Farmer Pt. 07


Part 07. The sweet fate of a white mare.

Special thanks to the Literotica member for editing assistance and excellent creative input. Thanks to the efforts of merrySM, new colors have appeared in this story.

Mary’s morning awakening was completely different from what she was used to in recent years. After a restless night, consciousness slowly returned it to reality, but there was something completely unusual and at the same time pleasant in this release from sleep. There were no loud and sharp sounds of movable furniture that always accompanied her husband if he got up before her. There was no ringing plates in the kitchen and noisy boiling water from taps. The voices of the children from the yard were not heard when on weekends they stayed at home and the first thing they started was playing games and noisy arguments under the windows of her bedroom. There was none of this! The woman lying with her eyes closed was surrounded by silence, and her body remained relaxed in the gentle embrace of the bed, giving her body warmth and comfort. And then, this smell … Yes, she could not be mistaken – it was a distinct smell of coffee! For some time she did not dare to open her eyes, until an even more unexpected sensation finally plunged her into confusion.

The bed creaked quietly. A man’s hand hugged her shoulders and the man’s lips glanced eagerly over her shoulder to her neck. A rough palm gripped her breasts and a succulent greedy kiss was interrupted by her husband’s hoarse whisper – “Honey, yesterday you were magnificent. It turns out you can be not only a wife, but also a delightful whore!”

At the same second, his hands overturned her backward, with a rough movement, the nightgown was crumpled under her saggy breasts, and her legs could not resist this onslaught. Not yet aware of what was happening, Mary opened her eyes. Her hands instinctively rested on the chest of a man hanging over her, but meeting her eyes with a crazy look she dutifully spread her legs, and after a few seconds the couple merged into a hot kiss.

Responding to the chaotic movements of male hips between her legs, Mary slipped her hand to her lower abdomen and with precise movement her thin fingers sent her husband’s penis where he was aiming. A mirage of events that happened to her on the eve, like a fog, touched her consciousness and responded with fright from the possible consequences for such an unusual beginning of the day. But her husband’s behavior, these tremors familiar to her in which desire and powerlessness merged, unexpectedly returned her peace and confidence in herself. Perhaps yesterday, these two men broke her usual foundations and woke up a completely different woman, and her husband felt this difference. Whatever it was, but in this morning gave her a new game and she unconditionally accepted the rules of this game.

With a perverse pleasure, the red-haired predator suddenly wanted to serve this rude and at the same time stupid man who, by the will of fate, was her husband and father of her children. But there was no genuine sympathy or love in this concern that awoke in her. She was guided by the delight of an evil fairy leading the victim in the wake of her recent crimes. Does the husband want sex? – OK. Let him go to the goal along the dark corridors of female secrets. And if the wild beast destroyed everything in its path yesterday, then why cannot the humble servant affectionately remove this mess today?

Bizarre patterns of thoughts entangled Mary sticky web of temptations. Guided by her instincts that aroused her and increasing sexual arousal, she wrapped her arms around her husband’s neck, and her legs bent at the knees carefully lifted the female pubis towards the morning guest. The chaotic jerks of both spouses smoothly gave way to the rhythmic movement of the bodies merged together and only the heavy breathing of the man violated this idyll of intercourse. And in this rhythm a new meaning of their further relations on the conjugal bed was born.

Intoxicated by the poison of thin debauchery, the respectable wife and mother turned into a lustful doe, whose hands slid on the man’s back and with jerks on his buttocks each time emphasized the next movement of the swollen white penis. Burning from the lust born from the wreckage of prohibitions and taboos, she demandingly squeezed male flesh and did not allow him to slip out of the pool filled with juices. And she achieved her goal. Following another push, her husband’s penis froze at the lower point of the fall and then, the pulsation of the spilled seed echoed with a guttural moan bursting from her chest. In small portions, his sperm irrigated her vagina and each portion responded with a high note in her lingering moan. He gave, and she took…He naively enjoyed his wife’s vagina, and she enjoyed the fact that his sperm was sucked by a pussy of a whore waking up in her …

Not. It really was a beautiful morning. A very long time ago her husband was not so affectionate with her. Resting from the morning marathon in sex, they both lay bursa escort in bed and joked, remembering all the circumstances of the morning adventure. Then there was morning coffee and a discussion of plans for the weekend. Older children had their own plans. And as the best option, they decided together with younger children to visit the water park next week. Petty household chores did not shake their confidence and when Sunday came, the family went on a pleasant journey.

* * *

Sitting in a deck chair near the pool, Mary watched her children through the sunglasses. It was obvious that her fifteen-year-old son was clearly bored in the company of his parents. Nevertheless, he found amusement for herself, and she proudly watched how he beautifully jumped from the tower into the water to the applause of peer girls floating along the pool wall. As for the youngest daughter, she was always there, and only the excitement of a steep descent along the water slides over and over again accompanied her delight with joyful exclamations.

She spent all the way there covered in the car sitting in a chair with her eyes closed. Lazily reacting to her husband’s words, she occasionally answered him and he did not disturb her dream, thinking that she was tired over the past week. In fact, she was pretending to be, and her thoughts wandered far beyond their family.

After she crossed the line between “forbidden and possible” in the Farmer’s house, an emotional storm raged in her soul, throwing her from one extreme to another extreme. More than a week passed, but she never called Farmer. He, too, did not bother the red-haired beauty, guessing her embarrassment after what had happened. Like some other women, Mary has gone from horror these days to feeling the sweet taste of adultery. And in her reincarnation, her own husband played an important role. She now recalls with irony how she woke up after the turbulent events in the Farmer’s house.

That night she slept no more than an hour, and only in the morning did the sleep spare her. For many hours, she listened to the breath of her native man and held back the sobs tearing from her chest. The faster her intoxication left, which paralyzed her strength and will and which knocked her under a huge black bull, the stronger her fear and despair. Minutes and hours flowed, and in this flow of time all events appeared more distinctly. She was paralyzed by the realization that she sucked the cock of the old libertine and did it without coercion and on her own initiative. Before her eyes flowed pictures of black hands feeling her saggy white breasts, and a picture of thick sperm flowing from her vagina. She again saw her reflection in the mirror, and this memory restored the picture of Mary kneeling docilely, while a huge black bull repeatedly mounted it on a thick black phallus. Her meeting with the naive husband, who patiently waited for her at home and whom she allowed to touch her defiled body, hurt. And this question is for herself – why her husband did not suspect anything and why he sincerely experienced pleasure in sex with an unfaithful wife.

Yes, this night has changed her. She remembers her morning awakening. She remembers that a short morning sleep did not bring relief and she woke up under the weight of bad premonitions. But then what happened? Again, these passionate kisses of her husband, coffee brought for her, and again his desire to have sex with her … Her husband was never strong in bed, but for several hours he owned her twice. And this … this happened after she acted as a whore for the other two men, one of whom was black …

Perhaps this frank paradox of completely opposite events played a decisive role in changing her consciousness. The frank connection between her sexual crime and the delight of her own husband after these events united all that had happened, and her husband’s ideal attitude towards her in the following days completely destroyed all her torment. The next and all nights after she slept a sweet dream, and inside her settled a hearth of a quivering flame, which affectionately but inevitably destroyed the shadows of doubt in her and at the same time protected the shoots of completely new sensations. With doubt, virtue passed away, new sprouts attracted fornication. She frankly admitted this to herself, but did not resist the inevitability that attracted her with an exciting aroma.

It was several days before a completely different woman inside Mary became stronger. This woman in her thoughts was returning to the dark room where the Farmer was sitting in an armchair. The smell of a tired but experienced phallus, which came from the corners of memories, was lost in the sensations of this phallus between her lips. The tart taste of semen on the tongue and this sizzling sip of a thick liquid flowing down throat. A trembling of tender palms accompanied these memories, and thin female fingers furtively squeezed the nipples that had grown stronger under the bra.

A hot bath came malatya escort to replace the quick shower, where Mary’s new girlfriend enjoyed a mirage. In this mirage, the owner of a huge black phallus spread her hips and she clearly felt the rude guest, who was the first in her life who confidently and shamelessly found her mature uterus. And when her uterus responded with her own memory, white fingers with a graceful manicure demandingly extended their labia under a bush of red hair on the pubis and after a minute Mary choked in a soundless moan of pleasure from an orgasm piercing her body. Each time, only the teeth on the lower lip reminded how hard it was to hold back a scream. But in the dark bedroom her husband did not see this trace. And when he once showed activity, she readily accepted it, experiencing a completely new and perverse pleasure of intercourse.

* * *

She was lying in a deck chair, and her gaze smoothly glided over the inhabitants of the water park. Suddenly, ten yards to the left, she saw a young black courier who was constantly delivering mail to the office. It was obvious that the guy came to the water park with his parents. A tall man, about 45 years old, and a fat woman drank cool cocktails, and their son sneakily threw enthusiastic glances at Mary. The red-haired woman was entertained by this attention. She had long noticed that the boy was not indifferent to her, but now to demonstrate his awareness was not part of her plans. On the contrary, in this situation, she wanted to fool around with him – naturally, she defiantly “did not see” him. Having seized the moment when the people around were preoccupied with their own concerns and her husband was dozing, Mary got up from the deck chair and defiantly began to straighten the beach sheet. This procedure took several seconds. But this time was quite enough for the woman to bend low over things and demonstrate to the young fan all the charms of her luxurious ass. And it remains to be hoped that for involuntary witnesses, her breasts that fell out of a bra were an accident. Making sure that her trick was not in vain, Mary returned to the deck chair.

Under the protection of dark glasses, she continued to inspect the water park and sometimes her eyes settled on some visitors. Do not be surprised that, as a rule, her attention was focused on black naked bodies. Much later, she will understand why not only men were among them. But this understanding will come much later in a different situation.

Among other visitors, she saw a fat black man who clumsily climbed out of the water. He sat on the side of the pool, completely unaware that his swimming trunks did not fulfill the main function. But it was this negligence that caught the attention of the red-haired woman opposite. Heavy eggs could hardly fit in a sagging black scrotum and thin tissue could not hold the rich gift of nature. Almost a minute passed before the fat man discovered this problem, and this time was enough for Mary’s lips to dry out, and under the weight of her pubis abundant juices rushed to the exit.

The situation could get out of hand. Therefore, Mary took the hand of a husband sitting next to her and they both found themselves in the water. Wet swimsuit kept her secret.

* * *

On Monday, Mary woke up very early. After breakfast, she drove the children to school and arrived at work four hours earlier than usual. After a pleasant weekend, she slept well that night and her mood was as beautiful as today’s sunny morning.

Almost ten days passed before she succumbed to the black forces in the Farmer’s house. These were different days and a cascade of emotions – fear, calm, excitement, shame of desires … There is only one thing left – shame. But it was a shame to admit to herself that she again wanted to see Joseph and be alone with him. She did not admit to herself: – “Why? Why does she want to be with him?” The answer to this question was too frank. The response poured the weight of the lower abdomen and this obvious answer provoked an abundance of juice at the exit of her womb. She did not call the Farmer — she was embarrassed to do so. She wanted to meet him with their eyes, and she was ashamed of their shared secret.

A few minutes later, office life returned to its usual daily routine. Customers, phone calls, boss requirements, printer buzz – everything is as usual. Mary noticed the young black courier too late. Only when he stopped near the next table did she raise her eyes from the bundle of receipts and saw the uniform she knew. But there was time enough for her to make a surprise for her young admirer. What was impossible to do yesterday, she easily did today. Why? – Today it was another woman who was freed from laws and rules, and who was floating on the waves of instincts. And among these waves, the highest was a wave of sexual dissatisfaction, which takes a woman to the middle of a stream of emotions and throws her into a maelstrom of desperate actions and rash decisions. No one in the çanakkale escort room noticed a change in her face or in her behavior. And only the eyes of an experienced observer could hjave captured those two seconds that changed the plot of this ordinary play.

When the courier approached her desk, he suddenly froze in confusion. A seated red-haired woman leaned over a flyer. Standing behind her, he saw his favorite fiery locks of hair, a round white shoulder and a bra strap on it, which peered carelessly from under a light blouse. He remembered the colors of all her bras by heart, and each time he visited the office, he hoped to once again see this intimate detail of her underwear. But today … He stood behind and before his eyes the magnificent breasts of his white queen shamelessly lay in the cups of lace sconces. Dazzlingly white and with dots of bright freckles, these breasts openly showed the triumph of large nipples, whose bases bloomed in depth under an open blouse. The pink and brown nipples shamelessly pulled transparent silk and did not look like the earthy-black nipples of his black girlfriends. Blue strings of veins shone through delicate skin, and barely noticeable grooves of stretch marks on these chic breasts pushed to the desire to feel the taste of mother’s milk of a white woman.

He was an obedient son and a conscientious worker. He never talked with bad companies and was a diligent student at school. But only he knew how much effort was required to restrain his secret emotions. It was a wild desire to be admitted to the white bodies of respectable ladies, and it was a passionate excitement at the sight of their buttocks under tight skirts or their mother’s breasts clenched by ruthless bras.

The day before he saw her at the water park. He was sure that she had no idea about his presence. He could not sleep later. Her white breast, accidentally dropped from a swimsuit, became his mirage. He recalled her bare buttocks when she accidentally bent over. A thin bikini hid between her buttocks and the weight of these white balls haunted him all night. Again and again, he quietly went out to masturbate in the bathroom, and each time he reached a peak of pleasure. And today – today, he again saw this white body. He believed and he wanted to believe that this would ever happen. And in his dreams and in his fantasies grew the expectation of that moment when he would overturn this lady on her back. He will tear her panties and bra (they must be expensive), he will spread these white legs and he will pour out the heavy load of young black sperm into her juicy pussy … The courier swallowed the accumulated saliva and spoke in a stronger voice to the red-haired lady – “Mom. Get the letters!”

Mary imitated the surprise and surprise of his appearance. But it was a bad imitation that her young fan did not notice. Her game and a specially unbuttoned blouse played a cruel joke with a woman. She only wanted to tease this young fan. But when he stood behind her and examined her breasts, she saw from under her arm the lower part of his body. And in this mise-en-scene she saw how the heavy knot under his shorts swelled with weight and power. She understood what was happening, but she could not interrupt this game – a mature woman saw the outlines of his young phallus appear and she enjoyed this picture.

When the courier left the office, Mary calmed down only with a cup of coffee, and when there was a pause in work, the woman went to the parking lot. In her car, she found a piece of paper with a phone number and five minutes later Joseph’s voice answered her.

“Do you want to wash the car?” His playful question took her by surprise. But she no longer had the strength to pretend.

“Joseph, can we meet?” Her voice sounded unusually hoarse.

“Of course, my dear. Tomorrow will be a hot day. Do you mind if I book a room in a motel where we will be cool?” – He waited a long time for her answer.

A whirlpool of emotions spun in Mary’s soul. This black bastard very openly let her know what he expected from her. But the bridges behind her were burned. And she whispered softly, “OK. Tomorrow after lunch I’ll ask the boss to let me go.” She answered and with quick steps returned to the office. Heartbeats loudly responded in her temples.

A young courier stood behind a column in the parking lot and looked at the retiring red-haired lady. Today he violated the travel schedule. The guy knew that the boss would be very unhappy, but these concerns moved to the second row. Leaving Mary’s office, he visited the relaxation room, where in a cramped booth he masturbated with his own fantasies. White breasts, the edges of the pink nipples of a true white lady did not leave his thoughts. And now he looked after her. Her easy walk, long legs in high-heeled shoes, gorgeous red hair behind her back and these buttocks – these heavy pears of white buttocks covered in a narrow skirt. Yes, she is at least 45 years old and she is much older than his mother. But it was her breasts that did not give him rest, and it was her buttocks that caused a desperate desire to catch up with her in this dark parking. A crazy fantasy painted a picture of how she pushes him away, how she lies on a dirty concrete floor and how easily the seams of this white skirt are torn. And then, her buttocks – exactly her buttocks that he sees now can be naked.

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