First Summer: A Disturbing Arousal


Two nights later Greg was staying over.

My brothers had gone off camping at a distant surfing hotspot for a few nights. Officially they’d gone off with some locals they’d meet during the course of our holiday. This was entirely true; although only I knew they hadn’t yet admitted to my parents the locals were female, there were only two tents and my brothers weren’t planning on being in the same tent.

I’m not sure why they were being so coy. After all, they’d had girls sleep over at home in the past and my parents probably knew Greg and I were at it like rabbits. All I can guess is that Brad had only very recently split from Jenny, the girls weren’t intended as much more than a fling and they thought my parents might be disapproving of that.

Greg and I had gone to bed early. We’d had an active day and were planning an early start in the morning. We hadn’t been asleep long when something woke me. Greg was asleep on his back, I on my side with my arm over his naked chest.

As my eyes focused, I found myself staring out the broad glass panels of my bedroom window. It was a brilliantly clear night; the stars of the milky-way in the Eastern sky were densely packed pinpoints of light on an otherwise inky black background. The trees along the bush strip between our place and the beach stood as blacked out silhouettes.

As my eyes scanned down towards the bed, there lay beside me the most gorgeous silhouette of all; Greg. I looked across his body to the clock noting it was just after 11. As was my habit when I woke next to Greg, even in my sleepy state, I then looked down the length of his body bathed in the gentle glow of the starlight. A night erection, in all its rampant glory was tenting up the sheet covering our otherwise naked lower halves.

The noise that must have woken me continued to lift the fog of semi sleepiness. A soft sound of metal squeaking on metal penetrated my consciousness repeating itself in a slow regular pattern. Then the penny dropped. My parents were at it!

At home we lived in a double brick house with a parent’s wing down one end. So us kids only ever heard them if we were up late and walked past their bedroom door at the wrong moment. Still there were other unmistakable signs they’d been at it – closed doors or certain handtowels hanging on the line the next day – so we had a fair idea they still had a pretty active sex life. I’m sure that sort of knowledge can traumatise children; although I reckon my parents are still pretty hot for their age in a fit, slim and active sort of way, so it wasn’t really surprising.

Up here on holiday we had a house where the walls transmitted every noise and the beds were all rickety affairs which – as Greg and I had already discovered the morning we pendik escort had the house to ourselves – squeaked and banged against the wall with the slightest provocation. I’m not sure when my parents had been getting any action until now, but I was fairly sure it wasn’t at night when the whole family was in the house. Since my room was one that didn’t directly abut theirs’ and they assumed we’d be asleep, they probably thought they could get away with it tonight.

It’s impossible to stop your ears from focusing ever more attention on the offending noise in these circumstances. As mine did just that, a human noise emerged over the top of the squeaking noise that had first woken me. A soft panting female moan reached my ear; the sound of a woman enjoying the early stage of sexual activity but exerting herself in the process – so almost certainly on top. It was mum.

She was moaning away in a manner I found all too familiar. I realised she sounded exactly like me and found it somewhat alarming these things were hereditary. From her vocalisations and the fact the bed wasn’t making even more noise it was easy to guess she was in the same girl on top position Greg and I start with; far too much information for any child to have about her parents.

I knew my parents slept only in their undies; mum braless only in a pair of panties. So there were no passion killing nighties or old tee-shirts able to distract my mind from the scene in their bedroom. Instead there permeated in to my brain the picture of her slim figure working back and forward towards the bedhead; the orbs of her breasts swinging to their own rhythm.

The trouble was, the sound and thought of all this sex was starting to arouse me. Of course the fact I was lying naked next to Greg did nothing to reduce the effect. When a thought crept in to my head that at the very same moment my brothers were probably both pounding away at the girls they were with, I started to be consumed by an overwhelming desire to get my own share of all the action that seemed to be going on. The hand over Greg’s chest started to move. At first my fingers started playing with the chest hairs they were draped over; all too soon I was caressing his chest, then his stomach and then sliding down under the sheet toward his groin.

This time I wasn’t doing it in a way intended not to wake him. I wanted him awake and that is what I got. He wordlessly rolled over towards me and put an arm over my body, caressing my back as my hand continued south and wrapped itself around his engorged member.

The first stroke of his shaft caused him a sharp intake of breath. He wouldn’t yet have focused on the reason for my sudden attack on him, so I brought my mouth to his ear and whispered –

“We pendik escort have to be very quiet – no noise.”

Then as we lay there side by side, I kissed my way down the front of his body until my cheek was pressed hard up against the head of his erection. Holding the base of the shaft in my hand, I moved my mouth down to that hand and started licking up the length of the shaft; big sloppy licks each of which overlapped the one that preceded it. Greg’s erection was surging furiously; bulging at its head and telling me more infallibly than any words could that it liked what was happening.

As my tongue moved over the head of the shaft I opened my mouth wide and slid both my lips and the top of my tongue along it as I moved it inside my mouth. This was only my second time giving Greg ‘head’ and the first time I’d initiated it; I wasn’t a great fan of it, but loved getting it in return. If I wanted a quiet orgasm, this was how I was going to get it. Greg understood my reservations and didn’t put his hand on my head. Instead he had one hand on my back while the other threaded its way between our bodies to find a breast and start stimulating the nipple capping it.

Slowly Greg rotated on to his back, letting me kneel beside him, my knees alongside his chest, my body facing away from his head toward his groin. I felt the hand closest to me slip between my legs; the fingers teasing the opening of my pussy and covering themselves with my juices before expertly feeling out my clit; the far hand still reaching over and playing with one of my nipples.

I was no expert at this; I didn’t really know what to do. Keeping my mouth as moist as possible I moved him back and forward along my lips and tongue; holding them with as much pressure as I could muster against him and pausing occasionally to suck his shaft. I listened as his breathing became heavier, felt it as the tip swelled inside my mouth; some unidentifiable sense conveying to me the thumping of his heartbeat. The fingers between my legs worked faster and with more pressure conveying as they did so his own sense of approaching orgasm while threatening to drive me prematurely toward mine.

He whispered –

“I’m about to come.”

His body was already telling me that, and I’d already decided he was coming in my mouth. With a final warning he whispered in an almost desperate voice –

“I can’t hold it any longer.”

Moment later I felt his ejaculate flood my mouth, the shaft pumping out its salty fluid like a series of squirts out of a bubbler. I felt it as Greg deliberately relaxed his hips; stopping the powerful thrusts that normally accompanied his climax. With a soft almost inaudible moan, Greg’s orgasm passed through his body.

I pendik escort swallowed. From the outset that had been my intention. If I wasn’t to make a mess in my bed or a lot of noise finding a towel it had been the only alternative.

As soon as his orgasm had finished, Greg rose steadily to a kneeling position and pushed me down on to my back. Then working himself into a position where he was kneeling between my legs, he bent his mouth in to my crutch. The first contact of his tongue was glorious; nearly enough to instantly finish the orgasm his fingers had already built. I fought it off; I wanted more, I wanted it for longer.

Now I was lying on my back my ears were once again tuned in to the noises around me even if every nerve of my body was focused on the intense wondrous sensations Greg was bringing to my clit. My mother’s moans were again in my ear. The sound she was making was clearly telling me she wasn’t far off her orgasm either; while reminding me to supress my own vocalisations.

Greg’s tongue was beautiful. The fingers of one hand were still teasing my nipple while the fingers of the other were penetrating me, seeking out my G spot and trying to pressure up against it. Whether I tried relaxing or tensing, whether I tried focusing on it or thinking of something else, I couldn’t fight back the orgasm and delay it for much longer. When I heard my mother let out a loud squeal signifying her orgasm, the momentary loss of concentration let my own dam burst too. Every muscle below my waist tensed as the pleasure ripped through my body and I soundlessly hissed out the moans that would normally spontaneously burst out from me. Reaching down, I pulled Greg up over my body and wrapped my arms around him; pushing my crutch as hard in to his as I could as I kissed him deeply.

“What brought that on?” Greg whispered in my ear.

“I’ll tell you in the morning,” was all I could reply as our bodies finally relaxed and I rolled him back on to his side on the bed; although I wasn’t sure how much I could really admit to him if he hadn’t focused in on the noises that had disturbed my sleep and libido.

As we lay arm in arm again, Greg drifted back off to sleep, leaving me to ponder the strangeness of what had just transpired. I know watching or listening to others get it off can be very arousing – after all that’s what porn is all about isn’t it.

But is it meant to work that way when the other parties are your parents? Isn’t it just a bit creepy, or does it signify some coming of age when you’re having sex while your parents are re-enacting the very act of procreation that created you in the first place?

If I was going to get back to sleep, I decided that it was best to put such thoughts to one side; and so, as I cuddled in closer to my now sleeping lover, I brought back to mind the beauty of the act we’d just preformed and the wonderful sensations he’d given me. While it aroused me, by filling my mind, it set aside any other thoughts and let me slip back into a restful sleep.

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