Female Gigantism: I’m a Sub!


Just because I’m an extremely tall and assertive woman doesn’t automatically make me dominant in the bedroom, I calmly told Omar Yusuf as he sat across from me at a table inside the Saint Laurent Mall’s crowded food court. I’m glad to hear it, the handsome young black man said, gently caressing my knee under the table. Let’s go home, I told him, licking my lips for emphasis. Arm in arm we left the east end mall together. What a pair we made! A six-foot-eight, curvy and definitely statuesque, exotic-looking young woman with caramel skin, long curly black hair and lime-green eyes, clad in business attire…escorted by a stocky, muscular black guy dressed in urban gear and sporting a shaved head. Hot damn!

My name is Mona Abdirahman, and I’m a young woman living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. I was born in the City of Edmonton, Alberta, to a Somali immigrant father and Irish-Canadian mother. My parents, Abdullah Abdirahman and Christine O’Donnell divorced before I started high school. To say that my parents came from different worlds would be the understatement of the century. My father was Muslim and my mother is a staunch Catholic. The funny thing is that they’re both of average height, and I look like neither of them.

Somehow, I ended up being six-foot-six, which is kind of odd because Somali-descended women aren’t known for their great height. Somali women are known for their beautiful faces, curvy bodies and phenomenal butts but they’re usually a short bunch. By comparison with most of them, I am a female giant. I suffered from a rare form of gigantism when I was younger but thanks to hormone therapy it’s all over and done with now. It has made my life interesting, to say the least. I recently graduated from the University of Calgary with a Master’s degree in business administration. These days, I work for the Toronto Dominion Bank’s MBNA Branch in the east end konuşanlar izle of the City of Ottawa, Ontario. Life couldn’t be better.

Although I was raised Muslim, I wouldn’t consider myself a very religious person. My father died when I was younger and I was raised by my mother’s side of the family. At different points in my life I’ve considered myself anything from a liberal, nondenominational Christian to Agnostic and finally, a staunch atheist. Religion is all bullshit, man. Especially Islam with all of its iron-clad rules. The way I see it, religion is a system of socio-cultural beliefs granting men power over women. That’s the one thing that Judaism, Christianity and Islam have in common, besides their common origin. In all three faiths, men rule and women are secondary. Thanks but no thanks. I’ve kind of had enough of that.

I consider myself a feminist these days, simply because I don’t believe women should be second-class citizens anywhere in this world. It’s 2013, yet honor killings still go on in Muslim and Hindu communities around the world and women still can’t drive in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Yeah, as women we’ve got a lot of work to do in this world. I have been exploring my sexuality lately, and I consider it one of the most empowering things I can do as a woman. Too long women have been told that their bodies are men’s property. I honestly don’t care for that sort of thing in the least. I have sex with whomever I want, whenever I want. It’s my pussy, dammit!

Last week, I hooked up with a Saudi Arabian housewife named Amina Sharif while her car salesman of a husband Ali Sharif was at work. I laid the plump Arabian chick naked on the carpeted floor of her living room, and licked her pussy. I had her panting and moaning in no time. By the time I took out my strap-on dildo and put her on all fours kulüp izle for, she was ready for anything I wanted to dish out. I spent the better part of an hour spanking her big Arab booty and pulling her hair while slamming my toy into her cunt. It was a lot of fun. I enjoy making love to women, especially sexually repressed and bored, forlorn and frustrated women like Amina Sharif. After fucking her with my strap-on dildo, I took her to the master bedroom and had her eat my pussy…on the bed that she and her absentee husband Ali Sharif shared no less. Am I bad or what?

Anyhow, where was I? Oh, yeah. I was telling you about Omar and I leaving the Saint Laurent Mall in Ottawa’s east end and heading to my fancy apartment in Ogilvie for some hot midafternoon sex. Hmm. Once we got to my place, Omar and I had a couple shots of red wine, then I put on some music. I like to get fucked while listening to Linkin Park’s song What I’ve Done. It’s like an aphrodisiac for me, always has been, and I still don’t know why. Omar sat me down in the living room, and did a strip tease bit for me. The five-foot-nine, stocky and hairy, dark-skinned Somali dude sporting the red and black Carleton University T-shirt wasn’t my usual type, but something about his confidence and cockiness appealed to me. Show me what you got, I said as I sat on the couch in my bra and panties. You got it sexy mama, Omar said, winking at me as he began doing his thing.

I fingered my cunt while watching Omar Yusuf dance sexily, and I must admit he kind of turned me on. He had a big dick and a nice set of balls dangling between his legs. A lot of short guys have big dicks and a lot of tall men have short ones. It’s weird how these things work out sometimes. Mother nature is funny that way. Come fuck me, I ordered. The stocky Somali dude did as he was told. He came to me and, with lady voyeur izle a strength and authority beyond his stature, he spread my legs and began fingering my wet cunt while sucking on my tits. I love fucking tall women like you, Omar whispered into my ear. Just shut up and do it, I said. Omar grabbed my face, hard, and I blinked in surprise. I run this show, he said, locking eyes with me. In spite of myself, I was turned on by this act of masculine aggression. Yes sir, I said, somewhat meekly. Smiling wickedly, Omar rubbed his hard dick against my cunt. He rolled a condom on it, then thrust his hard member into my pussy.

Watching the short, muscular stud’s long and thick, dark cock disappear inside my creamy caramel pussy, I smiled with contentment. Wrapping my long arms and even longer legs around Omar’s body, I urged him to fuck me harder. Fuck your Amazon like the bitch in heat she is, I whispered into Omar’s ear. For some reason, hearing me say that seemed to turn Omar on even more, and he began pounding his dick into my cunt like there was no tomorrow. As he fucked me relentlessly, I completely surrendered to him. Omar smacked my ass, pinched my tits, bit my ear and fucked me forcefully, and you know what? I loved every moment of it!

Things got steamy between him and I, especially when he put me on all fours and spanked my ass. This Omar did while gripping my long black hair in his fist and cursing me in Arabic and Somali. His hard dick slammed into my cunt, stabbing me in the most pleasurable of ways, and I couldn’t get enough of it. Omar fucked me like this for hours, and left me slack-jawed, sweaty, and pleasurably sore. As I lay next to him, I thanked my lucky stars that I met this man. Yes, I am a feminist, an educated and successful lady, a strong and athletic, extremely tall woman and a strong female in every way. I don’t bow down to patriarchy, religion or the pressures of male culture. And I love getting fucked silly by a man who can handle me just the way I am. For me, that man is Omar. A Somali guy born and raised in the male-dominated, sexist and deeply patriarchal Islamic culture that I fled from. What can I say? The sex is THAT awesome!

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