothing. Your clit tingles, your lips are slick with desire.

“Stand up” I command, and you do so without question. You are standing before me now with your gorgeous pussy on display for me to see once more. “Sit on the edge of the sofa” I say as you do so, holding your legs wide open. Your lips slowly spread with your legs and drip a drop of your sweet juices onto the floor. You close your eyes, and then feel my tongue sliding up your lips, tasting you, running up over your clit and massaging it. You moan softly as the sensations fill you, your skin goosepimpling as you feel me suck your lips and clit into my mouth and run my tongue over them all, before releasing them and sliding my tongue into you, collecting more sweet nectar. The sensations are almost overwhelming as you feel the intense pleasure building inside of you. You can feel your heart pounding in your ears as your breathing becomes more ragged.

All of a sudden, you feel me stop, and you open your eyes inquisitively, letting out a gasp. I move up from between your legs to kiss you deeply, sharing your taste. Your tongue licks mine hungrily, wanting to capture every last bit of your taste. As we kiss I remove my trousers and underwear, revealing my cock to you. You grab it gently with your hand, massaging it, I groan as you do so, the sensations are amazing. I push towards you so my cock is hovering by your entrance. You release it from your grip and as you do Alanya Eve Gelen Escort so I slide it up and down your lips, sliding against your clit. Electric tingles spread from your clit throughout your pussy and radiate out to the rest of your body as your heart pounds harder in your chest with the senstation. You gasp and close your eyes, breathing heavily you will me to push myself inside you, to release you from the teasing.

But release you I do not. Instead, I pull my cock away from you, and peck you on the cheek with a tingle in my eye. You glare back a LOOK at me, attempting to steady my breathing as I stand up before you, holding my cock near your mouth. You take it in your hand, and move your self forward. Opening your mouth, you wrap it around the end of me, tasting us both, licking around the head before making your way down towards your hand as it strokes up and down. You seductively lick my precum from the end of my cock whilst looking straight up into my eyes, I can see the passion and lust building within you.

“That’s quite enough for now” I gasp out, my voice barely registering with you consciousness as I pull away from you. “A quick break, I think”. You lick your lips clean as you lean back slightly on the sofa, every sense heightened, arousal coursing through your entire body. You watch as I get up and place some cushions over on the dining table, wondering what I have planned next. “Time for a rest. Get up, face me, take off your leggings, then go and lay face down over there on the table, legs apart so I can still see everything…” I help you up off the sofa, and sit down on it myself, looking straight at you.

You play with the waistband of your leggings, running a thumb between it and your skin around the front of your body, letting the fabric pull away from and then slide back against you as you move your hand from side to side. You look at me with a shy grin for a moment longer before hooking each hand under the elastic on either hip, and pushing the leggings downwards in one swift movement. I get up to hold you steady as you pull the garment off each leg, until you are standing before me, completely naked from the waist down. You turn, and moving so as to deliberately wiggle your bum at me, you move over to the table, part your legs, bend at the waist and rest your torso down on the cusions, head to one side, your hands either side of your head. You close your eyes and rest there, feeling the fresh air of the room breathing against your buttocks, enjoying the knowledge that I am enjoying the view.

You hear me leave the room, heading for the kitchen. You hear me making tea, returning, sitting down and drinking it. Your eyes remain closed. The fiery passion in your loins softens, but still simmers, fuelled by the knowledge that you are putting on a good show for me. Minutes pass, perhaps tens of minutes, you are not sure. Still you lay there, your legs parted, offering a fine view of your pussy and ass to me.

Noise. Movement. You hear and sense me coming closer. Much closer. Sensation. My finger. stroking, then…penetrating. Instantly inside you, you are still soaking wet. As soon Alanya Evi Olan Escort as it appeared it has gone, until you feel it pressed against your mouth. You open your lips and hungrily lick your exotic taste from it, just as….more sensation. Again my cock presses against you. You moan. And gasp, as the pressing turns into a new feeling as I slide myself into you, into the warm, wet depths of your body. Feeling my penetration, your skin goosepimples all over your body and you let out a gasp. Emotions flood your consciousness as I sink completely into you as you continue to lick my finger. I begin to slide back out of you, and then with a thrust back in. You break off the licking to bite your lip, your eyes now wide open as you feel me fucking you, over and over again, my body pushing against you at the top of every stroke.

My hands are on your hips, gripping you tightly as I pull you onto my cock with each thrust. Your mouth is wide open, gasping and moaning, your entire being is saturated with sensations as I start to fuck you harder. You feel me thrust in once more, as far as I can go, before you feel my body shaking and my cock spasming as you sense the warmth inside you as I shoot my spunk deep inside you, filling you up. You can barely hear my gasps through the ringing in your ears of your blood pumping, as you feel my cock withdraw. As I do so, you immediately feel warmth dripping from you, down your lips, over your clit, making its way down your thighs.

As my spunk drips from you, you hear me collapsing on the sofa and take a swig of what is left of my tea. A pause, then “OK, now lay back on the floor, facing me, legs open. Make yourself cum for me”.

With quite an effort, after having been layed over the table so long, you push yourself upwards. Another drip of cum trails out of you down your leg as you do so, cooling quickly on your skin. You hesitantly walk over to the centre of the room, in front of the sofa, and lay back on the floor. You open your legs wide, bent at the knee. You can see my intent gaze above your body, as you move your hand down to between your legs. You slide your fingers between your lips, incredibly wet with both our juices. Pushing them inside you, you can feel the silky smooth remains of my spunk in your pussy, then you withdraw your fingers to start to rub it all into your clit. Such has been the teasing of the day, your body instantly responds. Fresh desire tingles, your mind replaying everything that has happened. Your fingers stroke expertly over your most sensitive spot, rubbing my cum into your clit, faster and faster, harder and harder. You feel your orgasm building inside you, the release that you have desired for so long, bigger bigger bigger until you explode with desire, and lust, crying out as your entire body bucks and convulses in time with your muscles contracting between your wide open legs, until you collapse down onto your back, a dull throbbing ache of satisfaction spreading from your still-twitching pussy.

You lick your fingers clean, your head pounding. You just about manage to get up off the floor, to join me on the sofa. sitting down next to me, your bare skin now cooling off with our cum all over it, you curl up in my lap. You close your eyes, and can feel my hand softly caressing your hair, your cheeks, and your neck. You are utterly spent, and content. “Well done, darling” you hear through the haze, as you relax, your mind starting to wonder what is in store for the rest of the evening…

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