First Time Ass to Mouth in a Sauna

Public Sex

(Disclaimer: this is a true story which happened as I describe a few nights ago)

I went through the usual routine, one to two hours of cleaning myself properly in the hotel bathroom while watching porn, fucking both the smaller and the bigger dildo I always travel with, plugging myself with the smallest plug I have so I can comfortably travel in the subway, packing the bigger plug, condoms, lube and poppers and I was on my way. After a business trip with my colleagues with little to no time for masturbating, I was unbelievably horny now and I was ready to get annihilated in the bathhouse.

As I came in, phone with my favourite app already in my hand and my username being “Sauna Slut” both suggested to the other visitors, that there is a young, not so tall, slim bottom in there with them in the bathhouse and although I didn’t have any profile pic in there, you can pretty easily guess, which one it was. I sat at the bar for a second, went through the app and looked around to see, what options I have here and the answer was a lot. I’m into older men and since that is the usual clientele in this type of venues, I certainly had a nice group of people to choose from.

After a glass of wine, I stood up, grabbed my toilet bag and went downstairs into the showers. Then I exchanged the small plug for the bigger one in the toilets, huffed a bit of poppers and after dick craving feelings mixed with heat in my face, I went right into the steam labyrinth. The labyrinth here is basically a big circle with twists and turns, men usually either stand in the darkness leaning against the wall, touching or letting others touch them and people walking around in circles. I belong to the second group, as I like people walking behind me staring at my butt and people standing near the walls touching it, until somebody istanbul travesti (or myself) makes the first move and then it’s on.

This time it was very quick. I entered the room, heard the doors close, then I heard them open and close again and in a few moments, I felt a man touching my butt slowly. I didn’t pull away but I stopped instead, so he started groping me a bit more firmly, hugging me from behind and pinching my nipples. I could feel his dick rising and touching my crack already, so I started wiggling my butt a bit and in a few moments, he was already hard. I didn’t waste any time, fell to my knees and started sucking him. After a while I took a hit of my poppers and suddenly he turned around, spread his cheeks and I knew what I had to do. I used my tongue the best I know and rimmed his ass.

Meanwhile, I heard the doors open and close a few times again and it wasn’t long till I noticed we already have an audience of three other men, obviously stroking their cocks. I leaned and grabbed one of them and started wanking it and he immediately came closer, along with other one on the other side both with average but nice cocks. I was proud of myself – rimming one man deeply and wanking two others during the first 30 minutes of my visit was a pretty nice start and I figured I shouldn’t waste any time. I stood up and whispered a question to the first guy:,,Do you want to fuck me?”. He nodded and I turned around took a hit of poppers and that caused me only pulling out lube from my bag, omitting condoms.

I pushed my plugged ass at him, put one of the other guys’ dick in my mouth so I have something to hold on and as I felt the heat of poppers warming me, I passed the lube into his head, he pulled the plug slowly out of my ass with me moaning a bit and started to glide around istanbul travestileri my hole with his cock. To my surprise, the guy I was sucking grabbed my hair and started fucking my mouth a bit and at the same time, the man behind me slid it in and started fucking me. Didn’t take long and he started moaning loudly, filling me with his cum and shaking a bit. He stayed in for a few seconds, then pulled out, patting my ass before leaving. The guy in my ass didn’t wait around even for a few seconds and he turned me around and went in my ass. What a sight to see the others just looking at us and wanking their dicks. The second guy was coming close so I tightened my sphincter as best as I could and in a heartbeat I could hear him moan and strike his cock deep in me as he came inside.

I decided I wanted to have a short break, despite the disappointed faces in the crowd. I washed myself and was extra careful around the ass area and plugged it back – I don’t get bred often but when I do, I like to keep the cum in me. Went back to the bar area, played with my phone a bit and watched porn on the TV while drinking another glass of wine – I was starting to get a bit tipsy. After a break I decided, I will try the cinema downstairs. As usual, there were men just lying on their backs and slowly jerking off watching the big screen – I lingered around there and the glory holes as well but nothing really happened apart from some stare downs and seducing looks.

I decided to drink one more glass of wine and chat with one couple for a while but they were just about to leave. 

As I went back to the cinema room, I could hear fucking noises from a distance (which is by the way super hot). When I got there, I saw an older men getting fucked bareback by a middle-aged bald guy with what seemed like travesti istanbul a pretty big cock in length, not so much in thickness (I like the opposite kind a bit more). Again, there was a nice audience around watching them and I recognised one of them from the labyrinth earlier. He was looking right into my eyes so I went directly to him, dropped to my knees and started sucking him. I took a hit of poppers of course and got very horny again (mixed with the 3 glasses of wine I was a bit spinning).

Then I experienced one of the ‘firsts’ in my life – and the main point of this story – the bald guy fucking the older man pulled out his cock and directed it to my face to suck him. I still felt the high from poppers but I was very reluctant – I never did ass to mouth before, especially from a different guy’s ass. I pulled away a bit but then the substances kept me from maybe the rational choice and I said to myself what the hell, I fucking dove mouth first on that cock, deep throating him as deep as I could. I felt lube but not much else, which was a good sign I guess? I sucked a bit, then he pulled out and started fucking the guy again, so I returned to giving a nice blowjob to the other fella. Things went as they usually do, I got on all fours later, the guy I was sucking pulled out my plug and started fucking me. 

Meanwhile the bald fucker next to me started moaning. I am a very nice guy and I wanted to help him breed that old mate next to me so I grabbed his ass as he was fucking him about to cum and then it happened – he pulled out and slammed it into my mouth, cumming hard! I’m not into throatpies much so I pulled away a bit but he kept holding my head so everything went at least into my mouth. I swallowed, hit the poppers, started hitting back my ass to the guy behind me so he would cum as well, which he did. Waited a few seconds and then I was pretty much done for the night. Knowing that I will go right to bed after I’ll arrive to the hotel, I pushed the cum out with a load fart which sparked a nice “Ooooh!” from the crowd. I was convinced that I was a very good boy that day.

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