I’m sitting at home when you come home from work…you’re exhausted. I decide I’m going to take care of you. I take you by the hand and lead you to the bathroom. The bathroom is huge, with a shower stall big enough for at least 3 people and two shower heads at opposite ends of the stall.

I turn the water on and set the shower heads to massage. Steam begins to fill the room. I tie my hair up, but strands escape and begin to curl in the moist heat. I stand in front of you and begin to undress, my t-shirt slides up over my bra-less breasts…catching a little on my erect nipples…I hook my fingers into my waistband and pull my pants down…I’m not wearing any panties, and when I stand you can see my shaved pussy and the moisture that’s gathering there.

I walk towards you, placing my hands on your chest…running them up and down before slipping them underneath your shirt so I can feel your bare skin underneath my hands. I move my hands slowly up your chest…running my fingertips over your nipples…hiking your shirt further up my arms until I reach your shoulders and we both move to pull your shirt off. I toss the shirt aside and move closer…you can feel my tits brush against your chest as I gently begin to knead the muscles in your shoulders and arms…working my way to your back…lower and lower until I reach your waist…my hands trace the belt you wear to the front buckle. I undo your belt…my knuckles brush up against your stomach as it comes undone.

I carefully unbutton your jeans and gently pull the zipper down. You can feel the slight pressure of my hands as the zipper works its way down. I kneel down in front of you…my face inches away from moon knight izle your cock…I can feel the heat coming off of it…you can feel my breath through the last bit of clothing you sill wear. I move back a little and pull down your shorts…freeing your cock to let it bob in the air. I pull your shorts and pants down your legs and help you step out of them. Before I get up, I lean forward and kiss your cock…my warm, soft lips caressing the tip of it.

I get up and lead you to the shower. You stand in the middle of the spray created by the two shower heads. The warm water cascades over your body…masaging sore muscles and relaxing you. I soap up a washcloth and begin to run it over your back. Once you are soaped up, I run my fingers through the suds, massaging your muscles, working my way across your shoulders, your back, down to your thighs and calves. My hands touch every inch of your skin, even working their way across your ass…running lightly over your asshole to the little piece of skin between your balls and your asshole.

I put the washcloth down and wait a little for the soap to wash away, then I slip my tongue between your legs, rimming your asshole…flicking across your skin to your balls. You’re making soft sounds in the back of your throat…enjoying the sensations my tongue is giving you. I reluctantly pull away and move in front of you.

I pick up the washcloth and begin again to wash you, running it over your chest and arms, down your stomach to your thighs and feet. Your cock is rock hard and pointed directly at my face. I take the soap in my hands and lather them up…suds are sliding down mrs fletcher izle my arms. I watch your face as I slowly wrap my fingers around your cock…soaping it up…making it nice and slick. I begin to move my hands up and down your cock, making sure every inch is being throughly washed.

The suds begin to trail down from your cock to your balls, so while one hand continues stroking your cock, the other reaches down and begins to play with your balls…moving them gently in my hand, reaching behind them to stroke around your asshole. Your eyes are closed…head thrown back…completely lost in the feelings my hands are giving you. My pussy is dripping by this point…I love holding your cock in my hands, feeling it get harder.

I watch my hand run across your cock…seeing the head disappear between my fingers before popping out again when I move my hand down your shaft. The soap is almost gone by now…my mouth is open…just waiting to taste your cock. When my hand moves back down your shaft, my tongue laps the underside of the head of your cock before my mouth opens and sucks you inside. I moan deep inside my throat. I love the feeling of your cock in my mouth. So warm and hard…I work my mouth up and down your shaft, swallowing more and more until the tip of your cock is in the back of my throat. You can feel the vibrations of my moaning all up and down your shaft.

You shudder and your hand falls on my head…partially for balance and partially to help me suck your dick. Your hand moves through my hair…moving my head this way and that, while my busy mouth tries to suck as much of your cock as possible down murder in big horn izle my throat. My other hand is still working your balls…feeling how tight they’re getting…caressing them…working my fingertips to your asshole. I gently work one finger…then two inside your ass…and begin to fuck it…moving in and out…keeping time to what my mouth and throat are doing to your cock. Everytime I swallowed your cock…my fingers would push deep inside your ass…when my mouth sucked back up along your cock to suckle at the tip, my tongue flicking along your pee-hole…my fingers would move back out of your ass to rub along the outside.

The heel of my hand was rubbing up against your balls…I could feel them get tighter…your hips were moving back and forth, rocking my fingers in and out of your ass, and pushing your cock in and out of my mouth. I knew you were going to cum soon. I started to move faster. I hummed along your cock…I wanted you to cum in my mouth…I wanted to taste it…feel it shooting down my throat…my mouth suckled harder…swallowing your cock down my throat…feeling it pulse…hmmm…that’s it…little more…hmm…your entire cock is shoved down my throat…my fingers are busily fucking your asshole.

I can feel your cock get bigger…that’s it, I thought…cum in my mouth…feed your little slut your cum…let me taste it…please please cum in my mouth…my slutty little mouth…my fingers push inside your ass as I bury your cock in my mouth…you let out a moan…and I watch your face as you shoot your cum inside my throat…oh fuck yeah…hmmm. I hum along your cock while I swallow every last drop of your cum. Gulp…hmm…gulp…hmmm…gulp…hmmmm. I savor every drop…feeling your warm cum slide down my throat. I watch you as I move back up your shaft, letting your delicious cock fall out of my mouth. I open my mouth and show you that not a single drop of your cum is left. You blink heavy eyes at me and grin. I smile, stand up, and turn off the water.

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