Facade: The Student / Cunt Sequences


Linda tried to regain her wits as she rose off the door, her head swimming from wine and breath still stolen by the musk in her throat. After a few steps she decided she was in no position to make a decision tonight and had better sleep on it. Tomorrow would bring a clearer head and a better view of exactly how messed up things had gotten.

When she arrived in her office a message popped up on the computer screen, “I thought you told me you didn’t have a boyfriend.”

Linda glanced at the viewer count on the cam manager. 219, no shock there. She didn’t have the adrenaline fueling her anymore, and the longer this escapade went on the less energy she seemed to have. With a sigh of frustration and dismay she slowly slumped in her chair and began to reply on the keyboard, “I don’t. He was a friend.”

“You suck all of your friends cocks? They must love you.”

Poignantly she rolled her eyes to the camera and pouted at it before typing, “Yes, Master. They do.”

“Smartass was not the right way to go. That will cost you.”

Then he signed off without warning. At first she was thankful to be released from the whole crazy episode, but it wasn’t long before her dazed mind zeroed in on his statement. That will cost her, Peter’s silence will cost her. She was getting quite a bill between these two, and she was well aware that her account may not be able to handle it. So, she went to bed and would worry about it later.

It was Sunday afternoon by the time she was distracted from her constant mulling over of the situation. Wondering what punishment was in store for her. Debating over what Peter would ask of her. Continually questioning if she could please both, or if she would have to give up one or both of them. She felt as though she were walking a tight-rope over the Grand Canyon. If she could make it to the other side sexual empowerment awaited her. If not, it was a pretty big fall back into the mundane.

She answered the phone half distracted by visions of falling into a fog-filled cavern screaming and flailing, “Hello?”

Peter’s cheery and unusually confident voice met her ear, “Hey babe. What are you doing tonight?”

She looked at her phone in confusion as if he were standing in it, then replied trying not to chuckle at the odd question, “Nothing. Why do you ask?”

“I thought we would have some dinner. Go for a drive. Nothing major.”

“Like a date? Is that what you’re saying?”

“Yeah. I want to see you.”

“Well, that isn’t going to happen. We are not going to date, and I am not your girlfriend. You are a very sweet boy…young man, but we have history and ages that will not allow us to have that kind of relationship. I want this to be very clear to you, Peter. That is never going to happen.”

A silence was on the other end she sensed was a mixture of anger and sadness, and it broke her heart a little to know she was dashing his hopes of romance. The only consolation she could offer him, and herself, was the promise of something less, “Now, I agreed if you keep it quiet you can ask me to do whatever you want. So, when you decide what you want call me. Otherwise nothing has changed between us, got it?”

His answer was a muffled grunt before he hung up. Linda had to fill her day with chores around the yard to keep from crying over what she did. She couldn’t help but think of herself as a worthless whore, offering him sexual favors to keep secrets of depravity. The fact he instigated the blackmail and was more of a horny perv than an innocent little boy with a crush had no bearing then. Later it would, but right then she was mourning her loss of inhibition and purity as much as his loss of hope and love.

That night she watched a horror movie to get herself out of her funk. It was funny but seeing people mass murdered for no real explicable reason always seemed to cheer her up. This time was no different, and at 11:00 she went up to bed happily. Of course, when she made it to her office a message popped up to her, “It is time for payment, fuck toy.”

Before she could respond instructions were sent and she read them over. Her eyes widened and she drew a deep breath before she warily continued into the bedroom. From her drawer she pulled a pair of white lace panties and slipped them on. Then she wandered into the closet and began rummaging through cabinets cursing her own organization skills.

Finally she retrieved what she sought and returned to the bedroom. She pulled the vibrator and 2 pairs of handcuffs from xslot her nightstand. A wicked grin crossed her face as she stared at the pink fuzz around the cuffs. Part of her knew the cliché would be lost on Master, but that was one of her main reasons for purchasing them. She hoped that a little humor might help to distract her from punishments while wearing them.

Linda re-read the instructions for a moment to be sure she hadn’t missed something. Then, she slid the device into her panties. She carefully positioned it to rest on her rather than in her, as per instructions, leaving it off.

A deep breath to steady herself and a bitten lip in fearful anticipation later, she stared at the next sentence. Slowly she tested the strength of the clothespins between her fingers as she gazed at them. As a message spurred her to hurry along, she clamped one on to her nipple and squealed wide eyed. She had to close her eyes and whimper to get the other on. It was the first time her nipples had ever been treated so roughly, and it was almost making her eyes water.

“You’ll get used to it, slut. Keep going.”, the message assured her.

As she descended the stairs she became much more aware of how much her breasts moved when she walked. Each step jiggling. The steps wagging the tormentors biting her nipples in front of her. By the time she made it to the living room the pain was half as much, just as Master had said she was getting used to it to her surprise. She hadn’t realized that she was breathing heavier because she was focusing on the aches, but now she was aware of not only that. Her desire had awakened.

Quickly, she grabbed the cam from the living room and took it to the garage. After the blueish light flickered on, she gradually let the camera take in the entire room. She just hoped that she hadn’t lowered it enough to show her license plate. She placed the cam on the trunk of her car facing the large door and returned to the computer upstairs.

The pain now nearly gone, each step felt like someone tugging at her nipples. The vibrator was squirming around like lost fingers in her panties. Excitement was spreading into every inch of her body by the time she saw her new orders.

As she read them her mouth dropped and she started to shake her head in defiance. Luckily, she had enough foresight left to prevent herself from doing so and decided to continue.

She ran a hand over her forehead as she contemplated telling him this was too much. The hand sliding down to her cheek as she thought of his response and the fury that would have to be endured. Then as her hand slid to her neck, she sparked the excitement of unknown territory once again. She had to do it, she would regret not doing it.

Her hands snatched a chain and her jumper cables from the shelf. She threw them with a loud clinking thump toward the back of her car by the garage door, and leaned into her car. Quickly, she grabbed the remote from her sun visor and joined the pile of supplies.

It took some effort, but she managed to fish the chain through the garage door’s center supporting beam so that there was an even length of chain on either side of the beam. The she locked both ends of the chain together with both ends of one pair of pink fuzzy handcuffs. The grin that crept over her face thinking about the words ‘pink fuzzy handcuffs’ quickly faded as she picked up the jumper cables and looked intently at them.

The ‘mouths’ on these have such sharp teeth, and they bite so much harder than clothespins do. The thought of it scared her. Opening their jaws she steeled herself for a moment. Then she clamped the red and black of one end to each of her big toes. Thankfully it was no where near the pain she expected, but it still was uncomfortable.

Then she laced the wires through the loop in the chain and attached the other ends to each of the clothes pins. She took a deep breath, thinking what was next and wondering what the results would be from all this.

Clicking the handcuff around a wrist she reassessed the contraption. Then, she slipped the other cuff through the loop of chain and clicked it around her other wrist. Her handcuff key was placed in front of her at the door’s edge and she grabbed the clicker before standing. She took another deep breath and thought this was her last chance to back down.

With a mischievous grin to the cam on the car behind her, she slid her hands into her moistening panties and turned on the vibrator, then pressed the button on the remote. xslot Giriş A mechanical growl and clinking immediately broke the silence as the door began to slowly rise. Anticipation is the main driving force for adrenaline. “God, that is a lot of noise.”

It is times like these, when you are watching garage doors rise in front of your half-naked body with no where to run because you handcuffed yourself to it, that you become keenly aware of how much that drug effects you. The surging of energy in your chest. The tingling pins and needles that break out on your face, nipples, and pussy. How much those little discomforts make you feel pleasure building so much more acutely.

While you enjoy the sensations that come from waiting, you might close your eyes in lustful want as you think about what is coming. Well, don’t. That is what Linda did. She didn’t see the door nearing its apex. So, when her arms were lifted above her and the cord going from her toes to her tits was pulled taught, she was caught off guard. Within a matter of seconds she was hopping and skittering to get a firm stand on her tip toes.

She squealed wiggled as the cuffs dug into wrists, the pink fuzz not providing much padding. Of course, that caused her toes to tug harshly at the clothespins on her nipples, which made her groan with a mixture of lust and discomfort as the pins slid to the very tip of her nipples. A pang of pain throbbing through her breasts. Luckily, she managed not to drop the remote for the door or she would be stuck like this until someone found her. As it was, she was to endure it for two hours.

The vibrator’s hum wasn’t as loud with the door open. Having calmed some, she realized the slender tube was snug against her clit and wobbling between it and the fabric of her panties. Already wet, she struggled to resist the distraction between her legs. She was lit up by the garage’s lights prominently on the dark street, but it was late enough that most of her neighbor’s would be in or on their way to bed. However, if she moaned as loudly as she desired there would surely be an audience shortly after.

After several minutes she was alternating her feet and squirming with desire. The cord tugged at her nipples nearly constantly, and the buzzing mechanism between her legs kept shifting to the perfect spots to drive electric lust through her stomach. She bit her lip and squealed softly, as she scanned the street hoping no one would pass.

It was then that she saw the lights from what she presumed to be a car turning onto the street. With a gasp her thumb darted to the button on the door control. The garage door jerked forward suddenly, no more than an inch. It was enough to throw her balance off, and as her foot flung forward to stabilize herself one of the clothespins was yanked off by the clip on the cord.

It felt as though someone stabbed her nipple with a red hot knife. As the fire spread through her breast her mouth and eyes widened from pain while she held back a scream. The door was moving much too slow to do any good and the lights were brightening against the pavement of her driveway. As she heard the car’s engine she realized she was going to be on full display in a matter of seconds.

That was when the orgasm hit her. Like a bomb went off in her wet, nearly see through now, panties her legs began to spasm and her back involuntarily arched against the weight of her body on the chain. The other pseudo-clamp jerked free from her nipple. The pain mixed with her euphoria made her moan loudly and she stared in the directions of the light as if a deer.

She was still trembling as the second surge spilled along her thighs, and her hand tightened on the useless remote. The door silenced its grinding as it stopped in place with another jolt, and she yelped as she watched the clicker land by her feet. It had only moved a few inches in the time it took for the car to make its way down the street, so she was still on her tip toes, now shivering from the vibrating tube against her well abused pussy. If she had the breath to she would have sighed in relief when she watched the lights suddenly veer away. It must have pulled into a driveway close by.

Her eyes fell to the ground and the remote. It seemed like a mile away with her hands stretched over head. With some effort she managed to step on the cable clips and remove them from her toes. That hurt nearly as bad as her nipples did from the clothespins, but she was forced to remain on her toes because the cuffs xslot Güncel Giriş kept cutting into her wrists when she tried to hang despite the pretty pink fuzz that was now damp with sweat.

After she calmed, and the burning turned into throbbing through her toes and tits, and the wobbling in her panties turned from pleasure to irritation on her vagina, she devised that she just needed to push the button with her toe to close the door. It was just within reach.

As time moved on, it was hard to tell exactly how much with torture of her personal parts and aching in her arms coming to light, the annoyance of her clit and lips began to change back to teasing. Linda was shocked how precisely she could feel what happening. The texture of the smooth plastic felt like luke-warm ice sliding and shaking at her clit. The pointy end of it was darting on and off her lips, alternating between both as she squirmed. Her nipples were standing straight out and dancing as her breasts wriggled from her movements. Though there was nothing touching them, it felt as if the air was gently flicking them.

From the left of the garage behind the wall she heard a metallic crack followed by a rattle. She drew a deep breath as she began to process what the sound could be. Surely a wild animal, but she had no idea what were they getting into over there. That was all she needed, to be attacked by a horny raccoon while she dangled from the garage door…

She almost giggled at the thought, but instead gasped loudly. It was her neighbor’s son. He had broken the screen on his window and was sneaking along the side of the house. Unfortunately her gasp startled him. He spun around nearly jumping straight up in the air. As he took in what he was seeing, Linda kicked toward the remote.

Her toe missed the button by just an inch. Her hurried attempt had enough force that the clicker rattled down her driveway a few feet. She bit her lip as her eyes widened at her neighbor and she tried not to squirm. He smiled to her and the sound of the vibrator filled her ears as if there was nothing else in existence.

Tingles pulsed and rippled between her legs as he approached. Her face was flush from excitement and burning with humiliation at the same time. When he was even with the remote, she started to swoon and a soft moan passed her unwilling lips.

Silently, he cupped and squeezed her tit. Her eyes closed at the touch. The fingers of that hand drifted to her sensitive nipple and tugged gently. She moaned deeply as his other hand slid along her belly. “Ooohhh…..”

Slowly it descended and his fingers nudged the end of the vibrator in her panties causing her eyes to widen at him in shock as he laughed softly, “What do we have here?”

She watched him slide down her body, his eyes feasting on her skin the entire length. Almost gracefully he slipped her panties along her thighs and the vibrator flopped into the loose fabric with an unceremonious “Zzzzz!”

Gently he cupped her dripping sex and grinned wide at her awe struck face, clearly holding back laughter, “Kind of… horny?”

“Oh god,” she squealed as the reality of her situation flooded her mind along with the physical sensations that so unrelentingly wanted her to orgasm again. He rose rubbing her pussy firmly, and his other hand found its way back to her nipple as her eyes tightened in fear. Linda’s face was a visage of helpless terror and knew it, “Oh god…. please…”

“Mmm? Really?”

She whimpered in fright, and a little betraying lust, “Please, please, please, don’t. Oh my god. Please, don’t rape me.”

Tears were beginning to fall when she felt his hands move from her and she sensed his body lowering close to hers. With the signs of her first sobbing, she felt it at her mouth. Tender kisses at her lips. Cautiously, she opened her eyes confused as she felt him push something to into her hand. It was the garage door remote. Her eyes thanked him as tears rolled down her cheeks and he whispered, “Shh, its ok. I’m not going to hurt you. You better get inside, though, because my friends are coming to pick me up and they may not…. well, you know…”

The he turned and began texting on his phone as he walked down the driveway. When the door finally closed, she was on her knees sobbing. All she could think about was how horribly wrong all that could have gone. The ecstasy from moments before was now aching, throbbing, overly sensitive, and raw emotional backlash. She spent several minutes on her knees crying and thanking god.

When she made it upstairs a message was waiting on her computer screen.

“You are returning early, but I think you have learned your lesson well. So I won’t punish you further this time. Good night.”

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